Violence! Death! And cussing await you!

I am a HUGE stickler when it comes to time lines and I had to draw out several before I was happy with the timing of everything. I don't know, maybe it's just me but I need the timeing of these stories and everyone's ages to all fit. This story really gave me a massive headache. I love my reveiwers That much!

Well what are you waiting for? Go witness Marisella's dementia!

From the point that Marisella heard she could never have kits she changed yet again. Deuteronomy knew that the Marisella he had accepted into the Junkyard over four years earlier was gone. In her place was a totally unreachable queen. A dark monster in the shell that Marisella had once inhabited. Macavity became more terrified of his sister while the opposite could be said for her relationship with Grizabella's younger daughter, Demeter.

No one quite understood why Marisella chose Demeter. Maybe it was because the golden queen kit was the youngest kitten at the time besides Callestia. And when everyone thought of Callestia they saw that Marisella would always disappear when the little tuxedo queen arrived. She let Macavity play with her all he wanted, but the mysterious ginger queen would either leave the Yard or retreat into her den. Not coming out until the next day.

Young Coricopat, around the same age as Munkustrap, had told Deuteronomy alone of what he had seen and what he knew Marisella had done. And yet he begged the Jellicle Leader to let her stay for Macavity's sake. As terrible as she was to her brother, the ginger tom kit still loved her dearly.

After Deuteronomy heard about what Marisella did he began to understand why she forced herself away from Callestia. Quite simply she didn't want to kill the tuxedo Jellicle. Deuteronomy knew that Marisella was driven to the point of insane jealousy over the fact that Callestia was Macavity's main attraction now. He knew that she knew that after she found out she couldn't have kits that she would kill Callestia if given the chance. So Marisella forced herself to stay away from the second object of her rage.

Marisella's fascination with Demeter only increased when Grizabella chose to leave them two years later. The ginger queen had already despised the Glamour cat, while her brother had adored her. Marisella saw right through Grizabella and her insight striped away the sweet talk and lies that the grey queen had built around herself. The younger queen knew Griz was as shallow as could be and she tried to tell Macavity this through the years but he refused to listen. This was the closest he had had to a mother since his had disappeared, he didn't want to believe she was anything less than perfect.

All that changed when Grizabella left. Macavity had grown to love Callestia and Griddlebone, the white Persian as his sister and right hand, the tuxedo as his kittenhood crush. Callestia had been chosen by the tribe to be the next Glamour Cat and had been taken on as Grizabella's protégé. When she chose to leave the tribe that so loved her, all the kits had grown so attached to her that it ripped them apart.

Tugger and Bomablurina clung to her legs, screaming and begging her to stay, Demeter was too stunned to do anything besides watch, but Grizabella shook them off. Griddlebone was unable to move and sobbed while Macavity held her. His own fragile heart was broken and his love for the grey queen turned to the first form of hate he ever knew. It was when he saw Grizabella simply pat Callestia on the cheek and then walked out of her life forever that he swore revenge on the Glamour Cat. There she was leaving behind the kits that loved her but most importantly to Macavity, she was leaving behind Callestia. That was when he first learned what hatred was, that was the first time he hated a cat.

Macavity swore to himself, and later Griddlebone, that they would never love Grizabella again. They would harbor their hate for her and if she ever did return they would refuse to accept her. If they found her later in life they would make her own life a living hell.

While Macavity brewed over his hurt as Grizabella left them, Marisella grinned from her spot in the shadows. She leaned against a sturdy junk pile with her forearms crossed and grinned as she watched her brother and the rest of his friends cry while that pollicle of a cat walked away so cheerfully. When she really studied her brother though, she felt something akin to pride at the twelve year old tom. She saw that he had learned to hate and knew that this action brought on by the vain queen he had so loved would begin to deeply alter him. If she closed her eyes she swore she could see the future and saw Macavity as a creature she could be proud of.

When he went home that night his anger turned to hurt and grief, Marisella was waiting.

She was sitting at the table with a small bottle of alcohol in front of her. Her head bowed but a malicious smile evident on her face, "So how does it feel brother, to understand rejection?"

His sadness and anger turned to fright, he swallowed the lump in his throat, "She left us." His voice was barely above a whisper.

Marisella lifted her shaggy furred head. "No shit you little peke." Her grin revealed her cruelly sharpened teeth, something she had worked on proudly. "That's what mum and da did to us. Although I think they were probably hit by a car. And you know what? She left the same reason they did. . ." he looked at her, afraid of her answer, the same answer she continuously used on him, "Because. . .of. . .you." Each word was slow and crisp.

He shook his head and stood there lamely. "No," he squeaked and shook his head.

Suddenly Marisella flew from her chair, knocking it back and barreled into her brother. They fell to the ground with her on top of him and punched him in the face.

"Yes! That's right! I would have left you too but of course I'm the only queen who would ever love a fucking stupid little shit like you," she whispered venomously. She continued, "You fucking pathetic waste of life and energy." She grabbed his chest fur and pulled hard, shaking him as she pulled him so close that they touched noses. He was forced to look into the insane glow of his sister's eyes. "If you make one more Jellicle leave I'll kill you little brother." Her voice was even and calm, it scared Macavity so badly that he shook, his tail curled around his hind leg.

Suddenly he closed his eyes because he knew what was coming next. She raised her fist and sent it slamming into his face. She leaned back and began beating him mercilessly, blow after blow to his face. Blood coated her paws when he cried out and begged her to stop but she only yanked him up by his head fur while she floated to her hind paws and shoved his own paw in his mouth. With tears streaming down his face he looked at her.

Her cruel smiled faded, "You have da's eyes. How dare you take those from me! Those were supposed to be mine! All mine!" She screamed. Suddenly, with a burst of magic she flung him toward a brick wall that she had made herself for that very purpose.

Macavity slammed into it head first and slid down to land in a heap on the ground. For a moment Marisella only stared at him. She groaned and put a finger to his neck and wasn't surprised to find that he had no pulse. She had killed him, but this wasn't the first time. She put her claws around his scalp and then formed a spell in her head that she had developed for this situation. With a shock of magic she reanimated her brother. He gasped for breath while she stood and sauntered away to her room, leaving him with a bleeding forehead and a killer head ache.