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Chapter 1: Anticipation

One morning, at Duel Academy, snoring filled the Slifer Red dorm.

"Jay…" a voice said, in a caring and tired tone. A grumble is heard.
"Jay…" it went again, a few seconds after the first grumble.
"Jaden, please wake up. We don't want to be late for when the transfer arrives."

"Jeez private. We ain't gettin' the sarge up if you try to wake him up like that." Another voice said. It sounded a lot more brash than the other voice.
"And how do you suppose we wake him up?"
"Like this…"

A few seconds passed before…
"FRIED SHRIMP FOR BREAKFAST!" was heard all around the room.
Immediately, the brunette sleeping shot up, shouting "Fried shrimp for breakfast? Where?! Where?!"
"Told ya that'd wake up Sarge…"
"Sy, Hassleberry? What's going on?" the third voice said, a little tired."
"Jaden. We have to go to the port. The transfer student's gonna arrive soon. Plus if we don't go, Crowler's gonna give us detention."
"Transfer student? Let's go!"

Time skip a couple of hours:

Jaden, Syrus, and Hassleberry arrived at the port, only to find a crowd at the port, all eager to see the new transfer student.
"Looks like Slacker got up on time for something." A snobbish voice said nearby.
"Hey Chazz. What are you doing here?" Jaden asked.
"What does it look like I'm doing here? I'm here to see the transfer student that everyone's talking about, and gonna give'em the Duel Academy welcome." Chazz said.

At that time, a group consisting of three girls came to the port. One of them had long, dirty blonde hair and amber eyes. Another had medium length, dark reddish/brown hair. The last one had black hair with a silverish-gray tint, tied into something resembling a ponytail.
"Hey Alexis." Jaden called out as he saw her. "What're you doing here?"
"Same reasons as you all are." Alexis said. "To see the new kid that everyone's talking about."
"From what I've heard, he's supposed to be a good duelist, but a better athlete." Jasmine said, blushing a little.
"Plus I heard he's cute." Mindy added, while blushing.
Another girl, walking alone, arrived behind Alexis, Mindy, and Jasmine.
"Hey everyone." She said. Everyone turned to face her.
"Hey Shirley." Alexis said. "What's up?"
"Seeing the supposed transfer student."
"Then I assume you heard what Jasmine and Mindy are saying about this person?" Alexis said. They turned to see that Jasmine and Mindy are still blushing.
"Yeah. We won't know until he arrives. The only things I've heard are that he's a good duelist, and a better athlete." Shirley said.
"What do you mean by athlete?" Jaden asked.
"Don't you know, Jaden?" Syrus asked.
"Let's say I don't." Jaden said.
"They're saying that this transfer student's also a star player. A lot of people were calling this person a 'star guard' or something." Syrus said.
"Star guard? What in Sam Hill is that supposed to mean?" Hassleberry asked.
"It means that this person plays basketball, plays at the guard positions, and is supposedly very good." Shirley explained.
"I'll teach him to guard the stars that he's gonna be seeing after I'm done with him." Chazz said, smirking somewhat evilly.
"And after that, we'll see what happens when you get reported for hazing." Shirley remarked, coldly.
"Why I oughta…" Chazz said, glaring at Shirley, with Shirley returning the glare with dagger eyes.
"Oh man. She got you good there Chazz." Jaden said, trying to hold in his laughter, which didn't work out very well.
"Shut it slacker!" Chazz said, with anger in his voice, facing Jaden now. Shirley looked on, without the dagger eyes now.
Alexis and Hassleberry pushed Jaden and Chazz, respectively, away from each other. Jaden and Alexis both blushed a little when they realized what they were doing.
"Anyway, let's just wait until the new person shows up." Shirley said. Everyone agreed, and waited. During the time, Bastion, Atticus, Aster, and Zane showed up.

The ship arrived about a couple of hours later, and out came a couple of transfers. They weren't special, so everyone groaned. Then, another person came out of the ship, luggage in one hand, with a backpack and a duffel bag wrapped around his shoulders.
"No. It can't be…could it?" Shirley muttered to herself.
"Can't be who?" Jaden asked. Shirley was still in a trance, and didn't answer.
Everyone turned to Shirley and saw her in a trance.
"Earth to Shirley. Shirley, you there?" Alexis asked, waving her hand in front of Shirley's face.
Shirley came back to her senses.
"Jee, Shirley, you had us worried for a second." Atticus said.
"Sorry. I was zoning out." Shirley said. She was mentally scolding herself, getting caught thinking about whether the person was a person from her past.

The figure walked out of the ship into everyone's view. Everyone groaned, seeing a person in a suit, assuming that said person was the other's agent, or something along those lines.
"Who the hell is he?" one person muttered.
"Is he their agent or something?" another person muttered.

A lot of other people complained and left, leaving Jaden and his group of friends, and Shirley at the port.
"Is that…" Shirley started to mutter.

End Chapter One

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