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Mystic Force: Against All Odds

Summary: "I didn't ask for this," "I know, but this is your destiny... this is our families legacy... and our time is now!" After the fall of the Lightning Academy and the arrival of the darkness, Rebecca learns that the prophecy has begun and Aliyah is now in great danger.

Aliyah blinked as she adjusted the reading glasses on her face. She'd only had them two hours and was ready to throw them out of the window. They were annoying.

"Looking good, Ali," teased Xander as he passed behind her in the back room. "Those glasses make you look hot!"

"Very funny, Xander," Aliyah grumbled, removing the glasses and blinking rapidly as she put them back in the case. "My whole life I have had perfect vision, and suddenly I need reading glasses! It sucks!"

"Hey, if you wanna keep your perfect vision," Xander reminded her. "You'll wear them. Remember what happened to my great aunt Daphne?"

Aliyah grinned. "Is that the one that keeps calling you Xahria?" she asked. "Because you look so much like your sister?"

"Shut up," Xander muttered.

"I'm just asking," Aliyah snickered.

"Yeah, we'll i'm wishing I hadn't said anything," Xander nodded. "Mentioning Aunt Daphne is just inviting you to make fun."

Aliyah smiled. "Don't worry, Xander, if I ever lose my eyesight, I'll try not to mix you up with a girl," she promised.

"I'm gonna make sure that you never lose your eyesight," the green ranger said, taking her glasses out of their case and putting them back on her face.

"But I don't need them!" Aliyah whined.

"They are reading glasses," Xander said, pointing at the magazine she was reading. "You are reading. Keep 'em on, alright?"

Aliyah rolled her eyes and purposely flipped a page in the magazine. "Whatever you say, mate," she grinned.

Xander shook his head, rolled his eyes, and walked away.

"Do either of you know what she's talking about?" Maddie called from the turn tables. "Apparently my music 'bumps'," she frowned.

"She means it rocks, Madz," Aliyah supplied.

Maddie nodded.

"Come check it out," she said waving them over.

Abandoning her magazine, Aliyah hurried over, and took the second set of headphones from the table. She put them on and started to dance with Vida. "Yeah, Madz, this is awesome!" she grinned at the Blue ranger.

"Come on, Xander," Maddie smiled. "Check it out!"

"No can do," Xander replied, putting a wad of cash into an envelope. "I'm doing the cash for Toby. He asked moi, to do the bank drop for him!" he rounded the front desk and walked into Nick, dropping the envelope in the process.

"Looks like you've already dropped it," Nick said, picking it up. "And you're not even at the bank. $1000 could sure use that kind of cash."

"I bet we all could," Xander nodded, taking the envelope and walking away.

Meanwhile, back at the turn tables, Maddie, Vida and Aliyah were still dancing to the music coming from the CD player.

"Hey, Nick," Maddie called. "Come check this out..."

The Red ranger run over and took the headphones offered to him by Aliyah, he put them on and smiled. "Oh nice, cool beat," he approved. "He makes you wanna -" He broke off and looked around, confused, before turning back to the three girls. "Haha, very funny guys," he laughed, handing Aliyah back the headphones. "I got work to do!"

He hurried off.

"What?" Maddie frowned.

"I dunno," Aliyah shrugged. "Here I'll go find out!"

She passed the headphones back to Maddie and hurried off after the Red ranger.

~*Against All Odds*~

Nick grabbed his head in pain.

"Who's saying that?" he grumbled looking around for the suspect. There was no way there was someone inside his head that was just crazy.

"Saying what?" LeeLee, a new girl in town, chuckled as she arrived outside the store.

"Nothing," Nick answered, going back to unloading the van. "It's nothing."

"Well, I've got something," LeeLee said, excited. "Check out my new leather jacket. 500 bucks!"

"For that thing?" Aliyah asked arriving behind the blonde. "What a rip off! Hey Nick, do you need help?" she added to the Red ranger.

LeeLee glared at her. "What would you know?" she asked. "You hardly have a fashion sense! Linkin Park? Skillet? Please, they are so tasteless."

"As if you would know true music," Aliyah scoffed, taking a box from Nick and brushing past LeeLee. "Oh, by the way, before you go shooting your mouth off about how cool your jacket is, you should find out of its real or fake leather. There is a difference."

"It's real," LeeLee gasped.

Aliyah smirked, knowingly and walked away, shouting, "If you say so!" over her shoulder.

~*Against All Odds*~

"And thank you for shopping at the Rock Porium," Xander flirted with a customer as Aliyah returned carrying a box of new stock. She placed the box on the counter and walked back towards Vida, while LeeLee approached Xander.

"She was cute," the Blonde smiled. "She liked you!"

"You think?" Xander asked, skeptically.

"Trust me," LeeLee nodded. "She liked you. It's a wonder you let her get away with getting her number!"

Xander's eyes widened. "Be right back!" he said, hurrying out of the store after the girl. While he was gone, LeeLee reached for the envelope in the deposit box and hid it underneath a magazine on the counter, a sly smirk on her lips.

"Any luck?" she asked when he had returned.

"Yeah," Xander nodded. "But it was all bad. She had a boyfriend. But I was thinking, maybe you and I could..."

"Hey," LeeLee interrupted. "Did you hear about that thief?"


"Yeah," LeeLee nodded, seriously. "Apparently he's stolen money from all the music stores in Briarwood. They think that it is some kind of inside job!"

"No way," Xander said, reaching for the bank deposit box. He panicked when he saw it was empty. "Where is it? I put it in there... I know I did!"

LeeLee smirked in satisfaction. "Anyway," she sighed. "I hope they catch him in the Nick of time!" she giggled and quickly left.

~*Against All Odds*~

Rebecca looked up as four quarters of her newest team entered Rootcore.

"Hey," she smiled. "Where's Aliyah and Nick?"

"Nick's working," Maddie answered. "And I think Aliyah's back in Blue Bay Harbour. Did she tell you that Tyler had woken up?"

Rebecca nodded. "Yeah. Thankfully he wasn't hurt too much." she sighed, going back to her reading. "Hey, Chip, you ever wanted to fly?"

"Ever since I was a kid," Chip nodded. "Why?"

"Well there's a levitation spell in here," Rebecca said holding up the book she was reading. "It doesn't make you fly, but it's not far off!"

Chip grinned and hurried over, read the spell and hurried back to an open space. "Levitatus Milanda!" he said, as he floated into the air. "Awesome! It worked!"

"Look, i'm not saying for sure that it is Nick," Xander said, turning back to a conversation that he had already been having with Vida, Maddie and Chip when they entered Rootcore. "But I know I didn't take the money, and I know you probably didn't take the money!"

"What do you mean 'probably'?" Vida asked, jumping straight to the defense.

"I don't mean anything," Xander said, quickly, realizing his mistake. "I just know I didn't take the money!"

"And you just mean we probably didn't take it!" Vida sneered.

Xander sighed.

"Hey, hey, hey," Maddie said, coming in as peacemaker again. "Cool it, V, Xander knows we wouldn't steal from Toby, or anybody!" she added, nudging the Green ranger with her foot. "Are you sure you didn't just misplace the envelope?"

"I put the envelope into the box, and then it was gone," Xander answered, relaying the procedure for what felt like the hundredth time that day. "Trust me! Someone took it, I mean, it can't just fly away!"

The three paused and looked up at Chip.

The Yellow ranger frowned as he spotted their looks. "What? Just because I can fly, you think I stole the money?" he asked.

"No, no," Xander said, shaking his head. "Look, I've known you guys ever since I moved to the states. I know you wouldn't steal from Toby, I'm not saying it was any of you..."

"Well that leaves Aliyah and Nick," Maddie pointed out.

"I can't see Aliyah stealing from Toby," Vida defended.

"And Nick?"

Vida shook her head.

"We don't know that much about him," she shrugged.

"He doesn't seem like a thief," Maddie interrupted. "I mean, we can't just go accusing him without probable cause."

Rebecca, who was listening in, frowned and looked up. "Do you have proof that Nick might be behind this theft?" she asked. "Or are you just going on speculations?"

"Well a thousand dollars have gone missing," Xander answered. "He did say he could use that kind of cash!"

"Couldn't we all," Rebecca said, causing Xander to feel a strange sense of Deja vu. "Look, I wasn't there, so I don't know exactly what has happened, nor am I trying to defend Nick, he may have a similar background to me, but that doesn't mean anything. But..." she strained as she saw Xander was about to interrupt, "don't you think you owe it to Nick to ask him before you go jumping to conclusions?"

Xander heaved a sigh and nodded. "You're right," he agreed. "I should ask him first..."

"Good," Rebecca nodded. "Now... who wants to teleport?"

~*Against All Odds*~

Aliyah smiled as she shook her head at Tyler.

"So how long do you have to stay in here?" she asked.

"Another week," Tyler answered. "According to Sensei. Why? Missing me yet?"

Aliyah rolled her eyes and reached out to hit him. Tyler ducked and missed her hand, smirking at her and chuckling lightly. "I'll take that as a no," he said. "Rebecca tell you anything more about our little History lesson?"

"No," Aliyah sighed. "She's mad that you told me about the Academy, mind!"

"You had a right to know," Tyler defended. "She can't keep you in the dark forever; bad things are happening in Briarwood, you need to be prepared!"

"She thinks you had no right to tell me!"

Tyler scoffed. "As your guardian I had every right!" he pointed out. "Tell her, from me, if she hasn't told you the prophecy by the end of the week, then I'll tell you myself!"

Aliyah smiled. "Whatever happened too: 'She's older, therefore she scares me'?" she teased.

"That was before I became head sensei,"

"Dude, you've been Head Sensei for three years now," Aliyah pointed out. "You said she scared you two years ago."

"I did?"

Aliyah nodded. "Yeah, I was on the Dino Thunder team, in Reefside, remember?" she asked. "It was the time of the team-up with the Ninja Rangers; you guys lied to me about Cam, Hunter and Blake."

"Oh yeah," Tyler nodded. "Meh... I was young and naive back then; I've accepted my responsibilities as both Head Sensei and Guardian. I have every right to tell you about your destiny, if Rebecca doesn't."

"You're not gonna have some guardian battle over me, are you?" Aliyah grinned.

Tyler frowned.

"A guardian battle," Aliyah repeated. "It's kinda like a custody battle, except you two aren't my parents, you're my protectors."

Tyler rolled his eyes.

"You've been around Dustin too long," he pointed out.

"I haven't seen Dustin!" Aliyah defended. "Although I have been around Chip for the past couple of weeks, and he's just as carefree and childlike, although, I don't think he'd come up with something like that, if i'm honest!"

Tyler smiled and shook his head.

"So, how is life in Briarwood?" he asked.

"Same old," Aliyah shrugged, reaching for her rucksack. She dipped her hand in and pulled out her magazine and reading glasses. "What do you think?" she asked, putting the glasses on and looking at her cousin. "Do they suit me?"

Tyler smirked.

"Very stylish!" he nodded.

"You're not just saying that because you're my brother, are you?"

"No," Tyler chuckled. "Although I am obligated to be nice. But I like 'em. They suit you, honestly."

Aliyah eyed him skeptically, before shaking her hand shaking out her Magazine. A frown came to her face as a light brown envelope slipped from between the pages and hit the floor at her feet. "What the -?" she mumbled, reaching down to pick it up.

"What is it?" Tyler asked. "$1000. Strange place to keep cash, Ali,"

"It's not mine," Aliyah said, shaking her head.

"It's not?" Tyler frowned. "Then who -?"

Aliyah shook her head. "Ty, I have to go," she said quickly, getting to her feet. "I'll call you later, OK?" she reached across and kissed his cheek, before stuffing the magazine and the envelope back into her rucksack and quickly leaving the ward.

Tyler watched her go in confusion.

What the hell was that all about? He thought.

~*Against All Odds*~

Rebecca frowned as she watched Nick take a beating at the beach.

Where are the others? She thought reaching for her Mystic Morpher. It was one thing for her to observe Nick at the beach, she had, after all, only just been informed that darkness had entered the Human realm, but didn't Xander say that Nick was working? If so, why was he fighting Koragg alone?

"Come on," she grumbled as the morpher continued to ring. "Someone pick up -"


"Ali," Rebecca gasped. "Where are you?"

"At the Rock Porium. Where are you?"


"OK. Is there a problem?"

"There could be," Rebecca nodded. "Do you feel like explaining to me why Nick is fighting Koragg alone?"

"Uh... is that a trick question?" Aliyah asked. "Yo, Xander, lose something?"

Rebecca shook her head. "Ali, forget whatever it is you are doing," she ordered. "Grab the others and go help Nick! He's taking a beating!"

"Are you gonna meet us there?"

"Yes," Rebecca nodded, hanging up and turning to Claire. She was completely bald. "I don't wanna know..." she said, shaking her head and quickly leaving Rootcore.

~*Against All Odds*~

Looking up at the sound of his name, Xander frowned as Aliyah stalked towards him.

"Finally, you're here," he sighed. "We need to talk!"


"You have to talk to Toby for me,"

Aliyah shook her head. "Look, Xander, I already told you, I'm not going to try and convince Toby to give you a raise when you don't -"

"Not that," Xander interrupted with a frustrated sigh. "And for the record, I work my butt off around here!"

"Sure you do," Aliyah nodded. "So, what do you want me to tell Toby?"

"The $1000 for the Bank?" Xander asked. Aliyah nodded. "It's gone. I was warned there was a thief going round; he was stealing from all the record stores in Briarwood. Apparently it was an inside job, and Nick, well he..."

"Let me guess," Aliyah said. "You accused Nick of taking the money?"

Xander nodded. "Yeah. I mean, he said that he could use that type of cash, and, well, I just thought -"

"Well, you thought wrong!" Aliyah snapped. "I don't know where you got that bullshit story about the thief, Xander, but it's not true. Nick wouldn't steal from Toby any more than you or me!"

She reached in her backpack and pulled out the $1000 envelope.

"How did you -?"

"I found it in my magazine," Aliyah answered. "And before you jump to any conclusions, I didn't take it! I didn't even know it was there until I took my magazine out while I was with Tyler. Whoever took the money out of the box, put it in my magazine to hide it, and then decided to implicate Nick as the thief."

Xander sighed and took the envelope. "Thanks, Ali; you just saved my life and my job!"

"Don't thank me," Aliyah said, shaking her head. "Although you do owe Nick an apology!"

"Yeah," Xander nodded. "Next time I see him..."

"Well, you're in luck," Aliyah said, holding up her Mystic morpher. "Rebecca just called. We're needed at the beach."

Vida, who had wandered over, frowned.

"What's up?" she asked.

"Well, it would seem after you accused Nick of stealing off of Toby, he headed off on his own," Aliyah said.

"Yeah, he said he was leaving town," Chip nodded as he joined the growing group. "He didn't even deny not taking the money."

Aliyah shook her head. "He didn't take it," she said, pointing at the envelope in Xander's hands. "Someone framed him, and when I find out who they're in for a world of hurt!" she promised. "But that's beside the point, right now, Nick's in trouble, and we're the only ones who can help him!"

"What about Rebecca?" Maddie asked.

"She's gonna meet us at the beach," Aliyah said, heading for the door. "C'mon! Oh, and put that -" she pointed at the envelope. "Somewhere safe!"

Xander nodded and stuffed it back into her rucksack, stowed the bag in the back office, and hurried off after his team-mates.

~*Against All Odds*~

"And now, Red ranger," Koragg sneered. "You will meet your destiny!"

"No!" Nick yelled as Koragg raised his sword.

However, before Koragg could strike, a cloud of electrified darkness swept at him, striking him down as Rebecca, fully morphed, landed in front of Nick. "Back off, Koragg!" she snarled, calling forth her sword of darkness.

"This does not concern you, Black Ranger," Koragg snarled. "My fight is with the Red ranger!"

"You obviously don't realize how these things work," Rebecca said. "The Rangers are a team! You go after one of us, you go after us all!"

Koragg pointed his sword at her. "Have it your way," he growled, rushing at her, sword drawn.

Rebecca prepared herself for the clash of swords, but it never came, instead, Koragg stumbled back away from her as a blast of yellow lightning hit him in the stomach. Looking around, the Black ranger spotted the other's running towards her.

"Rebecca!" Aliyah shouted.

"Nick!" Maddie exclaimed, falling to her knees beside the Red ranger. "You alright?"

"We know you didn't steal the money, Nick," Xander apologized.

"We're sorry we jumped to conclusions," Vida nodded.

"Actually, it was Xander's fault," Chip said, patting the red ranger on the shoulder.

Aliyah sniggered and turned to her friends. "You're just as bad as, Xander, Chip," she said. "If it was all Xander's fault you wouldn't have blamed Nick in the first place."

"Ali's right," Maddie nodded. "We let our imaginations run away from us!"

"Yeah, you did," Nick said, jumping to his feet. "Maybe you should have thought about that before -"

Stepping forward, Koragg raised his sword again.

"Don't even think about it," Rebecca warned, holding her own sword steady.

Koragg hissed at her. "Now that you're all here," he said. "I shall finish this!"

He rose into the air as a purple seal appeared in the sky.

"Uthe Mejor Catastros," he commanded, as a black and gold horse galloped towards him. The head disappeared and Koragg replaced it. "Sumbol Unithos Equestras!" he added.

"Oh no!" Maddie gasped. "That's what he used to defeat Udonna!"

Aliyah growled and reached for her Morpher. "Looks like it's time Zord up!" she said, punching in the spell code for her Mystic titan.

"Galwit Mysto Prifior!" the seven rangers commanded, as they grew to Megazord height.

"Mystic Titan's! Dragon formation!" Vida, Xander, Maddie and Chip commanded, as they morphed together to create a giant dragon, onto which climbed Nick, as they flew at Koragg. The head of the dragon blew out flames at the Knight Wolf.

Aliyah turned to Rebecca. "They need help!" she said, as she watched her friends take a beating. "There's got to be something we can do!"

"They only need us to make a Megazord," Rebecca said, stopping her sister from running into battle.

"I'm not just going to sit here and watch them get ripped to shreds!" Aliyah snapped. "Unless you have a good enough reason to stop me, let go!"

Rebecca sighed. "I have a good reason," she nodded. "You just can't know about it!"

Aliyah grit her teeth together. "You know what, Rebecca? Screw your rules and reasons! If you won't tell me about the prophecy then I'll find someone who will!"

She shrugged off her sister's hand and turned back to her fighting friends. During her miniature argument with Rebecca, Aliyah had missed the fact that Koragg had merged with the centaur, Catastros, and formed a new Megazord.

"It is time," he boomed, "to take this fight to the next level! Dark source! Evil Force!" he said, touching his chest and then throwing his hand out towards the rangers. A ball of light left the dragon and Nick, forcing them to the ground.

"Guys!" Aliyah shouted, rushing over. "What happened?"

"I don't know," Nick answered. "But we can't combine!"

Angrily, Aliyah turned on Koragg.

"What did you do?" she demanded.

"I shall use your own magical powers against you," Koragg answered, holding up his hands as a flaming ball of magic appeared within his palm, "as I summon the evil Morticon from the Underworld."

"Who?" Nick and Aliyah frowned.

"Rise up, Morticon, rise!" he commanded, throwing his hand out towards a clear patch of earth between himself and the Rangers. A blue seal appeared and a semi-transparent hand eased through, followed by a shoulder and then a head of one of the freakiest monsters Aliyah had ever seen.

Morticon laughed darkly.

"Free at last!" he jeered.

"No way," Rebecca whispered as she watched from behind her team-mates.

"Now that I am released from that evil cell," Morticon bellowed. "I shall rule this dimension as the most powerful warrior of all time!"

"This is bad!" Nick gasped.

Aliyah turned to Rebecca.

"Now will you tell me?" she yelled.

"Let's finish this, Koragg," Morticon said, shouldering his blade.

The sun had started to set by now, and still, Rebecca refused to speak a word of the prophecy to her sister or the other rangers. She had her reasons for not saying anything, Aliyah may not have believed her, but she was doing this for her sister's safety.

"Destroy them!" Morticon roared.

He tried to charge forward, but Koragg stopped him. "Destroy the others," he said, "but spare the girl!" he pointed at Aliyah. "She is the one who will either resurrect the Master or destroy us all!"

"Then I say we destroy her," Morticon sneered.

"Then the master will remain gone forever," Koragg growled. "You're his servant! It is your job to bring him back! It has been that way for centuries!"

Morticon snarled. "Fine. Bring me the girl! But I want the other's destroyed!" he ordered.

"As you wish," Koragg nodded, releasing the general and allowing him to stalk towards Nick and the others. Aliyah rolled aside and made it back to her feet as Koragg rounded on her. "Dark magic, spell seal..." he said, twirling his staff in a complete circle. A dark purple talisman appeared in front of Aliyah, before she was thrown backwards as Koragg slashed at her.

Aliyah swore as she hit the ground, hard, and turned back to Koragg as he stood over her. "You bastard!" she spat, pushing herself back to her feet.

Koragg threw out his hand and blasted her again with an energy ball of dark magic. Aliyah screamed as she took the hit and was blasted backwards. "Pathetic," he snarled, as he stalked towards her and gripped her shoulder, hauling her to her feet. "You are the prophesized child? You're nothing but a weakling!"

"I'll show you who's a weakling!" Aliyah spat, twisting in his hands and sweeping his feet out from underneath him. She grunted as he hit the ground, and bit back the pain the engulfed her shoulder as he pulled her with him. There was a faint popping noise, and Aliyah could have sworn he and pulled her shoulder from its socket.

Rolling away from Koragg, Aliyah made it back to her feet, holding her shoulder that was emitting intense surges of pain throughout her entire body. "I will fucking kill him!" she snarled, her eyes narrowed at Koragg. "Don't touch it!" she added, harshly at Rebecca, who reached her side and prodded her shoulder.

Rebecca held her hands up in defence and turned to Morticon who was just about to destroy Nick. "Vanishio!" she yelled, waving her wand at the Red ranger. He disappeared from Morticon's grasped, although she knew that he had only become invisible. "Gojika Holo Mera Juu!" she added, conjuring a flaming sphere which encased Morticon and caused him to yell out as he sparked dangerous.

"How's this for pathetic weakling?" Aliyah spat at Koragg, as she turned to Morticon herself. "Malorium Orvis!" she waved her wand and blasted the now, slightly fried, Morticon with a bright white seal. The seal hit the ground beneath Morticon's feet and sucked him back into the earth.

Koragg stood, frozen, as he watched Morticon disappear. "That's impossible," he whispered to himself. "How could she counter my spell?"

With Morticon gone, Aliyah and Rebecca re-grouped with the others, as Nick fell to one knee after the beating he had taken from Morticon.

"How's that for pathetic, Koragg?" Aliyah yelled.

"You may have won this battle, Platinum Ranger," Koragg answered. "But you've also just proven yourself to me. You are the one the prophecy speaks of. We will meet again, and next time, you won't be so lucky!"

He turned and walked away.

~*Against All Odds*~

"Everything OK?" Udonna asked as Rebecca returned to Rootcore after the battle against Morticon and Koragg.

"If you deem the darkness finding out about Aliyah and taking the power to form a Megazord from Nick, Vida, Chip, Maddie and Xander as OK, then yes, everything is perfect!" Rebecca said a slight sarcastic edge to her voice.

Udonna smiled lightly and touched her niece's shoulder. "I am sure you will think of a way to get the Megazord powers back," she said. "But I sense that is not all that is bothering you."

"They know, Udonna," Rebecca sighed. "Koragg knew... about Aliyah, and now Morticon knows! I have failed her as a Guardian!"

"My dear child," Udonna smiled. "How pray tell have you failed?"

"I was supposed to protect her!" Rebecca cried. "I shouldn't have gone to Blue Bay Harbour four years ago! I shouldn't have forced her to accept the Lightning morpher! I shouldn't have told her about our parents! If I hadn't, then maybe, just maybe she wouldn't be in this predicament! She wouldn't be hunted by the darkness. I thought I was protecting her... but all I have done is made things worse!"

Udonna squeezed the Black ranger's shoulder. "Rebecca, you have done everything with your sister's best interests at heart," she said. "There is only so much you can do. While, some may not agree with the methods you have taken, Aliyah is, after all, your sister! Your baby sister. You wish to protect her, right?"

"Of course!"

"There are two ways to protecting someone, Rebecca," Udonna nodded. "1) Do not tell them anything regarding what is dangerous to them, or 2) you tell them everything..."


"Down to the last detail," Udonna nodded. "You may think that by keeping secrets from Aliyah is the right way to go, but, you are also putting her in danger."


"By not telling her," Udonna explained. "You are allowing her to run into battle's blind. She does not know who is out for her; she will not know who to trust and who not to trust -"

"Aliyah has trust issues anyway," Rebecca shrugged.

"That is beside the point," Udonna said. "Now, if you were to tell Aliyah the whole truth, she would be better equipped when it comes to fighting the darkness. She would know the truth behind her powers... behind the reasons why the darkness wants her, don't you agree?"

Rebecca sighed and glanced down at the book in her hands. "You hit the nail on the head," she nodded. "I do want to protect Aliyah; I just thought that I could do it without breathing a word about the prophecy."

"I know," Udonna smiled. "But remember, little one, secrets are made to be found out in time.'"

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