There and Back again

Chapter 1:Off to London

Jason woke up to the sound of an alarm-clock ringing in his ears. He groaned in pain as he rolled over to stop the sound. The night before he had ran into a few thugs trying to rob a thrift store. Jason stopped them and left the bodies lying dead on the floor with no questions asked though it was a minor crime they shot first, so in Jason's mind it gave him the right to put a bullet in their heads. Shortly after he stopped that crime he encountered another and another. To him it was like Gotham just released every thug and murderer out onto the streets at one time.

Jason got up and got dressed. As he walked to the kitchen of the small, three bedroom apartments, he heard loud moans and grunts coming from the room down the hall. He slammed his fist against the door three solid times, "Hey!" he yelled, "You two love birds had enough time last night to do this, now get up and get dressed."

When Roy and Kori finally got to the kitchen, Jason was already eating his breakfast. "Come on dude, I wasn't even finished." Complained Roy,

"Well, like I said, you two had plenty of time to do that last night."

"So what's for breakfast?" asked Kori, "Whatever you can find in the fridge or cabinets." Replied Jason, he was still hurting from the night before and had a massive head ache.

After breakfast Jason stood up and said "Okay, you got thirty minutes to pack your gear and get ready for the flight to London."

"What?!" exclaimed Roy confused, "What do you mean trip to London?"

"Last night I overheard one of the drug dealers I took down saying he had at least, two meth labs in London. So where heading there to destroy them." Explained Jason, and with the explanation over with he headed to his room to pack. Roy and Kori shortly followed him.

With clothes and gear in hand they headed to the airport. When they got past the metal detectors Roy asked Jason, "Hey hoe do you get you guns past the detectors?" Jason replied, "That's for me to know and for you to never find out."

With the brief discussion out of the way they boarded their flight and headed for London.