1. To feel blameworthy desire for (that which belongs to another).
2. To wish for longingly.

Delilah was...lost.

"Great way to start out, Lila. Get lost and be late, cause that's a good first impression." she muttered, looking at the trees on either side of the highway. She had passed a sign that read "IPSWICH 10km" about an hour ago and still saw no sign of her exit. Being a city girl she had expected some sign of life by now; a mall, a hotel, a cafe perhaps? But there was nothing. Just trees and highway. She was slowing, prepared to pull over and call someone, when out of nowhere a black H3 appeared behind her and honked. Startled, as she had not noticed it approaching, she jerked her hands to the side and ended up swerving across the road and dipping into the shallow ditch on the shoulder. Her torso flattened against the dark leather seat as the car connected, the seat belt strained against her figure keeping her in place. She let out a harsh breath, eyes closed as she waited for her heart rate to settle. Slowly opening her eyes she looked ahead to survey the damage. There was little, and aside from was that smoke?!, her car seemed to be intact. Score one to Mel for talking her into a BMW instead of the Acura coupe she'd originally wanted. She unbuckled her seat belt and pushed open her door, stepping into the early autumn air.

"Are you alright?"

Delilah whipped around to see four boys sitting in the now idle H3. The driver, who she assumed had been the one to speak, was looking at her with concern.
"Well... I can walk." she said uncertainly. The two boys in the back laughed.
"I'd consider that a win." The one with long hair said.
"No," She replied, "a win would be my car still being functional."

She turned and moved next to the tree to check from this end what she couldn't see from the driver seat. There wasn't a dent; she couldn't even see a scratch. She heard the opening and closing of doors and looked up to see four teenagers approaching her.

"Well," the black haired one said, "what's the damage?"
She smiled and shook her head, "Nothing. Not as much as a scratch from what I can see".
"Wicked," the driver, a younger looking brunette with sweet blue eyes, said.
"Yeah, now if my luck would extend to directions, I'd be set." She muttered kicking the tire absently.
"Where you headed to?" Came the driver's voice again.
"Uh, Spenser Academy in Ipswich." she turned and looked at the boys again, "I was supposed to be at the school about 20 minutes ago."
"You missed the turn." The dark haired one replied with a grin that suited the planes of his face.
"Urg, of course I did."
"No worries," the blonde one remarked with a smirk, "Just follow us. We'll get you there."
"That would be great, thanks."

She turned to get back into her car, but wasn't oblivious to the look of appreciation she was receiving from the blonde who had spoken, a wicked looking boy who ooze confidence, and the brunette driver. After securing her seat belt and resetting his shades, she turned the key, her car roaring to life and waited for the boys to move. Following them back she saw a turn she hadn't noticed, marked by a sign almost completely obscured by branches. Anyone could have missed that... she thought, feeling the urge to defend herself. When they reached the school she was now over three quarters of an hour late and would probably have to explain her lapse in sight to the Provost. She parked near the door and exited her car, pressing the buttons on her remote to lock it. She crossed the lot, heading towards the steps into the building when she heard a shout.

"Hey, crash victim!" She spun around and saw the blonde boy coming towards her with a grin that spelled trouble in all capital letters.
"I have a name you know," She said raising an eyebrow.
"No, actually I don't know. So why don't you tell it to me." He responded stopping a short distance away.
"Delilah Draighton."
"Did you just say Dragon?" He asked, his smile amused now.
"Wh.. No!" She said with a laugh. "I said Draighton. DRAY-ton. Like the valley but with a better spelling."
"Huh. Well I'm Reid, Reid Garwin"
"Your parents gave you two last names?" She grinned, cocking her head to one side in mock confusion.
"Cute." Reid said giving her another once over.
"I've been told," She said saucily, turning to walk up the stairs. She heard him begin to follow, before he fell into step beside her.
"So I'm guessing you'll need directions to the Provost's office?"
"Nope, Those I have."
"Hey, shouldn't your parents be here to register you?"
Delilah stopped for a moment then turned her head to look at him, "Nope. Those I don't have." she said with a weak smile, gauging his reaction.
"You don't have parents?" He asked, a flurry of emotions crossing his face; shock, disbelief, sadness and then pity.
"You see," She said starting to walk again, he followed in silence. "Now that face is the reason I moved. So do me a favor? Keep that little tid-bit to yourself." Please keep it to yourself.
"Where'd you move from?" Reid said, recovering quickly.
"Phoenix." She said, shocked but glad that he had brushed it off so quickly.
"Cool, lots of sun?"
"Yep. Definitely have to get used to rain now."
"Oh I can help with that."
"Really?" She said throwing him a look.
"Oh yeah," He smirked, "Couple nights of being kidnapped to dance in the downpour and you'll be set."

Delilah stopped and laughed. He is not serious! She hadn't expected that comment and was very surprised by the amusement it gave her. Once she regained her breath she looked at a now smug faced Reid. "So obviously I'm going to need to lock my doors."
"Wouldn't stop me."
"How about if I propped a chair under the handle?" she started walking again, the office door now visible at the end of the corridor, flanked on each side with trophy cases.
"Nah, that'll just make my entrance a little louder. Give you time to get shoes." He said walking close beside her.
Boy doesn't quit, does he? "Okay, I'm getting an extra deadbolt or two."
"Now you are just inviting me to kidnap you."
"You are a strange person" She said stopping outside the door, flashing an incredulous smile.
"Been told." He said matching her grin with one of his own, a picture of Cheshire if she ever saw one.
"And yet not a little mysterious," She narrowed her eyes playfully, reaching to turn the handle only to have his hand grab her wrist. She looked at him in confusion.
"If you only knew." He said in a low voice, his face mere inches from her own.

She stepped away, her back connecting with the trophy case behind her. She blinked twice, and reached with her free hand to remove her sunglasses.

"Uh.." She let out a breath, "personal space?"

Reid didn't move, his eyes seemingly glued to her own. This reaction she was used to. Her eyes being a blue so dark they warranted the label of purple, she usually was forced to endure eye contact for longer than normal. Only Reid wasn't looking with shock or even mild interest. His eyes spoke lust, unmasked and hungry. On reflex she licked her lips. Finally causing his eyes to leave her own and trace the movement.

"I should probably get in there. Already late."
"Oh," Reid pouted, and wasn't that just sexy as hell; enough to make something in her want to purr, "But we were getting along so well."
"Nothing we can't continue at a later date." she breathed, Get a grip Delilah!
"During." he whispered.
"Excuse me?" she said, voice raising a few octaves higher then was natural.
"During a later date. Is what you meant." He replied with a slow, lazy smirk.
"Is there a question in there somewhere?" she said with the last of her oxygen.

With that he released his hold and backed off. Sending her a final smirk before turning back the way he came. She watched him join his friends, having been too preoccupied to notice their presence beforehand. She let out a hard breath and shook her head to clear it. Moving away from the trophy case and finally latching onto the door handle, turning it to enter the office. Well I in for a treat aren't I?

"I'm here to see Provost Higgins?"

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