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Marisell and Macavity adjusted quickly to life at the Yard. Asparagus Junior, and the young physic twins Coricopat and Tantomile all made friends with Marisella. Jenny and SKimble both offered to house the young queen and her brother until she wanted a den of her own. Marisella accepted the offer graciously. Macavity made friends as well. The young Munkustrap, his younger brother Rum Tum Tugger, a young Persian queen named Griddlebone who would spend her lonely days at the Yard while her own parents left her to go on various trips around the world without her, and a scarlet queen named Bombalurina. All a few months younger than him except Munkustrap. Demeter, Bomba's sister, was the youngest so far.

He became attached to the queen Griddlebone and the two quickly became best of friends doing everything together. He also grew attached to the Glamour Cat, Lady Grizabella. She was the mother of Bomba and Demeter and little Tugger followed her everywhere, his own mother had died giving birth to him. The younger Maine Coon was completely in love with the magnificent queen and claimed her as his mother.

The twins helped Marisella with her magic skills and being the quick learner that she was, she quickly advanced through all the training they had. Soon she was at the same level as them, and they had been at it for years while she advanced in a matter of months. Soon she was levitating things higher than before, flying, disappearing and reappearing, reading minds. But what they twins didn't know was that she had developed a wall around the thoughts she didn't want them to hear. The thoughts she protected were the secret hours she would spend learning how to torture smaller animals with her magic, particularly rats and mice.

In turn she began to teach Macavity what the twins taught her. At his young age the twins were impressed by his strength and skill, something that renewed Marisella's jealousy. As the years went by Deuteronomy began to notice that the ginger queen grew darker, something in her yellow eyes turned from sunny to acid. The Jellicle leader couldn't help but notice how Marisella would glare at Macavity every time the twins praised him, or when a cat would hold the young ginger tom. Deuteronomy tried to give as much attention to Marisella as he could to make her feel better but the older she got the more rebellious she became.

By the age of seventeen, four years after their arrival, she took Macavity and politely moved out. She chose a den in the shadows, far to the rear of the junkyard, around several corners of junk piles. Deuteronomy didn't think it was safe for Macavity but Marisella assured him all was well. Nine year old Macavity seemed to change as well. Some days he was so quiet and everyone noticed. He looked at the other kits with longing in his eyes but Marisella would possessively tell him he couldn't play and teach him magic for hours on end.

And then she came to the Junkyard and was initiated as a Jellicle. She being the youngest sister of the gentletom Bustopher Jones. Her name was Callestia and Deuteronomy had the pleasure of being the only one to see the sparks fly between the two young Jellicles when they met. Nine year old Macavity and seven year old Callestia, while they didn't know it yet Deuteronomy could see that they had a great destiny together. They two were instant companions, something that Griddlebone grew annoyed with. But Griddlebone's jealousy was nothing compared to the rage that could be seen in Marisella's eyes.

After Callestia began to come around more often to play with Macavity, Deuteronomy began to swear that he could hear faint little screams coming from the ginger cats' den. He also swore that the following days and months he saw bruises on Macavity's body. Without seeing it for his owns eyes and not wanting to offend Marisella and have her take Macavity away no one asked if she was hurting her brother, and no one wanted to even think of the idea that she would hurt him.

Luckily though when Marisella began to 'grow up' and fill out she began to spend less time at the Yard. Asparagus Jr was a little sad by that fact since he harbored a crush on the ginger queen. Apparently though, he was too mild for her taste. She would return late at night drunk or high off drugs and stumble back to her den. Those nights Macavity slept at Grizabella's or some other family. But just when everyone felt like their suspicions that Macvity was being abused faded, it got even worse.

It was no secret that Marisella would 'entertain' various toms at her den or outside the Yard. The way she toyed with the other toms of the Yard was evident in this. Coricopat and Tantomile were the adopted kits of Deuteronomy and preferred to live around the back of their father's den in their own little separate one. One night Marisella rushed to the Mystic Twin's part, tears streaking down her face.

"Tantomile!" she cried, "You're the only one I trust. Please you have to help me." She sobbed on her younger friend's shoulder.

Tantomile calmed her friend, "What's the matter Marisella?"

"Are you hurt?" Coricopat asked. "Is some tom after you?"

They sat her down on a stool in their kitchen area. "It's worse I'm afraid," she said sniffling and looking utterly ashamed of herself. Oddly enough the twins detected a hint of something behind the shame, something like happiness and hope. "I-I had sex with a tom."

Tantomile gasped but wasn't surprised, "Did you mate with him?"

"No, just a one night stand." She cried, "B-but. . .I think. . .Well. . .I think I might be pregnant!" She blurted the last part out and then broke into more sobs.

Coricopat began to question the truth in her apparent grief. He looked at his sister, "Well let us try and see if we can detect anything inside of you. Would that-"

"Be alright?" Tamtomile finished his sentence.

Marisella nodded and tried her best to stifle her sobs. Tantomile put her paw against Marisella's stomach and held Coricopat's free paw, his other paw was placed against his temple. For a few moments the two conversed telepathically, both voiced their questions about her apparent sadness without the queen in question hearing. Suddenly Tantomile mentally gasped. At the same moment Coricopat's eyes snapped open and he stared hard at the floor.

Together they saw a vision far, far, into the future. In split seconds they saw an adult Callestia giving birth to a little tom kit in some run down warehouse. Dmeter sat at her back paws helping her with the birth, two young tiger striped calicos they didn't recognize stood in the doorway to the room. The two kept glancing around frantically as if expecting someone to burst out of the darkness. Demeter gave the kit to Callestia who cleaned it off and looked down into the little tom's face.

"His name is Mistofelees." She said with a saddened smile, "Please tell him who I am and that I love him very much. Tell him that we'll see each other when the time is right."

Her gold calico friend nodded silently and kissed her cheek after she wrapped the newborn in a blanket. She nodded at Callestia and then ushered the young ones along with her while they helped her to sneak out of the Warehouse like they knew the place.

Somewhere else in the same warehouse, an adult Macavity was playing cards with an adult Bombalurina. She playfully swatted his arm when she found out he cheated. Suddenly he ran to Callestia. She was crying and gave birth to two more kits, both were dead.

It was only a matter of seconds that the vision lasted. When it was over the twins slowly let their arms down and looked at each other.

Coricopat sighed and walked a few feet away, Marisella looked at them sadly, "Well?"

Tantomile and her twin had seen more than a vision, they had made a terrible discovery. "Marisella. You are my very good friend and I love you deeply. This isn't easy to tell you. . ." The tan and black queen took a deep breath in, she knew how Marisella would react and was ready to protect herself, "But you are unable to have kits."

The sadness in Marisella vanished. Replaced, as it was, by a dark, evil anger that sent out wave after wave of dark energy. Coricopat moved to stand behind his sister incase he needed to fling her out of danger's way as their friend let the news sink in. Her face went from sad to stony.

"Oh. . ." she whispered.

But her reaction wasn't something they had expected. She calmly stood and walked to the entrance of their den. "Thank you for your time my friends." Her voice was robotic and mechanical.

She disappeared into the night.

The next day she came back early in the morning and before she went around a corner to her den, Tantomile spotted her. She saw the ginger queen absolutely covered in dried blood. Tanto awakened her brother and the two followed her scent. Cori peeked into an alley way and when he saw the horror that Marisella had committed he leapt back towards his sister. He covered her eyes and dragged her away from the heavy scent of blood.

"What is it Cori? Please tell me!" She cried out.

He shook his head and quickly placed the image in his memory in a tightly sealed box in his head. He could never let his sister see what he had. He stopped them just outside the Junkyard and looked straight into his sister's dark amber eyes, "Tanti," he called her by that nickname only in desperate times, he had her full and serious, rational attention, "You must never ask me to show you what I saw. I never want you going back to that alley or prying into my head for that memory. Do you understand?"

She nodded, "You have my trust brother. I will never ask you to show me." If it had scared her brother to that extent, Tantomile knew that she didn't even want to imagine what he had seen in that alley.

They became distant from her after that, but that night had the opposite effect on the ginger queen.