This was my foray into Labyrinth fanfiction, a couple of months ago. It was part of a drabble challenge that I never finished. I'm hoping that posting these will inspire me to finish.

Um. And they get better. I swear.

I don't own Labyrinth. If I owned Labyrinth it would have ended far differently.

Prompt 1: Beginning

In the beginning it was awful. When Sarah returned to the Goblin Kingdom at the ripe old age of twenty-two, she was amazed at how much she hadn't remembered—or perhaps by how much had changed. The luster had faded from the ballroom, and Jareth's throne was threadbare. She refused to venture into the Labyrinth again, but reports from Hoggle, Ludo, and Didymus indicated further disarray.

The true change, though, the change that hurt, came from Jareth. When he showed up in her apartment he was in full Goblin King form, but once they were together in his realm, and she ruled by his side as queen, he came across as silent and grim. There was nothing cruel or stern in it, he simply behaved like a shadow.

It took Sarah some time to realize that he was afraid of her. It took even longer for her to convince him that he didn't have to be. Then they wrote a new beginning.