Mango Sticky Rice. Chapter 2.


The bazaar was a mass of bright color and sound, shocking Alec's senses as Magnus led him through the crowd. The warlock was dressed in an emerald green sari, golden thread embroidering the hems of the silk, the waves of fabric allowing Alec to peek at the thin strip of tan skin between the warlock's tight-fitting belly shirt and the vibrant skirt he was wearing. Alec didn't know whether he should be worried or not that Magnus wearing a skirt didn't bother him at all. He was much more interested in the bells that jingled on the warlock's clothing. It was a surprisingly effective way to keep track of him. Maybe Alec could convince Magnus to wear a bell when they got back home. On a collar or something.

Alec paused, his cheeks growing red at the thought of Magnus in a collar, that bell jingling as the warlock thrusted and-Alec shook his head wildly, stopping that train of thought before it even left the station. Magnus was browsing a stand full to bursting with jewelry, chatting idly in Hindi with the shopkeeper. It was surprising to watch Magnus speak in a different language, even know the warlock had probably learned plenty of them in his long life.

Alec let his gaze wander around the market, studying the mass of people, before a fruit stand caught his interest. He walked over, glancing down at the items for sale, before his blue eyes met the gaze of the shopkeeper. He was a younger man in rags, more like a kid then anything. The boy grinned at him, showing several holes where his teeth should have been. The language Rune along the curve of Alec's hip burned and the Shadowhunter blinked once, pointing at the item in question.

"How much?" He asked in Hindi.

"3 for $10 dollars." The merchant answered, looking surprised that Alec could speak the language. Alec dug into his pocket, pulling out a crumpled ten dollar bill. He offered it to the shopkeeper, who plucked the bill from his hands, exchanging to for a plastic bag weighed down with the item in question.

"Alec?" The Shadowhunter turned his head, seeing Magnus and giving him a smile.

"Hi." He answered, moving to face his boyfriend. Magnus paused, reaching into the plastic bag and withdrawing a ripe mango. The warlock looked confused.

"Are you sending this back home? To Jace?" He asked, and Alec merely shrugged his shoulders, a slight thrill racing up his spine at the thought of surprising the warlock.

"I guess." He replied, grinning at Magnus.

The metal of the knife bit into the flesh of the mango, cutting the skin from the flesh of the fruit and spilling juice all over Alec's fingers. The Shadowhunter didn't care, his hands working quickly to prepare the meal.

Magnus had an apartment in India, a home about half the size of the loft. It was surprisingly cozy for a week long vacation. Alec was currently in the kitchen, working hard at preparing the warlock's treat. The kitchen was separated from the living room by a counter leading about halfway across the room. On the other side of the living room was a pair of double doors, leading out onto a balcony that overlooked a particularly beautiful scene of the Ganges river. To the right a hallway led to the bedroom, and farther down, to the bathroom where Magnus was busy washing off the day's collection of glitter. He had been disappointed when Alec had turned down the offer to shower together, disappearing into the bathroom to sulk in a wake of steam.

Alec hummed as he arranged the cubes of mango into neat rows along the rice, glancing up when he heard the bathroom door open. Alec turned to the sink, rinsing his hands. He looked over his shoulder when Magnus walked into the room. The warlock was clad in a pair of bright, blue flower-patterned silk pants, a metallic orange bathrobe over his shoulders. The robe was untied so Alec could see his boyfrend's tone chest. Magnus was pouting, looking ready to whine until Alec gave him some attention.

Alec turned around to face Magnus, watching with a grin when Magnus noticed the bowl of mango sticky rice sitting together on the kitchen table. The warlock visibly tensed, his eyes widening a fraction. It looked a lot better than the first hazarded attempt in Magnus' loft weeks ago. He had been practicing at the Institute, mainly by feeding Jace bowl upon bowl of the stuff until his parabatai had calmly threatened to lock Alec away in his room, far away from his boyfriend, with nothing to eat but Isabelle's cooking.

"I thought I'd make a little snack." Alec said, watching as Magnus looked over to him. The warlock moved forward, snagging the amused Shadowhunter's wrist and dragging him in for a rough kiss. Alec moaned, his free hand tangling into the lapel of Magnus' robe, tugging harshly, his back falling against the sink. Suddenly Magnus' hands were on his thighs, lifting him up until he was sitting on top the counter. Magnus shifted closer, dragging Alec forward by the waistband of his jeans until their bodies were flush against each other. The warlock' tongue was in his mouth, surprisingly gentle in it's exploration, before he pulled away, wrapping his arms around Alec's waist. Alec's hands slid up to wrap around Magnus' neck. He stared into Magnus' golden eyes. "Whoa." He managed, laughing shakily. Magnus grinned, his eyes narrowing playfully.

"Too cute." He declared, pecking Alec's cheek. "You could have told me you were going to make me a treat. It would have spared me the hour sulking in the shower and hoping you'd jump in after me." Alec laughed, brushing his lips against Magnus', pulling away teasingly when the warlock moved in to kiss him again.

"And ruin the surprise?" Alec's fingers slid into the warlock's damp hair, tugging lightly. Magnus leaned into the touch, his eyes slipping closed. He sighed, looking at Alec.

"Alexander, you have no idea what you do to me." Magnus said, resting his forehead in the crook of the Shadowhunter's neck. "One moment, I find myself miserable without you, the next thing I know I'm falling in love with you all over again." Alec felt his cheeks tingle in embarrassment.

"Thank you?" He tried, yelping when Magnus bit down on his neck. The warlock pulled away to look at Alec, his gaze heated.

"And then I get these sudden urges." Magnus said, his voice low. Alec felt warmth pull in the pit of his stomach.

"Urges?" He mumbled, his fingers sliding down the warlock's bare chest. "What kind of urges?" His boyfriend grinned, his long fingers disappearing under Alec's shirt.

"Oh, I think you know." The warlock kissed him, and Alec's eyes slipped closed. Magnus' fingers ran across the teen's skin, grabbing his shirt and dragging up until they had to pull away so he could get it off of the Shadowhunter. Alec yanked the bathrobe down Magnus' shoulders, before cupping Magnus' cheeks and pulling him closer. The warlock tossed both articles of clothing to the floor before going for his lover's jeans, his fingers working deftly. Alec turned his head and licked the curve of Magnus' shoulder, laughing when Magnus stumbled over the job of unbuttoning the Shadowhunter's pants. Magnus growled playfully in response, tugging the zipper down. The Shadowhunter lifted his hips, and Magnus yanked Alec's jeans down to his knees. The warlock took a moment longer to tug the denim off of Alec's legs, tossing it somewhere behind him. The teen felt the cold of the counter through his briefs, and soon Magnus claimed those as well. Alec's legs wrapped around the warlock's thighs, pulling him close again.

Magnus' hand found his boyfriend's half-erect length, jerking the member until Alec was gasping for breath, his eyes clouded. The Shadowhunter heard Magnus laugh and blinked his way out the haze of pleasure long enough to slide his hand into Magnus' pants, gripping the warlock's erection. Magnus shuddered and Alec grinned, working him as hard as Magnus was with him. Magnus grabbed onto Alec's wrist with his free hand, tugging the limb away. Alec opened his mouth to protest, gasping when Magnus shifted so that they were sliding against each other, the warlock jerking the two of them off simultaneously. It was so surprisingly intimate that Alec's entire body twitched with the motion. Alec's hands grabbed onto Magnus' shoulders, squeezing tightly, his entire body shifting and tensing as Magnus' fingers did blissful things.

"Magnus!" Alec gasped the warlock's name, his nails digging into the smooth skin of his boyfriend's shoulders. The teen spasmed as he came, his nails dragging down to Magnus' elbows. The added sensation made Magnus groan, the warlock coming shortly after his boyfriend. Magnus shifted slightly, dragging Alec closer, turning his head so that he could kiss Alec's cheek. Alec wrapped his arms around Magnus, burying his face into the warlock's damp hair, tremors rocking his body.

"Mm…How about that shower?" Magnus asked, and Alec laughed weakly.

"Yeah, I think I could use a shower right about now." He glanced down at the mess between the two of them, wincing. "What about the sticky rice?" The warlock snapped his fingers, the treat disappearing off the kitchen table.

"Later." Magnus hooked his arms under Alec's knees, dragging him off the counter. Alec wrapped his arms around Magnus, laughing when the warlock began to carry him towards the bathroom.

"I worked hard on that!" He protested lightly, his ankles crossing behind Magnus' back.

"I know, and I fully intend to have you spoon feed me all of it later. But for now…" The warlock trailed off, nudging the bathroom door open with his foot. "I have other plans."

Alec groaned, burying his face into the cool sheets of Magnus' bed, shifting slightly when the warlock's fingers ran down his spine.

"We're going to need another shower." Magnus observed, stretching out on his side next to Alec. They were body completely naked, their skin still damp from the shower spent kissing and groping, followed quickly by a roll in the sheets.

"Doing anything with you is counter-productive." Alec declared, reaching out to grab a pillow, dragging it over until he could rest his head on it. Magnus laughed, moving forward to embrace the teen. He heard Alec huff in protest, yet the Shadowhunter curled against him instinctively. The sensation brought a warmth in the center of Magnus' chest.

"We're on vacation, if we're being productive at all, there's a serious problem." He said, earning a laugh from Alec. The teen rolled onto his side, nestled in Magnus' arms. He tucked his head under Magnus' cheek.

"So we're supposed to lie in bed, eat and have sex all day?" He asked, slinging an arm around Magnus' waist.

"In no particular order." Magnus added, snapping his fingers together, the bowl of mango rice appearing in his hand. He offered it to Alec, who made to sit up, settling for lying partially on top of Magnus when his hips protested. Alec felt the warlock chuckle and sent Magnus a look. His boyfriend smiled lazily back at him, and Alec huffed, accepting the bowl. He plucked a mango cube from on top of the rice, holding it up to the warlock's lips. Magnus opened his mouth obediently, and Alec placed the cube on the tip of his boyfriend's tongue. Magnus closed his lips around Alec's finger, sucking lightly.

The Shadowhunter's breath hitched, and Magnus released Alec's finger with a lick, before chewing on the fruit. Alec's face was red, and he turned his attention to the bowl, scooping up some of the rice on his finger. The grains stuck to the digit, and he guided it back to Magnus' mouth. The warlock let the Shadowhunter slip his finger back into his mouth, his lips wrapping around it, his tongue running across the underside, the muscles of his mouth contracting as he swallowed. Alec pulled his finger away, leaning down to kiss the warlock. He could still taste the sweetness of the treat on Magnus' tongue. He pulled back and looked at the warlock, staring into golden eyes. The warlock snapped his fingers and the bowl disappeared.

"We're never going to finish that." Alec said, grunting when Magnus rolled back on top of him. The warlock started to pepper his neck with kisses. "We seriously aren't." The statement was more breathy though, and Alec's arms slid around Magnus' neck.

"Oh we will." Magnus replied against Alec's ear. "Eventually."

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