Chapter 2 Part 2

"I cant believe that they're still in the professors office." Kitty commented at the fact that Clark, Logan, Jean and the Professor had been with that other girl now for nearly three hours.

Scott nodded his head in agreement on that. "Yeah I know. Something big is going down."

"What did they say when you went to see the Professor?" Chloe asked. She was just as curious as everyone else, maybe more so. Her reporter instincts were in overdrive. That said since her 'abilities' kicked in she'd learned the value of secrets. Part of her often wondered if she'd have ever outed Clark had she learned about him before her powers kicked in. She'd never say it out loud, but she was afraid to answer that question. Scott answering her question broke her out of her thoughts.

"It was weird actually." Scott admitted. "Whatever they were talking about they wanted to keep to themselves. As if there isn't enough secrets around here already." He stated with frustration in his voice. He was well aware of the fact that the Professor, Logan and Storm were keeping something from him and the others.

Chloe noted the frustration in Scott's voice and wondered what he meant by that.


The small ship that had brought baby Kal-El to Earth approached it's destination. It had retrieved what it was looking for and was now approaching what would be the ships final resting place. The location it was approaching was perfect and would be an ideal place for the Archive to be built. Kal-El would still need training and for now his trials would have to wait.

As the ship flew over the last mounting as it neared it's final destination the engines began to power down. Reaching it's final resting place it lowered itself to the ground before the engines shut down completely.


"So what are you going to do now?" Clark asked Lara as the group finally left the Professor's office.

Lara looked up at her father with a small smile. "I guess it's nearly time for me to go home."

"Will we see you again?" Jean asked with curiosity in her voice.

"If everything's worked out the way it's supposed to, then not for a thousand years." Lara answered. "As I said my mission was to stop the Persuader and to put the two of you on the right path."

Clark rubbed the back of his head while looking rather uncomfortable. "Yeah, not sure how I feel about that." He admitted.

That statement caused Jean to look at him with a slightly hurt expression. "What's that supposed to mean?" She asked.

Clark caught the tone in her voice and knew that his words had been taken the wrong way. "I didn't mean it that way." He responded. "I don't know how I feel about having our lives already mapped out. I've always believed that we shape the future. That we control our own destinies."

"I know what you mean dad." Lara said softly as she glanced at her mother. "All I can say is that despite everything I've told you, it's still your choice whether or not the future I came from comes to pass."

Jean nodded her head in understanding and felt her anger at Clark's words dissipate. He'd been right in what he'd said. She herself wasn't entirely sure about having 'their' future already mapped out for them. Here she was just getting over breaking up with Duncan only to find out she ends up married to a guy that she barely knows.

Lara sensed her mothers conflicting emotions and came to a stop and looked her mother directly in the eyes. "Mom. If the future I came from is going to happen. It will in it's own way and in it's own time. Don't fixate on it. If you and dad hook up, then great. If you don't, well I may not be born but your both forgetting something. Your both pretty much immortal. You don't need to hook up right this second. Just let whatever's going to happen, happen in it's own time."

"Those are very wise words Lara." Charles commented with a smile before turning his attention to Clark and Jean. "She is right. You both have time and this has been a lot to process for the pair of you."

Both Clark and Jean nodded their heads at that before Clark turned his attention back to Lara. "You've said that Jean and I are pretty much immortal, what about you?"

Lara shook her head at her father's question. "No, I'm mortal. But I do have longevity. According to the docs, I've got anywhere from eight to twelve hundred years."

Before any of them could say anything else the group approached the kitchen and were greeted by the others.

"Is everything alright Professor?" Scott asked before any of the others could speak.

Charles nodded his head as he looked at the group knowing that they all had questions about the evenings events. "I know that you all have questions." He stated to which he received a few nods in response. "However as tonight's events are based around Clark and Jean, I will leave it to them decide what they want you to know."

Both Clark and Jean instantly noticed everyone turn their attention to them. Glancing at each other neither were comfortable with the idea of everyone knowing at the moment. Clark for his part saw the uncertainty in Jean's eyes and decided to answer. "Look guys, a lot's happened tonight. Both Jean and I need time to sort this out ourselves first."

None of the other teens seemed to like that idea very much however before anyone could say anything the professor spoke. "You will respect their decision. They both need time to process recent events."

Begrudgingly the group of teens nodded their head knowing that that professor's words were final. Then before anyone could say anything else there was a flash of purple light that caused everyone except Clark and Lara to cover their eyes. As the light faded it revealed a young man who looked like he was either in his late teens or early twenties.

"Rokk, what are you doing here?" Lara asked while everyone looked at the young man in confusion.

Rokk immediately turned his attention to the red head before looking at the bald man sitting in the wheelchair. "Forgive the interruption Professor. I was sent to retrieve Lara." Then he turned his head to the left and saw Kal standing there and it took him a few seconds to process the fact that the guy in front of him still hadn't taken flight. "Kal. It's an honour and a privilege." He simply stated.

Lara couldn't help it and rolled her eyes at Rokk's words. "At least Garth isn't here. He'd be drooling like a kid in a candy store."

Rokk shook his head at Lara's words and chuckled. "Do you have the Persuaders ring?"

"Professor?" Kitty asked with uncertainty as she and the others still had no clue as to what was going on.

"It's alright Professor." Lara stated with confidence. "Rokk and I work together." As those words left her mouth she pulled the ring in question out of her pocket and handed it to Rokk.

Rokk took the ring and looked at it for a few seconds. Then he waved his hand over it and a holographic display appeared. Pressing what everyone could only assume were holographic buttons he quickly reprogrammed it.

Lara realised what her friend was doing and looked at him questioningly. "Rokk, why are you disabling the flight system?"

"Orders." Was all he said in response before he shut the ring down and looked at Jean. Walking up to the Red head he handed the ring to her. "If you ever feel like a trip to the thirty first century." Then turning his attention towards Clark. "The Professor has another ring. One that was left with him in the past. It's meant for you. So if you and Jean ever decide to come for a visit. The entire legion will be there waiting."

"Um thanks." Clark wasn't really sure what to say at that.

Rokk saw the uncertainty in Clark's eyes. "Kal, your influence will reach far beyond Earth. It's because of you that the human race will learn to look beyond it's prejudices. To embrace the unknown. You have no idea how far your influence will reach. Just stay on the path your on and everything will work out." Then before Clark could speak Rokk turned his attention back to Lara. "It's time to go." He said as he backed away from the man that would one day become not only the Earth's, but the galaxy's greatest protector.

Lara nodded her head in understanding before she turned her attention to her mother. Walking up to the Jean she pulled her mother into a hug.

For Jean she wasn't really sure what to do but for some reason her 'daughter' hugging her felt completely natural and she couldn't stop herself from hugging the young woman back.

Lara closed her eyes for a few seconds as her 'mother' hugged her back. "Mom. I've got a gift for you before I go." She told her mother telepathically.

Before Jean could respond, her mind was bombarded with images and memories that were not her own. It only lasted a few seconds but for her it seemed like a few hours. Then as Lara pulled away Jean couldn't stop the tear that rolled down her cheek. "Thank you." She said to her daughter telepathically.

Next Lara turned to her 'father' before moving unto him and pulling him into a hug. Thankfully she could really hug her father without worrying about hurting him. "I love you dad." She told him and Clark could do nothing else but hug her back. "Your not alone, don't ever forget that." She then said before pulling back from him and giving him a worm smile before turning back towards Rokk. "We should go." She simply said as she didn't want to drag this out any longer than needed.

Rokk nodded his head as he moved up next to Lara. Both put the hand that had their rings on it up into the air. "Long live the Legion." Rokk declared as a purple light engulfed the two before they disappeared.

"So, can someone tell us what's going on?" Scott asked to which the others simply nodded in agreement.

"Trust me cyke. You wouldn't believe us even if we told ya." Logan answered as he was still trying to wrap his head around it himself.


Both Clark and Jean let out a sigh of relief that they were now away from the other teens who kept bombarding them with questions, despite being told to leave them alone. So much so that Clark had been tempted to use his heat vision on then and Jean was tempted to throw them through a window. It had gotten so bad that Clark just grabbed hold of Jean at super speed and got the pair of them away from the mansion. Right now the two were just walking around the streets of Bayville. "So is this just as awkward for you as it is for me?" Clark asked as he was feeling really awkward around Jean at the moment.

Jean had to admit that she was feeling a little weird about the whole situation herself. Also there was what Lara had shown her before she left. "It is a bit strange." She finally said before letting out a sigh. "Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm kinda glad your going back home."

Clark knew exactly what Jean was talking about and knew that it was a good idea for the two of them to get some distance from each other. "Yeah, I know what you mean."

"A thousand years." Jean commented as she let out a sigh while trying to wrap her mind around the concept. "I still cant believe that I'm alive a thousand years from now. I mean, how do you live with something like that."

"I've had to for the last year and a half." Clark admitted as the memory of what Cassandra had shown him came back to him. "I've already seen my future. Or at least a representation of it." He'd worked out that what he'd seen was not literally accurate. The Earth wouldn't have been completely filled with graves. It was just a representation of the fact that he'd outlive everyone.

Jean nodded her head in understanding at that. She felt a shiver go down her spine as she thought of that. It also caused her to wonder if that really was her she'd seen in his memory of the vision. She wasn't ready to deal with that yet, but she had to know something. "How do you cope with it?"

Clark lowered his head sadly before taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. "I try not to think about it. Even if that vision I had was real, I can still be killed. The thought of watching everyone I care about grow old and die though, it's not something I think about. I'd go crazy after a while. The idea of always ending up alone..."

"I can imagine what that's been like for you." Jean said interrupting Clark's words seeing how difficult it was for him to talk about. They were both only sixteen and they just learned that they were going to be around for a very long time. "I cant help thinking about Scott and the others. We're going to have to watch as they all grow old." There were tears in her eyes as she spoke as the thought of loosing the others was almost to much for her.

Clark saw the tears in Jean's eyes and on instinct wrapped his right arm around her. "Just take it a day at a time." He told her softly knowing how hard this was going to be for her.

Jean nodded her head and instinctively tilted her head to the left, resting it on Clark's shoulder as the two just watched as people went on with their lives.


"Like how come nobody will tell us what's going on?" Kitty complained as Logan and the Professor had just left them since they needed to speak with Storm.

Chloe shrugged knowing full well that she'd get it out of Clark eventually.

"Something big is going down and the Professor's keeping secrets again." Scott complained as he was well aware that the 'teachers' were keeping things from them. "It's bad enough that they've been hiding stuff from us, and now this."

"But like why wont they tell us what's going on?" Kitty asked.

"Zhey'll tell us vhen zhey are ready." Kurt piped in.

"Whatever it was, it's shaken Clark." Chloe commented as she knew her friend well enough to know that he was really confused right now.

"I don't get why they wont tell us what's going on." Scott commented as he was getting really tired of all the secrets.

"We just have to be patient." Chloe stated confidently. If there was one thing she'd learned recently, it was that people keep secrets for a reason.

Although not liking the idea of not knowing what's going on, Scott reluctantly nodded his head in agreement.


Logan and Ororo just stood there in silence as they looked at the photo that Charles had kept hidden for so many years. The same photo that showed the Professor with Clark and Jean all those years ago. The two just stared at the picture looking at Clark and Jean and they couldn't believe what they were seeing. Clark didnt look much different to how he did now and it seemed like he had stopped ageing in his early twenties. Ororo had to stop herself from staring at the image of Clark's rather toned physique. To say that he could have set any woman's body on fire would have been an understatement. The term Greek God was also coming to mind. The Skin-tight outfit also did not leave much to the imagination and she had to remind herself that the Clark that was here in this time was still only a teenager.

As for the image of Jean, both Logan and Ororo could not deny the woman's beauty. Even now at her current age she was rather attractive and they'd always known she'd grow into a beautiful woman. But to actually see what Jean grows into was beyond words. She was leaning into Clark with her head rested on his shoulder. Her hair was long and wavy coming over her shoulder and still as bright a red as it was today. Her body though had taken both Logan and Ororo by complete shock. Again the skin-tight outfit she wore did not leave much to the imagination. The outfit clung to her body showing her amazing physique as it conformed to the curves of her body. It was so tightly wrapped around her body that even her muscle definition showed through and was in perfect proportion with her body. It was enough to arouse anyone just looking at the image of the woman. "I have to say professor, that this is a remarkable set of events." Storm eventually said breaking her focus away from the picture.

Charles nodded his head in agreement, ignoring the thoughts that had popped into both of his friends minds. "Yes, I have kept those events a secret for so long. I am grateful that it happened before I met Magnus."

"So what happens now Chuck?" Logan asked.

"Right now, Clark will return to Smallville." Charles stated before letting out a small sigh. "However, I am worried about Jean."

"Why? What's wrong?" Ororo asked with concern in her voice.

"Jean has just learned that she is immortal. That she is going to have to watch everyone she loves whither away and die, while she remains the same." Charles answered with sadness in his voice.

Logan understood immediately what the professor was talking about. "Yeah, that's a lot to deal with, especially at her age." He concedes.

Ororo looked between Logan and Charles for a few seconds before realising that she hadn't thought about that. "How do we help her?"

"For now, there is nothing we can do. She is not ready to confront the issue." Charles stated sadly. "If Clark does attend the institute next semester, then it is something that we can deal with as a group. It is for that reason I suggest you keep what you know about Jean's immortality, a secret. I don't want the others to know about this unless she decides to tell them."

Both Logan and Ororo nodded their head in agreement to that. Neither of them wanted to cause Jean any pain. It would be hard enough for her without having everyone talking about it.

Charles looked at his two friends and knew without a doubt that things were about to change. He knew that the X-Men still had a lot to deal with, a lot they weren't ready for. Magneto was out there and preparing for something. He'd kept the existence of Magneto and his followers a secret knowing that his students weren't ready to face that danger.

Charles Xavier was not a fool. He knew that when Mutants are revealed to the world that there was a possibility that a war would come. However he also knew that peace was possible. Magneto was so convinced that a war was coming that he was doing everything in his power to make sure that he wins. That said, Charles also knew that Magneto's ego was getting in the way. His former friend was doing everything in his power to make sure that a war starts, just so he could say that he was right.

As Charles came out of his thoughts, he happened to glance out of the window and a small smile formed on his face. There walking back towards the mansion were Clark and Jean. The two of them just talking away as they walked towards the mansion. He sat there for several seconds just watching and he knew one thing above all else. It would be those two that would change the future. That Clark and Jean would be the ones to bring about a new age on Earth.

At the end of the day, the fate of the world rested on Clark Kent and Jean Grey's shoulders. And as the Professor watched the two, he felt a sense of true hope for the future.


So there you are people, that's the end of this story. I know it was rather short and to be honest, I'm not completely happy with it. But I want to get into the main story which takes place at the beginning of season 2 of X-Men Evolution and near the end of Season 2 of Smallville.

The Next story will be the first of what I plan to be seven stories. The first 3 covering Clark's time at the Institute. The Second 3 stories will then pick up from where the prologue started where it will be based more around the Wolverine and the X-Men series. The final story will then take place a thousand years in the future and will act as an Epilogue to the series.

So anyway, I hope you'll come back and read the next part of this story which i have posted. The title for it is called X-Ville Evolution Volume I: The Approaching Storm.