Bunny hadn't known quite what to expect when North had summoned him abruptly on a crisp December morning. It had been nearly 5 years since the defeat of Pitch, the Nightmare King, and the pooka had easily fallen back into his rather solitary routine. Five years since he'd last spent time with his fellow Guardians, Jack included.

Jack... Bunny's relaxed mood took a dip at the thought of the immortal boy turned young man by Pitch himself in an attempt to make him into his own heir of darkness. Memories of the single night spent with Jack who, under Pitch's dark influence, made a deal with Bunny that left them both somewhat embarrassed to meet each others' eyes the following morning. Thankfully, it also freed Jack's mind from their enemy's darkness and gave them an opportunity to escape his clutches.

So, after an awkward parting following the Nightmare King's defeat, they had gone their separate ways. And now Bunny stood before North's personal desk, clutching a letter written in a child's erratic scrawl as his green eyes reread the words for the third time.

North sat patiently behind his desk which was still piled high with letters from children around the world.

"Are you sure this is legitimate?" the pooka finally enquired, glancing up from the paper.

"You tell me, old friend. It was mailed from the city that Jack is know to frequently visit. The return address belongs to the youth he befriended 5 years ago. This is clearly not the writing of a soon-to-be teenage boy and I doubt he would send this as a prank," North answered, leaning back in his chair to watch his comrade take in the information.

Bunny studied the letter again, his thoughts turbulent at the implications. North's large hand on his shoulder caught his attention and the pooka found himself staring up into the man's serious eyes.

"If you should decide to pursue this, Bunnymund..." North paused, a frown crossing over his lips.

"Yes..?" Bunny waited for more. The hand on his shoulder lifted, then returned with a loud clap that made the pooka stumble for his footing as North began to laugh like the Santa Claus of the childrens' stories.

"Then make sure to let Jack and his daughter know that they are always welcome at the North Pole. And I encourage the three of you to join us for Christmas dinner this year," the jolly old wizard announced, stepping back from his friend.

Bunny rolled his eyes, but couldn't stop the smile that was spreading on his lips at North's declaration. Folding the letter gently, he slipped it into one of his many egg-shaped pouches and hopped out the door.


What? Oh, you want to know what the letter said? Why didn't you just say so!

DeaR SaNta NoRth,

FoR ChRisTmaS thiS yeAr, I waNt mY pApa To bE haPPy. PleASe SeNd mY FaTHeR bAck To uS. He mAkeS YummY choColATe and iS verY fuRRy.

PS: neXt yeAr, I wAnt A bAbY broTheR wiTh bunnY eArs liKe Me.

LoVe VioLeT FRosT