It was a hot humid summer night in 1998 when I died. My friends and I were going to Salem, Ohio, a suburb of Akron. I grew up in Salem, graduated from Salem High School in 1984, my mom and dad live here, in a small addition, my sister lives across the street from my parents with her husband, and two kids, a 6-year-old daughter who is too smart for her own good, and a 2-year-old son who is something special. I never married or had kids myself, by my choice, but I love these two, in fact, all three of my nieces and my one nephew, like my own kids. Anyway more about me, my name is Elizabeth Conner, and for some reason I am about to go on an amazing journey, that some people would say is impossible, but it is very much possible. I stare out the window of Hexe's van, there is a crow on the side of the road, beautiful jet black crow with red eyes. Before I know it, Hexe is giggling hysterically, not unlike a mad scientist in one of the earlier horror films. The van comes to a screeching halt, on an abandoned corner of the empty road. Lugner, Hexe's brother stands up "Hexe, Stop you don't have to do this" Do what? I think to myself, as the door to the van screeches open. Hexe, mustering amazing strength for the beanpole of a woman she is, picks me up like I am no more than a baby and throws me out of the van, Oskyldig, Hexe's 9-year-old son, waves at me with a tear in his eye. Why is Oskyldig crying? I ask myself, as I stand up and try to walk home, a green truck, not unlike Hexe's ex husbands, drives by, yes, yes it is Handslanger, I try to flag him down to give me a ride, he gives me the bird and hits me with his truck, I fly and land in the back of his bed, the blow of the fall knocking the tailgate open and slide out onto the road. I can't move, and am laying on the road, next thing I know a station wagon is on top of me. Everything first goes white, then goes black