The Sway of Hearts

Summary: I had not known what would happen if I had saved Shou. But right now, I'm glad I did. Seeing him better, I was DAMN glad I did. I think I might have loved him. But now I know I could not have loved him. Fuck the world for making him my English teacher. Really, just bang the world right now and see how it feels. Not. Fucking. Good.

Warning: Cursing, violence, and contains Yaoi or 'Boy's Love'. If that doesn't cut the butter for you then Yaoi is about two men who share mutual feelings of lovely love. Conclusion; G.A.Y. Fanfiction.

A/N: I do have a great love for these two characters and I have been meaning to make a TON of fucking FanFics for them and so here is my first one. *bats eyelashes suggestively and puts finger to mouth all the while lying on his side with only a button-up shirt on* Please be gentle with me….

Some reminders for ya! ~

Oto-san = dad/father

Onii-chan/Ichi-nii = big brother

Oji-san = old man

Okonomiyaki = 'Okonomi' means 'whatever you like' and 'yaki' means 'cook or fry.'

'Itadakimasu' = 'Thank you for the food'

'Tamagoyaki' = 'rolled omelet'

If I forgot anything let me know! :3

Kurosaki's POV~

It could not have been a more beautiful day in Karakura Town. The sun glared down but the nice breeze cooled down its intensity. The sound of the wind blowing past the shaking trees, creating small leaves to glide with its nature friend, enhanced the beauty even more so. Nothing seemed real as I glanced around at my surroundings. Soon, I felt like I would drift away at any given moment. Nothing made sense and I loved it that way. I could have been in a dream for all I cared about right now. The feelings in my soul were one wi-

My pencil made an abrupt mad dash up my wonderfully scripted page, and the source of my hands involuntary movement was a single hand, gripping my shoulder and was shaking me. I stopped breathing as I looked at my journal entry with a bold lead line that I was pretty sure would NOT come off with any amount of erasing.

The person, still gripping my shoulder, said in a familiar tone that screamed for someone to arrest him, "Ichigo, ya writing in that diary again? Man, grow some fucking balls and get out of that shit! Enjoy our summer break! Most importantly, come hang out with the gang and me, man!"

The gripping hand let go and the person slid next to me on the bench. I bowed my head a little and felt my blood heat underneath my skin. I put my pencil and notebook in the same hand and looked at the imp who DARE mess up my journal entry AND insult it. I smiled at my so-called 'friend', Grimmjow Jaggerjack and began to walk away, knowing he would follow me. My hopeful prediction was correct and he grabbed my shoulder yet AGAIN and began to say something but I didn't let him. I swiftly turned around to confront him, a smile still on my face, and my foot came into contact with his genitals.

"Who are you telling to grow balls?" I said in my most pleasing voice I could muster. I watched as he crunched over to look at the parks concrete, pain singing on his face. THAT will hopefully teach him not to fuck with my shit. I waited till he came back to his senses, or well, what was left I assumed.

"You… Asshole… No man... Should go down… By a cheap… Girl shot…" He managed to bark out, his blue hair shading one eye as he winced. I gave my most dangerous look and lifted my leg again, threatening his future children through body language.

"Uhh… I mean… Sorry, about your notebook that is…" Then he muttered under his breath, "Still a fucking diary…" I pretended not to hear what he said (mostly because I kind of wanted to see how his children turned out to be) and walked back to the bench.

I sprawled out on the elongated wooden frame, sliding my feet out, and resting my head on the back along with my arms. I heard him walking over but I didn't even acknowledge his presence and started to consider whether I should redo my journal passage or not.

As I pondered my thoughts, Grimmjow sat beside me like nothing happened before and decided to speak up, "Okay, but really. Come hang out with us. We figured we could go to the beach. We really only have about a month till school starts." As he spoke I decided to give him some of my attention by peeking open an eye.

The beach? I hadn't really considered even going to the beach. Sure the Japan coastline is amazing and beautiful, but it never really crossed my mind as a summer spotlight for me. It is always WAY too crowded during summer break anyways. Then I have to bring it up with oji-san and that is a PAIN in the ass… Eh, that's all just a pain in my ass.

"I think I'm going to pass on that one. You know how I am with crowded places…" Or he should know how I am with crowded places. People annoy the fuck out of me, mostly because a lot of them are self-righteous pricks. I don't like self-righteous pricks. They make me want to show them what a punch really feels like. Sometimes they do get a show-and-tell from me.

"Ohhhhh, hell no. You are coming whether ya want to or not. Also, we will have beer there. Keigo got away with having a fake ID and scored a lot of booze." He responded like nothing was wrong with Keigo lying about his age with a bogus ID. He probably thought nothing WAS wrong with it.

I wouldn't mind getting a little drunk at a party. I haven't ever been fully shit-faced but I didn't mind the occasional buzz. And if there was going to be alcohol involved then I'm pretty sure there will be more company then just our usual group. More, sexy, company will hopefully join us. Preferably, men with wet shirts on them, or even better, men wet without shirts.

My gut spoke before I did, "well… I guess. But no surprise attacks. If you do, I swear, I will fuck your life up so much you won't want to have children to inherit your last name." I've seen him spike the 'punch' more than once and was glad I did. Even Chad and Inoue did some crazy shit. Talk about naked sumo wrestling…. I slapped my face to get rid of those images.

Grimmjow seemed pleased with my answer and internal conflict and proceeded to reply with a pat to my arm and saying, "I knew the mention of liquor would get ya to go." He then moved his eyebrows up and down at me making me want to punch him again for assuming.

"Shut up. So, what is the time and place?" I questioned the blue haired man. I didn't really care because I knew it was going to be in the afternoon. My mornings consist of me heading to the gym for an hour and I knew he didn't want to fuck with that schedule. I get grumpy if I don't go let out steam at the gym and Grimmjow would not like that.

"I'll come pick ya up at 16:30 tomorrow. It's just going to be at Hikari Beach." He said getting up and stretching his arms and back. I opened both eyes to look at his toned stomach. And damn did it look good too. I shifted my eyes to the sky and nodded to myself about the time and place. I caught him looking at me for an answer and noticed I hadn't verbally said so.

"Yes, yes, I will be ready by then. Please take good care of me." I lazily replied. I decided I should head home to. Yuzu would want me home by 19:00 for dinner, and it was about 18:30 right now glancing at my watch. I looked at Grimmjow and he smirked. Oh shit, what is he going to say? Instead of a reply, he turned and started walking off.

"It's a date then!" I heard him call out as he took off running, KNOWING if I was close enough I would have kicked his sorry ass for saying that. That little fucker knew I didn't like him teasing me about my sexuality. I knew he was joking and it was my fault for crushing on him when we were freshmen. He made it clear he didn't see me that way and I accepted that. I am over him now but just the little things turn me on sometimes.

I sighed and turned to head down my street with... OUT MY DAMN JOURNAL. I whipped around and saw my items on the bench and felt woozy with relief. I grabbed them hastily and started back on my course to my original destination. I walked a ways without much activity going on and soon arrived at my street. I automatically saw my house because of the giant lettering for a family-business clinic. I headed to the front door of the house portion and opened it, side-stepping to recognize the flying shape of my oto-san wiz past me to the ground.

"I'm home!" I called out through the house, ignoring the complaints from oji-san as he whined about how ungrateful I was and blah, blah, blah. I closed the door on him, taking my shoes off before walking in seeing Karin on the couch watching a movie and Yuzu in the kitchen using magic to make our food (not really guys).

"Onii-chan! Welcome home! Dinner is almost ready!" Yuzu exclaimed to me with glittering eyes.

"Ok, thanks Yuzu." I replied to my loving sister. Then a call from the living room caught my attention.

"Oi, Ichi-nii, what is Yuzu cooking?" So much for a greeting but that's Karin for you. I walked over and leaned in to sniff the air and peep at her cooking. Ah. For all I could tell, it looked like Okonomiyaki. I investigated a little more before I gave up. I then walked over to the couch with Karin and plopped down beside her.

"I honestly can't tell. Why do you even ask? I thought you didn't care what you ate?" I looked at her a little confused. I could slightly hear the T.V. play a girl screaming in the distance; probably a horror movie is what Karin was watching.

"To keep you away a little longer before you changed the channel." As she said that I was already reaching for the remote. Damn, she knew me well. I clicked the remote anyways and found that a sea-life documentary was on. Oh, how I loved animals. I could hear Karin groan and let out a couple of swear words. Surprised, I turned to chastise her.

"Karin, I heard that just know. You know better than to use dirty language. You are thirteen years old and you need to be more careful." I looked at her in the eye and she gave me a seriously-what-the-fuck face. She stared for a while before turning back to the T.V.

"Watch your stupid show, Ichi-nii." I also knew she wanted to say something other than 'stupid'. I didn't get to say anything else when our idiot Oji-san popped out of nowhere and landed on the couch with a big jerk to follow.

"OH! I love animals!" He exclaimed as if the seal on T.V. was the center of the universe. He looked like he was in a fucking trance, so I just ignored him and as did Karin. We waited a little longer till Yuzu called for us to join in for dinner.

"Oto-san! Onii-chan! Karin-chan! Dinner!" She called as she sat down in her seat. We all practically ran to the table trying not to rip each other to shreds in the process. We all made it safely and settled down. We grabbed what we needed and at different times said 'Itadakimasu'. As we ate we struck up some small talk but continued eating.

The small talk ended and I was left to my thoughts. I looked around our home and noticed the T.V. was still on and I saw a special about sharks on. They are wrongly accused creatures. As I watched the show a little longer I saw some photos of sharks bloodied on shores with line still hooked to them. I can't believe people are stupid enough to think sharks actually want to kill people for the fun of it. Stupid fuckers don't even need to be near the oceans if all their going to do is murder the innocent. I knew sharks were only attracted to movement and blood. I kept watching and saw some more documentary on what makes shark attacks more prone. Playing out far from the beach was one of the reasons-

Ah! I almost forgot to ask about the beach for tomorrow. Clearing my throat I started, "Oji-san, I have a party to go to tomorrow, we don't have any plans, do we?" I am pretty sure we don't have any but one can never be too careful.

He lifted his head high and squared his shoulders to which he replied, "Yup! But remember to keep away from strangers who offer candy! They are not who they seem… I know… Trust me." I really don't want to know and the faces of my sisters tell me they are thinking along the lines I am.

I laughed strangely and said, "Ah, thanks. I will try not to..." I wasn't going to be happy if I had to listen to whatever fucked up story that I could see forming in his eyes. "I'm going to bed! Dinner was good, Yuzu!" I called out as I quickly got up with my dishes and hastily put them in the sink and made a rapid dash up the stairs to my room.

I slinked against the door inside my room, wondering if Yuzu and Karin got away before they were traumatized. I would find out in the morning if that was the case. I got up off the door and took off my clothes till in was only in my boxers and crawled in bed. I thought about what kind of hot guys I would meet at the beach until I couldn't determine when I stopped thinking about them and sleep took over.

I woke up to a knocking on my door which jerked me out of my cozy sleep. I groggily told whoever it was to come in and it was just Yuzu, telling me breakfast was going to be ready soon. I said my thanks and wanted to fall back into my nothingness sleep but I knew I couldn't. I got up and grabbed whatever sweat pants were first in line in my closet and put them on. I then walked out of my room to relieve myself along with a quick shave and other necessary morning activities. I put on a wife-beater (not sure what color) before I went down stairs to join my family.

I finished the stairs and walked to the living room and found Karin and oji-san at the table waiting for Yuzu to serve breakfast. She had set out the dishes beforehand and currently was setting out the food. She had Steamed Rice, Miso Soup, and Tamagoyaki and boy did it look good even if it was a plain meal. After I practically inhaled my portion, I went back up to room to read some old manga. After about an hour and a half of that, I decided I wanted to go to the gym. I gathered my usual supplies of towel, water, handkerchief, change of clothes and the list goes on for my materials of useful usage, all packed into one bag.

I took off, saying my farewells, and I got there fairly quickly. Then I began working a usual routine of going from cardio to strength to flexibility. I did that for about two hours and went to the washroom for a shower. I came out of the gym feeling refreshed and ready to kick someone's ass if need be. Speaking of ass… I checked my watch and saw I had about 20 minutes before Grimmjow picked me up and I had about a 30 minute walk ahead of me. I ran full speed and my muscles were bitching at me the whole time. I got there 5 minutes before the due time and ran into the house to change clothes I put on an 'Orange Range' shirt with some gray/black swimming trunks (I also grabbed a towel). I bolted back down stairs and muttered a rapid 'sayonara' to my family. I heard a honk as soon as I turned the door knob. I closed the door behind me and ran to the passenger's side on the left and jumped in.

"Whew! I made it just in time." I said kind of out of breathe but pumped up. I looked at Grimmjow and he smiled at me with his big canines showing. My heart skipped a beat so to hide my embarrassment of that realization I asked, "are we going to teleport there or what? Are you not telling me something...? Because, I am cool with superpowers or whatever." The car hadn't moved but as soon as I asked the question he put the car in reverse and started backing out of our drive way while laughing.

"If only. I would have been many places with you if that was so." He said that with no physical disturbance from him, but me? Oh, I was tearing myself up on analyzing what that sentence meant. My mental war consisted of telling myself that it meant nothing or was a silly prank. I was leaning more towards it meant NOTHING and I keep mentally bitch slapping myself with an American porcupine. I turned to the radio (trying to forget my train of thoughts) and turned to a soft pop station that was playing Kanon Wakeshima and I left it there. Grimmjow didn't seem to mind so I just stared out the window with the rest of the drive consisting of small talk popping up here and there.

Soon, we arrived at our destination and parked a little ways away from the actual beach. As I got out of Grimmjow's car, I turned to study his outfit he had chosen. It was a tight black cotton tank with some black swim shorts that went slightly past his knees. Agreeing with his choice of clothes, I decided to scope out the place. Not many people where here, surprisingly, and I could see a small group with chairs and towels in the sand. I picked out the light brown hair (almost fucking orange like my own) of Inoue Orihime and that was enough to tell me there were already people from our group here.

Grimmjow started over toward the group after grabbing some items from the trunk of his car. I followed in tow with only a towel in my arm. As we came closer, hitting the sand by now, I could see Ishida Uuryu, Kuchiki Rukia, Chad, Ulquiorra Shiffer, Asano Keigo, and that creepy bastard, Ichimaru Gin. What the fuck was he doing here? He is a graduate student and should just fuck off. His flirting with me gets out of hand some times. I groaned as I saw the fucker. Grimmjow took notice and proceeded to smiled deviously as I looked at him with a pouty face. I didn't want this in my life right now.

My group of friends took notice as Gin shouted a greeting to me, "Oi! Kurosaki is here! What's up?" He trekked in the sand barefoot to me. I did admit that without a shirt he looked sharp and I had a feeling he could tell what I was thinking. Thankfully, everyone came close behind Gin and pushed by him greedily to greet me as well and kind of made me ignore his question.

"Kon'nichwa, Kurosaki-kun!" I found myself in the crescent of boobs as Inoue pulled me into a hug that would put wrestlers in their baby-cribs. I yelped and tried not to be disgusted by what was currently in my fucking face. I managed to hug her back and greet her, though, both were hard to accomplish. We let go so I could make salutations with everyone else.

"Hey, guys. So, I hear this party is going to be rad, eh?" I said to everyone and their reply was cheers (getting cheers from Ishida and Ulquiorra meant they already had their fair share of alcohol) and Keigo thrust a beer can into my hand. I observed the can before opening it and taking a small swig. Ah, that was so refreshing to my strained body. I just took notice that my body was tired from running so hard. Well, beer wouldn't help my situation of being slightly dehydrated but I didn't give a flying fuck.

We all then headed over to the circular group of chairs and beach towels. I sat my towel next to Rukia's towel and on my other side Grimmjow was setting up his chair. As I settled down on my towel, I looked around the beach and could see three other groups a little further down the beach to the shore. One group to the right in front of us caught my eye as I spied an albino. An albino! You don't see that every day. I have nothing against different colored skins and this guy looked great with his own color. I looked the dude up and down because I couldn't hide my curiosity of an albino HUMAN. I hadn't ever seen one in my lifetime before. Normally you only see them in media and shit. My lucky day to be able to observe such a skin tone.

I came out of my musing as Gin pulled me up by my arm and tugged me toward the water front. I halted him to set down my barely touched beer, remove my shirt, and let him have me, all the while knowing he was staring. I walked tenderly on the hot sand as I crossed into the water. I could hear the others follow too with their loud ass chatter. Without me noticing, Grimmjow closed in quickly and pushed Gin face first in the water. I laughed my ass off as the silver haired man looked up with a slight frown as he made sure no salt-water would get into his sensitive eyes. Water dripping from his short hair, Gin brushed in back and glared with open eyes at Grimmjow. Fuck, did he have beautiful eyes, but that moment of awe for me was slammed into the ground as I saw how fucking scary he looked. Even Grimmjow took a step back as Gin reached for him. Grimmjow started an apology but fell on deaf ears as he was thrown into the water too. I looked at this scene before me and picked up on my laughing again. Two (probably jealous) men having a who-could-be-the-strongest contest was too much for my stomach. I could hear Rukia and Ishida join in with me.

I played for a little more then headed back to the comfort of my towel, and gazed around yet again. I surprisingly felt myself get a little sleepy even with the sun still in the sky. I could see many shadows grow in length as the sun fell in the sky. I really wanted a deeper tan, so I laid out, fully stretched from head to toe and I knew I looked good. I closed my eyes to keep the sun from burning out my retinas. As an unknown amount of time passed, I day dreamed and felt contempt with my life today. Nothing better than to enjoy the sweet weather. Though, I haven't seen any sexy men, yet, or rather, anyone else new (I knew I shouldn't fucking assume). I'm just a little disappointed (mostly at why my wild fantasies didn't come through).

Grimmjow came over as I could hear him muttering a string of curses. I think the likely cause of this was Gin but I wasn't going to assume anymore.

I spoke up as he got closer shaking his hair out, "shit! Don't get me wet! You're not a damn dog, use your fucking towel." I said with a teasing tone of anger as I wiped my body of the little droplets. He looked at me with pretend puppy eyes and took off his wet shirt to dry it. Something my eyes enjoyed watching but I soon turned the balls in my head toward the open sky. He plopped down in his chair with his towel around his neck and stared at me as I could tell from my peripheral vision.

"That first moment when we were in the water, I thought Gin was going to rip my fucking balls off. Creepy shit, man, creepy shit." He said to break the silence as he watched the others play chicken in the water. More people had joined us and now there was around eleven people in total. Turns out, Rukia invited her brother, Kuchiki Byakuya, to join along with Shiba Kaien and Matsumoto Rangiku (all fucking graduate students).

I considered his sentence before replying, "Naw, dude. He is too gay to do that to his favorite part of the human body." I was joking but I think Grimmjow took it too seriously.

"Holy shit, I think you're right. Dammit, he may-" He was cut off as we simultaneously jerked to our feet with the sound of a pained wail and a lot of screaming. We looked to the direction of the commotion immediately and found people running out of the water, complete hysteria in this part of the beach. Chad carried Inoue out and Ishida did the same to Rukia, Gin and Ulquiorra not far behind with the others.

I took off toward the direction of the still screaming woman as fast as my legs could take me. As I made it to the water's edge where no one dared to be near the horrific scene. I could see the albino man from earlier, grappling with a shark hooked to his waist and high thigh.

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