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"What is it with you and Japanese crap?" Dean complained as he changed the gears in the early model import, pushing the little car to its limit'

"Had to hook a roadworthy car this time, Dean. Can't have that cop pulling us over again"

"Fine. I get it. I tell you one thing I don't get" he turned into the darkened dirt road, the poor headlights only illuminating maybe a hundred yards in front of them. "Why bury her in a pet cemetery? Didn't he see the movie?"

The car sped up, rocking and bucking over the pot holed gravel road.

"Dean. Slow down. You're going too fast for this kinda road"

Dean pulled at the steering wheel. "It aint me, bro. I think the car's got a case of the Honor O'Mara's"

Sam sat up straighter as the speed increased, his expression concerned. "Dean?"

"Hang on. Put on your seat belt. I'm gonna try to hit a tree before it gets any faster"


"Just do it!"

Sam leaned over and buckled his brother up first, Dean could not let go his death grip on the steering wheel or risk losing his tenuous control of the car.

He did up his own then braced himself, both hands on the dash and his legs spread as best he could.

"You ready?"


"Here goes nothing" Dean pulled as hard as he could at the wheel, pointing the car towards a tall, sturdy looking pine.

Before they could reach the tree the car hit a large pot hole and flipped, sailing high into the air and spinning over, once, twice, and again before coming to rest upside down at the base of the pine tree in a horrifying crunch.

For a moment there was only the sound of the engine cooling, the clock-like tick tick tick a quiet, ominous noise in an otherwise silent night.

A moment passed and a thump from the inside of the car stopped once the occupant realized the door was not going to open, the crushed, compacted roof preventing any chance of getting that door open without mechanical help.

A couple of swift kicks and the windscreen clattered out in one large piece and Sam emerged, his face a little bruised and a trickle of blood wept from his hairline, but other than that he seemed surprisingly unscathed.

Dean crawled out after him, moving a little slower and stiffer, but moving.

"Stuff's in the trunk" Sam rubbed his back, absently trying to soothe a hidden scrape.

Dean nodded. "Great. Well, we gotta flip it, then"

Sam moved beside his brother and without a great deal of effort managed to roll the car back onto all four wheels.

"I take it back" Dean tugged at the trunk, relieved when the lid flew up without too much tugging.

"Take what back?"

"We couldn't have flipped any other car."Dean pulled out a box of salt. "Turns out Jap Crap was the perfect choice"

"Great. Fine. Let's just go burn Glen Close" Sam was filling a duffle with supplies.

"I think I hurt my back. You're gonna have to do the digging" Dean's mouth was tipping at the corners in a ghost of a cheeky smile.

"Funny Dean" Sam pursed his lips.

"No, I'm serious. Can barely walk"

"Not working, Dean. I'm not digging up the juicy corpse all by myself"



"Just how far away is this cemetery?" Dean asked, the grin in full force by now.

"I'm not carrying you, Dean"

"It's not that" Dean answered. "I can hear a car"

Sam turned around. "Yeah. It's our car. Um, maybe run?"

"Yah think, Einstein?"

The brothers turned and began to run along the side of the dirt road, carrying the shovels and the duffle full of salt and kerosene.

They could hear the motor of the small Japanese car screaming as it sped along the road, one wheel listing due to a bent axle causing the car to fishtail and swerve like a drunkard was driving.

In this case, no one was driving.

The car, even though it was having great difficulty maintaining a forward direction, was gaining speed and closing the gap towards the running hunters.

"Faster!" yelled Sam. "Dean, run!"

Dean chanced a quick look over his shoulder and realized he could not outrun the car.

Sam might be able to, but he couldn't.

"Sam" he gasped between breaths, his legs pumping in a powerful rhythm. "Keep going. Dig the grave"

"What? Dean, no!" Sam stumbled a little as he turned to check the seriousness on his brother's face. "No! Dean!"

Dean checked the distance between himself and the car with another quick glance and turned, running off onto a dirt track leading off the road they were on.

The car did not veer to turn so Dean stopped and waved his arms above his head. "Hey! Hey, you faceless bitch, hey!"

The car swerved towards him and he risked a glance at his brother. Sam hadn't stopped running; his long legs were covering the ground at a rate Dean could never hope to match.

The car swung wide and skidded as it tried to make the corner with its rickety wheel.

Dean turned and ran again, trying to outrun the car that was determined to bring an end to him.

He ran, his lungs bursting, his breath a cold, rasping blade in his throat as he tried to stay ahead of the car in its death race towards him.

The track had not been maintained in quite some time, the pot holes were worse here than the road and the car struggled to maintain any great speed as the poltergeist steered it after the hunter.

Dean glanced behind himself and felt a pang of hope as her realized the gap was growing, he was out running the car.

He noticed a tree ahead, if he could maintain this pace he could jump to the lower branches and swing himself up, out of the reach of the murderous vehicle in pursuit of him.

Smile hinting at the corners of his mouth he stretched his legs even further, harder, gaining even more advantage as he pushed himself to his very limit.

He could see the branch he was going to grab and lifted his arms to reach for it, taking his eyes off the pockmarked road.

Dean tripped, his boots catching the lip of a rather big hole and he fell crashing face down on the red dirt track.

His momentum caused him to skid forward, tearing his jeans, ripping his knees open and grating off the skin from his outstretched hands.

His face had taken the full weight of his body, making him dizzy and momentarily blinded by the dust in his eyes.

Dean scrambled, his boots digging at the road as he tried to gain purchase.

He had made it to his feet and even managed a few steps when the car hit him.


Sam had never dug a grave faster in his life, well aware his brother's life would depend on how quick he could torch the poltergeist's bones.

Luckily the grave was shallow and exactly where John had said it was.

Sam had unearthed the woman with no more than a few shovel swipes, he had poured kerosene over her and was salting her body when honor's ghost appeared before him.

Sam could see that she had been a pretty girl, but now her apparition was the stuff of nightmares.

Her eyes were black holes, her mouth a gaping maw.

Her clothes hung in tatters and her hair was that of a harpy.

She hissed in a feral manner and raised one hand, sending Sam flying over the make shift grave markers surrounding her last resting place.

Sam blinked, his head spinning, and struggled up to his feet as Honor appeared closer to him.

"He killed me" she hissed.

"Yeah. You murdered his family" Sam stepped back as Honor took a step forward, her head tilted crazily to one side as she flickered in and out like a television screen with poor reception.

"He drove me to it"

Sam bent down, not taking his eyes off the apparition. "You think he wanted you to kill his family, Honor?"

"He drove me to it" She hissed again.

Sam grabbed up the box of salt he had been using and flung a stream of white at the ghost, hitting her in the face.

She screamed and disappeared.

Sam took the chance to run to the makeshift grave, pulling a matchbook out as he ran.

Honor appeared again, her hands outstretched and her head askew as she screamed her rage and fear.

Sam stumbled backwards as he flung the lighted matchbook, instantly the woman exploded into flames and was gone in an heartbeat.

He stood for a moment, looking down at the burning corpse but feeling no remorse. The woman had murdered three children and their mother.

This was about all she deserved.

Looking up Sam ran a hand through his hair. "Oh god, Dean" he gasped, and took off at a brisk jog to find his brother.


"Well, it's been three days. I'd say Honor O'Mara is not coming back" Dean popped the last morsel of his cheeseburger into his mouth and picked up his beer. His cheeks were grazed and weeping, one eye was blackened and his palms looked like they had lost a war with a cheese grater.

But he was alive.

Bruised, sore, but very much alive.

Sam again felt a little waive of nausea pass over him as her recalled finding his brother's body in the middle of the dirt track, covered in dust, blood and looking al the world like a dead man.

And then the relief as Dean had turned over and smiled at him.

Better feeling than Christmas, that was.

"Can't believe we got outta this one so easy" Sam pushed his plate away, his appetite lost.

"Bout time we had a simple salt and burn"

Sam huffed a short laugh.


"Funny how a simple salt and burn included a library falling on our head, nearly a dozen dead and flipping a car three times, crashing into a pine tree and you getting run down and near killed"

Dean lifted his glass, his smile sparkling into his green eyes. "Like I said, simple salt and burn"


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