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If looks could kill. The phrase stood, reared its head, then turned over in my mind as I shrunk away from the withering glare of Warren Peace. I shifted uncomfortably in his desk, trying to find a position where the gave didn't directly hit me, but each time I moved the stare became more intense. Some enough I just gave up moving to simply sit, melting under the gaze. We'd been in detention for a whooping ten minutes now and I wasn't sure how long it would take for Warren to grow tired of looking at me and decide to take action. I shutter to think it would be soon.

Slowly I lifted my gaze to meet the intense dark fire he called his eyes, to see a ton of raging emotions behind them making my stomach clench. I watched transfixed as his rough hands reached towards me slicing through the air almost timidly. When the callous finger reached me they instantly went to my collarbone pressed harshly into a dark bruise that was just hidden under my shirt. I let out a hiss, as my hands immediately went to rap around his arm. "Warren," I got out through clenched teeth. The answer was him standing from is desk to move closer and using his other hand to hold onto my upper right arm creating what I was sure to be another bruise. My mind was drenched in pain.

And arousal. The combined effect of the male standing to close to me poking an erection into my lower regions, as well as the intense pain he was causing made my own manhood stand to attention readily. Warren's hard hands brushed over every sore spot he'd created least night, and every sensitive area they could without touching me where I wanted and needed to be touched in that moment. I bit my lip, looking up at him under my eyelashes to see a streak of pure lust cross his eyes. He dipped his head to kiss me, while sliding me out of my seat, and picking me up to wrap my legs around his waist. With a few steps forward he successfully slammed my already marred back to the wall eliciting a gasp intermingled with a loan groan from me. "Warren please," I begged submissively, trying to roll out privates together for some type of friction. My efforts, however vigorous, were fruitless in that he held my hips firmly to the wall in the tightest of grips.

"What do you want Will?" He asked gruffly causing me to shutter. I loved when we were alone because that was the only time he said my name with that sexy voice. I opened my mouth to respond but found myself mewing as he began to roll our aching groins together. "What do you want?" He repeated a bit louder , hands tightening on their hold on me.

"Hurt me, please, Warren, oh, ah, I need to be hurt." Will whimpered grabbing onto his lover to pull him closer, were that possible. When Warren pulled away from my embrace, I looked at him with bemusement and impatience on my face. He smirked at the look before removing both our shirts. As out bare chest were pressed together we both let out groans. Even in this room, where we couldn't use our powers, he was still a bit warmer than the average human. This fact reminded me of the human shaped burn marks recently given to me by the owner of the he radiating on me. "Warren," I sounded wanton, looked wanton, and wanton by then; wanting nothing more than take away our pants and put him in me right then.

I felt myself sliding down the wall so I looked around puzzled. What I found was Warren on his knee's before me. The sight alone almost made me cum. "Please," I sighed watching as he meticulously in buttoned my pants, unzipped my zipper, and pulled my jeans to my ankles. We'd both given up on wearing underwear so that wasn't a problem. "Warren!" I heard being shouted as he took me in his mouth.

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