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Did I Do the Right Thing?

Chapter 7: Demon release

They all stared as the man, who only moments ago was sitting harmlessly in the corner intently studying the customers and clerk, now held the cashier at gunpoint. Hsi Wu's eyes glowed as he and Bai Tsa started to advance on the gunman. That was until Jade held him back. He looked at her with and angry look that read "Why not?" She nodded her head towards all the people in the room. Hsi Wu was proud, not stupid. He knew that even though these were modern times there were still bounty hunters out to get their hands on a demon head. (That was what kept him and his sister from making any world domination plans.) He nodded back and stopped his sister's assault. They would have to take this guy down the human way.

Jade relaxed and little and sighed before looking back at the attacker. She began to look away, but out the corner of her eye she saw a quick flash. She looked back and saw nothing. 'That's curious, I could have sworn...' There it was again. This time she was sure of it. The little blue sparks were coming from the man holding the gun. She looked closely at him and began to see more and more sparks. Finally she could see clearly. The man had bolts of electricity crackling all over his body. She looked to her friends. They were cowering, but didn't seem to detect anything out of the ordinary. Didn't they notice? And speaking of strange, where were the police that had always monitored these hallowed hall now? Little did she know, an elderly woman had a heart attack earlier and all personnel were summoned to escort her to the hospital. She was about to say something about all these strange events to Hsi Wu when the man started talking.

"Give me all the money in the register." Oh yeah, that was real original.

The cashier began to protest, "But this is just a small store. We don't..."

"Bull!" Jade noticed the electricity around his body flare up, " This ain't no convenience store. I've been studying this place for weeks. At least fifty people come in here and spend three to four dollars each, totaling any where between $150 to $200. And that's on a bad day so fork it over!" The cashier handed him the money. He then started towards the various customers around the room.

"Okay, you folks next. Get all your cash and valuables ready." Jade, momentarily forgetting she had become a demon and was therefore immortal, did as she was told. As 'Sparky', as Jade had now dubbed him, made his way around the room, Jade rummaged through her backpack purse. Her hand closed around something smooth and metallic on a chain. When she brought the object into view, the first thing she caught sight of was a very familiar rose.

"Alright, you gals next." Jade hurriedly put the yin-yang necklace away, but still kept a firm grip on it inside her pocket. Sparks made his way towards Tiffany. 'Man, he don't know Tiff. He'll never know what hit him.' Jade's prediction was correct for as soon as he reached for Tiffany, she caught his arm and twisted it around behind him. This would have worked, provided that he was human... which in this case he wasn't.

Sparks only grinned. Well, only grinned before throwing Tiffany into the adjacent wall that is. There was a sickening crack, which no one could tell whether it came from the wall or Tiffany's back, followed by her limp form sliding down the wall and landing with an even more stomach-churning thud on the concrete floor.

Jade could only stare. 'How dare he!' Tiffany could be bitch sometimes, but she was her friend! Jade's yin-yang necklace glowed and became the slightest bit warm, but her temper was heating up faster than a snowman melts in a volcano.

Sparks stopped his gloating when he felt a power surge, a big one, and it terrified him. He turned towards the customers. Being a low-class demon meant he could only sense the general direction of energies, not actually see them.

"Brittany" was the first to notice the change in behavior. And in it she saw her chance. She leaned over to the still-fuming Jade and instructed her to lead the other customers out. This seemed to snap Jade out of her rage/trance/thingy. She shook her head and immediately complied. Meanwhile Bai Tsa showed their opening to her brother.

After everyone was out Hsi Wu addressed the would-be criminal in a very menacing tone. "Your time is up, mortal." Bai Tsa joined in by saying, "You don't know what you're dealing with." With those words so aptly spoken they transformed into their full demon shapes.

At first Sparks was startled at seeing two more demons in their midst, but that all changed once he realized what kind of demons they were. "Who you calling mortal? No, I'd say it's you who don't know what you're dealing with." Suddenly everyone could see the bolts of blue. His body began to shudder as he at least doubled in size. His fingers grew into long, curved, sharp claws. His skin seemed to completely disappear and his muscles turned blue and the tendons between them turned black. His teeth grew to long, menacing fangs. And finally his hair turned into several small bolts of lightning.

Hsi Wu and Bai Tsa both blanched. Lightning demon, not good. You see, being a sky/flyer demon and a water demon they were both at a rather large disadvantage. But after regaining their confidence they charged anyway.

Jade returned from escorting out the hostages just in time to see brother and sister taken down with one very well aimed lightning bolt. Once again that familiar heat returned only this time it had increased itself tenfold. 'You can lock me in a store, you can threaten my friends, you barely got away with injuring Tiff, but nobody and I repeat nobody hurts Hsi Wu.'

Jade's yin-yang necklace glowed white-hot, but that was nothing compared to the enraged inferno thundering within her. Hsi Wu and Bai Tsa sat up to see Jade glowing with dark energy.

The lightning demon began to walk away with his spoils when a very demonic voice called out to him. "Hey, Sparky! Just where do you think you're going?" Slowly he turned to see Jade, eyes glowing blood red, hair flowing about like medusa, and grinning in a most fiendish manner. "That's right you're not going anywhere..." Her already glowing eyes flashed a brilliant crimson and the transformation began...

*You people don't know how lucky you are. I was this close (holds finger and thumb so they are only a millimeter apart) to ending the chapter right here, but fortunately I keep my word and am showing Jade's demon transformation just as I promised.*

Her hands and feet became giant black cat paws. Her bare skin was replaced with short, dense, black fur. She doubled over in pain as huge, leathery, bat-like wings sprouted from her back and her spine lengthened into a swishing cat's tail. Her face elongated into a black snout filled with dripping, dagger-like fangs. Her ears became pointed and furry as they shifted from the sides of her head to the top of it. And finally, if you were to look her in the eye (but I doubt anyone would want to at this point) you would see no pupil, just a black slit in a sea of green. What stood before him was no longer a human being, but rather a creature that looked like a winged panther except it walked upright like a person.

Hsi Wu and Bai Tsa couldn't believe their eyes. Jade had not only turned into her full demon form, she had become a shadow demon. Shadow demons were an evolved form of sky demon. They could teleport themselves through shadows, generate small black holes, and their most powerful ability, to summon Searchers. *A/N: read a book called 'The Sight' by a guy with the last name, Clement-Davis. Trust me, it will make a lot more sense once you do.* Searchers are the ghosts of dead wolves. They have the ability to steal the souls of living beings.

Once she was fully transformed Jade turned back to ole Sparky. "Now, where were we? Ah yes, now I remember. I was just about to pulverize you for hurting my friends!"

A/N: There you have it folks. Jade's demon form. In the next chapter we get to see Jade beat the crap out of a lightning demon.