A Change in the Force.

Contramancer's Disclaimer: I do not own either the X-Men or Star Wars. The following fanfiction story is most assuredly notcanon by any measure, and is written solely for the pleasure of writing and having it read.

A response to Whitetigerwolf's Mutant Jedi Challenge.

Mutant Jedi Challenge

What happens when a group of X-men end up in the Star Wars universe?

Responses are listed in parentheses after each item of the challenge.


ONLY 4 X-men can get sent to the Star Wars universe. [Role call- From the X-men: Nightcrawler, Rogue, Shadowcat, Wolverine. From a loophole, and to make the story more interesting: Mystique{Brotherhood affiliation}, Sabretooth {Brotherhood}, Warhead {OC}].

If Wolverine is one of the X-men, Adamantium must be one of the few things a lightsabre cannot cut through. [While in theory, the technology in the SW universe might be capable of synthesizing adamantium, the only samples in the story are inside Wolverine, unless he's popped his claws].

No M/M slash. [Done].

No Cyclops or Gambit (I hate them both), sent to the Star Wars unverse. [My X-men are taken loosely from the movie series, so Cyke is dead, Gambit is somewhere in Nawlins {hope he gets eaten by a Gator}, and my Sentinels/MRD are gonna take out a few mutants in the prologue].

The mutants must keep their powers, as well as be able to use the Force. [Wolverine and Warhead are the only mutants who cannot use the Force, for reasons explained in-story].

The mutants must be trained as Jedi. [Trained by Yoda, they shall be].


As they are the only time periods I am familiar with, please keep the bulk of the story during either KOTOR, the prequel trilogy or the original trilogy. [A major reshuffle will occur at a shatterpoint near the end of A New Hope].

Don't use Jean/Phoenix (her powers seem kinda redundant with the Force unless you make her some super-powerful Force user). [See above comment on Cyclops and Gambit].

Pair Wolverine with a jedi or a senator. [Leia. In my story, things are gonna get really interesting at the shatterpoint].

Send Wolverine/Shadowcat/Rogue to the Star Wars universe. [See above comment on Cyclops and Gambit].

De-ageing in transit so that the mutants can be accepted as Jedi (if you do this, please let them retain their memories). [Declined. The era they wind up in precludes the de-ageing option].

Rogue/Shadowcat pairing. [I can do this, but they are probably going to find Warhead part of their relationship, too].

Wolverine/Storm pairing. [See above comment on Cyclops and Gambit].

Wolverine/Jean pairing. [See above comment on Cyclops and Gambit].

Chapter 1: Two Worlds, One Destiny.

Time and space are more fragile than people think. Imagine, if you will, that they are filled with key points at which pressure from something as simple as a single man's decision can shatter the stream of what should have happened. These shatterpoints are a constantly changing presence, but they always exist. Occasionally, two such shatterpoints connect, forging a transition from what should be, to what no-one could have guessed wouldbe...

It is two such shatterpoints that concern us now, in two different universes. Both key moments in a battle for freedom, both about to suffer the stress of shattering.

Somewhere, a butterfly beats its wings...

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Luke Skywalker gritted his teeth, trying to force himself to relax, to let the Force flow through him. Despite the impact from Vader's last-second burst of laser fire as the Falcon forced him from the trench by blasting out the Sith Lord's wingmen, his fire controls were functioning fine. "Now," he realised, squeezing the trigger to launch his proton torpedoes on just the right course to nail the open exhaust port, a target barely larger than a wamp-rat.

"They're in," he yelled over his comlink, and he heard the cheering as he pulled back on the joystick to lift his X-wing from the Death Star's trench. Barely clearing the solid wall of metal, he felt the impact as one of his S-foils was torn from the fighter, sending him into a tumbling spiral he had no hope of controlling. Maybe if he'd had a few more days on the simulators, but the arrival of the massive battle station had very nearly caught the Rebellion with their pants down.

"I'm in a spin," he announced, much more calmly than he thought he was. "Can't pull out in time. Sorry, Leia. Good-b..." Silence fell, the cheers cutting off as the comlink was filled with a sudden, horrid static as the X-wing skipped off the Death Star's surface several times before exploding, just moments before the battle station followed suit, even as it discharged the planet-killing super-laser.

The beam, thrown off by the destruction of the battle station designed to support it, flared out into empty space, striking an out-of-control advanced TIE prototype. Lord Vader's personal fighter.

In the command room, Leia Organa felt something, a shockwave of some kind, a sudden cry and absence through some connection she couldn't explain, as if two people who were almost part of her were torn from her and cast into the darkness. Even before the lag in communications caught up, she knew Luke was dead, and that he could have been incredibly important to her. She knew the Sith Lord was gone, and that he could have been saved from the Dark Side by the right person, her or... her twin! Luke was her brother! Vader was their father! The sudden inrush of insight and knowledge very nearly broke her mind, and as the comlink spat out Luke's last words, she was already screaming, reaching with this unknown connection to the universe, for something, someone to help hold her to sanity.


Somewhere in Upstate New York...

Leo's motorcycle roared as he pushed it to the limit, striving to stay ahead of the armoured vehicle that pursued him, taking the corners way too fast. They were herding him, steering him deeper into the city, and firing at him with energy-based weaponry, as if they were trying to push him to his flashpoint, wanting him to explode. He'd taken a few hits, soaking in the energy, some kind of coherent electricity, and he was very close, a couple more shots and boom...

His full name was Leonidas Jasper Mars, and he was a mutant. He'd been trying to control his powers for the past four years, not an easy thing to do when you're a walking nuclear reaction, and had been on the Mutant Response Division's watch-list, hit-list would be a better word, for roughly the same amount of time. It was the events in San Francisco the previous year that brought the X-men to his attention, and he had set out in desperation to see if they would help him.

The sudden burst of flame that reared up on front of him was a bad thing. True, it was aimed more at the MRD truck behind him, but that didn't really matter as he sucked in the heat and light that made it up on contact. "Shit, shit, shit..." He was barely containing himself now, he really didn't want to take another hit for about an hour. He managed to bring his Harley to a screeching halt without crashing, though he was certain he'd never figure out how.

A quick look around showed him he wasn't alone. The MRD 'capture' squad were scrambling from their vehicle, the lead 'agent', read 'assassin' in his opinion, screaming out some crap about unregistered mutant, blah, blah, threat to security, ramble, ramble, taking him in, yeah right. The problem was, if they shot him again, his minimum safe distance would vaporise everything for at least three blocks in a blast of nuclear fire. They were going to use him as an example of 'anti-human terrorism'.

Then he saw them, the mutants. They weren't the X-men, oh, no. The boy, a little younger than himself playing around with the fire from his zippo, that was Pyro, the blue chick with everything on display was Mystique, the massive hairy feral that was Sabertooth, and last but most assuredly not least, the leader of the so-called Brotherhood, Magneto. Apparently the 'mutant cure' he'd heard of was a temporary fix. "Shit..."

A gesture, and the MRD truck crumpled like tinfoil, crushing inwards into a ball. The master of magnetism didn't mess around. "You see them, don't you, Mr Mars," he said. "Pitiful, hate-filled wastes of oxygen, scrambling to drag down their betters. Whereas we, why, we would welcome you with open arms. Come, join the Brotherhood, and we shall help you."

"How long?" Leo asked. "How long would I receive this 'help', before you decided to unleash my powers on humans? My parents are humans, my friends are human, my fiancee is... was a human." He almost choked on that, the wounds were still fresh. "I don't want revenge, Magneto. I just want to control myself."

" And we can..." The older mutant's reply was cut off by the MRD troopers firing indiscriminately. No doubt any damage would be blamed on the 'mutant terrorists'. Leo ducked behind his bike to avoid the blast that would have overcharged his capacity, while Magneto intercepted the shots with metal plates torn from the MRD truck.

As the Brotherhood Mutants moved to join the fight, Magneto tried once more. "We can help you with your control problems, Mr Mars, and you've seen what these humans are going to do to you."

"Heard you the first time, still not interested. I don't want to be anybody's personal nuclear warhead, Magneto." Leo grimaced. With his luck, that name would probably stick. Ducking from behind his bike, he unleashed a torrent of plasma at one of the troopers, more accurately at his weapon. The energy rifle flashed through red- yellow- and white-hot before disintegrating, searing the trooper's gloves into smoking.

The head agent of the MRD squad was screaming something into his communicator, and the brotherhood were mopping the street with the troopers, when the X-men arrived. "Oh, finally," Leo thought, as he heaved a sigh of relief. "Maybe this is a good day, after all."

Led by Storm, the white-haired African-american, and Wolverine, the short and hairy Canadian, it wasn't a full roster of the team, by any means. There was Iceman, glimmering with the shell of frost around his body, Colossus, almost seven feet tall and made of metal (a glaring tactical disadvantage against Magneto, but visually impressive), Nightcrawler, the German teleporter who resembled a demon, Shadowcat, the girl who walked through walls, and Rogue, the power-thief. From what he could recall, and see, the girls were still only sixteen or so, the boys a little older, and the blue-furred German a little more than that. All of them clad in those form-fitting black leather outfits, each slightly customised for the wearer.

It was just as he was feeling relief at their arrival that he heard the agent's rant turn into a calm, orderly command. "Roach motel, I repeat, roach motel. All bugs are in the box, send in the big boots."

For a moment, he wondered what the man was talking about, before the realisation struck. Roach motel: bugs check in, they don't check out. Looking up he saw two, three, five... Five Sentinels. The sixty-foot-tall mutant-killing robots. The ground shook from the impact of the massive machines landing, and every single mutant looked up at them. Except Wolverine and Sabertooth. Those two were busy trying to carve steaks off each other with their respective claws.

Storm shot into the sky, immediately gathering the local weather into a massive thunderhead, striking out at the giant robots with lightning, as Colossus wedged his fingers beneath one and heaved, disturbing its centre of gravity enough to topple it over. Shadowcat ran through the metal of the Sentinels' hulls, grabbing at electronic systems in an attempt to shut down the mutant-killing machines. Nightcrawler was providing a good distraction, teleporting around the field, and 'arriving' MRD weapons embedded into Sentinels' joint mechanisms. Meanwhile, Rogue approached the young man near the fallen motorcycle, staying low so as not to draw attention to herself.

"Are you okay?" Her question, delivered in a Southern drawl similar to his own, though a little more pronounced, dragged Leo's attention to her. She was pretty, he noticed, and the single white lock in her hair simply made her unique.

"I've been chased by MRD since Huntsville, gotten no sleep for the past three days, the last thing I ate was a couple of stale Twinkies yesterday for breakfast, and I'm one shock away from turning this neighbourhood into Ground Zero, but other than that, just peachy." Mentally, he slapped himself, berating himself for the sarcasm. Standing, he unleashed a really big stream of nuclear power at the nearest Sentinel, searing through the giant robot's faceplate and frying the circuitry inside. As the robot toppled across the one Colossus had dropped, pinning it, he dropped down again. "M'name's Leo Mars, folks'll probably be tagging me with Warhead, on account of, I explode."

"Marie. They call me Rogue," she replied. "D'you think if I absorbed your powers, you might not go boom?"

"Tried that once," he said, repeating himself as the first answer was drowned out by the prone yet active Sentinel blasting its way out from under the defunct one. "Got me some of that mutant cure, y'know?" Busy lashing out at the giant robots, he missed her wince. " Problem was, it just triggered my explosion, taking out the public restroom I was hiding in."

A blast seared past them, a beam of eye-searing light and heat. Leo's mutation enabled him to see a much wider spectrum than most people, from deep in the ultraviolet, to high in the infrared. As a result, he knew how deadly that beam was, but there was little he could do as it burned through Colossus' metal hide, gouging away most of the young Russian's torso. Iceman took a glancing hit, his frozen shell shattering like glass and vaporising instantly, protecting him to a degree, but he still had third-degree burns covering his right side, and collapsed in agony.

Colossus knew he was as good as dead. He didn't feel anything, for now, at least, but the second he returned to flesh and blood, end of story. Even in his osmium steel form, his vision was going grey. He struggled over to Rogue and the young mutant they'd come to save. They might have found him sooner, but with no telepath to make Cerebro more than a six-story paperweight, they were forced to use more mundane means to locate mutants. He gasped. "Okay, is a little pain, is weakness leaving the body, da?"

"Rogue," he said, his voice barely audible over the clash of battle, "my powers, you must take them, use them, alright? Protect our friends, da?"

"Peter, no, no, you'll be alright, we'll get you back to Dr McCoy,he'll..." Her rambling was cut off by the nuclear mutant next to her placing a finger on her lips. Leo knew what was going on.

"He's not going to last that long," he said, sadly, as Rogue looked up at him. "He wants you to have his powers to protect your friend, are you going to deny him that?"

Shadowcat was there suddenly, next to them. Her crush on the muscular Russian was something she'd thought she'd have time to identify, and now he was dying. As tears filled her eyes, she saw Rogue remove one of her gloves, and reach out to lay her skin on Colossus' cheek. Black veins stood out on both the girl and the young man, as his powers and memories flowed into her. As she did, she saw Shadowcat take Leo's bare hand in hers, the same hand he'd just laid across Rogue's lips to calm her.

Above them, Storm had finally gathered enough potential in the thunderhead to work with, and Wolverine called the battle plan, having dropped Sabertooth again, at least temporarily. There was a break in the fight, too. Magneto was straining himself, but he was holding all four remaining Sentinels immobile, as blood trickled from his nose at the stress he was putting his aged body through.

"Elf!" roared the metal-clawed mutant. "Get ready to jump us out. Once everyone's clear, Storm'll hammer these tinker-toys into scrap metal and fried parts."

"You... don't... have... long." Magneto was forcing his voice to work, and the strain showed in every syllable. He'd not fully recovered from the massive doses of 'mutant cure' that had been forced into his system. "I can't... hold them... forever." Sweat was running down his face, a sure sign he was nearing his limits. "You'll... only... get one... shot."

"Gott in Himmel," prayed the German teleporter. He'd never teleported so many before, nor under such conditions. The mutants quickly gathered, Mystique joining them. Magneto had to stay put, or the Sentinels would scotch their plans in short order. Nightcrawler forced his powers to function at a level they never had before, pushing beyond his limits, certain he was going to be feeling this one for a long time to come. In a burst of black, sulphurous smoke, they teleported. It was at that very instant that everything went wrong.

Agent Carver was a very tough man. He awoke, in pain, yes, push it aside, and drew his side-arm, an energy-based pistol, of a smaller scale than the rifles, but only slightly less effective. He saw the large and feral mutant called Sabertooth leap, plunging his claws into the mutant called Wolverine, and the whole group began to disappear into that freaky cloud of smoke. So he fired wildly, desperate to not let them escape. He saw the blast strike home on the young man they were calling Warhead, saw his eyes widen, and then saw nothing as Storm unleashed the lightning and brought the fury of the skies down on the Sentinels.

Later, at the Xavier Institute, the weather-wielding mutant would explain to a badly injured Magneto that the others were gone, nowhere to be found.

Somewhere that is nowhere, in a gap between dimensions...

It could be described as hellish. There was no up, no down, nothing to see, nothing to hear. The only points of reference they had were the points at which they were in contact. Normally, when Nightcrawler teleported, he was in this place-that-wasn't for such a tiny fraction of a second that most quantum physicists would dismiss it as non-existent. But this was by no means a normal situation. His power was overloaded, by the sheer number of people he was carrying. Even if Sabertooth had attacked Wolverine at the exact moment of teleportation, the German mutant might still have managed to control his power long enough to bring them out safely.

But Warhead had been shot. The energy blast had overloaded his powers too, and pushed him into a catastrophic release. The young man had tried to be noble, and let go of Nightcrawler, only to find himself grabbed by both Shadowcat and Rogue. So his detonation occurred between realities, hardly a good thing for the stability of an already shaky teleport. As streaks of light began to appear, almost like stars racing past in a Star Trek episode, as the cold began to reach them, as the barrier between worlds broke open...

...There! A connection! A tiny ray of hope that had died once, flared to life. Leia, collapsed, passing into unconsciousness. The Force, the unknown connection between all things, reached out and plucked the hope of the galaxy, and the heart of this princess from the gap between realities, the torn trails of hyperspace.

Sitting on a log in the middle of the swamps of Dagobah, an old, wrinkled, green-skinned being smiled. "The ways of the Force, many and mysterious are."