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As Ginger moved away from the table, she could have sworn she heard a bush rustle.

There wasn't any wind so Ginger smirked. "So Houdini strikes again…here I thought you weren't good at magic Gilligan" she murmured.

With a bemused look on her face, she set off down the trail and found a second piece of evidence. "So, this is what you snuck back for" she murmured and held on to the small pocketknife.

"Gilligan?" The fiery red-haired actress called out as she soon walked to the entrance of Gilligan's cave.

Gilligan crawled out and looked annoyed. "Oh, hi Ginger" he greeted and she smiled at him.

"Hey handsome" she cooed. Gilligan rolled his eyes. "I'm not going back Ginger" he muttered.

Ginger only smirked. "Not even to find this?" she asked. Gilligan looked at her hand and gulped. He then put his hand in his pocket and felt a small hole.

"oops" he said and it made the actress giggle. "Relax, it could be our little secret" she answered with a smirk. Gilligan smiled in relief.

"So, you heard everything right?" she asked and the first mate nodded.

"You're right Ginger…I am afraid this will happen again…" he muttered and Ginger took his hand.

"It probably will Gilligan" she answered and Gilligan stared at her. She squeezed his hand in reply. "Hey, could be worse…least were trying to act like a family…I seen worse performances" she added with a giggle.

Gilligan nodded. "Yeah…" he murmured. Ginger gave a small sad smile and put her head on his shoulder.

"I don't blame you for leaving us Gilligan…I wish I had that courage when I was in Hollywood…" she said.

"You…you were…teased too Ginger?" Gilligan asked. She sat up and nodded. "Teased is a nice way of putting it…" she replied.

"That's terrible…I guess now you'll tell me no one ever apologized" he said and she nodded. "You got it…like I said, least were trying to keep together…" she answered.

"Ginger…" Gilligan murmured and Ginger put a finger to his lips. "Trust me, I know my life wasn't glamorous…but then, I was never worried what people thought…all I cared was what part I could have" she said.

She then sighed. She was never good at apologies but she also knew she had to keep the castaways together. It really was their only chance on survival.

"Look Gilligan…I'm sorry you got hurt…I am still trying to be a castaway Ginger…not Hollywood Ginger" she said honestly. 'There, that wasn't so bad…it felt good actually…he is a good guy…clumsy, sure…but he's sweet' she thought.

"Thanks Ginger" Gilligan answered. He stood and helped her up.

"I still want to stay in the cave a little longer…but thanks…I think your doing fine if you ask me" he added. It made her smile.

"No problem…I guess it's the Howell's turn next…good luck" she said and Gilligan watched her leave.

He waited till she was out of sight before going back inside his new house.

Ginger is nicor then I thawt diary. I gess she rite lest we try to be a family. It nut much, but this iland is feelen like hom. I gess ill go hom soon I did lik my cave its comfee.