Persona 4: Memento Mori

We're seekers of truth, you and I. Searchers of mystery, discoverers of the great unknown. And what unknown is greater than the mystery that is death?

Margaret looked around the room with a keen, cutting interest.

"How… conventional," she said, suppressing a smile.

"Indeed," Igor agreed. "And the most efficient for our purposes, my dear assistant." The playful expression vanished from Margaret's elegant features at this, replaced by a look of the gravest kind. She took a seat in the chair beside Igor's desk, gazing at her master with serious golden eyes.

"Master, is this a good idea? To interfere in this matter, in so blunt a manner, seems unwise." Her grip tightened on the thick, leather bound tome situated on her lap, turning her knuckles white. Igor responded with a low, creepy chuckle.

"Dear Margaret, never fear; I am simply complying with the fate dictated by the cards. The three worlds were invariably destined to intersect – it is best to, as you put it, interfere, so that everything we have worked so hard to achieve does not slip away, like sand through our fingers." Igor folded his hands and looked at Margaret with bloodshot eyes, seeming stranger than ever.

Like a dream, between two realities, lost but not yet forgotten.

Margaret considered what Igor had said, analyzing the underlying implications, and realized she disliked them. Heartily.

However, she merely dipped her head in acquiescence to Igor's decision.

"Yes, Master."


Karin Kurosaki walked outside of her house, desperate for a breath of fresh air. Sighing, she leaned against the wall of the Kurosaki residence, shooing away a ghost that floated over to annoy her.

I wish Ichi-nii would snap out of his depression, she thought, glancing up at the sky. Everything would be so much better if he could just move on. However, Karin knew her older brother well enough to understand that that wouldn't happen, not easily anyway; her brother was born to protect others, and the loss of his powers had hit him hard.

"It looks like it's going to rain." Karin observed the iron grey sky above her head, and felt that the weather very aptly summed up the grand totality of her mood. She sighed again and turned to walk back inside, when she caught sight of something out of the corner of her eye. Whirling back around, Karin stared at the young man standing across the street from her home, hands shoved deep in his pockets. Their eyes locked for a fraction of a second, black meeting grey, and a shiver of unease ran down Karin's spin.


The young man stared at her a moment longer, and then glanced up at the sky. Then he returned his gaze to her own, and a soft smile broke his expressionless façade. He brought a finger up to his lips, making an obvious 'shushing' gesture, before walking away.

At that point, the first drops of rain fell from the sky.

No one can escape time. It delivers us all to the same end. You can't close your ears and cover your eyes to the truth.

To be continued…

Author's Note: Well, here's the prologue to my new crossover. As you could probably tell, it's an AU take on the 17 months after the Fake Karakura arc, in which Icigho lost his powers. I will be using elements of what Tite Kubo's put up, but the Persona cast will be replacing Xcution as the new group that interacts with Ichigo and the other Bleach characters. You'll also see elements from Persona 3 integrated into the story, such as the tidbit thrown in at the end, so hopefully P3 lovers will get a kick out of that. Finally, know that anything from Persona 4 Arena and The Golden will be disregarded for this story.

Return of the Thief, out.