1. Contemptuous or jeering laughter; ridicule.

2. An object of ridicule; a laughingstock.

She was in hell. She was regretting every life choice she ever made. Starting with these boots. No, actually, starting with opening the dorm room door.


There was a knock. Three firm raps on the wood. Please, be some random person wishing me welcome again and NOT who I think it is. She unlocked the deadbolt and pulled at the handle revealing, of course, Reid Garwin.

"What do you want Reid?" She said, arms akimbo.

"Nice PJs, Lilac." He replied with a smirk, brushing past her into the room.

Delilah paused, glancing down. Fantastic. She was in her usual sleep attire; a long mens shirt, with her booties still on because she had been on her laptop when the interruption came. Which meant Reid got full view of her... assets.

"Thanks," She said with venom, narrowing her eyes.

"Pogue said he told you," Reid said, hand waving in a are you getting this fashion, "bonfire?"

Lila groaned, "I forgot about it, ran some errands."

Reids eyes slitted, "Pogue also said you left early to lay down."

"Pogue's the one who said it. Not me." Lilah said making for her wardrobe, "So don't give me that look."

"What look?"

"Like I'm some petulant little kid with their hand in the cookie jar." She responded fishing out a denim skirt and her leather jacket. Now, for a shirt. She pulled out a light shaded tank and huffed out a laugh,

"What's funny?" Reid said tilting his head at her in interest.

She turned and held up the top, "Lilac."

Reid expression shifted, a Cheshire simper, "Perfect."

Lila shook her head and walked back past him, making a show of closing the door of the small powder room the dorms held. Larger then that in a house, but no more then a swollen pantry in size. Finished with the top and skirt she walked back into the main portion of the room and scooped up her favorite knee highs; supple leather in a warm brown. She pulled them on and grudgingly followed him out the door.


"Hey there Delilah."

Delilah turned, and stopped. Barely keeping her jaw from hitting the pasture grass. Is everyone here beautiful?! Standing before her was about five feet, ten inches of pure candy.

"That's not a cheesy line." She said, noting a slight pitch change in her voice.

"Unintentional," the brunette male replied, hair similar in style and length to Pogues, "But that is your name right? Delilah Draighton."

"Yes," She said, making the statement an inquiry.

"You don't remember me, do you?" the boy grinned, Hello lovely... "Abbot? Aaron Abbot."

"Bond. James Bond." She muttered.

"I'm sorry what was that?"

"Nothing!" she blushed a little and looked over his shoulder, eyes connecting briefly with a severe looking redhead, before turning back to Aaron, "So your the son of my fathers attorney?"

"Your attorney now," he corrected, "and I was told to look out for you. Directions, help in class, any little tid-bits you might need."

"Mmm... Well I've got directions, and basic campus layout down. Some help homework wise might be nice, I missed half of my first day."

"Yeah, I heard that. Glad to see you're feeling better," He said with a knowing look, eyes glinting dangerously in the firelight.

"Thanks. I would have found you eventually."

"Oh, really?" He said, eyebrows raising arrogantly.

"Your father suggested it," She amended, straightening her posture, "Thought I might like a friendly face in strange surroundings."

"Well I'll have to remember to thank David for that." Okay, he is getting predatory with the that grin now.

Delilah shifted, uncomfortable, and saw the redhead making her way toward them, she leaned in and whispered "I think your girlfriend wants you."


"Aaron!" The redhead exclaimed, inserting herself between the two, "Why are you hiding in the dark?"

"I'm not." He said, expression taut.

"Whose this?" the girl asked, obviously feigning interest, "New friend?"

"Oh no," Delilah said, never one to cower with the girls of privilege, "We go way back. Don't we Aaron?"

"Mmm," He gave a pleased chuckle, "to the sandbox."

"Well I do like me some khaki castles," Delilah said, turning back to the off put expression on the other female, "How about you... I'm sorry I didn't catch you name?"

"She didn't give it. This is Kira Snider." Aaron said, "Kira, this is Delilah Draighton."

"Oh," Kira said, adopting a catlike expression, "So you're Reids dragon-lady."

"Excuse me?" Lila began, incredulous.

"That's right!" came a voice from behind her, "Better watch out Kira, she might burn you."

Reid came up beside her, arm weaving around her waist.



"Hello, Aaron." Reid said, voice dropping into a dangerous tone, "Making new friends?"

"Reunion actually," Aaron said, stance shifting to match Reids, "We already knew each other."

"Really." Reid said.

"Yes," Lila jumped in, not in the mood for a size competition, "His father is my family's attorney. Suggested that, when I get up here, I seek Aaron out. Familiar faces and all."

"And you just decided to accost him at a party?" Kira interjected.

"Don't make it sound so snide, Kira." Lila spat back, with a too sweet smile, "He came up to me."

"Well, I thought I recognized you. With you violaceous eyes you're not that hard to remember." Aaron said with a practiced mirth.

Lila blushed, happy for the shadow Reids figure threw over her.

"Make a habit of reciting the dictionary, Abbot?" Reid jabbed.

"At least I've opened one, Garwin."

"Now now boys. Keep on this path and I won't let you play together." Delilah interjected with a playful, mocking tone and expression.

"Still," Kira said, fighting for hold in the conversation, "Shouldn't you take contacts out at night. I mean the night vision alone, that and they're tacky."

"I was born with this color," Delilah said, leveling a dark look at the girl.

"A lovely color with the shirt," Reid murmured into her hair.

"But not all of us can achieve the desired look naturally. Isn't that right, Kira?" Lila finished, pointedly eyeing the half inch of dark roots protruding from her hair.

"Do I need to separate you, Lavender?" Aaron asked sarcastically.

"Lavender?" Reid narrowed his eyes.

"Calm yourself, Baby Blues. You aren't the only one with a knack for color-coded call signs." Delilah cut in.

"Baby Blues?"

"If they're any other color, I'll eat my socks." Lila deadpanned.

Aaron laughed, drawing her gaze. Wow, he's still pretty. "In this weather I don't know why you even brought a jacket."

"This jacket will leave my side when you pry it from my cold. dead. fingers."

"It's a jacket." Aaron stated.

"It's my favorite." She countered.

"It's stodgy." Kira commented.

"It was my mothers." Delilah said, face flushing for a new reason.

"There's a reason she didn't keep it."

It happened quickly. A loud smack and then Kira was sprawled on the grass gracelessly. Delilah's eyes grew. She looked down watching her hand flush with blood as the movement caught up in her mind. She looked at each of her three companions before turning on her heel, making a bee-line for her car.

Kira sneered and called after her, "Wench!"

Delilah ignored the calls from behind her. She couldn't stop the tears that flowed without her consent. Streaming patterns down her heated cheeks as she tried to push through the drunken bodies.

"Lilac!" someone said, pulling her to a stop with a hand on her elbow. It was Tyler.

She turned, seeing his happy grin fade; a frown taking place.

"Hey, are you okay Lila?" Tyler said crowding around her, blocking her from view of nosy party goers. He put his hands on her face, coaxing her to look up.

"Yeah," she blew out a breath, "I'm fine."

"Delilah." He asked in exasperation.

"Really," She said, voice cracking as her resolve fell, "I'm just.."

She couldn't hold it in. Couldn't lie to such genuine concern. Couldn't breathe through her sobs. She threw her arms around the boy, a faint "Hey!" sounding to her right when she accidentally connected with someones shoulder. Burying her face in his shoulder she shook, narrowly registering his arms coming around her back.

After a minute he started guiding her back, heading to the tree line where the cars were.

"Hey, shhh. Lila." Tyler said as they moved, Lila shifting to a more cohesive walking position, arms still around him. "Tell me what's wrong."

He pulled open the back door of his H3 and pulled them inside before Delilah began her answer.

"Urg!" She huffed, "I was so mad! I couldn't... and she kept snipping at me. Just for talking to Aaron. God does she own him or something. We were just talking! Is that a crime now? Then the comment. About my mother like she's somehow above me. I just.."

"Woah, breathe. Slow down. Aaron who? Her who? What comment?"

"Abbot. Kira. Saying my mother got rid of it for a reason when she..." Delilah stopped, choking up again, "When she just bought it, right before..." The tears came back with a vengeance. She turned back to his shoulder, forehead hitting the already damp spot from before. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

"No! For what? Tears? It's okay Delilah." Tyler said, trying to calm the upset teen.

"For your shirt, and ruining your night. You were smiling and just wanted to say "Hi" and then I dump this on you," She shook her head, curls bouncing in her eyes.

"Like I could enjoy myself when a friend is upset," Tyler assured her, "Tell me what happened. Start from the beginning."

So she did, recounting everything from Aaron's "unintentional" lyric line to Kira's shrieked "wench!".

"Wow," Tyler said, nodding as she wiped her eyes with the heel of her palm, "Khaki castles. Really?"

Delilah choked out a laugh, giving Tyler a watery, incredulous smile, "Really? That's what you got from all that?"

"No," Tyler said, a small victory smile on his lips, "What I got from that is a smile out of you. And an interesting insight into Aaron versus Reid for, what was it, call signs?"

"I like Top Gun," Lila said defensively.


"Airplanes, Val Kilmer, Shirtless Volleyball." She stated, checking them off on her fingers.

"I'm with you a third of the way."

"Val Kilmer?" she teased.

"Oh yeah, can't get me enough of Iceman."

"Ha!" she said, a look of joy on her tear-stained face, "You've seen it!"

"Pogue wanted to be Tom Cruise when we were younger."

"And what you just loved the movie so much you remembered the characters?" She huffed, wiping a hand across her eyes.

"We watched it a lot." He hedged, tucking a curl back behind her ear.

"Mhmm.. so tell me?" She said with a faux professionalism.


"Have you lost that lovin' feelin'?" She lowered her voice to a bad Elvis impersonation.

"You don't close your eyes anymore..." He murmured lowly, chuckling softly.

"Aw come on, you can't tease a girl with some bonafide serenading and then just stop!" She said, with mock fury.

"Believe me, nobody wants to hear me sing." He dodged

"Hi, I'm Nobody." She urged.

"It's just not happening for you tonight." He laughed.

"Think if I pumped some more alcohol into you?"

"Then singing would be the least of it." Tyler gave her a secret smirk.

"Oh really?" Delilah said, "I'm intrigued."

"Oh yes, you'd then be subjected to my dancing." Tyler deadpanned.

Lila laughed, a quick burst of sound that she muffled with her hand, "You can't be that bad." she insisted.

"If you only knew..."

Suddenly the door opened behind her, cutting him short, a gust of wind hitting the back of her arms. It was Caleb Danvers, Pogue close behind with a dark skinned girl in his arms.


"Hey, Caleb." Tyler said with a smile

"What are you guys up to? Reids looking for Lila." Caleb said glancing between them and then throwing a furtive look over his shoulder.

"Lila was having a harsh time of it, ran into Abbot and Snider."

"Brutal!" Pogue looked up at the names.

Lila snorted lightly, "I have no issues with Aaron. That wannabe red head ought to watch her tongue around me from now on though." she finished with a dose of venom to her words.

The three boys' eyes widened in shock as the dark girl turned to Delilah, "I'll hold her down for you." She said with a playful smirk.

"Thanks," Lila chuckled, "So, Caleb?"

"So Delilah."

"Cute. But no, why no Lilac remark? Your boys seem intent on having me known around the Academy as a type of flower."

"It seemed like the name bothered you," Caleb said with a smirk.


Suddenly a voiced crackled on over the music.

"We got cops! Old Dell Road! SCATTER!"

Pandemonium erupted. Kids running to their cars, dropping red solo's everywhere, faint sounds of glass breaking as bottles were flung out. Car doors slammed and engines roared as everyone made for home or dorm. Caleb, Pogue, and the Pogues girl launched themselves at the H3. Caleb started the car and veered toward his mansion off campus. It took all of ten minutes for silence to ring out around them.

"What about Reid?" Lila asked.

"He'll be fine," The girl replied, causing Delilah to end up in Tyler's lap. "He has... keys."

"Why does that sound illegal?" Delilah asked, eyes narrowing with suspicion.

"Because it is." Pogue said, grinning at her from the front passenger seat.

"What about my car?" Delilah said, trying to squash the worry she had for the blonde male.

"Like I said," The girl insisted, "He has keys."

"He's going to hot-wire my car!?"

"Calm down," Tyler said, rubbing a hand on her arm, "He won't cut any wires."

"He'll pay for it if he does." Delilah ground out, shifting uncomfortably.

"Maybe you should pull over Caleb," Lilah's neighbor said, glancing between Tyler and herself, "She's a bit stuck."

"She will live," Delilah grunted, shifting down and finally finding a comfortable position, somewhat cradled in between Tyler's legs.

"And now so will I," Tyler joked tightly, a small look of pain edging away from his features.

"Sorry," Delilah muttered.

"It's fine, lets just get to the dorms before Reid joyrides your BMW." Tyler said, moving his right arm to lay against the window.

Delilah turned to Pogues girl with a deadly serious expression.

"He's kidding right?"

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