Razputin Aquato was 11 when he first tried smoking.

He'd been a Psychonaut for 7 months, and he'd quickly found out that being a Psychonaut meant a lot of paperwork. Mostly it meant watching Sasha filling out paperwork. He'd learned how to fill it out himself, of course, but being under 18 it fell to Sasha, the trustworthy adult. And watching Sasha fill out paperwork was boring. Boring enough it almost made Raz miss the circus. There was always something interesting at the circus.

The idea struck when he saw the cigarette floating by Sasha's ear as the older man hunched over a desk. A smirk spread over Raz's face as he contemplated. Sasha was talented enough in telekinesis to hold it with minimal concentration, and Raz thought he was probably intent enough on getting it done that he could just...

With his hand to his temple, Razputin carefully TK'd the cigarette out of Agent Sasha Nein's mental grip, floated it over to himself, and took a drag.

Sasha Nein's concentration on his papers was only broken by a long string of coughing originating from his young partner. He sighed and turned to see what was happening.

"Razputin! What do you think you are doing?" he asked harshly upon noticing the cigarette in Raz's hand; but his irritation ebbed quickly. Even Sasha had to admit the situation was amusing.

Raz gazed up at his older partner sheepishly.

"You can, uh, have this back now," he offered, holding out the cigarette.

"Don't be silly, Razputin. Germs."

"Well, what do I do with it? I don't want it anymore!" Raz protested. He felt the cigarette slip out of his grip. Sasha tk'd the cig over to the ash tray and extinguished it.

"So have you learned your lesson, Razputin?" Sasha asked seriously.

"Uh, yeah. I learned you're crazy for smoking those things."

Razputin Aquato was 18 the second time he tried smoking. He was stopping by Sasha's "secret" lab to have Sasha check over his paperwork now that he was doing it himself. The lab was empty when Raz popped in via the Rapid Transit System, so Raz made his way to Sasha's desk and took a seat to wait. He put his feet up on Sasha's desk, which he was sure he'd get crap for if Sasha saw him, and started looking around to entertain himself. For someone who made such a big fuss about germs, Sasha's lab sure was messy. But it didn't take Raz long to spot Sasha's pack of cigarettes among the clutter. Giggling mischievously, he pulled one out and stuck it in his mouth.

"Look at me, I'm Sasha Nein," he mocked as monotonously as he could muster. A much more accomplished monotone came from behind him.

"Very funny, Razputin.'

Raz jumped, losing his already precarious balance on the back legs of the chair, and fell backward. Sasha caught the chair and sat him back up. Raz jumped up.

"Uh, sorry, Sasha," Raz babbled. Sasha's TK hand reached for the cigarette. "Hey! I stole that fair and square. I'm old enough now." Sasha retreated hesitantly. Raz put his hand to his temple and used carefully controlled, small scale pyrokinesis to light the end of the cigarette. He stared at it contemplatively for a moment before taking a drag.

Even Sasha let out a brief, monotonous stint of laughter as 18-year-old Razputin did just as his 11-year-old self had done – erupted into a coughing fit. He didn't protest this time as Sasha tk'd the cig away. When the coughing subsided, Sasha asked again, "So, have you learned your lesson this time, Razputin?"

"Sure have – smoking's only sexy when you do it. Later, Sasha! I left some paperwork on your desk!" Before Sasha could respond, Raz had bounded away and down into the Rapid Transit System. Sasha shook his head, sat at his desk, and took a long, slow drag off the already lit cigarette.