Boo! Another story, and this time it's Amuto! c: Not in the beginning at all though, so be patient please!

I came up with this story because I went to my big brother's homecoming game and boy oh boy, they lost their homecoming game and the cheerleaders sucked! A lot! I've been to my cousin's tennis games though, and tennis, though it's not as fun to watch, it's better than seeing the failure of my big bro's team. So I came up with this little idea. Along with a few fake high school philosophies... I was looking so forward to high school because of them...

I don't own Shugo Chara or anything like that. Please enjoy! This is just a prologue, so it's short... c:

::The High School Hierarchy::

"Amu!" Rima yelled, clad in her tennis uniform she received yesterday from the manager. "The tennis game is today! I'll be skipping sixth period and heading straight out onto the courts. What about you?"

"I'm skipping out on sixth period too, but I have to go and get my uniform from Yukari-sensei," Amu said, closing her lockers in one swift slam. She grinned happily at the blonde and began to walk alongside her towards their next period down the hallway. People were shuffling up and down the corridor in an effort to be on time to class.
Amu quickly sparked a conversation with the latest news around campus. "You know, I heard the varsity football players lost homecoming!"

"There's no surprise there," Rima scoffed with a laugh. "The halftime show was horrid too. Those cheerleaders are getting plumper by the year." The two both laughed and continued making fun of last night's game until Amu suddenly bumped into a human wall. It felt like a brick, and when Amu looked up, she realized it had the brain of a brick too. That's right, it was the captain of the football team himself.

Tsukiyomi Ikuto...

"Get out of the way," he said, pushing the girl aside with one hand. She, however, didn't budge at all. Hinamori Amu was a tennis player in the A league, damn it. She stood her ground and glared at him. With a crack of his neck, he repeated, "Bitch, I said to move."

"Why don't you get out of the way?" Amu replied back with a bite to her words. "Venting about last night's epic display...of humiliation and failure?" she sneered, throwing her bag over her shoulder haughtily. She, with much glee, saw his vein bulge out of his forehead in a second.

"Why you little-" He raised his fist and she easily backed away to the side. He was too predictable. After all, he was a jock. Jocks are idiotic players. The hipster laughed in his face as she dodged it before flicking his forehead playfully.

"Jocks shouldn't hit poor, innocent girls," Amu said before being pulled away by Rima into their class. "Especially a hipster," she teased. The last thing the girl saw was him giving her the middle finger. Amu laughed at his obnoxiousness, returning the gesture dutifully as Rima threw her into her seat by the collar. The door slammed shut.

"Do you plan on having a funeral anytime soon?" Rima growled. "That was the top jock in the school and you picked a fight with him! Have you forgotten about his reputation, his extra buff, on-steroids friends, and his crazy bitch of a sister?" The teacher walked in and she had to take her seat at the far end of the classroom, so they were an entire classroom away from each other now. She still gave Amu an occasional "I'm disappointed in you" glare.

'Tsukiyomi Ikuto, top Jock, insolent asshole, infamous player—declared loser by Hinamori Amu. I just filled out his resume in my head. What I did, I don't regret. It's a hipster's thing to stand up and stand out anyways.'

"Amu! Hinamori Amu!"

"Yes," the hipster stood up.

"Do the calculus problem on the board."

Amu easily solved the problem and returned to her seat, smiling. "Correct," the teacher praised as he continued his lecture and stopped picking on her. She sat back in her chair, her cell phone wide out in the open as she texted Tadase. As long as you answered the teacher and had good grades, he won't give a shit about you using your cell phone.

Now, Tadase, the captain of the tennis team, the best varsity player in the entire district... Him and Amu are actually very close. Lulu and her crew of annoying cheerleaders hate Amu for this though. I know, you'd think a cheerleader like her would be going after some bad ass football playing jock like Ikuto. Apparently, Ikuto and his team have all been called dibs on by other cheery chirpy chicks.

Hoshina Utau, captain of the cheerleading team, called dibs on Ikuto. 'I cannot wait to see the face she makes when she finds out I've humiliated her dearest brother out in the open.' Amu thought with a smile. They're related, but Utau refuses to let Ikuto have a real girl. Not that he sticks to a single one anyways. It's odd though, no one has ever seen him act lovingly to Utau, but it's quite the opposite for Utau. Quite the opposite.

Then a text message came, the hot pink phone vibrating once, and Amu decided to ignore it for now since Rima was giving her a glare again. A few minutes later, the phone vibrated three times from text messages, so the hipster finally broke off eye contact to look at the phone. There was two from unknown numbers, one from Rima, one from Tadase, and one from Kukai, Amu's best friend since childhood, though he's captain of the soccer team—he got tired of tennis or something.

She clicked on Rima's text. Stupid Amu, now you're going to die by the hands of the popular assholes! Ignored. 'Honestly, she's a little too worried about me.'

Tadase's text wasn't very important, but it was nice to read. Congratulations on winning the team the A League championships. I'm proud of you. If it weren't for you, we would have still stayed in the B league. Keep up the good work. Amu sighed in content.

The unknown texts were interesting. The first one was, Fuck you to hell for embarrassing my brother! I will hunt you down to the ends of the earth and kill you myself you fat twat! The second was, Fuck you. You'll pay, bitch. You'll pay dearly.

It was obviously Ikuto and Utau, the childish, stupid children. Amu decided to reply, but later. She would be sure to give them a nice, long, appealing reply. It was a bit weird about how they got her number so quickly, but Amu didn't care. They must have gotten it from their friends or something. Now, to open the text from Kukai.

Congratulations on being in the A league, Hinamori! Let's go on a celebration date today in the afternoon. We can meet by Seiyo Cafe and head on out to adventure from there!

Amu couldn't help but sheepishly smile at her screen. 'I am so happy that Souma Kukai is my boyfriend. He really is the sweetest.'

Unfortunately for her, Souma Kukai is indeed a jock. But he's not the kind of jock people despise, he's actually a nice jock. Him and Amu got together at the end of Junior High when he asked her out after a grand soccer championships game which he scored the winning goal. Hell, she said yes and no regrets have come rolling in just yet.

Kukai has good relationships with everyone—jocks, cheerleaders, hipsters, even nerds—that's because Kairi is a nerd, the student body president, that is. He has all sorts of nerd connections. His best friend is also a hipster like me, Nagihiko. We're hipster partners.

He's also very good friends with Yuiki Yaya, a girl who is a big part of the Averages, though you can't tell because of her daily dose of sugar, which leads to her being incredibly hyperactive. We weren't about to create a "baby student" group for her own sake though, so in the averages she went.

The bell rang and Amu's train of thought disappeared. Sixth period was next and she had an important tennis game to attend.

Amu quickly got her uniform and quickly changed into it as she tied up her hair into one messy, pink bun. The tennis tee was a little tight, but the hipster withstood it as she pulled on the white and blue fabric that said "Seiyo" in bright yellow. The shorts were a little too short, so she tried to pull the blue shorts down, wrinkling the yellow stripes on the side a bit.

With a racket in hand, and a tennis ball in the other, this girl was ready.

Amu ran out of the locker room and sprinted out of the hallway and outside the building into the cold, fresh air, standing still to take in a few breaths. The day was feeling great! The game would go well, and the pinkette would be looking forward to a date this afternoon. Amu had high hopes for today.

That is, until she saw the football team on the tennis courts, with Tsukiyomi Ikuto yelling at her best friend, who was curled into a ball.

"Rima!" Amu yelled as she unfroze and quickly sprinted towards the scene.