The Sway of Hearts

Summary: I had not known what would happen if I had saved Shou. But right now, I'm glad I did. Seeing him better, I was DAMN glad I did. I think I might have loved him. But now I know I could not have loved him. Screw the world for making him my English teacher. Really, just bang the world right now and see how it feels. Not. Good.

Warning: Cursing, violence, and contains Yaoi or 'Boy's Love'. If that doesn't cut the butter for you then Yaoi is about two young men who share mutual feelings of love. Conclusion: G.A.Y. Fanfiction. X)

A/N: I found out a while ago that my Grandfather has Prostate Cancer. Sorry for the late update. I haven't been feeling the mojo, loves. Shout out to ScooterX14 for reminding I have a story to continue. I will try my best for the story's and your sakes. Please forgive me and enjoy. I hope this makes up for the lost time.

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Kurosaki's POV

I smiled and thrust one arm into the air with a childish air around me. "Yosh! Born and raised, Shou!" I grinned at his disbelieving expression. He seemed confused for some reason. I smirked. "What? What's with that face?" I could feel one of my eyebrows raise.

"You're... Strange, Kurosaki." My smirk fell.

"Oi, call me Ichigo. Since I'm calling you Shou, you should be nice and do the same, baka." I practically implored.

His eyes dug trenches into my chest and I dropped my arm down to my side. I meant for my tone to be whiny and sarcastic but it seemed to change something in Shou. I was looking into a beautiful face and his eyes sloshed the water in my chest. I could feel the weight. The twinkle to touch him erupted from my chest. I stopped walking and he stopped along with me and didn't seem bothered. And all he did was look at me strangely. Had I said something wrong again? Was I too rough with what I said? He hadn't said anything yet and I was beginning to think I should start walking again. I wasn't uncomfortable with the stare but the more his golden eyes stared at me, the more water was filling me up. I felt hot. The water was boiling hot.

Rapidly, under his breath, he whispered, "Ichigo." A quick little word of the mouth. Nothing special about my name, but I felt the draw again. That insistent tug in my chest from the water lifted and I gasped so quietly, I didn't think I really did it, but from the parting of my lips and rush of breath I inhaled, I knew I did. I was still looking at Shou. Not once had our gazing stopped. And he was closer now, and I twisted my body towards him.


I wouldn't initiate anything. I could SEE it now. I could tell he wanted to kiss me. I knew because I would get that face when I was staring at Grimmjow. The crush had given me feelings that I could kind of figure out. The tingling of the lips, when I wanted to plant them on Grimmjow's own, grew and showed on my face sometimes. I would look in the mirror when convenient and I could see the effects it had on me. That lowering of the eye lids and the slight raise of the eyebrows. Feeling the need to part your lips or lick them even though they weren't chapped. These were my signs. I knew them. And they were showing on Shou's face. Even when I haven't known him for long at all. Not long at all. And yet, this attraction was overwhelming. And it wasn't just because of his appearance either, no, it was the mature-feeling grace that was washed with him. And kami did I want him.

Shou's face. Again, I felt myself search his face. Taking in his facial structure, only looking away from his eyes for a second. And I turned back to see I had also moved closer, leaning noticeably close but still a little ways away. I wanted a kiss. I knew I did. Attracted by this man I had just met, I wanted to be more attracted. Not just to his physical features, but to the man himself. And I wanted him. More than I had ever wanted Grimmjow I knew. Grimmjow was sweet when he wanted to be, and I was attracted to him as well. But Shou, he was different. I don't know how in this second I knew, but I could feel it from my core now. Nothing would turn me away from the fact that I did indeed want to kiss him.

I raised my hand, impulse over-whelming my senses with the steam I felt in my chest. Heat bubbled from me as I touched his face. Specifically his lips with my index finger, my other fingers laid gentle to the side. He seemed unfazed and inched closer even more. Our chests were barely touching now and I was feeling everything. Hah. I could imagine how Shou felt too. My eyes fluttered as I focused all my senses towards his chest grazing against mine. I could hear my breath become raspy as I thought more on the fact that I was so close to this man that I barely knew. I took a slight step forward not even thinking about it. I bet on-lookers were giving us looks but I didn't care. They could go fuck themselves. Intimacy and public display of affection in a park be damned; I fucking wanted Shou.

And then my stomach exploded.

His bottom lip moved down slowly and moved back up in a dragging motion. His soft lips moving against my finger had my stomach quivering almost. This time, my gasp WAS audible. The air moving into my burning lungs now and the sound almost a groan I realized. I was shocked. BEYOND shocked. The feeling was far from being known by me. Shou's lip tugged up in a smirk and the small move did the same thing to my stomach. It kind of hurt, but then it was a nice feeling also. It was so strange! And I liked it.

Back to looking in Shou's eyes, his eyelids were drooped even more. I felt smothered by this man! My stomach, chest, and face were steaming from the water eliciting havoc throughout me.

He drew up a hand to my wrist and it was like I was in a trance. I watched his warm fingers curl, slowly, around my tanned lower arm. I just watched them. They seemed to linger, then he pressed my upper palm to his lips, erupting another tingle from my chest. His bottom lip moved again, trailing slowly down and I realized, it was kisses. Sweet, slow kisses. I could feel the joy and excitement swell up inside me. I lowered my eyelids, reliving the motions, but keeping my gaze on his face where our skin touched.

Saliva. I could feel his lips were now slightly wet from his tongue dashing out to wet them quickly. Again, another ripping feeling in my stomach and I looked straight up to his eyes. Shou's beautiful eyes were dark. I noticed that quickly, hyper-focusing on everything about him. He stepped closer, now within personal space and our chest touching at the breast. It wasn't just me, he was entranced. I knew he was entranced by me. I got more excited that I could do that. Grimmjow had never. But of course, I had never done something like this with him either.

Shou seemed more than amused as I stared back at him. His golden eyes dark and then they brightened. This time, his tongue darted out between a light kiss and licked my palm ever-so-slightly. The heat from the steam rushed to my face and down below. Shou's lips drew his sinful tongue up between my fingers and back down. I closed my eyes from his and my breath dragged out roughly. I couldn't think as he keep the kisses working around my palm.

I registered that his unoccupied hand came to rest against my ribcage. I felt he wasn't pushing anything and was respecting my hips in a way. Though, I don't think I would have minded if his hand had come to rest on my hip.

I jumped a little as he squeezed my ribs and it was a foreign ticklish sensation. I glanced away from Shou's eyes as I watched his hand almost clutch at me. I looked back up and he seemed so enthralled with my hand that his eyes were closed. His mouth working below my thumb. I was speechless at the sight and feeling.

Shou seemed more than amused as I stared back at him. His golden eyes dark and then they brightened. This time, his tongue darted out between a light kiss and licked my palm ever-so-slightly. The heat from the steam rushed to my face. Shou's lips drew his lustful tongue up between my fingers and back down. I closed my eyes from his and my breath dragged out roughly. I couldn't think as he kept the kisses working around my palm. I could feel myself so aroused but I pushed it down. I was in fucking public for fuck's sake. And I didn't seem to care either way.

I unwillingly opened my eyes back to Shou's golden ones as his fingers lost their grip, only to slide down my arm till they dropped off completely. His other arm lingered before dropping as well. I missed the feeling, and desperately wanted them back on my body. My hand dropped from his face and I clutched it to my chest. He straightened minutely and leaned to my ear.

"Ichigo," I looked at Shou from the side, "would you mind meeting me here, again, tomorrow?" His voice nice and pleasant to my fried brain. I could see the side of his lips in a smile as I gazed at his face. Then, he spoke up again, but I didn't understand it completely. "Please?" His tone was nice and I could tell it was a foreign language. English, I realized. The way Shou said it sounded exactly like it would sound on an American film. Perfect accent. No hint of a Japanese stutter or slur. Perfectly foreign sounding. But I still had no idea what he said.

Blush tinting my face, voice coming out low and soiled, "sure..." I watched his face come to a halt in front of mine and my chest jumped.

"Great, see you then, Ichigo." He turned and walked to the entrance, leaving me, a heap of boiling water, to stare idiotically after his dispersing figure. I swear, I stood there for minutes beyond minutes trying to control my thoughts. Arousal was definitely a prominent character in my mind and body.


I didn't want him to leave just yet.

I turned and dashed after him. My feet carrying my body willingly and my heart rate increasing. I caught him in my sight and I quickened my pace even more. I could tell Shou was turning around to see what commotion was wreaking havoc behind him but he was too slow. So... I blew past him and I stopped.

Holy shit, my sides burned. I leaned my hands on my knees and I felt some imaginary eyes on me. And a particular set of eyes I knew were on me. I took a deep breath and turned around. His eyes twinkling with confusion and something akin to wonder. I grinned and stepped the few feet that would bring myself closer to this amazingly wonderful man.

I could hear the slight hoarseness to my voice as I spoke, "Oi, no. Don't run off, you little shit." He raised an eyebrow at my obvious choice in words as I momentarily forgot my polite side. "I didn't say you could go. Let's go hang out some more. Want to catch a movie or something?" I could feel my grin fall but only because I grew serious. I didn't want to joke around. I wanted to be serious with him; not in a romantic way but in a I-really-want-to-get-to-know-him-and-stay-close-to -him kind of way.

Shou's eyes closed a little and the confusion grew more. I had no idea what he was confused about but he seemed to dismiss it for his face semi-grew happy. "Well, well. Is that so? I seem to recall your friend, Grimmjow, saying your guardian wanted you home by a specific time." He paused. "Or are you planning to ignore that little piece of advice." I smirked.

"I plan to ignore it all. Sucks for me, though." I looked down and quickly glanced up through my eyelashes at him putting on my best whiney, pouting face. "I won't get dinner I guess... What-EVER will I do?" I looked around and shifted my eyes towards him in a knowing way. Shou had a pointed look on his face as he knew EXACTLY what I was doing. I wonder if he will take the cookie..?

He took a breath and smiled, looking down at his feet. He raised his head, only so much as to that I could barely see his breath-taking eyes.

He chuckled and paused, just looking at me before he spoke to me. "Dear, dear, me. Guess I have no choice but to look after you. I would say you're inanely immature, but everyone is different I guess. Would you like to accompany me movie and a dinner perhaps?" I already had an answer half way through but I let Shou finish. I didn't know how I felt about the immature part but I ignored it. I smiled instead.

"Damn, didn't take you long." I tossed my arms behind my head and holding on to my cranium, semi-stretching. "Where will we be going, lord?" I was feeling much better now and caught Shou's eyes gaze down for a second and I couldn't help but feel satisfied in a way. I gathered up some courage and reached to pull him closer to me with his forearm but I turned away before personal space was an issue. I tugged him to my side for him to walk beside me. He seemed to be stunned and unimpressed with the way one of his eyebrows lifted. So cool.

He followed me for a bit before I let go and he walked by my side. I didn't really know where I was headed but Shou took a hold on my shoulder and turned me to where I would cross the street with him. I couldn't help but want him to hold me forever in this moment.



I am turning into a horny bastard aren't I. Well. Good thing I got a fucking hot guy who seems to be just as horny as I am. Fuck me. I'm so screwed if I get a boner because of this everything situation. That would be so embarrassing and I don't think I c-

"Ichigo." I froze and saw Shou was kind of tugging on me in a weak gesture towards the opposite direction which I was facing. "This way is the destination to a favorite shop of mine." He didn't really have any expression; just one that was polite and earnest. He spoke so weirdly sometimes. What fucking era was he from? I replied hesitantly as to get my thoughts straight.

"Oh, yeah. Let's go then." I drifted to his side and his hand fell yet again. I wanted that to stop. "Hey, Shou." He turned his nice golden eyes on mine. "How old are you?" I know he is most definitely out of high school, but he seems like he is twenty. Damn hot twenty year old.

"I'm old. Twenty three, man. I feel it in my bones." I forced my face to stay straight but I could feel my hand twitch and my heart speed. That's not good. Oh. No, no, no, no. Cold water was on me like a brick. I could feel my fingers tingle as they swung slightly by my side. Why did I ask that fucking question?! Oh shit, my stomach was starting to hurt and- "What about you, Ichigo?" No. Fuck me.

"Just turned 20." I drew out of myself carefully. I knew it came out as smooth but my body wasn't seeing it that way. I quickly shoved my hands in my pockets and relished in the fact that they were safe from view.

I could fucking kick my own ass. What a stupid fucking idea that was to lie. No, I'm fucking stupid for doing that. Damn it, why the fuck did I lie to Shou? Okay, so I didn't want him to know I'm seventeen but this is just so damn idiotic of me! Damn, damn, if he finds out I'm so screwed and I'm going to lose him in a second. Oh my kami, why would- how could I lie? That's the worst thing! And about age at that! I can't fucking hide that! Could I? Well, I'm down Styx River might as well-

"Ah, no wonder you seem so young acting." Oh just stop, no, please. I was pointedly gazing around and pretending I was looking at the houses and small shops going by. "Do you go to a university?" Strike me dead, shinigami-sama. I don't know what to fucking do.

"Not now. I'm taking this semester off and I'm working at our family clinic." Please take it and leave it. I glanced at the ground and squeezed my fists, feeling a couple pops in one. I must sound so depressed. Ah, well. It was good while I was a good kid at least.

"That's very neat. I congratulate you on that." I could see him looking at me so I looked up in front of me. Shit, I'm avoiding his eyes. I would totally notice and question that if I was someone else. Fuck. Here it comes. Why couldn't I be a better damn actor. "And... You see that sign up ahead?" My eyes widened and I looked up at him. He had a small smile on his lips. His eyebrows were back but he looked so friendly. I didn't feel so bad in my stomach and I smiled at him. He gestured with his head for me to actually look and I turned to glance up ahead.

A little blue pop-up sign was next to the street with chalk writing on the board. The characters created the name 'Toonami' that popped on me. There were little drawings all around it making it friendly and welcoming. I nodded and turned to see Shou gauging my reaction I assume. We got closer and I could see little anime characters dancing on it.

"This little shop has the best teriyaki and soba noodles. To me that is. Not sure about other people." He walked up to the door and opened it, standing to the side. I gave him a sarcastic sneer and walked past. He snickered behind me as I took in the shop interior.

The shop had few booths that were black with dark blue accents. It was obvious the place was worn and well accompanied through some years. The tables were small and few with a few new looking chairs seated around them. A couple people were seated and chatting, not paying us one bit of attention. Shou passed me and walked up to the attending lady who was gathering menus for us. He politely asked for a booth and she bowed and turned to lead us to our table. We came near the front again as we took the window seat. The window panels opened and the rice paper sections beautiful from this angle. Check that off as something to write down in my journal.

The waitress placed our menus in front and backed up before leaving to check on another customer.

Shou picked up his menu and glanced at it briefly before setting it down and crossing his fingers on the table. I raised an eyebrow but flipped mine over to see if there was anything on the back, but there were only logos and advertisements. In my peripherals, I could see Shou lean forward, still watching me. I ignored this and saw all the main courses and decided anything would be fine. I'll just get what Shou would be getting.

I looked up and smiled, flashing teeth. "This place is pretty cute, I must say, Shou-chan." He looked about ready to roll his eyebrows.

"About as cute as your name."

"Oi! No." I pointed a finger at him with a barely mock glare at him. "You can't bring that up because that's not what it means, dumbass. It mea-"

His expression now was one of a god. His eyes were bright and light, setting off his gentle grin. I couldn't help but fucking pause for that face. It was his damned everything that made me pause. It was like he had just watched two soft bunnies nuzzle and kiss. Shou shouldn't be able to make that light-hearted expression that makes me light-hearted.

"I know." He leaned back and slung an arm over the back of the booth; his arm catching sunlight and lighting up his pale skin. "Number-one protector, right? I figured that from the moment I met you." He smiled once more and glanced out to the rest of the restaurant.

All I could do was stare. Wonder and awe filled me. Not just those simple emotions but so much more. I had pride and happiness; sadness and joy. Not that I haven't been told that before but from Shou. From Shou, it made me feel special. Like I had been given something so precious and it was mine. I could have this little bit of information from one man and treasure it forever. I'm not sure how much he knows that that meant to me.

"Thank you." He turned to me and tilted his head to show his confusion. He was about to say something but I cut him off. "Pretty sure I just fell in love with you, dude." His eyes bugged a bit and his jaw dropped at that. So cute.

If Shou would have had a drink in his mouth, it would have been on the table by now. He fumbled with his words before I cut him off again, "not like that, yet. But who knows. Maybe one day." He is staring, just in confusion and embarrassment and his white cheek bones are being tainted by a like brush of pink and it's so cute. Shou's golden eyes are fully exposed to me and there are so many things that could be said about them but I couldn't think of any.

I could see the waitress headed for us and I tore my eyes from his and smiled at the lady. She arrived and pulled out a pad and pen and looked expectantly at me before looking at Shou. He seemed to recover enough to say what he wanted and I seconded it. She smiled and turned away heading for the back. I watched her walk away for a bit before I set my gaze upon the frustratingly handsome man. I looked at him expectantly and shrugged at his quietness.

He didn't seem to be able to keep his voice steady either. "W-what? I don't, what?"

"Hmm, Shou-chan?"

"Drop the -chan, please." I smirked but waited for him to continue. "I don't know if you saw it this way, but you rescued me. You should never have to say thank you to me for anything. And second, are you calling this a date?" Just what I wanted to hear. Well, the last part that is.

"I can say that to whomever I want, thank you, and if I did? How would you react." Play it smooth, Kurosaki. Play it cool and smooth and collected. He face and posture was more relaxed now but now it had an edge to it that I wanted to growl at. Maybe he always had that edge.

He sighed and said, "I would have to be the one to buy the check then, huh?" I smiled.

"You were going to have to do that anyways, shithead." I laughed and glared challengingly. A smile dancing its way on and off my lips as did his.

"True. And I never took you for much of a swear-word user." I down-right split my face with smile.

"There tends to be a lot of things you don't know about strangers, huh, Shou?" I'm damn good at being smooth. I would probably win against a baby's ass. "Want to know a trick to getting to know strangers?"

"Please, do tell, oh profane one." I could smell the sarcasm at the table. It was intoxicating and so much fun.

I lifted both my palms face up and towards him. "Twenty Questions is one way." I pause and close one of my palms dramatically. "Or. Pass notes like teenagers." Oh, the irony is stabbing me in the heel. I fold my arms down against the other and lift my eyes to his snow-colored hair. I shift my gaze back to Shou. Where is our food, by the way?

"Alright, smart-ass. You start with the questions." I smirk and sit up slightly taller, preparing my box of questions for this gorgeous man.

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