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Did I Do the Right Thing?

I sit here on my bed thinking out loud. "Today's the day." I say to a small picture next to me. "It's been four years since I last saw you. Oh sure I could have seen you at the book of ages incident when we freed Viper, but I couldn't do it. I couldn't bear to see you sucked through that portal again." A frown crosses my face and tears begin to form, "four years of missing you, four years of beating myself over something everyone says isn't my fault, four years of wondering if I did the right thing..."

"Jade! Hurry up!" My friends shout at me. "Coming." I answer. I turn back to the picture "you were my first friend, my best friend. I'll never forget you, Hsi Wu."

She leaves the room and we turn to see a picture of a young girl of about ten with short black hair leaning over the shoulder of a boy with spiked black hair and deep chocolate eyes. The names Jade and Seymour written in tiny letters at the bottom.


I sit here... alone. My brothers and sisters would only pick on me if they heard me talking to myself. "They'd make fun of me more if they knew *what* I was talking to myself about." I chuckle. "Well it's been four years now. Four years since I met her." A tear comes to my eye. I wipe it away, demons don't cry. I pull out a small, well compared to me it's small, moose camera and talk to the image it creates. "I betrayed you. It was either that or have seven very angry demons breathing down my neck." I let out a long sigh. "Maybe I should have rebelled. Eternal torture from my family would be better than what your memory's putting me through.." The tears come again, this time I let them slide down my cheeks. "Four years and still I wonder... did I do the right thing."

"Hsi wu! Get your furry behind over here pronto!" Po Kong practically screams at me. "All right I'm coming sheesh." I turn back to the image, kiss my fingertips, then place them to it's face. "You'll always be in my heart, my beautiful Jade."

He flies off. the camera is still projecting the profile of a young girl with short black hair and a worried look on her face, repeating over and over, "This Moose World is great I wish Seymour were with me, he'd love it here!"

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