Hi everyone. So I'm back on the island with a second take on my favorite episode of GI. This time Gilligan isn't forgiving the castaways that easily.

I think this time it'll take more that an apology, dinner and a little party to get Gilligan back home. Basically it's the episode with a new and longer ending.

I've heard an old saying many times in my life. "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." Whoever said that must have not cared what anyone thought. I know I always felt bad when I was teased.

In truth though, words have the biggest impact on life. People often use verbal bullying because it never leaves physical damage. But it does leave unseen scars.

This is my prologue. If you all are interested I'll add to it and make longer chapters. I won't post it like my first story and write the episode this time though. It starts after Gilligan's second run in with the monsters.

Dear Diary,

I still dont no what im gunna do. My mom use to tells me stiks and stons will brek my bons but werds shal never harm me.

If that is tru then why do I still feel so sad diary? I alredy told yous bout my day and the castways said sory but I dont want to fergive them. I thenk I hav only one frend now diary. You.

Gilligan took in a deep sigh, closed his journal and hugged it tightly. It had been such a long day. Gilligan was exhausted. He closed his eyes for sleep when he heard a young female voice calling his name.

Gilligan groaned but exited his small cave and stood up. He came face to face with Mary Ann Summers.

"Hi Gilligan" she greeted with a warm smile. "Hello Mary Ann" Gilligan replied, but without the warm smile. In fact, his voice still held a pinch of bitterness and it made Mary Ann nervous.

"I see your still angry" she answered and Gilligan shrugged. "I don't know...I just don't want to get hurt anymore" he answered flatly.

"Oh Gilligan, we really are sorry" the perky farm girl cooed. She brushed his cheek and Gilligan stepped out of her reach.

"Did you need something Mary Ann?" he asked.

"Were having a party for you…we baked the cake you saw us creating and everything" she answered. 'Be strong Mary Ann' she urged herself. It was hard though, she was trying so hard to not cry.

Gilligan could tell she was hurt and he hated that but he had to stay strong. He just wasn't ready to leave his cave. Long as he was in his cave he felt safe and secure. All he needed now was his diary, she could never hurt him.

I'm not interested" Gilligan answered and Mary Ann choked back a sob.

"Please Gilligan" she begged, her voice cracking slightly. He only shook his head.

"No" he insisted. "It's just too soon Mary Ann…you all don't understand…I…I can't take anymore pain" he added.

Mary Ann let a small tear fall and Gilligan gently brushed it away. "Don't cry Mary Ann…please...not for me" he begged. "I really am sorry Gilligan" she answered and threw her arms around him. Gilligan stiffened slighty but then gave in and gave her a small hug.

"I'm sorry Mary Ann...it's just too soon..." he whispered to her. She pulled back and nodded. "Okay" she said and brushed a tear off her cheek. "But...you ever need me...I'll make you anything if you want it" she said.

The first mate smiled. "I know...thanks Mary Ann...I think the three dinners were enough right now but...save me some cake" he answered. She smiled and nodded.

"Of course..." she said. "Goodby Mary Ann" he whispered. "All right then…goodbye Gilligan….please take care of yourself" she said crouching to speak into the cave.

The young man nodded crouched to go back into his new home. "I will, you take care as well Mary Ann…I'll miss you but…" he called and fell silent. He disappeared into his cave and Mary Ann let tears fall.

'But we underestimated you Gilligan, I just hope you'll forgive all of us….and very soon at that' she thought and hurried back to camp with her bad news.