Authors Note: Because I'm a nineties baby something's I changed like Ash's age he is 13 in this story but he didn't take a break or nothing that's just how I want it to be. You might notice other small things all the known Pokémon I'll include but know little about the new ones in the current series. (Oh please review and give it a shot.

Chapter One: Semi-Finals!

Ask Ketchum a now 13 year old boy from Pallet Town, after making it to the Semi- Finals in the Unova League challenging the last trainer before facing the Elite Four was defeated by a women and her Raichu a very close match. In the end however fans people in the stadium cheered him on his comrades who couldn't be there sat glued to their T.V. screens viewing the match as the tides of the battle switch back and forth between Ash and his opponent. His comrades at the stands Cilian, Iris, Professor Jupiter, Professor Oak, Ash's mother, his rivals in Unova and his former rival Gary view the match between Ash Ketchum and Hilda White. Though Ash has lost and the battle was over he wasn't angry but slightly disappointed at his outcome. Crowd though praised the two competitors, Ash head down and walking to his fainted Pikachu lifting him up in his arms his yellow companion looking up at him. "You were great." Ash smiled faintly. "Pika." Pikachu responded weakly knocked out.

Hilda walked to her Raichu who sat on the ground breathing heavily; she knelt down placing her hand on his shoulder. "You were terrific I'm proud of you." She smiled. "Rai Rai!" Raichu said proudly before falling on his back.

"Hilda, you and Raichu were awesome." Ash said holding his free hand out with a smile. Hilda looks up and grabs his hand as they signifying their respect for each other in the overall match and showing good sportsmanship.


"Oh, that's my Ash." Mrs. Ketchum smiled proudly.

"You may can't win all the battles but you can always win friends." Professor Oak said profound and arms folded.

Gary smiled. "Grandpa you're so corny."

"That was delicious battle wasn't it Iris?" Cilian ask.

"Yeah, Ash really has come far I guess he's not such a kid after all." Iris acknowledges. "Axew." Her Pokémon agreed.

The crowd went in an uproar of applause and cheers as Ash and Hilda shook hands.

Later that nite Dinner 6:30pm

"Let's eat." Everyone said chowing down on the delicious food in the lavish restaurant for competitors and their family and friends can eat after a hard. The restaurant is glamorous a true five star in every word and the food was all free for competitors, their fam, and friends being paid by the league.

"Oh, Ash!" Bianca sang. "Don't think just because you beat me this year won't mean it'll happen next year." She said smug stuffing some of rice in her mouth.

"If it wasn't for battling me before Hilda you wouldn't have gain the experience you need to beat her so in a way I helped." Trip chimed in then later stuffing pork in his mouth.

"Yeah me too." Bianca said.

"What are you talking about my brilliant skills and natural talent as a trainer brought me this far." Ash said smug with chicken in his mouth. "Pikachu pika." Pikachu agreed with a smile eating an oran berry sitting in Ash's lap. "Yeah but you still lost." Iris laughs causing Ash to almost choke and Pikachu crestfallen. "Now, now Ash did make it to the semifinals." Cilian said trying to cheer him up.

"That's right gives me all the more reason to stick with my decision to go back and collect gym badges again." Gary said. Ash spat his drink out which was saving him from choking earlier to near choking again. "What you're going back to collecting badges Gary what made you change your mind from being a Pokémon researcher." Ash said astonishes and Pikachu looking at Gary to get an idea of what all the fuss was about.

"What change my mind?" Gary said thinking back. "It was between these two guys in the finals they are our age." Gary began seriously Ash look at him intently. "You see Ash, in Kanto region we have a new champion at first it was Blue but he didn't last a month and then this guy name Red appeared."

"Ah, the Blue and Red championship finals I remember that those two look an awful like you and Gary." Professor Oak nodded finding it humorous. "Oh, Red sure did look like my Ashy." Ms. Ketchum smiled also finding it funny.

"Red?" Cilian said.

"Blue?" Iris said. "Axew?" Her Pokémon questions.

"What kind of name are those?" Bianca asks dumbfounded. "Country people picks the simplest names." Trip said.

Ash pondering on what kind of match he missed and how powerful Red and Blue's Pokémon are brought up another question. "So are you gonna compete in the Unova League?"

Gary smiled a cocky smile. "Ash, Ash I'm not gonna to compete in this league. I'm going to the region with the strongest trainers." Gary stood finish with his meal and heading out the door but with saying before leaving. "I'm heading to the 6th and final region in this world the Konan region."

Ash, Pikachu and everyone looks at Gary as he leaves. Ash turns back to the table in silence looking down at Pikachu as his companion looks at him. Mrs. Ketchum looks at her son sadden with his possible decision but thought 'Go for it son!'

"The last region in this world." Iris repeated. "If you think about it that probably the region where a trainer can prove themselves." Cilian said. "6th and final region." Trip said sternly. "I think I'll pass this year and train for next."

"If memory serves right all the Pokémon in the world can be found there as well as Pokémon that can't be found or even live anywhere else." Professor Oak spoke up.

Dinner started back up again everyone at Ash's table resume eating except for Ash as he and Pikachu took a stroll on the full moon night. Ash thought as he looks up at the stars what he should do. He came to a stop as he parked himself on a bench Pikachu on his shoulder. "Pikachu this may sound silly but I'm not sure if I want to go to this region. I challenge the first five leagues and didn't win why should this be any different?"

"Young man I did not teach you to think like that!" Ms. Ketchum scolded. Ash jumped upon hearing his mom scolded him that and he was surprise to see her as he didn't hear her foot-steps. "Mom did you follow me out here?" Ash asked. His mother walked up and right beside him. "I did I wanted to make sure you were safe!" She answers. "Pika!" Pikachu jumped into Mrs. Ketchum's lap and snuggled comfortably in causing her to smile. "Mom you usually don't want me to leave so soon why the change." Ash asks.

"Well honestly I feel better about you leaving now you were so young leaving before and your father already left I didn't like the idea of you two not being there." Mrs. Ketchum said. Ash was even more stunned he felt as if he was hit with stun spore. His mother rarely talk about his father not because she hate him, she loves him just miss him so and hoping one day soon he'll return from his journey. "Mom is you alright?" Ash asks genuinely concern.

"I'm find you see I want you to go over there because your father is over there." Mrs. Ketchum. "WHAT! Dad is over in the Konan region?!" Ash stood baffled and excited has not seen his dad in ages, his mother responded with a nod.

Ash blood began to boil, a feeling flowed through it was familiar like the time he started his journey before for the very first time. Pikachu notice this and leaps on to his friend/trainer shoulder releasing a cheerful cry. Ash clenches his fist smiled and look up at the glowing moon. "Pikachu we're going to the Konan region!"