Chapter 4: Meeting the Others:Part II

Author's Note: Hey! I need a purple, orange, blue and white rangers. Read chapter two to find out information given thanks!.

Lily Chilson was worried when Amber hasn't returned to help with the lunch time. She turns towards her team mates in the face.

This is after everything is done for the day.

Lily finishing wiping up the tables. "Guys! Were kind of harsh on Amber"said Lily glaring at Theo since he's the one whose caused Amber to snapped at them in the first place.

Theo looking up from putting money into the cash machine. "This isn't a place to have a pet wolf here, besides Amber is underage in the first place"answered Theo.

"Underage or not shouldn't make judges against a ranger"answered Casey who sees they have company coming into the restuarent.

"We are closed"answered Theo.

"Yeah! What the red ranger said-shouldn't make judges"answered Harley Parkerson who was standing there not looking happy.

Casey knew at once they were rangers. "Wow! You guys are rangers like from other teams right?"asked Casey.

"We want to know why you rookies don't like our Amber?"snapped Cassandra smacking one of the rookies across the face.

Lily shocked of course.

RJ was watching everything going on of course.

"Why would think we hate Amber?"asked Lily.

"Asking questions about Artemis her guardian, past life, why she gotten a morpher before anyone of your rookies"snapped Ronny.

"RJ only mention that Amber's mom was a former ranger that's all"answered Lily.

"Amber, Christian and Harley the three of them gotten morphers from their sensai at their academy for a good reason"snapped Sally Scott stepping out of nowhere.

Since Sally Scott-is also a ranger too-although she gotten her morpher past down from-her mom and dad at the moment. Also been watching her friends being sent to different teams.

"Who are you?"asked Theo who was wondering.

"Sally Scott-Green Spirit Ranger daughter of the first red ranger-Jason Scott and katherine hillard the pink former ranger. My dad was good friends with Trini and Kimberly of the first ranger team on earth. Although my parents are divorced each other, mom married someone else and was killed 4 months later"answered Sally.

"RJ! They are going to figure it out sooner or later"answered Christian bowing towards RJ the wolf master of the jungle fury ranger team.

RJ nods his head. "Amber's mom-was Cassie Chen of the space ranger team-she died in the hospital due to the bruises her ex-boyfriend beat on her. Ashley and T:J Johnson adopted Amber at the age of 2 years old-but were killed in their apartment in London-while visiting friends there"answered RJ.

Mouths were wide open of course.

"That's why you didn't want the others to know"answered Lily mouths were wide open with shocked.

Amber looks at the jungle fury rangers in the face. "It's not something I usually would say to strangers I don't know, Master RJ has adopted me as his daughter"answered Amber.

Artemis lays by her masters feet.

"This is a restuarent we can't really have a wolf in here, customers aren't going to want to come here"answered Theo pointing it out again.

Artemis growls at Theo in the face.

Amber glares at Theo in the face. "I can't live with the operation overdrive rangers, they already have a pink ranger. Where I stay, Artemis stays with me"snapped Amber.

Harley Parkerson saids something. "Can I fried someone?"asked Harley Parkerson who was wondering.

Both blake and hunter had their hands on her shoulders,they thought of Harley as a little sister to the team.

Amber looks at RJ for permission.

RJ nods his head.

Amber looks at the ninja storm ranger in the face. "Go ahead be my guest, it's fine with RJ here since it's his home and restuarent and besides we are close for a couple days anyway"answered Amber heading into into the kitchen area.

Theo backs a bit-and races out of the place in a flash.