Chapter 1

Sweet Amoris High... Sweet Amoris High... I could've sworn I've heard of the place before but just couldn't seem to put my finger on it. I knew it would drive me crazy trying to remember, but really, what could I do? I would be transferring there in a couple of days after my family and I get ourselves situated in our new home. I personally didn't mind the transfer. After all, it's not like I had many friends back at my old school anyway. *BAM* However, judging by all of the slamming doors I could tell my sister was not one bit enthusiastic about it.

"WHY?! I HAVE FRIENDS MOM, AND I'M NEVER GONNA BE ABLE TO SEE THEM!" my sister shouted from the top of the staircase. Her name's Samantha. She's a year younger than me, but looks much older with all of the makeup she wears. She has long curly blonde hair that cascades over her petite shoulders, the greenest eyes anyone could imagine, and most of the time, an attitude. A bad one.

Our mother placed one of her hands on the railing of the staircase and calmly spoke to her emotional daughter. "You know that's not true, sweetie. You'll have plenty of chances to see your friends from your old school." She smiled up sweetly to the pouting face at the top of the stairs. Samantha huffed dramatically and stomped to her new bedroom, slamming the door shut.

"I don't know what to do about that kid," my mother sighed turning her attention to me. "So, did you already unpack your things?"

"Yeah, I just finished a little while ago," I told her. My arms were aching from all of the boxes I had to carry into the new house. SO MANY BOXES!

"Well that's good. I know how hard you've been working so why don't you take a break? This town seems nice. Go on out for a while and have some fun, honey! Maybe you'll make some new friends before you even start school!"

Fat chance.

"Okay," I said with a forced smile as I headed for the front door. Where on earth was I supposed to go? I'm seventeen, aren't I a little too old for playing "explorer"? Well, I guess I'll just walk around a little and see what this town really has to offer.

I made my way down the street and allowed my gaze to wander over ever intricate detail of the town. The sun shone brightly, but not too brightly, as it was already sunset. The trees stood firm along the sidewalks, their colored leaves rustling with every gust of wind. You could tell the leaves were getting ready to fall, and I stopped there on the sidewalk just staring at them. I held my breath. More strong breezes brushed the trees, but the leaves held tight. I felt a faint smile grow on my face as I continued walking.

I listened to the sounds of my footsteps as I approached the area of town where the buildings were more condensed. A "downtown" perhaps? The town didn't seem big enough to have one, but it certainly looked like one to me.

I continued listening to the sounds my feet made as they clomped along the freshly swept sidewalk. *Clop, clop, clop* The area was so quiet. No one seemed to be out, but when I looked around I could see couples sitting on stoops and porches. They all seemed to be gazing at the sky. They were smiling...relaxing. I couldn't stop staring. It was all so serene.

My trance was broken when I heard the faint sounds of an electric guitar. I moved a little further down the sidewalk until I met a brick building. By the looks of it I would've guessed it was some sort of club. There were large windows that ran along the front and sides of the building. I walked up to one of them and peered through the lightly tinted glass. On the other side of the room a band was performing. They had a heavier sound, but I liked it. There were a couple of people in the back, but two guys at the front really stood out. They were both playing guitar, but one was also singing. He was wearing Victorian clothes and had hair of silver. His eyes were each a different color, too. So unique! The other was jamming out heavily on his electric guitar. He was wearing "punk-looking" clothes and had bright red hair cut to just below the chin.

They looked and sounded incredible! I couldn't look away. My eyes were locked on both of them as each note blasted through the glass to my ears.

Just at that moment, the red-haired one looked up and saw me. He smirked and exchanged a look with the silver-haired guy. I guess he had already noticed me. They both kept playing, but also kept staring. I could feel my face redden and decided that I had stood there long enough. I smiled quickly at the two before turning and continuing down to the next street.

I trudged along until I came upon a sort of clothing shop. I didn't even need to go inside to know what they sold. There were racks of clothes being displayed out front. They were all the same type, Victorian...just like the silver-haired guy's.

A tall person exited the store, holding a bunch of shirts with ruffles and cuffs, and began to place them among the other pieces on the racks. It was another guy, also dressed in a Victorian style. He had dark angled hair and a fair complexion. I couldn't help but think he looked like a prince. A really cute prince! I felt my face redden a little again and decided to wait until the mysterious, cute stranger went back inside before I walked by his shop. However, he spotted me and of course, caught me staring. I can't help it! If a good-looking guy is around, I always end up staring. It's a curse, I swear.

He gave a slight smile in my direction and then walked back into his store. Just like that, the prince was gone. I suddenly picked up my pace, hoping to get by the shop without meeting the stranger. The last thing I wanted was to act stupid and blush madly in front of a cute guy.

Luckily, I got by with no problems. I kept up with my pace until the shop was out of view and then slowed my trot. It was beginning to get dark out and I was thinking about turning back when I heard yelling come from a house not too far away. I nosily walked down the sidewalk a little further and saw two individuals arguing on the front lawn. One was a boy and the other a girl. They both looked about the same age and were both blonde. Siblings perhaps?

I kept hidden behind a tall bush. It may have obstructed some of my vision, but I could hear absolutely everything. The well-dressed blonde girl was shouting at the boy in a full out tantrum.


Just then, the loud girl stormed by the bush and knocked me over. She looked down at me in disgust but continued stomping away without even apologizing. The boy saw this and shouted after the girl, "AMBER! AMBER!" However, the girl's stride failed to halt and I watched her until she was gone. It was scary how much she reminded me of Samantha.

The boy rushed up to me and lent me one of his hands.

"Are you okay?" he asked. "I'm SO sorry for the way my sister acted." He looked genuinely apologetic.

"Oh, it's no problem," I said. "I shouldn't have been in her way..." I smiled at him but he still looked like he wanted to apologize.

"I'm...still sorry..." he said softly. Then he looked up at my smile and managed to match it. "Well, anyway, my name's Nathaniel." He held out his hand in a friendly manner.

"I'm Kallina," I said, accepting his handshake.

"Well Kallina, I'm sorry we had to meet under such circumstances," he said reverting back to his apologetic state. "Hopefully next time it'll be better."

"I'm sure it will be," I said with a laugh. "Well, it's getting dark, so I'd better head back home. See you later."

He looked at me and smiled. "See you later, Kallina."

As I headed back to my house, I felt a happy sensation run through me. I believe I had just made my first friend.

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