Just An Ordinary Sunday…

*Fall of 1866, Nebraska Territory*

Cullen sighed as he listened to his foreman and sort of new friend Mr. Toole go on and on about his wife Eva while they were at the deserted bridge site, on a Sunday, surveying it in order to figure out how to speed up the building of the bridge that had to be done in such a hurry. Even though it was Sunday and most people in the world were off from work he had received a Western Union straight from one Mrs. Hannah Durant herself telling him to get that damned bridge built before her Thomas returned in a few weeks. Also, he had to deliver a Western Union to Toole from Eva. In return for receiving the message Toole had volunteered to help him figure out the building of the bridge, why he couldn't understand.

"So, the message you got was good then?" Cullen asked as he pushed some hair, that the wind was blowing, behind his ear. Honestly he wasn't paying attention to Toole one bit…he was wondering why Lily hadn't sent him word asking about the railroad or something...He knew he had to knock her from his mind, she was the mistress to his boss; untouchable for him.

"Yes, of course it was good. Miss Eva says that the Durant's paid Doc to check her cause of the baby. Turns out she's farther along than she thought."

"Okay…so?" Bohannon asked in a long drawl with a furrowed brow.

"So, means the baby most likely will come out white; be mine." Toole smiled wide with happiness and a bit of relief.


"Mr. Ferguson, that coward, will be glad when it come out white."

"Why, thought he cared for her?" Bohannon questioned as he surveyed the land.

"He cares only bout himself, Mr. Bohannon, and what she can do for him. He never wanted the baby, said so himself. Hell, he only nice to ya cause of his job and you've saved his ass a few times." Mr. Toole explained to his boss and friend as he held a gun, just in case any Indians were nearby.

"Guess so, I don't make it my business to get into people's personal lives. I just kept to my own."

"So, ya think Missus Bell will ever give ya a turn?" Toole curiously asked with a twinge of a chuckle to his thickly Irish accent voice.

Cullen's head swung off his shoulders so fast as he shouted at Toole, "What in Sam's Hill?"

*Fall of 1866 Chicago, Illinois*

She sat on the wooden chair next to her boss and lover's bedside. She was holding his hand as he slept. She had tried to come in and visit yesterday, Saturday, but couldn't since his wife was in the room. Lily Bell might be a blonde but she was no dumby, she knew that it would not be appropriate for her to see Thomas while his wife, Hannah, was in the room with him. She knew that since today was Sunday she'd be able to spend some time with him since most proper people would be at church.

"Thomas, you must survive the healing of your surgery. We have to build the railroad. Without you there's no hope." Lily had told Mr. Durant

"You alright Misses Eva?" Doc asked in his soft toned voice as he saw the woman acting as his nurse clutch at her belly quickly with a look of slight pain in her face as they walked out of the church after attending a mass.

Eva took a deep breath and just nodded her head. "Yes, I'm fine Doc, just this babe's moving 'round a lot is all."

"Ah, yes, well the baby's growing." Doc explained simply. "As long as you're fine and not hurting." He added in, wanting to make she that Eva knew that too much hurt during pregnancy wasn't normal.

"Yes, I'm fine, thank you." Eva smiled genuinely at Doc.

"Would you like to get lunch before we return to the hospital?"

"Yes, lunch would be awfully good."

As they started to walk down the street they were stopped by a woman calling out to them. They just turned around and gave smiles to the middle aged blonde all decked out in a beige and copper dress and jacket. "Good to see you went to church too, are you going back to the hospital to tend to my husband now?"

Eva just smiled and shook her head while Doc answered with a response of, "No, we're going for a quick lunch."

"Yes, considering the young lady's state lunch is a must. I shall see you after lunch in the hospital?" Mrs. Durant kindly said as she gave Eva a smile. Hannah liked Eva and she could see that this woman, different in looks then others cause of her tattoos, had a heart of gold.

"Yes Ma'am." Eva smiled.

"Of course, Ma'am." Doc respectfully answered with his Southern manners and soft voice.

"Well, then, I shall see you then. Have a nice lunch." And with that Mrs. Durant walked down the street towards where her coachman was waiting for her.

Mrs. Durant's eyes just about popped right out of her head when she saw that young blonde map girl walk out of Thomas' room. Hannah wasn't stupid, no being married to a weasel made her smart but also a bit untrusting and cold. She knew that this girl, this Lily Bell, was sneaking in and out of her husband's room because they had to have been sleeping together. Well, Lily might not have seen Mrs. Durant but she sure in hell did see Mrs. Bell. Oh, Hannah had an instant idea and decided not to see her husband but instead to head down to the Western Union office for she had to send something to that man temporarily in charge.