Chapter 2: The Truth?

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After the fight with the thugs Sakura led Rin (Kuuga) to her house in order for her to treat his wounds. Sakura got out her keys and inserted the key into the key hole. "Tadaima!" said Sakura as she opened the door. Then an older girl with the same auburn hair as Sakura was by the door. "Sakura! Where have you been?" the older girl asked. "Sorry onee-chan, but there is good reason why I'm late," said Sakura. Sakura pulled Rin in. "Oh, so Sakura has a boy- what happened?" she asked. "Well first of all this is Rin he saved me from a bunch of thugs. Rin this is my older sister Akane." Said Sakura.

Kuuga bowed to Akane as a sign of respect. But, Kuuga winced at the pain from the kick to the stomach earlier and fell down. "Rin! Are you ok?" Sakura asked with a worried face as she kneelt down and helped him up. "Yeah just a little bruised," he said. "I'll go get the first-aid kit. Sakura why don't you help Rin to the living room?" Akane asked. Sakura gave her a simple nod in agreement and helped Kuuga to the couch. "Rin why don't you lay down I'll be right back," said Sakura when she went to the kitchen.

Sakura got a metal bowl and filled it with warm water and got a towel from the kitchen covert. Sakura carried the bowl filled with water over to the living room table. "Rin can you sit up and take off your jacket and shirt?" Sakura asked. Sakura got no response as she turned around and noticed that Rin was sleeping. Akane came to the living room with the first-aid kit. "How is he?" Akane asked. "I don't know after I got the warm water to clean his wounds he was already a sleep," answered Sakura.

"Sakura help me get him up and-," "No, I'll treat his wounds it's my fault that he got injured in the first place!" Sakura said with a face filled with concern. "Sakura," said Akane. "(sigh) Ok but I want you to call me if you need anything, ok?" Sakura just gave her a nod and started getting Kuuga to sit up. Akane went upstairs to her room. That kid looks like Kuuga Sakurai from Uxmishi. But it couldn't be, could it? Akane asked herself that question over and over again.

Sakura started unbuttoning his dress shirt. Wahh my heart is racing so fast! Well, it is my first time to see a guy's body, ok come on Sakura you need to clean his injuries. She told herself that as she was cleaning the cut on his arm. After cleaning his wounds, Sakura got out some iodine and poured a couple of drops. After that Sakura got out some cotton patches and put it over his wound. She also wrapped a bandage around his arm to keep the patch in place.

After Sakura was done with the arm she saw Kuuga's sleeping face and noticed a bruise on his face. She got a cold/hot patch and put it over the bruise. When Sakura was done she looked at the time and noticed that it was past midnight. Sakura went upstairs and got Kuuga a blanket and a pillow. She carefully laid Kuuga down on the pillow and covered the blanket over him. Sakura sat on the floor by the couch. Sakura's eyes grew heavy and she was out like a light.

Morning Time

Kuuga woke up with the rays of sunshine hitting his face. Where am I? Oh, that's right I'm at Sakura's house and she helped me sit on the couch. But, what happened after that? Rin asked himself that. He sat up and examined his wounds. Then he looked at the sleeping girl next to him. Rin smiled at Sakura's sleeping face. She's really cu- Wait! Ok, something is really wrong with me I only toy with girls. Rin thought. "Morning," said a voice. Kuuga turned around and saw it was Sakura's onee-chan, Akane. "Good morning," replied Rin. "Hey Rin you can drop the act now I know who you are," Akane said with a serious look on her face.

"W-w-what are you talking about? Of course you know me I'm Rin," Kuuga said as he tried to play it cool. "Oh, cut the crap! I know who you are your Kuuga Sakurai, lead singer of the Uxmishi!" Akane yelled. Sakura started to stir in her sleep. Kuuga started to panic and shushed Akane. After Sakura stopped stirring she went back to sleep. Kuuga carefully got up off the couch without waking up Sakura. "Let's talk outside," Kuuga said as he got his shirt and put it on.

Akane led them to the backyard. "Ok what the hell are you trying to pull here?" Akane asked. "Ok, look your right I am Kuuga Sakurai from Uxmishi, but I need you to keep quiet and not tell Sakura who I really am," Kuuga said. "And why would I do that? And why would you keep a secret from Sakura you know she'll find out sooner or later," she said. "Yeah, I know that she'll find out sooner or later but I will eventually tell her later when I trust her more. And the reason why I didn't tell her my true identity is because I was afraid that my cover would be blown, if she's a crazy fan girl." He told her.

"Look Sakura is a fan of the Uxmishi group but she loves y'alls music. She said that the music makes her happy and stuff. But, if you would have told her that you're the leader of her favorite band and ask to keep a secret she'll keep it," Akane said. "Look, I will tell Sakura but not right now," Kuuga said. "Good morning!" said Sakura. Kuuga turned around and hoped that she didn't hear anything. "Morning Sakura! Did you sleep well?" Akane asked. "Yep! Rin are you ok now are sure you can walk around now?" Sakura asked with concern in her eyes.

"Yeah and thanks for treating my wounds," Kuuga said. "No problem," Sakura said with a smile. Kuuga felt his cheeks turning red. "Rin, Onee-chan what do you guys want for breakfast?" asked Sakura. "Hmmm…..How about some pancakes, eggs, and bacon?" suggested Akane. "Ok, that sounds good, I'll go ahead and start cooking," said Sakura as she went back inside the house.

After Sakura left out of ear shot Akane started talking to Kuuga again. "Look I'll give you a chance to tell Sakura who you really are but if she finds out from someone else who you are than she'll feel pretty hurt," Akane warned Kuuga. "I'll tell Sakura, don't worry," Kuuga replied as he started walking towards the house to eat breakfast.

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