Chapter 6: Whats Done in the Dark Evolves in the Light!

Ash glared daggers at the mischievous trio, as annoying they can be he could never forget them. They stalked him through every region and prove to be an obstacle every step of the way sometimes a threat sometimes not. The most he probably received a break from them was back in Unova. The trio mockingly looks down at Ash and Moon, they moved up ranks they actually earn this time and it is going to their heads. Icitten stood at Moon's feet growling and Misdrevous levitated around bout as confuse as Moon is. Moon look to Ash and the three from what she saw just staring at each other. "What is this tense atmosphere?" Moon thought sweat rolling down her brow. "Ash you know those people?" Moon asks.

"Hell yes that's Team Rocket and their after my Pikachu!" Ash cried out in fury.

"Tsk, Tsk at ease twerp we don't won't your Pikachu now we just want revenge." Jessie spoke arms now folded.

"Meowth, that's right!" Meowth agreed.

Moon blink twice before noticing the cat Pokémon's speech. "Oh my god you just talk!" She exclaims. Meowth now irritated leap up and use fury swipes on her face. "You just now listening to my cute meouth!?" He said landing back down by Jessie and James. Moon unfazed by the scratches reach for a Great Ball. "I'll forgive you for that now go!" She said throwing it. However though he didn't have to James intercepted it catching the ball then throwing it back at the girl hitting her forehead, Moon pulled it off and glared at him. "What the hell was that for?" She shouted.

"That's for being an idiot!" James retorted.

"Can't you see Meowth is on our side?" Jessie retorted as well.

"You don't want that Meowth it's weak and tells terrible jokes!" Ash spoke up and Pikachu agreed.

"Sticks and stones kid." Meowth sneered. Jessie now annoyed spoke up. "Let's not get distracted we came here for our revenge!" Jessie reaches for a Luxury Ball and threw it. "Go, Hisneal!"

What came out the ball was a snake like Pokémon large as Arbok. Its body is hard a steal, several black dorsal fins going down its back, the tail of the steal serpent resembles a great white shark tale and has a large black shark dorsal fin on its head. Eyes green like poison and black as the abyss and several yellow coral like patches up and down its body, this Pokémon favored a Coral Python.

Moon screamed at its sight causing Icitten and Misdrevous to shield her. "Oh you guys." She sobbed but in a comical manner.

Ash brought out his Nav with the Pokédex app to explain 'Hisneal, the Python Shark Pokémon. Hisneal is part Steel and Poison a Pokémon that is preferred for only skilled trainers to handle. This rarely occurs but if Hisneal believes to have an unworthy or abusive trainer it may swallow its trainer whole or simply abandon the trainer depending on its nature.' The Pokédex finish and with that entry Ash began to sweat at the sight of this Pokémon. "How, that you like my Hisneal intimidate?" Jessie taunts.

"Ok my turn, go Weezing!" James called. Weezing came out its ball levitating beside Hisneal. "Good choice Jimmy!" Meowth said.

"You're using Weezing?" Jessie questions. "Of course me and Weezing blasted off more time than we can count. He wants to exact its revenge too especially after we met up on the mission back in Hoenn." James remembers fondly before tearing up. "I thought I'll never see him again." James sobbed.

"Good idea maybe I should team up with Arbok now sense we met up back in Hoenn I know she wants revenge too." Jessie said reaching for her ball.

"No, you and Hisneal need training!" James spoke with authority the sobbing ending in an instant. "Hey!" Jessie spoke and Hisneal glared.

Moon and Ash view this back and forth display of the pair. "Whats wrong with them? Don't they know we're having a battle?" Moon said.

"Pikachu use Thunder!" Ash called.

"Icitten, Algua Shot!" Moon shouted and the Pokémon responded. James, Jessie, and Meowth narrow their eyes viewing the attacks come their way. Hisneal deflect both Algua Shot and Thunder with a whip of its tail. Ash and Moon both stunned by this sweating Pikachu's best attack and Icitten's go to attack not working, a cocky grin is grew on the trio's face. "Let's take this outside." Jessie suggested more like an order.

Sun now finishing the match up against Hayner which turn out to be a 6 on 6 battles, unfortunately Hayner is on his last Pokémon a Duskull while Sun is sticking with Banette. Hayner focus on the opponent thinking of what move to use next. "Duskull, Shadow Sneak!" Hayner shouted. Duskull proceeded to attack. "Banette, Psychic!" Sun shouted. A force came over Duskull as it is thrown throughout the air until it was slammed on the ground spirals in its eyes. "That's it Duskull fainted!" Sun called the match. "I won."

Hayner fell on his knees in defeat head down. The crowd looks on quiet for a second before wailing in applause. "That's the Hoenn Region champion for you!" A man said. "He may not be our regional champion but he is from Konan and that's how we do." Another said. "I think I'm in love." A woman said.

Sun heard clapping from the Suite entrance as Cid proceeded to walk towards him with Hitmontop at his side. "So that's where you were." Sun said running toward the pain Banette in toe. "Oi, champion don't you need to cheer up the challenger." Cid pointed. Sun looks back Hayner still on his knees, no one likes to loose. Hayner felt a shadow over him looking up to see Sun extending his hand out. "That was a pretty good battle." Sun smiled. Hayner smiled back accepting the hand pulling him up. "Thanks." Hayner smiles softly. "Now bring it in you two why don't you check in for the night." Cid suggested with a smile. Sun nodded Banette and Hitmontop walking at his side heading toward the hotel.

Cid and Hayner began having a private conversation as they walk behind the champ. "Did you wear down his team?" Cid asks. "He only uses Banette and I'm assuming the only other Pokémon he has on him is Hitmontop. I know for a fact I barely put a dent in his Banette." Hayner answers. Cid sighs in annoyance the task of taking down a champ was hard and worst it was unexpected that one with said title would appear here. "Don't worry about it once he checks in to his room it's all over." Cid said narrowing his eyes at Sun. "You will pay Hoenn brat."

Sun, Hitmontop and Banette are in the lobby the only ones there currently. "He's dragging his ass to get here must be talking to a friend of his." Sun assumed. Hitmontop tugged at Sun's pants hoop resulting to Banette to swat Hitmontop's hand away assuming he is being disrespectful to the champ, a small scuffle amongst the two was about to occur before Sun squatted down and intervene. "Hitmontop you follow him like I said? Did you see anything suspicious?" Sun asks and Hitmontop nodded to both questions. "Is that so like I thought old habits die hard but I wonder what he is up to?" Sun questions, Banette began spoke trying to communicate with his master. Sun looks back to see Cid waving off to someone and is now walking back to the suite. "Alright, Banette fade threw the walls and see if you find anything suspicious and let me know." Banette nodded sinking to the floor. Hitmontop look up giving a questioning look on what he should, Sun answering back. "When we are in our rooms and the coast is clear you help out by searching the suite, if you run into any trouble use force." Sun smiles. "You have my permission to go all out."

Hitmontop nodded with a smile of his own as the two waited at the front desk. Hitmontop caught Sun's attention and pointed to the wall, Sun taking note to search that later. Cid stepped in heading to the elevator going up to their room. "Right this way." Cid said. Sun and Hitmontop follow Cid into the elevator escorting them to the top floor where there rooms are. 'Later I'll use my Poke-Nav to contact Moon and Ash, I wonder how they are doing? I need to warn them not to come here and that we are possibly in danger.' Sun thought.

The battle amongst team rocket is being fought outside the store. The only reason specters weren't around is because of the battle between the champ and Hayner. That and they are in the back alley Jessie, James, and Meowth choosing to be in cognito the battle as of now seems to be in favor of the trio. Icitten panting heavy, Pikachu bruise and batter exhausted, the only ones not fighting are Meowth and Misdrevous. Meowth opting to not get his hands dirty and 'watch the slaughter fest' and Moon suggesting to Misdrevous to watch 'how to win a battle' however on her and Ash end not so good. Moon took a couple steps back feeling the pressure of the match between Team Rocket.

"Is this a joke their so strong." Moon gulped. "Ash…" She said looking at him for comfort.

Ash was at the point now that he didn't know what to do against them. All those battles Ash and this trio has with each other before seems to be a dream. A dream that he actually beat them so many times, Jessie and James are a lot stronger now their Weezing and Hisneal assault Pikachu in such a brutal manner that it went from a battle to a fight for survival. "This revenge…beating me…is this what you wanted?" Ash said head down. "Because…I'm not done yet!" Ash shouted. Moon stared at Ash a feeling came over her when he said that statement. His will power to keep going made her…not want to. Moon was girl if you haven't guessed by now is a girl with more guy friends then females. She from experience knew when guys get like this it was pure stubbornness of them wanting to test their manhood and skills. A trait like that she picks up as well but knew this wasn't the time.

She doesn't know the history between them and Ash but knew these people standing before them are dangerous. "Oh, know twerp we are going to more than that." Jessie said interrupting Moon's thoughts. "Weezing use Sludge Bomb go!" James called. Weezing responded striking Pikachu poising the electric rodent. "Pikachu!" Ash called. Pikachu laid there a purple tent under his nose breathing heavily. "Pikachu I know you can do it get up. We can't lose to these guys!" Ash shouted. Pikachu wanted to listen but couldn't find the strength to battle. He laid there breathing heavily consciousness fading. Ash was more irritated than concern blinded by his rage of losing to all people them. "Pika…!" Ash began but is cut off.

"Stop it Ash its over! Pikachu is sick…!" Moon shouted at him. She held her head shamefully down as she spoke. "We lost."

Ash head is down walking over to Pikachu than lifting him up in his arms noticing the poison in the rodent for the first time. "Hang on buddy I'm going to take care of you." Ash tried to speak optimistically. "Not so fast twerp you didn't think we'll just let you leave!" Jessie sneers and her Hisneal hissed.

"That's right how are we going to execute our revenge if up and outtem kid." Meowth sneered as well. "You're going to be just like the other trainers at Sea Salt Suites." James sneered.

"Other trainers?" Moon questions now holding Icitten in her arms as Sun safety came to mind.

Back in Sea Salt Suites Sun is moving down the tip toeing pass cameras and dodging hotel employees. His is taking extra precautions not sure if any of the employees are align with Cid. However after spending at least 15 minutes in the room for Cid's reassurance and to break Cid's suspicion he ducked out. He is now on the fifth floor of the eight story building and the thought in his mind kept bothering him. 'Where is everyone?' At this time of night trainers are going out or not there should be some kind of noise. The building is silent as if it's uninhabited but that couldn't be right sense Cid said they are booked. This hotel is a place for beginners and veterans so regardless a party or kick back even at this time of night should be taking place but nothing. Silence and footsteps is what can be heard.

Ash and Moon are in horror as to what the Team Rocket Trio has shared with them the cocky grins still on their face. "No way! Everyone in the suite!" Ash said. "That's right." Jessie laughs.

Ash head is down holding back the panic he felt as he gripped Pikachu to his chest. "No…" He said silently. "HELL NO! IWON"T LET YOU HAVE PIKACHU!" He shouted. Thankfully his outburst snaps Moon out her trance after what the trio shared with her. "Misdrevous Shadow Ball between us and those three!" Moon shouted. Misdrevous on cue shot the ball causing a dark explosion between them.

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Ash already understanding Moon's plan which is the two carry their Pokémon and run as quickly as they can away from here, Moon thanking Misdrevous then returning her. "We need to go back to the suite and get Sun!" Moon shouted. "I'll use my Poke-Nav to call him!" Ash said. 'Pikachu don't worry I will protect you!' Ash thought. Moon looks back to check and see how far they got from team rocket not seeing them in sight and near exciting the back alley. Feeling of relief wash over the two but is soon drain away Weezing hover down a few feet in front of them causing them to halt. A second later using dig Hisneal pop from under Ash and Moon's feet knocking them against buildings on opposite directions. Ash held on tightly to Pikachu but Moon lost her grip at the sudden impact and Icitten fell out her hands. Ash due to the impact has lost consciousness hitting his head against the building funny. It is now just Moon sitting half way up almost fainted watching Hisneal wrap its tail around Icitten slithering back to Team Rocket who appear a few feet from the direction they were running. "Well at least we got one of the twerps Pokémon." James said. "I want to catch them all!" Jessie retorted. "Look harder you may have a shot!" Meowth said noticing Ash and Pikachu's unconsciousness.

Moon getting herself together weakly stood glaring at the serpent Pokémon she feared and her Icitten trying to wiggle out only to see its captor squeezing tighter. She thought of using Misdrevous but thought against it seeing that the newly caught Pokémon has no chance. "Where do you think you're going with Icitten?!" Mustering her courage she ran wrapping her arms tightly around Hisneal tale the Pokémon ignoring her futile attempts and simply drag her along. However Team Rocket is not. "Damn, you don't know when to quit!" Jessie said. "You'll do wonderfully with us."

"Weezing bash into that girl until she let's go!" James shouted. "Yeah!" Meowth agreed.

Weezing ram into Moon's back causing the girl to yelp but her grip got tighter. The assault continue Moon refusing to let go, Weezing hitting different parts of her back and Icitten trying to free herself even harder due to her trainers attempts. Icitten meow louder and louder screaming to be free until, Moon spoke. "Icitten it's alright!" Icitten stops flailing and looks down at her trainer still being dragged by the impassive Hisneal. "I will protect you…to the end and after." Moon said tears in her eyes as she felt herself loosing this battle. Weezing not giving up assaulting her and Hisneal not slacking off, Icitten tear up as well her meows becoming a roar.

Track Ends

To everyone surprise Icitten begins to glow. The madness stopped, Hisneal turn around to see what is happening as its tail begins to stretch. Weezing look upon the glowing Icitten and Jessie and James look in awe as the Pokémon glows. Meowth also stopped as he was in the middle of tip toeing over there and stealing Pikachu a foot away. Ash began to regain himself the light from Icitten you can say disturbing his slumber. "Icitten are you…?" Moon said letting go her Pokémon steadily growing out her grip and she sat on her knees. "It's evolving." Meowth noted.

The light ceased as a Bobcat appearing Pokémon stood. A Pokémon with artic blue fur and eyes, deep black whiskers, a patch of black fur comb smoothly down its head, body cover in elegant white patches resembling snowflakes and a tail like an Icicle. The paws are also black but are like lion paws as it stood their proudly in front of its trainers defending moon. The newly evolve Icitten roared.

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