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Chapter 2: A New Face

After school, Korra introduced Naga to her new friends. Naga was in pure heaven when all the girls reached out to pet, scratch, rub, anything to love on her. Korra couldn't help but laugh.

Looking up, she saw Shay, Mrs. Mercy, and another woman - who was Water Tribe - descend the stone steps, carrying out a conversation. Shay spotted Korra and waved, beginning to head her way.

Korra then thought about her talk with Tarrlok after class. If anything goes wrong, please let me know… Thinking about Tarrlok's words of kindness and Shay's suggestion, really made her head spin. But, for the time being, she'll keep it quiet.

The three teachers stopped in front of Korra, "So, how was your first day?" Shay asked.

"It… was good." Korra nodded, clearing her throat, "Really good."

Shay tightened her mouth, looking Korra over, "Hm." She then turned to Mrs. Mercy and the other woman, "You've probably already met Mrs. Mercy." she pointed the Water Tribe woman, "This is Mrs. Serenity. She is the head of student counselors in the school."

Korra and Serenity bowed to one another, Serenity smiling ear to ear, "It's so great to meet you, Korra. I've waited for this moment for a long time."

Korra chuckled, "It's nice to meet you, too."

Shay lightly punched Korra on the arm, "Well, let's go."

She looked to the white-haired woman, "Go where?"

"You're takin' me with you to Air Temple Island, remember?" she shot a wink at Korra.

Korra laughed, "Oh, am I now?" They both head towards Naga, who was literally on her back, tongue hanging out from the excessive belly-rubbing. Korra clapped, "Come on, guys. I think Naga's had enough spoils today."

The girls awed, but they backed away from the polar-bear dog. Naga got into crouched position so Korra and Shay could climb on. Eventually, Korra said her good-byes to everyone, and Naga runs forward.

It was silence for the ride to the pier, but by the time they got their tickets and boarded, Shay knew that she had to ask. "So… I'll ask again. How was your day?"

Korra shuffled against the ledge of the boat. She sighed, "…It ended in an awkward situation."

"Awkward how?"

Korra looked Shay straight in the eye, "Awkward as in a guy tripping me in the classroom, falling on my face, and exposing my ass. Literally."

"Ohh…" Shay face-palmed herself, "And let me guess… Tarrlok did nothing about it."

"No, he did. He took him to detention. Apparently I knocked out a couple teeth after standing up to him."

Shay cursed under her breath with a laugh, stretching her arms away from the rail without letting go. She looked up at Korra, "He must've really pissed you off."

"Psh, he was a pushover." Korra turned around and leaned in her elbows. She looked away to see Naga laying down, nose to the wind, "Tarrlok was mad, at first. But then he told me he'd let me off with a 'warning'."

Shay shook her head, "Yeah…" She moved to the same position as Korra, reaching inside her coat pocket for her pack of cigarettes. She pulled one out and lit it, taking a drag and blowing out black smoke, "…I'd taking his warning though."

Korra's head snapped to Shay, confused written across her features, "What do you mean by that?"

Shay gave Korra a serious look, "Did he say… or do anything suspicious, when you talked to him?"

Korra averted her eyes, "Well… he did sound soft-spoken. And when he talked to me, he touched me, which he's never done before. But I was a bit distracted by the floor-"

Shay scoffed, cutting Korra off mid-sentence. She turned around, shaking her head. She looked to Korra again, "Do not put your trust in him. That is one of the reasons why I hate that bastard."

"Wh-…what'd he do to you?"

"Not me…" Shay looked out into the sea, "…my daughter."

Korra furrowed her eyebrows. Shay saw the confused look on her face, "…you don't know what happened?" Korra shook her head. Shay sighed and continued, "Tarrlok and my daughter… Getsukiri, the black-haired one. They had a one night stand, and a couple days after, they did it again. Eventually, he treated it like a game and kicked her off. End of story."

"…That's… that's horrible…! Why would he do that to her? She did nothing wrong."

"Exactly. Doing nothing about it was what got my daughter's heart broken. I will never forgive him." She placed a hand on Korra's shoulder, "That's why I am here for you, Korra. If he does some crazy shit to you, you must promise to tell me, so I can bring this man to justice."

The Avatar bowed her head, "…I will."

Korra was flabbergasted; how could she not have known? About what Tarrlok had done? She completely missed this, because she was too focused on her suspicions with Shay's business with Amon (1). Of course, Korra has yet to ask if that has still been going on, but she'll probably save that conversation for another time.

The sky began to dim. Lights of the city lit and grew brighter as the sun fell lower. In a darker, deserted part of town, two motorcyclists - Equalists - escorted a truck into a large, open area. The motorcycles and van came to a squeaking halt near a large tunnel, a metal door separated them from what's inside. On both sides of the door, however, were two more Equalists, standing watch.

The truck door opened, revealing to be the Equalist Leader himself. Amon climbs down while the tunnel door opens. Lieutenant steps out to greet his partner. They walked into the tunnel together while the other Equalists unloaded whatever was in the truck.

"How is the undercover mission going?"

Amon placed his hands behind his back, "Quite well. I have already spotted the Avatar."

Lieutenant nodded, "…I know I've asked you this before, and I'm sorry I keep pressing for information from you…. But what is your mission exactly?"

Amon stayed silent, deep in thought. Then he turned to the Lieutenant, placing a hand on his shoulder, "Apologies, Lieutenant. But I cannot reveal the full depths of this mission. This is what I have to do alone."

Lieutenant looked away, eyes to the floor. Amon patted his back, "It doesn't mean I don't trust you," he spoke in a quieter voice. "I need you to keep the show running. Otherwise, we would have lost a long time ago."

As much as it hurt him to question his leader in this way, Lieutenant felt relieved at the fact that Amon trusted him to such a degree. He was grateful to know that he's been able to get this far, and he appreciates what he has. He nodded to Amon, "Thank you, sir. I won't question your actions again. I promise."

Amon slightly bowed to Lieutenant, a slight pressure lifting from his chest. If he only knew what Amon's plan was would completely disengage his trust.

The mission was the only thing that Amon wanted to keep away from his followers. Deep down, he honestly didn't have complete trust in them, no matter how many orders he had them do.

If they knew of the details in the mission, they would have to know his identity.

That night, Korra, Shay, and Tenzin sat at the table after dinner. Before then, Shay's presence at the island was a surprise to Tenzin. And when he found out about Shay's new job, he questioned why she decided to stay now after the whole pro-bending episode. Shay knew that she wouldn't be able to leave after that. Pema and the kids were happy to see her, at least.

Now it was just the three of them. Shay sat on one side of the table, knee propped up, getting ready to light a cigarette. Korra sat next to her, twiddling her thumbs, still replaying today's events in her head. A slight blush, hardly noticeable, spread across her cheeks when she thought of Tarrlok.

She immediately pushed the thought away when Tenzin broke the silence, "So Shay, I hear that you are teaching Korra in one of your classes. Which study?"

Shay blew out the drag, "Visual arts. And creative writing. I've been taught it most of my life, and I've been considered to be an artist. So I figured, why not?"

Korra nodded,"Thankfully it's first thing I wake up to in the morning, so it's not that bad."

Shay snickered, "Don't count your blessings just yet, Korra. Most of it is spiritually connected. And I hear you've been struggling in that department."

Korra bowed her head, "Yeah… I have been sucking at it."

"With some more training, however, you could master it in a short time," Tenzin concurred, "You have very good luck that Shay is here to help you with that."

"Absolutely." After taking another drag, though, Shay's delighted expression sunk to a serious tone, "But then there's the distraction of Tarrlok."

Tenzin quirked an eyebrow, "What? What about him? What's he done?"

Shay looked to Korra. Korra averted her eyes, then she sighed, "… Tarrlok is one of my teachers as well. He's my history professor."

The face Tenzin made showed that he was surprised. Normally, Korra would've thought that he knew everything about Tarrlok by now, but apparently he didn't. This really concerned Korra. Shay stared at Tenzin, eyes unreadable, but her voice with suspicion, "Don't tell me you didn't know." she agitated, taking another drag.

Tenzin shook his head, "Afraid not. I never suspected it because he's always at City Hall in the morning. I would've never imagined him to be a teacher. But this means that he could have more intention than giving kids history lessons."

"Well shit…" Shay said with a sarcastic surprise, "This means that this is bad. For both you and Korra. Not only is he trying to rule over you…" she points at Tenzin, "…but he's also trying to brainwash Korra to get her to rejoin his fuckin' task force. If not, but to be his pawn. I'm sure as hell not about to let that happen."

Tenzin nodded in agreement, "I understand your concern, Shaylex. But this is a far more dangerous matter."

"I know what's dangerous, Tenzin. I just hope you know how bad it is-"

Korra slammed her hand on the table, "STOP."

Shay and Tenzin obliged, wandering at her angry eyes. Korra sighed, "Look, this isn't going to be all that horrible. I will talk to Tarrlok myself. Not as a teacher, but as a councilman. If he really has an intention of getting me back on the task force, he will tell me straight up. No funny business. Alright?"

Tenzin's eyebrows lifted in worry, "Are you sure?"


Shay exhaled through her nose, trying her best to calm down. She knew Korra was going to get hurt at some point. But for the time being, all she could do was abide by Korra's plan. So, she nodded in agreement. "I hope you know what you're getting into."

"It'll be fine, Shay." Korra smiled, "He's been nice to me so far. Not to mention that he's an authority figure, and has no choice but to accept my opinions as the Avatar. How bad could it be?"

Shay looked to Tenzin in worry. By his look, even Tenzin knew that this could be the worst.

Korra couldn't sleep. In the middle of the night, she sits up on her bed and thinks as Naga huffs through her big black snout,sound asleep. One ear perked up as a radar. Korra sighed, Who am I kidding…? She thinks as she places a hand on her head. Even if I talked to him about it, Tarrlok would instantly try to swoon me over. That just the way he is!

Korra remembers all of the extravagant gifts that Tarrlok had given her to get her into his task force. However, Tarrlok found her true weakness, which was to reconcile in the middle of an audience. She didn't want to let her people down, no matter how new to the city she was. But something in her mind kept chewing on her brain when it came to this plan. What would she say to him? Would she try to use the same tactic as Tarrlok would; play fire with fire? Or would she just be as tough as she usually is and threaten him with some earthbending?

Korra shook her head, This isn't the time to write down punch lines… she sighed, I'll just talk to him like I did today. Like a normal person. Satisfied with what plan she had, she nestled her head down on the soft pillow and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Morning was once again filled with childish laughter. Korra dragged herself out of bed and managed to put her new uniform on before she realized she was going to miss the ferry. Without a second thought, she rushed out the door, grabbing the two bags of food that Pema left out for her. Tenzin was already gone, having an early meeting at City Hall. Korra waved a quick goodbye to the kids and whistled for Naga as she ran. Swiftly, Naga pounded the ground to meet Korra, and with a climb on the saddle, they were able to catch the ferry on time.

Naga was out of breath when they reached the school. Korra gave Naga a treat, telling her once again to stay on campus, before she jogged inside to her first class.

She was speed walking to Shay's classroom. But when she turned the corner of the hallway, Korra suddenly bumped into someone. The impact pushed her to the ground, smack on her butt. Korra groaned, "This is not how I wanna start my day…" she mumbled.

She looked up to find that the person who she ran into…. was the mysterious Mr. Noma.

Korra's face flushed, a warm blush spreading throughout her cheeks, "Oh… I'm sorry."

Mr. Noma looked down at Korra. But then a smirk stretched across his smooth lips. He hung a hand down to her, "No problem at all," his deep voice rumbling, "I hope I didn't hurt you."

Korra stopped to look him over. Something about his voice sounded oddly familiar. But she kept it in her mind. Smiling shyly, she took his hand, "Nah, I think I'll be okay," she said as Mr. Noma hoisted her off the cold floor. "I was just in a rush to get to class."

Mr. Noma chuckled, "I understand. My apologies for being in your way."

Korra smiled again. But as she walked past him, she covered her face in shame. Mr. Noma followed her every movement, before she stopped her, "May I ask, who do you have for your first course?"

Korra turned, surprised by his question, "Uhh, I have Mrs. Tamolion… er, Shay. She's actually a friend of mine."

Mr. Noma averted his eyes, thinking of the name, before nodding, "Ahh, Visual Arts. She's a wonderful teacher," he held a gentle facial expression, "Have fun."

With that, Mr. Noma went in the opposite direction. Korra stood there, watching him. Spirits knew, if she could only figure out why he sounded so familiar. Even whilst standing there, her mind set drifted from concentrating on his voice to his slender body as he walked down the hall.

She bit her lip. Honestly, if she had thought of choosing between dating Mako and getting to know Mr. Noma, she would consider heavily on the second choice. Something about him, though, just flickered in her brain, but wouldn't yet come to light. Who was this man? How come she had never seen him around? And how does he know Shay? Maybe Shay has been a teacher here for a while and I didn't know it… Tenzin wouldn't have known either.

The bell snapped Korra out of her train of deep thought. She was officially late, and it was only her second day. She booked it up the two flights of stairs.

Korra opened the door in panic. The class was here, but Shay was not. Korra sighed in relief, Thank the Spirits, I made it!

Korra made her way to sit down with Panda and Eddie. "Hey, where is she?"

Panda shrugged, "I have no clue."

"I think she had a meeting or something," Eddie chimed in, "I saw her out in the hall before I came in."

Korra pouted her lip. Shay, of course, walks in at that moment. She carried a stack of papers, but she walks quickly to her desk. Korra sees her distress and walks up to her, "Hey, you okay?"

Shay froze, "Huh?Oh yeah…" she shuffled through the papers, "…I just got out of a late teacher meeting." Shay then laughed, "Tell Aang I blame him for it."

Korra laughed, If only I could.

But something seemed off about eyed her, but shrugged it off. She turned to return to her seat, before Shay stopped her, "Oh, hey. How'd it go?"

Korra whipped her head, confusion struck across her features, "How'd what go?"

"You know, the talk with Tarrlok."

"We haven't talked yet, Shay. I told you I was gonna do it after his class."

"Ohhh~ Gotcha." Shay sent a thumbs-up before Korra sat back in her chair.

Lunch arrived at the ring of a bell, signaling second period was over. Korra sighed as she placed her books in her bag, No wonder I was never in school growing up… I've got homework up to my damned eyeballs.

Korra had to stay after math for a little while to get insight from the teacher, for her math skills were not the best. Of course, she never needed anyone telling her; she saves humiliation for self-discipline, which for her, works for the Avatar's training style.

Korra walks down the staircase, not a single person anywhere in the halls. Korra puffed as she railed down to the second floor, "Wow… it seems everybody loves lunch period."

Before heading down the second flight of stairs, she hears a crash from down the hall. Korra halted every movement, hearing quieter, yet audible, noises from a few rooms away. Korra walked slowly in that direction, trying to figure out where it came from. The closer she got, the more she could hear the noises. Then… voices…

Korra made it to the room that it came from. She looked at the room number in question, "…B145?" she whispered to herself. That's Shay's classroom...

She then heard distressed muffles from inside the room. Through the narrow door window, Korra looked around to see if anyone was around, before ducking under it, peeking inside.

She shifted her eyes before looking directly at not one, but two people inside the room, and the sight she gazed open made her eyes go wide.

On the side of her desk, Shay was sitting on it, her dark coat that she normally wears off of her shoulders, her black turtle neck shirt pushed up over her bare breasts. Strong hands of a man were grasping one of them, his mouth on the other. She didn't have anything over her lower body, except for black panties draped over her ankles. The man had no shirt, as well as his belt buckle undone, pants unzipped, and was already sheathed inside of her.

But that was the least of Korra's surprise. As the man reached up to french the woman, the glasses and slicked- back hair was the dead giveaway.

Mr. Noma was fucking Shay. In the classroom. With no shame in their- wait.

Korra saw a small glare come from Shay's eyes as they broke away. "You're lucky…" was what Korra assumed she mouthed. After that, she couldn't really understand what they were saying. Mr. Noma smirked as he brushed the hair from her eyes, before reaching down to graze her neck.

Korra saw enough, a deep red blush sprayed upon her cheeks. She crawled away from the door, heading towards the staircase that led to the cafeteria. She had assumed that Mr. Noma and Shay had some kind of friendship, since he mentioned that she was a "wonderful teacher". But Korra never knew that their relationship was… so explicit. Something like that.

This was no place to be. Quickly, she started heading downstairs to the first floor. But as she did, she bumped into something.

Korra fell. Again. She rubbed her head as she looked up to what she ran into.

Someone. Again.

"Are you all right, Korra?" Tarrlok chuckled, as he stretched out a hand.

Korra furrowed her eyebrows, "I swear, that's the third time I've run into someone!" she huffed with frustration.

Tarrlok took her hand, "Well, next time, look before you leap," he said, smiling.

Korra pouted. For some reason, she didn't like the look he gave her. It's too friendly for her taste. She sighed as she stood up, "Listen, Tarrlok. Is it possible that I could talk to you after class today? It's kind of important."

Tarrlok raised a brow, "Kind of?" His smile grew wider, "Don't tell me it's one of those 'I need to have a better teaching style because I'm the Avatar' kind of speeches."

"What…? No. No, nothing like that. It's a different matter."

Tarrlok shrugged, "Very well. As long as it's after class."

"Thanks…" Korra muttered as she trotted down to the cafeteria. Tarrlok eyed her with suspicion, before walking to his classroom.

Upon meeting the smell of food and the sounds of loud chatter once again, Korra quickly walked to her table, face completely drained from the image she just saw and the embarrassment she just took. Her friends noticed her as she sat down.

"Hey, Korra," Panda greets. She then notices her face, "…You O.K.?"

Korra had placed a hand over her forehead. She popped her eyes to Panda, "Huh? Oh… sorry. I've… just got so much homework to do. And on top of Avatar training, I don't know how I'm going to get it done."

"Oh, I can help you, if you want," Pandora suggests, "I've got some free time tomorrow night. Why not come over after school?"

"Uh, thanks, but I'm not sure how I'm going to clear that with Tenzin."

"Just tell him you've got education to take care of. That's just as important as being the Avatar. Plus, my brother won't be able to bother you none."

Korra forgot that she was related to Tahno, but she was referring to when he got his bending taken away from Amon at the tournament finals. Korra quivered at that whole memory. Amon has been in the back of her mind, however, thanks to school, but now that she thinks about it, Korra realizes how much she's got on her plate. A lot.

But, Korra knew - as much as she didn't want it - she needed help.

Thankfully, Pro-bending is now off of her list of things to do. It gave her some time to look at other possibilities; enough that she had room for anyway.

Korra smiled at Pandora, "…Sure. Why not?"

Mr. Noma laid flat on his back upon the desk, a layer of musk over his skin. He grinned devilishly at Shay, who climbed off of him, pulling her black skinny legs up. She glared as he began to chuckle, "…What?"

"How many times is this going to happen, I wonder?" he asked, more to himself. He placed his hands behind his head, looking at the ceiling, "If I have to keep satisfying you everyday, I think I'll need to get paid."

Shay furrowed her brows, voice with a hint of malice, "You're lucky I even recommended you the job, let alone snuck you in." She looked away, pulling a paper towel to wipe off some of the sweat that accumulated on her skin, "Plus, this was a one-time thing. Got that, Elvis?"

He smirked, "Ouch."

Shay grabbed her black shirt off the ground, along with his white button-up shirt, after clipping her bra back on. She whipped it down onto him at his comment. Laughing, he sat up and grabbed her by the waist. Shay tried to pry him off, "Let go."

"C'mon…" he cooed, "…let me see it."

Shay steadied herself. But before she could do anything, Noma's hands swept over her shoulder blades, gently massaging them.

Eventually, she smiled.

"There it is," he kissed her cheek, "That's all I wanted."

"Pffft," Shay dribbled, "Yeah right!"

She playfully pushed him off, pushing her thumb onto his forehead. They both laughed before putting their garments back on.

A knock came at the door. Thankfully they were both dressed top to bottom. "Come in," Shay called.

Tarrlok entered the room. He slightly froze when he saw Mr. Noma. "Oh, I'm sorry. Was I interrupting anything?"

Shay pulled her coat on, "No, we were just heading to lunch. Would you like to come with us?"

Tarrlok blinked, "That's okay. I've already eaten." His eyes glanced over her, "May I talk to you for a moment?"

Shay nodded at Mr. Noma. He rubbed her upper back, hiding the not-so-friendly gesture, "I'll see you later."

They exchanged good-byes before Mr. Noma was out in a flash, not even giving Tarrlok eye contact. Tarrlok sought him suspiciously before turning back to Shay, "So, I hear I missed a meeting this morning. Do you mind filling me in?"

Shay went to sit down at her desk, "Sure."

As she did, she looked up to find Tarrlok sitting on the edge. He stared her down with a smug look. Shay was feeling uncomfortable. "By the way," he began, "How is Korra today?"

Shay furrowed her brows, "What do you mean, 'how is she'? You'll find out next class period. Now, let's actually talk about the meeting, shall we?"

Tarrlok's grin grew wider, but then he waved it off, "Fine, fine."

Korra was dreading on going to Tarrlok's class. During the rest of the lunch period, she scribbled down notes on how to even begin the conversation with him. Why she was being incredibly nervous, she had no idea. So, all she could do was breathe, and even that was hard.

She entered the classroom with mental melancholy. What will he do? How will he react? Will he be surprised? Angry? Taken aback by her sudden questions?

It was at that moment that Korra knew she was exaggerating.

It's gonna be okay… I just have to be straight forward with the guy. Not too hard. After all, pro-bending wouldn't be so easy without me being the Avatar.

Even being the Avatar had it's weak points, though. Korra knew she could handle it, but the guilt is what gets her later. A perfect example was the kiss that she and Mako shared before the match; not only did she ruin her own chances of getting with Mako at the time, but she hurt Bolin in the process. She wasn't planning on hurting anyone else. Not on her watch. Not for the Avatar.

Korra and Africa sat down. But before doing so, Africa had slipped her a note.

Hey! So I noticed you were really flustered or something during lunch. You O.K.?

Korra looked around for Tarrlok, before pulling out a writing utensil to respond.

It's nothing. I'm supposed to talk to Tarrlok today about something. Nothing too bad.

Korra looked around again, until she folded the paper up and swiftly got to her feet, going to Africa and again to her seat in a flash. Korra took this time to get her notebook and textbook out. Africa then returned the note.

Oh, alright-y. Nothing bad, right? I mean, since he talked to you yesterday and all. Just curious!

Korra turned to Africa to give her a thumbs up. But Africa had a strange expression on her face… she was looking directly behind Korra.

When she turned back around, not only did she find the note disappear from her desktop, but looked up to see Tarrlok. Reading it.

Oh shit

Tarrlok gave her a quizzical look before handing her the paper a bit harshly, "No writing notes in my class."

Korra winced before she snatched the paper and crumpled it up quickly, ashamed.

Tarrlok gave her a look before turning around to the board.

Korra slumped in her chair. Oh yeah, she was in big trouble.

The end of class signaled to an end as the class stood up and rushed out the door. Africa waved good-bye in worry. Korra assured her that she would be fine.


Silence once again consumed the room. Only this time, Tarrlok wasn't sitting at his desk. He was standing in the front of the room, hands placed behind his back, faced to the chalkboard.

Korra just stood there, really not wanting to start talking. She was afraid of the fact that if she asked him a single question, he would burst out into a two-hour lecture. Or worse.

Thankfully, she was slightly relieved when he spoke first, "You wanted to speak with me, Korra?"

Korra pouted her lip; this is not how she wanted it to start, with a question. She then decided to take it in a different direction, "Sorry… about the note. She was just concerned for me. That's all."

Tarrlok looked her over out of the corner of his eye, "That's not what I asked."

Korra's shoulders slumped. She sighed, "Look, I was just a little suspicious about yesterday, okay? The touching me on the face thing? What was that about?"

She realize that she blurted everything out. She bit her lip, hoping that he wouldn't take it seriously.

Tarrlok close his eyes, but then smiled, "Oh, that." He walked over to her slowly, unbuttoning his collar. Eventually he was in front of her, "I apologize for being so… sudden."

Korra didn't even see him when he moved behind her, softly grabbing her shoulders. Korra blushed madly on shock… until… she began to lean against him. Wh-wha… what is he doing to me…?

Tarrlok was gently, but effectively , massaging her shoulders, his long fingers delving into her weak spots. Korra's breath went deep through her nose, and then without a care in the world, she dropped her bag onto the floor. Her eyes were growing heavy, and her legs becoming limp.

Tarrlok spoke softly into her ear, "Do you need to be tutored, Korra? I'm sure you'd love to hear about some history. I'll be sure to give you extra credit on your exam next week if you stay…"

Korra's thought process was a blur. "Hmm…? Oh… the exam… yeah… sure… a few minutes wouldn't hurt."

What the hell was she doing? She shouldn't be letting Tarrlok in. Not like this!

All the while, though, she felt like something was pushing her into him. She couldn't help but be mesmerized by his touch.

Her thoughts halted when she felt his hands go down her arms. His hands then caressed hers, sweeping his fingertips over her tough knuckles, looping each of his fingers with her own.

He brought one of them to his lips, smooching her wrist, both of their eyes officially locked.

With one movement, Tarrlok arm-locked Korra to the chalkboard.

Breathing quickened when his lips moved to her pulsing neck, an extra heartbeat added to each kiss he gave her.

Korra blinked. Wait. Hello? 37-year-old on top of you.


She pulled away, "W-wait! Tarrlok, hold on just a s-mmMM?!"

Too late. Tarrlok would hear none of it as his lips married into hers.

Her eyes went wide at the instant contact. This is wrong!

It was official. Tarrlok is defying the law by committing underage sexual harassment. And to the Avatar of all people. Korra knew Tarrlok to be a powerful head, but she never knew he would abuse it at this level.

She tried to pry him off, hoping that he would get the message that she did not want this. He wouldn't budge.

Sighing mentally, she looked around in her mind to find a plan.

Nothing came to mind when a sudden slip of the tongue distracted her. She moaned in surprise

, taking Tarrlok's arms with a firm grip. As much as she didn't want it, she realized that all she could do was fight back.

Korra pressed her lips in further, making an unfamiliar sound come out of Tarrlok's mouth as her inexperienced tongue meld with his.

Tarrlok's hands began to wander as one of his knees went in between Korra's legs. He slid down, gracefully tracing over her now pert breasts, causing them to twitch at the contact. Korra, blush as red as an apple, had long since riddled herself speechless from what she was feeling.

Until, out of nowhere, his fingers went under her skirt.

That, was where his unexpected corral ended.

Korra punched him directly in the face. In a flash, she gathered her things and sprinted out the door, tears flying from her eyes, humiliation spread across her cheeks.

Tarrlok watched her in astonishment. He didn't expect the direct hit from her to be so forceful. And here he thought he had it under control.

Well, if not today, then next time… she will be mine.

Korra was almost out of the building. Thank the spirits, she was almost free! She didn't want to come back to this awful place. Hell, she wasn't even going to.

The front door was in sight.


NO! No way did he follow her!

Korra faltered, but then decided to stop. That voice wasn't Tarrlok's.

She turned to see Mr. Noma. He walked up to her, "What're you still doing here? Shouldn't you be heading home?"

As flustered as she already was, she went up to Mr. Noma… and just held him. Tightly. She sobbed, without even thinking.

Mr. Noma stood there, shocked. He didn't hug her back. He actually had no idea what to do. Thankfully, there wasn't anyone in the building. The halls echoed with Korra's weeping cries.

He thought long and hard on what to do. Obviously, Korra is a girl with more emotions than men, regardless of being the Avatar.

He placed his hands on her shoulders, trying his best to comfort her in anyway, but without making it weird. He saw the tears run down her burned cheeks, "What happened, Korra…?" he spoke quietly.

She sniffled, rubbing the wetness off of her face. When she tried, Korra couldn't get the words out.

Mr. Noma smiled sadly. He patted her shoulder, "Come on, I'll take you out for dinner."

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