Amorrolok - "Meet Me After Class" - Chapter 1: First Day

So, I haven't written a fanfiction in QUITE a long time. So I figured I'd take a crack at it once again. This is based on after the pro-bending tournament shenanigans. This starts off as more of a Korrlok fic, but it will gradually develop into Amorralok, and then into Amorra. Think of it as a color spectrum…. yeah. Taste the rainbow, shippers. And also, this fiction is based on a bit of a more of a futuristic outlook on Republic City. American society-like… sort of. Enjoy it.

Korra gets ready to start school, thinking at first that it might be fun. But it turns out to be a nightmare, and she has her teen hormones to blame. Amorralok

Korra woke up to loud screams, which is what she has been woken up to for the past two weeks. Of course, this is something that she thanked Meelo and Ikki for. But there noises were much louder and filled with laughter because someone is about to start school for the first time today.

This someone, unfortunately, was her.

Korra never really knew the school life. Mainly because she was home-schooled all her life while she trained to be the Avatar.

As she entered the dining room, with a drawn-out yawn, she sees Tenzin reading the newspaper, which is something he does every morning over a cup of tea. "Morning, Tenzin…"

Tenzin smiled at her, "Good morning, Korra. I hope you slept well, and are ready for your first day of school."

Korra shrugged, "Yeah, yeah, I'll be sure to get my apple to the teacher, like a good student." She says, dripping with sarcasm.

Tenzin shakes his head and continues reading the paper. Korra grabs two bags, one of dried fruit for breakfast, and one for lunch, set out for her and the kids, and heads out into the sunshine.

Korra spots Naga and heads over to her stable. "Let's go, Naga. It's time for me to finally be brainwashed…"

Naga grunts, knowing the same feeling. Korra puts her saddle on and buckles it, before hopping on and heading to the pier.

Korra yawned again, not wanting to wake up this early. But she treated it as if going to pro-bending practice. Speaking of which, Korra looks at the boat being prepared to depart, and finds Bolin climbing down from the deck onto the pier.

He waves, "Hey, Korra!"

She waves back, smiling ear to ear. Korra pats Naga to go faster. In about a few seconds, they trotted next to him. "Morning.", she greets him.

Bolin questions her backpack slung across her shoulder, "…Are you… going to school, or something?"

"Actually, yeah. I start school for real."

Bolin stifled a laugh, "Okay. Well, have fun!"

Korra slumps, "I'll try to."

Korra proceeds on to the boat and heads to the city. I hope this school thing is actually worth it…

Korra noted how many people are out in the morning. She did not understand why so many people bothered to get up just to buzz around the city. I guess shopping is a really big thing... She never thought of herself as one of those types; the prissy girl with a spoiled attitude and make-up always caked on her face. Of course, being the Avatar, AND a female, people would think that she would be completely rotten. But Korra, thankfully, isn't. Korra appreciated what she has, and believes that nothing could get better.

Korra approached the school, leaving Naga to do what she pleases, as long as she stayed on the school grounds. Korra looks around at the other students who are a bit younger than her, but she was told that she would be in a special classroom with kids her age. She also noticed that everyone had uniforms, proceeding to look herself over.

That's when she realized… she wouldn't fit in here. Korra wasn't even the kind of person to fit into a controlled society. She had always been the free-spirited type.

Pushing it aside, even though it now caused her to worry and be a bit nervous, Korra walks onto the steps and inside the school.

Instantly, as soon as she set foot in the door, Korra knew she was going to get lost. She looked around as she past through the main lobby, students everywhere. Good thing to know that I'm not late… she thought amusedly. Korra looked at the time; 7:46… it's still so early Korra kept walking, grudgingly holding in a sigh. She glanced around, hoping to find a school authority figure.

She laid her eyes upon a tall woman with readers. Her long, burgundy hair reached down her back, bangs slightly curled over her forehead, clad in a dark red pencil skirt that reached her knees and up to her ribcage, and a white button-up top with flared sleeves, standing in short heels the same hue as her skirt. Is she from the Fire Nation? Korra thought. The red-head smiled at two students as they carried out a small conversation. The woman also held a stack of papers, dyed in pink. Korra also noticed that she was searching through them. When she pulled one out, she gave it to one of the students, and followed suite for the other student waiting. They waved good-byes and walked excitedly to class.

"Hmph." Korra walking up to the paper girl, "Uh, hi. I was hoping you could help me?"

The woman smiled, "Are you looking for your schedule?"

"Uhh…" Korra stalled, "I didn't know I had one."

She laughed, "That's okay. You must be new. May I have your name, please?"


The woman's eyebrows shot up, her fiddling through the papers stopped, "Korra…? As in… 'Avatar Korra', right?"

Korra nodded, folding her arms, "Yeah… that's me." she spoke with a bit of shyness.

The woman bowed, "It's an honor! I never knew the Avatar was going to attend the school year." She rose up, "I'm Mrs. Mercy*, one of the teachers here at the school. If you also need any help regarding schoolwork or just getting around, I'm also one of the school counselors. Our main school counselor is Ms. Serenity*. She talks with students personally if their having problems getting along with students."

Korra scratched the back of her neck, "Heh, alright, thanks."

Mrs. Mercy fumbled through the schedules before finding Korra's name. She slipped it out and handed it to her, "Here you are, your schedule. Now, your first class is Visual + Literature Arts with Mrs. Tamolion, but she prefers to be called Shay*, so remember that."

Korra's eyebrows shot up just the same as Mrs. Mercy's did. "Shay? She teaches here?"

"You know her?"

"Yeah! She's a friend of Councilman Tenzin. She came to visit during the pro-bending tournament (1). I didn't know she was a teacher now. And HERE, of all places."

Mrs. Mercy smirked, "Well that's great! In which case you'll have an easier way around the school, am I right?"

They both laughed, Korra smiling sheepishly, "Definitely."

"Anyway, your class is in B145, which is on the second floor, third door on the left. If you need help getting to any of the other classes, feel free to speak to a student or a teacher."

Korra nods enthusiastically, taking the paper from Mrs. Mercy, "Thank you."

Mrs. Mercy nods, "Have a nice day, Korra!"

Korra smiles and walks to the staircase, holding the paper in her hand. She looked at the list of classes she had to attend for the day. First was Mrs. Shay, as Mrs. Mercy had told her, in Visual + Literature Arts; B145. Then it was Mathematics with Mr. Tusani in C113, which Korra assumed was one the third floor. Afterwards was Environmental Science with Dr. Kasabi. And, on the last course of the day, was World History with…

Korra froze in place, blood draining from her face, pupils dilating.

…Mr. Tarrlok?!

"Tarrlok…?" Korra furrowed her eyebrows, fingertips starting to steam, "That ponytailed old man is my TEACHER?!"

Korra takes time to calm down before walking into her first classroom, breathing a sigh of relief that not a lot of people are in here yet. She sees 8 large wooden tables with mostly empty stools around them. She looks to the board and sees a written message, "FInd your name and have a seat, please~" with a smiley face heart next to it. Korra's eye burrowed, Something tells me that this teacher is going to be VERY fuddy-duddy… she thought with misery. She then proceeded to find a sticker with her name on it; placed on one of the tables in the middle of the classroom.

Korra snatches the sticky note from her space and takes a seat, re-looking over her schedule. Her eyes kept averting down to Tarrlok's name, still peeved that she has to be educated under his hand.

Out of nowhere, Korra placed her head down on the table, covering her giggling. She knew that what she thought was wrong. Afterwards, she sighed, folding the paper and placing it in her bag, waiting for more students to come in. They filed in one or two at a time, and then within a few minutes, the classroom was full. The bell rang outside, signaling that it was time for the first class to begin.

Korra sat at the table with 3 more students; 2 female, 1 male. She looked around to see that the class was made up of mostly girls. Hmm, no wonder men are so dumb. They have no artistic freedom. Korra thought, snickering. She looked back to her neighbors, finding that they were looking at her funny. "…So. You guys new here, too?"

One of the females shook her head, "I've been going here for 2 years now. I chose to save some of the easier classes down the road."

Korra pouted her bottom lip, slightly impressed. "I see."

The same girl looked at her in detail, "You seem like you haven't been introduced to the likes of public schooling, not that I'm judging." She held up her hands in defense.

Korra laughed, "That's okay. I've been home-schooled for most of my life. I had to go through a ton of training just to get here."

The male at the table eyed her, "…Wait… I feel like I know you…. you wouldn't have to be the-"

"Alllllrighty then!"

Eyes shifted to the woman that walks through the door, a stack of thick sketchbooks in her arms. She was tall, walking in leather thigh-high boots, a long, very decorative coat flowing from her back end, and leaf-ended rims on her kimono sleeves. It was a deep, but vibrant, hue of purple. It buttoned up until it came up to a thick trench coat-like collar. A black turtleneck rimmed her neck, and she… had silverish-white hair?

Korra couldn't help but look at her in awe, but also interest; she had never seen a character like this since she saw a picture of Yue, the Moon Spirit, in a history book somewhere.

The white-haired lady placed the book down and swirled around to look at the students, a smirk gliding across her cheek as each face looked up at her, "Welcome. I'm Mrs. Shaylex, your Visual and Literature Arts teacher. But please, save yourself the confusion and call me Shay. Then we'll get along just fine." She goes around her desk and picks up a ball, "Now, here's how this'll work. I will toss the ball to someone, and what you have to do is stand up, introduce yourself, say one thing thats interesting about you, and then toss it to someone else. After you're done, come and get your sketchbooks."

Shay then throws it to Korra, "Let's start with the one without a uniform!"

The class chuckled as Korra stood, tossing the ball back and forth between her hands. She glinted at Shay with amuseement, "That's nice of you, Shay. Remind me to thank you later."

The class "oohed" as Shay grinned wider. She waved it off, "That's cool, you gotta see me after class anyway." Korra rolled her eyes, but Shay continued, "So go ahead and tell the class your name, and the most… unique thing about you."

Korra slumped; she knew by that comment that Shay wanted everyone to know who she really was. But she pressed on, explaining herself casually, "Um, okay… I'm Korra. And… I'm the Avatar."

Some students gasped as others smiled excitedly, whispering to one another. The guy at her table fist pumped, "I knew it." he whispered.

Korra shrugged it off and tossed the ball to the first person she made eye contact with. She then went up to the desk to get her sketchbook. The student Korra tosses the ball to made a remark on how he wouldn't be able to top that, making some of the class laugh. Korra looked back to him, smirking with triumph. As she approached the desk to get her book, Shay placed a hand on her shoulder, "It's good to see you, Korra."

Korra nodded, "You, too."

The class ended rather quickly, which Korra didn't expect to have that much fun in school in the first place. But maybe that's just because it was Shay's class. It makes Korra glad that she doesn't wake up in complete misery when it's this early in the morning. Thank the Spirits for her luck.

The bell rang, the reminder that students had ten minutes to get to their next class. Korra was packed up and ready to go when Shay came up to her, "As much as I'm enjoying the fact that your in school right now, I must inform you as a teacher that you need to follow procedures…" she said with a sad smile, " of those things being dress code."

Korra nodded in understanding, "Of course. But… where can I get a uniform?"

Shay beckoned, "Follow me."

It was then that Korra knew why she wasn't a girly-girl. Short skirts? Definitely not her strong suit. Shay told her how she has really nice legs, but Korra took that comment with a rather flushed face. As much as she likes to help, Shay knew that Korra was very uncomfortable, and told her if she wanted to, she could switch to guy's pants instead.

But Korra, despite her efforts in the pro-bending match against the Wolfbats, she didn't want to cheat on the rules. So she declined Shay's suggestion, "It's fine. I'll just… have to get used to it. I have experience with dresses, thankfully…"

The bell rang; time for second course to start, and Korra was late. Shay escorted her to her next class, giving her a great excuse to exclude that tardy. While they were walking to class, Korra couldn't help but unconsciously tug the skirt down, but it would always stay a little further above mid-thigh. The uniform was white with dark grey trimmings. The jacket she wore was the same; long sleeved, cuffed, and flared, the buttons in a rectangle shape. She wore a thin grey ribbon, tied under the collar, the same grey of her buttoned undershirt to follow.(2) Korra also sported white knee-high stockings, with her Water Tribe boots. The students' only freedom of the dress code is what shoes to wear.

Shay saw Korra fumbling with her skirt, grabbing her hand gently, "It looks fine."

Korra sighed, "I guess so."

They stopped at the door of her classroom. Shay patted her upper back, "I'll see if I can get up with Tenzin, so I can fill you in on what to do at the school."

"Okay. I have a question, if I may…"

Shay smiled, "Sure."

Korra shifted her eyes to the floor, "W-…what is Tarrlok like?"

Shay's eyes furrow, "Whaddya mean?"

"Like… is he the same as he is from Councilman to teacher? Or… is there something I need to look out for."

"Hmm… I can't exactly say for sure what he does on a regular basis, but if anything goes wrong, please let me know. You know I how much I'm irritated with that man after my last visit. (3)"

Korra huffed, "Yeah… I can imagine."

Shay knocked on the door, "But as I said, we'll discuss more of it later."

A voice came from inside the door, "The door's open!"

The two walk in, Shay saluted to Mr. Tusani, "This one just needed help getting around, hope I didn't make her late."

"Not at all!" The grey-haired mustache man smiled to Korra, "Come on in! There's an empty seat in the second row."

Korra nodded, mentally sighing in relief. She looked back to Shay, who winked at her, Good luck, Korra. See ya later. (4) And then she gently shut the door, letting the class continue.

So far, it's been a pretty good day for the Avatar. Math was something she was surprisingly able to understand, and environmental science was basically lectures that fits Avatar Aang's personality, which was very good for Korra; she needed to know stuff like that to keep balance in the world, and not just through a social perspective.

Korra headed to the cafeteria, located below ground level in the school. Upon entering, she sees all of the kids in the school - there were about 900 students in the school, so it wasn't huge - crowded around tables, chowing down and chatting. Korra looked around to see if she could make eye contact with students she had previously met. She locked eyes with the group that sits with her in Shay's class. They waved and signaled her to come sit with them. Korra takes no time in hesitating and trots over.

"What's up, Korra?"

Korra shrugged, "Oh, y'know… the entire school building."

She laughed, "Well, duh. By the way I never really got to introduce myself." She held out a hand, "I'm Morales, but everyone calls me Panda*."

Korra shook her hand generously, "Nice to meet you."

The guy that had sat next to Panda nodded, "I'm Edaru. Call me Eddie*. HEY, ladies! Introduce yourselves."

The other girls turned around, a girl with dark hair and glasses next to Korra glancing at her, then back to Eddie, "What?"

"This is Korra. New student."

The dark haired girl looked in shock, "Korra? … as in, the Avatar?"

Korra smiled, "Yup, that's me."

The girl grinned, "Oh awesome! We're in math together. I'm Suntao, Sun* for short."

There was a short haired - really really shorted haired, which she assumed was a girl - sat next to Sun, "I'm Krimson. Call me Krim*, if you'd like."

Another short-haired girl sat across from Krim, "I'm Pandora*. I'm the senior student body president. This is Yuu*, the vice president." The long haired blonde smiled and nodded towards Korra.

And then the last of the group of seven, now eight - including Korra - waved, "I'm Africa*."

Korra's smiled even more and scratched the back of her neck, "It's nice to meet everyone. I never knew I could make friends so quickly."

Korra looked over Africa to see a person further away, at an empty table. He seemed to be much older than any of the students, yet he wore nice clothes as if he were a teacher. But still, he was sitting all by his lonesome. He had dark hair that looked almost slicked back, or like he was just out in a windstorm. Sideburns framed his prominent face, slightly crooked nose, thick eyebrows, and smooth lips. He was lean muscled head to toe, not to mention he wore glasses. His eyes were gazing in a small book, expression completely focused, but content.

Korra's eyes gleamed with curiosity. She had no idea who this man was, but she wanted to know, "Hey, guys… who's that man over there?"

She pointed to the man, and all of her new friends looked to him. Sun whipped her head back and forth, "I have no idea. I've never seen him before."

"He must be a new teacher or something," Pandora says, "Otherwise, I would know him."

"Oh I know!" Yuu gasped, "He's Mr. Noma. He's a student counselor here. He doesn't come often, though, so it must be important."

Africa leans on her elbow, eyes dreamy-like, "He's really cute, though…"

Krim smacked her shoulder, "Hey~" Krim pouted her lip, eyebrows furrowed in annoyance.

Africa shrugged in embarrassment, "I'm just speaking the obvious."

"Hmm…" korra made a face before shrugging it off, knowing that she might see him around.

She changed the subject to the new friends she's made. They talked about the basics; where their from, interests, history, and so on. Sun and Krim were from the Fire Nation, distant cousins, in fact. Their connection was with one of the generals that led the forces in taking down Ba Sing Se during the One Hundred Year war. Sun wasn't from the mainland, however; she was born on Ember Island. Panda, Eddie, and Yuu are all from different parts of the Earth Kingdom; Panda hails from Ba Sing Se, while both Eddie and Yuu come from Omashu.

Pandora and Africa are from the Water Tribe, which Korra noted that she would probably bond better with them more over the others. Pandora is from White Falls, and is actually related to Tahno of the Wolfbats - which is exactly why she is student body president, as well as the most popular girl in school.(5) And, lastly, Africa hailed from the Northern Water Tribe, being the descendant of an Avatar born from the Northern Tribe over 1000 years ago. She showed Korra a large scroll with a picture of the family tree, from that Avatar to the present.

She went from being very impressed to very depressed, as the bell for lunch ending rang. They all "awed" in sadness as they packed up everything and headed upstairs. Everyone stayed in a group, Sun poked Korra in the shoulder, "Hey, what's your next class?"

Korra slumped, "World History… with Tarrlok." she explained flatly.

"Oh cool!" Africa called from the front of them, "That's me as well!"

Korra grinned, now knowing that her next class wasn't going to be that much of a drag.

The two Water Tribe girls walked into a large room with a sun roof. Neat, wooden shelves carried series after series of what seemed to be unread books. Either that, or Tarrlok is a clean freak… Korra thought. She looked around to see large desks that fit three people to a table, all facing the board. Name tags were once again posted on the tops; for the fourth time today, they all had assigned seats. "It looks like we won't be sitting near each other, Africa." Korra slumped.

Africa shrugged, "That's okay. Lunch is fine."

They both smiled at one another before taking their seats, Korra on the very left… at the front… near his desk.

This turned out to be more of a drag than she ever dreamt of.

She saw the large, thick books that were stacked on his desk, meaning that there was going to be a lot of reading in this class. Korra looked back to Africa, who sat behind her on the other side of the desk. She whispered silently to her, "This is gonna SUCK!"

Africa giggled as Tarrlok walked in, with a small stack of papers in his hand. He walked to the front as quiet chattering came to silence, "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen." he said gently, and with a grin on his face. Mumbles and murmurs of lazy greeting were repeated, just like any class would on the first day of school. Tarrlok put the papers down, "I said, good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!"

Everyone repeated the greeting much louder and in more unison. Tarrlok's grin to grow wider, "Today is the introduction into World History, one of the most interesting and important courses you will take this year… and beyond." He winked at a couple of girls who were sitting together, causing them to fangirl.

Korra pouted out her lip, staring down Tarrlok, folding her arms with a "humph," which wasn't supposed to reach Tarrlok's ears.

Tarrlok took a double-take at Korra, before throwing her a charming smile. Korra slitted her eyes, Oh here we go… "Well, well, Korra! It's great that you weren't late to your first class with me," he spoke with overexaggerated enthusiasm. He patted the stack of papers, "Would you mind passing these out?"

Korra lolled her head before getting up, walking over to Tarrlok to retrieve the papers, and then went in between the columns of the desks to pass them out to the other students. Tarrlok watched all the while, casually giving her a quick wink, making her slouch with embarrassment.

As Korra walked in between the desks, Tarrlok had his eye caught on her school uniform. He seemed to be extra attracted to her legs, which he has never seen her exploit. He focused on how she paced herself step by step, noticing that her inner thighs were zipped shut. His eyes then traced up to her butt, the shaped of her hips curved from the rims of her short skirt. His sight continued to trail up to her back which still looked muscular, even without her normal wardrobe. When she turned to the desk at her side, Tarrlok took the time to settle his eyes on her firm, medium-sized breasts, which he would never do as an authority figure to both the school and the council. But something about Korra clicked, turning something on in his brain that made him attracted to her. He had no idea what it was…

His stare over Korra was merely for 5 seconds, when he turned around and went back to the board, picking up a stick of chalk, writing something on the board, "While Korra is passing those out, I would like everyone to get out a utensil to use so you can memorize the lessons that I have planned for you."

Korra was near the back of the classroom now, when all of a sudden, a foot jutted out from under a desk, causing Korra to trip forward, landing face first into the floor, leftover papers flying everywhere. Laughter filled the classroom as Tarrlok whipped around to find Korra face down, her skirt completely flipped over her butt, her underwear being exposed to the students that were near her, as well as Tarrlok.

The boy who tripped her leaned down, "Nice ass. Where'd the panties come from?" He chuckled darkly, but also a bit like a dork.

Korra's eyes snapped open, brows knit together. She was pissed. In a flash, before Tarrlok could even take a step from his position, Korra stood and grabbed the boy by the collar of his undershirt and lifted him high off the ground with one hand, lighting a flame in the other, "You wanna say that again, asshole!?"


She looked to Tarrlok, anger burning in her eyes. He stared her down hard, "Put your firebending away, and put him down." He spoke as gently as he could.

Korra hesitated for a moment, before dropping him without moving an inch. The kid sighed in relief, but then laughed again, "So weak…" he whispered, just enough for Korra to hear.

The boy found himself knocked into the wall on the other side of his desk before he knew that Korra threw a knuckle-cracking punch on the side of his face. Korra huffed in anger, but also satisfaction that she finally got to knock some sense into someone since she's been here.

Tarrlok walked to her, a dark aura pulsing around him. He placed a strong hand onto her shoulder, leaning down to her ear, "Meet me after class." he murmured, barely audible.

But with irritation coursing through his veins, Korra heard him loud and clear. She placed fingers at her temple, rubbing off a sudden pain that beater through the side of her head. What did I just do…?

The boy who had completely embarrassed her was escorted by Tarrlok to the principal's office, where he can get ice for is face, as well as a pass straight into detention. All of the other students sat at the desks, silently chattering. Korra went to sit down, sighing in annoyance, slightly blushing as the occurrence re-played through her head. Africa quickly came over and crouched down, "You O.K.?" she asked.

Korra inhaled a long breath, then exhaled out of her mouth harshly, "First day here, and already being the Avatar has brought me to a bad storm," She dropped her hand, giving it a slap on her thigh, "Not to mention that Tarrlok is going to cram a bunch of 'I can't believe you would do that, Korra.' down my throat…"

Africa smiled sadly, "Well, I'm sure he'll mean well when he says it, right? I mean, he knows you. You worked on his Task Force for a couple of weeks, from what I read in the papers."

Korra shook her head, "Yeah, but this is different. Tarrlok is a teacher to me now, more over Councilman."

"Psh," Africa waved a hand around, "He has no control over you. You're the Avatar. You shouldn't be afraid to stand up to people, let alone over you opinions."

Korra gazed to the floor, but then looked to Africa, giving her a small smile, "Thanks, Africa."

"Anytime. Me and the gang are always around if you need us. …Hey," her face brightened up, "How about we wait for you after you get done being lectured by Mr. Councilbutt, and then we can get a plan going to where we can hang out outside of class. How 'bout it? Everyone is going to meet outside of this classroom today."

Korra nodded, "That would be a good idea. Thanks."

Africa and Korra chatted a bit more before Tarrlok returned to continue the course, stealing a glance at Korra before finishing the notes he had to write on the chalkboard. Korra just counted down the minutes until it was time for this class to finally end.

The bell rang, and everyone gathered their books before filing out of the classroom. Africa and Korra waved to each other, Africa reminding her that she and her friends will be waiting. Korra agreed, watching Africa jog out the door, closing it behind her.

All fell silent.

Tarrlok sat down at his desk, reclining back, massaging his temple with one hand, eyes closed. Korra slowly shuffled up to his desk, holding her upper arm shamefully. She didn't look at him, just at the floor.

Tarrlok sighed and then looked up at Korra without moving his head, "It's only your first day, Korra. And already, we have an injured student with two of his bottom teeth gone.

Korra laughed mentally, but covered her mouth, huffing it away to not sound immature, "Yeah, I know." she muttered. She couldn't look at him without flinching.

Tarrlok placed his hand down on the table, "I assure you he will get punishment for doing what he did to you, but this is my only warning. I know you are the Avatar, but it doesn't mean every justice must be your justice. Understand?"

Korra nodded, "…I'm sorry."

"it's alright." He got up and walked around the desk, stopping two feet in front of her, slightly sitting on the desk. He patted it, as a friendly suggestion.

She stopped to think if it was safe, but Tarrlok gave her a reassuring smile. She took her place next to him, holding her arms, still staring at the floor. Tarrlok's palms were placed on the edge of the desk. He looked at her, "Y'know… when I saw your name on the roster, I knew you would be an overall good student."

Korra glanced up at him, "Yeah.. thanks. That makes me feel so much better…" she said with sarcasm, but mostly with regret.

Tarrlok swept his knuckles under her chin, pulling her eyes away from the floor to his face, "If you forget that ever happened, then it will make you feel a lot better."

"S-sure…" she froze in place, totally not expecting Tarrlok to touch her the way he did. Not to mention that his voice was far too soft for her taste.

But then he let go, moving his hand behind her, patting her back, "Have a good rest of the day, Korra."

He then went back to his seat, and got papers out to begin plans for tomorrow's schedule. Korra shuffled on out the door, closing the door quietly behind her.

When she left, silence once again ensued, and Tarrlok leaned back in his chair, putting the end of his pencil to his lips, a smug look spreading across his features, "Step one, complete."

End of Chapter One

And there is chapter one, folks! I meant for this chapter to be longer, but it's already so late here… I'm very tired. But I'm satisfied.

So, the direction of this story will start out as Korrlok (as you have read), but it will gradually move to Amorra. (But I ain't gunna say haow~ :3)

(1) I have started an LoK comic of my own (self - satisfactory) , but it's mostly about my semi-original character and her children, so I'm basing this story after that one.

(2) If anyone has ever seen the anime "Vampire Knight," imagine the school uniforms to be similar to that. (If no one has seen it though, Google Images of it.) I will definitely be drawing pictures of this later, so readers will have a better visual on what this school is supposed to look like.

(3) Shay's "last visit" when mentioning Tarrlok is because of the comic. I have had Tarrlok elope with my character's daughter for a very short period of time (Don't worry, Korrlok, I didn't push you out of the picture. I'm just clarifying some things. 'Cause, y'know, otherwise there would be no fanfic? XD). But hey eventually solved their differences and they separated. One night stand sort of thing.

(4) Shay can use telekinesis, one of the many abilities that I have designed for her (within reason.)

(5) This is directed towards Pandora, the president of SS Amorra. I had made her to be Tahno's slightly older sister (more like twins). I figured it made sense at the time (IT WAS SPUR OF THE MOMENT I SWEAR! -shrinks- dun kill meh~ ;A; )

* = Actual members of the SS Amorra

Now, time for me to sleep. (=3=) §