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"Julie, bring me over those reports, will yah?" called Lloyd, the fill in team manager for the afternoon shift of the town's DMV.

He was acting in that role as the tight wad bosses didn't want to promote him to full time team leader. The extra pay would blow their budget.

The team leaders they had on the payroll were all off on worker's comp.

On full pay.

Stress leave.

They had all reported seeing a ghost, and one of them even went so far as to claim it threw him across the room.

So it meant they were on a paid vacation, pretty much.

Which meant there was no room in the budget for Lloyd to take on the roll permanently, but they were still happy for him to work his ass off for less pay. Not a very fair situation, but he was a nice guy. He didn't take it out on the rest of the staff.

He did, however, expect them to put in the same hours he did.

Julie scurried into his office, her cork wedges scuffing the parquet floor as she clutched the manila folders against her breast. "Here they are, Lloyd. Hey, I need to ask you" she sat the reports on the growing pile on the crowded desk top. "Can we get out of here before ten? I really need to get home to my cat Mattie."

Lloyd looked up at the large middle aged woman. "Got a heap to do here, Julie. I'd appreciate the help"

Julie frowned down at him. "We both know we are not going to get paid overtime for this. You don't have the authority to approve that. And besides, being here after dark give me the heebie jeebies"

Lloyd nodded. "Yeah, I know. Me too. But with everything that has happened, well, you know, ton of stuff to get through"

Julie groaned. "Gawd, Lloyd, you'll be the death of me before long, I'm telling you!"

Lloyd stood and walked over to the coffee pot. "Dammit. Empty" he turned to Julie. "If we could get outta here before ten, trust me, I will be right there with you"

A door slammed from somewhere down the hall and Julie yelped, looking at Lloyd with her eyes wide.

"Now, don't panic, girl, it's probably just Jorge, the cleaner, finishing up"

"I'd believe you if I hadn't locked the front door behind him a half hour ago" she whispered back, her hands clutching at her scarf in nervous panic.

Footsteps could be clearly heard as they walked along the parquet floor towards Lloyd's office.

The lights flickered and Julie yelped again, this time she lunged at her boss and grabbed him, wrapping her arms around him and burying her face into his shoulder.

Lloyd tipped her face up. "It's okay, Jules, it's okay. We'll be all right"

The lights flickered again and this time the hallway lights started to pop and fizzle, one by one going out as they followed the steady progress of the footsteps making their way towards the office.

Julie buried her face into Lloyd's shoulder again, her breath now coming in quick, frightened sobs as her manager held her tight, his heart hammering in his chest, his level of fear now matching hers as the steps reached his door.

She screamed a muffled, panicked cry as the office door slammed shut, the overhead fluorescent exploding in a shower of glass and sparks above them.

Lloyd felt his bladder release as the glass in all of the office windows overlooking the hallway exploded inward, the half light from the hall catching the display of shredded, splintered glass as it flew through the room.


Dean sopped his toast into his eggs and looked over at the window. "Rain don't look like it's giving up anytime soon"

Sam shrugged and turned the paper around to show his brother the headlines. "Another one. Last night"

The waitress moved to their table and topped up their coffee cups, dropping a wink in Sam's direction as she moved away.

Sam frowned at Dean's smirk. "Uh, anyway. Look" he tapped the paper. "Three people killed after getting their cars road worthies at the DMV. Two more after getting their licenses renewed. Then, last night" he tapped the paper again "Mrs. Fry gets smashed into a light pole after transferring her car into her name from her husband's."

"So, DMV it is. Whadda yah think it is? Angry spirit?"

Sam shrugged. "Yeah. Probably. I can't find much on the local history until we hit town."


"Yeah. Library"

"My favorite" Dean took a large mouthful of coffee and wiped his mouth on the bright pink paper napkin. "Okay. I'm done here. You ready to hit the road?"

Sam pulled out his money clip and flipped a couple of bills onto the Formica table top. "I'm finished. Sooner we leave, sooner this job is over"


The flashing lights in the rear view caught Dean's eye and he groaned.

Sam looked up from his laptop. "What?"

Dean hooked a thumb behind him. "Five-O, dude"

"You speeding?"

Dean snorted. "Not this time. I think he's run the plates."

Sam pulled open the glove box and rummaged through the rubbish and papers in there. He pulled out the registration and insurance and looked at them before he handed them to Dean.

"I think you got a problem" He closed his computer and sat it in the back seat as Dean pulled over. "Registration is made out to Mrs. Gladys Pilmer"

"Great. Can't just luck out for once"

The cop pulled up behind them but didn't get out of his car straight away. Dean watched him in the mirror, wondering how he'd explain the stolen Pontiac they were currently driving.

The cop finally dragged his fat ass out of the patrol car and scuffed his way up to the rusted brown heap the Winchesters were sitting in.

He leaned into the window, the smell of his garlic breath almost overwhelming.

All Dean could see was the smudge of mustard in the corner of the cop's mouth.

"You boys know you got a tail light out?" he drawled.

Dean raised his eyebrows. "No sir. I had no idea about that at all"

"Papers" demanded the cop. Dean handed them over, his demeanor a lot calmer than he felt. They could not afford for the police to take them in.

Not with the Leviathans looking for them.


Dean handed over his fake license with his left hand, his breath even, his right hand curled around the handle of his gun.

The cop took of his aviator sunglasses. "The registration says the car belongs to a Mrs. Gladys Pilmer, but your license is in the name of John Smith"

Dean smiled at him, his eyes filled with sincerity. "Aunt Gladys. Yes. I just bought it off her, 'bout a month ago"

The cop didn't smile back. "Why is the car still in her name?"

Dean glanced at his brother. Turning back to the cop he shrugged, the bright smile still in place. "Guess I just haven't got around to it yet"

"Step out of the car" The cop stepped back to allow Dean to open the door.

"What? Why? Officer, we can sort this out!"

The police officer put his sunglasses back on, his other hand resting on the butt of hiss police issue gun. "I said get out of the car"

Dean surreptitiously handed his gun to Sam and opened the car door with a sigh. He didn't need this kind of trouble. Not by a long shot.

"We got a problem, here, officer?"

"Son, you may have a whole world of problems. But with me, here?" He pointed to the back of the car. "See the tail light? Have a look at it"

Dean frowned but walked to the back of the car. Sure enough, one light was smashed clean through.

"You need to get that fixed. And you need to get this car transferred into your name"

"Will do, sir, I promise. Just as soon as I can"

The cop shook his head. "Now. Today. You bought this car a month ago, you said?"

Dean nodded.

"You've had plenty of time to transfer it into your name. We're going straight to the DMV. I'll follow you"

Dean looked surprised. "What? No. Really" he pointed back at the busted tail light. "I'll get it fixed, and I'll transfer the registration, you don't have to go to all that trouble"

The policeman rocked back on his heels. "Well, boy, it's like this" His hand had not left the gun. "I either follow you straight to the DMV, or I write you up. What's it gonna be, boy?"

Dean looked down at his feet, then back at the cop. "Well, sir, I'd say that's a very generous offer. I'd be happy to have you follow us into town"

The cop finally smiled, but there was no humor behind the mustard embellished grin. "Just what I wanted to hear"

Sam looked up as Dean climbed back into the car. "Well, at least it's right where we were headed"

Dean shot him a sharp look. "Not the way I wanted to make my way into town, there, Sammy"

"Maybe next time hook a car that's roadworthy"

"No shit, Sherlock"

"Just saying"


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