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Kevin's POV:

After leaving the others at the port, Shirley and I started to walk towards the dorms.

"So, Kevin. What have you been up to since I last saw you?" Shirley asked.
"A lot."
"I know that. But I mean anything interesting, like the fact that you play basketball."
"Well, about that…"
"When did you start?"
I tried to not look at her after she asked.
"When did you start playing?" she repeated.
"I started…I started to play when I was around 7. To be honest, it kind of took my mind off you moving."
"So the move affected you too?"
"Of course it did. We never even got a chance to say bye or anything."
"I know. My mom never did say why we moved. By the way, how's your family been?"

When she asked that, I stopped walking and looked away from her and at the ground.
"I…It's something that I don't want to talk about." I say, coldly.
Shirley turned to see that I wasn't following her anymore, and stopped.
"Why? Did something happen?"
"It's something I don't want to talk about."
"But…" Shirley started. She then saw the cold stare I was giving her and she then decided to drop it.

You see, I was around 9 years old when my parents were killed. They died in a car accident. I never forgot the sight of it. Seeing the deformed bodies, spewing blood from everywhere, limbs distorted and bending in ways they normally shouldn't. The driver was found to be drunk driving, around a 0.28 BAC. That was when my older sister, Sarah, who was around 17 at the time, was forced to take care of my younger brother and me. My younger brother was 7 at the time. Four years later, my sister was stabbed to death by people trying to rob her when she went out with her friends for the night. Before then, it was hard to keep my head up and be optimistic for my younger brother. After hearing about my sister's murder, things were that much harder. Since then, my brother and I have been living with our aunt and uncle. They were always kind and acted like how parents treat teens. But the truth was, they just weren't my parents. From time to time, I'd break down, unable to keep my head high. I kept it high for my brother, to show him that everything is going to be alright.

Shirley's POV:

When Kevin didn't want to talk about his family, I was wondering why. I was hoping that I could get it out of him using the best friend card. Unfortunately, he wouldn't open.
'Why doesn't he want me to know about his family? It's been 10 years since I've seen them, and I want to know how they've been.' I thought. 'If he doesn't want to open up, I guess he doesn't. For now, at least.'
"It's alright. You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to." I tell him.
"Thanks Shirley." He says. "Enough about that, how about we catch up later?" he asks, trying to lighten the mood.
"Sure, big guy. Just name the time and place." I said, while a little blush was creeping up my face. 'Oh God, I hope he doesn't notice me blushing. And why do I feel this way around him? I've only seen him again for about an hour, and I already want him.' I thought. 'I wonder what he's thinking right now…'

Kevin's POV:

I tried to lighten the mood by asking her if she wanted to catch up later.
'Why am I nervous around her? I mean, I know I haven't seen her in 10 years, but why am I getting this feeling now? I've never felt this way before. So why now?'
"Sure, big guy. Just name the time and place."
I felt a minor blush creeping on my face when she called me big guy.
'Why am I blushing? Oh crap. I hope she doesn't notice it. Wait. She said for me to decide when we catch up. Answer her, you dumbass.' I thought.
"How about tonight? After dinner."
"I don't know…I mean it is party night at Chazz's tonight."
"Party night?"
"Well, we throw a party sometimes, and it's at Chazz's dorm most of the time."
"Did any of those perverts try doing anything to you during these parties?" I ask, angrily.
'Wait. I'm getting angry thinking Shirley is doing THAT with one (or more) of these guys? What the hell is wrong with me? I don't think of Shirley in that way? Do I?' I thought.
"No. I'd kick their asses to the next century before they get their hands on me. Plus I'm saving that for someone special." I mentally sighed a breath of relief after hearing that.
'Same old Shirley from all those years ago.' I thought, while chuckling a bit.
"So where is his dorm?"
"Slifer Red."
"So the arrogant prick's a Slifer?" I said, struggling due to laughter. "Man, that's a riot."
"He was an Obelisk Blue Before, but then went to North Academy. Long story."
"North Academy?"
"Rival school."
"Ah. Got it. By the way, where am I staying?"
"Well, most transfers are put into Slifer Red until they get the chance to test. So I'd assume you'd be in Slifer till then. Though I do have to warn you, the Slifer dorm looks like a run-down shack."
"Not a problem. Could be worse."
"I hear that. Plus why are we standing around? Let's get moving."

Shirley's POV

We stayed silent for a few minutes, as we continued to walk, until he asks: "Where are you staying? Obelisk Blue?"
"Actually, I'm in the Slifer dorm."
"But you're ranked at Obelisk Blue, though."
"True. But after what happened last year, some of us moved into the Slifer dorm."
"So does everyone live in Slifer then?"
"Mostly it's just us. But most of the other Obelisks are living in the Ra dorms."
"What happened to the Obelisk dorms then?"
"They're under renovation."
"You're explaining all of that tonight."
"Don't worry. I planned on it anyway. After the party, though."
"And I don't get to go…why?" he asked
"Whoever said you weren't going?"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean that I'm bringing you to the party, dummy."
"Oh." he said, in embarrassment while a blush starts to creep onto his face. I found it funny and chuckled a little.
"Anyway, what have you been up to since the move?" he asked me. I could tell that he's trying to change the subject, since he was embarrassed about the whole party situation.

Kevin's POV:

I was pretty embarrassed when Shirley said I was invited after I assumed that I wasn't. So I decided to change the subject and asked Shirley what she's been up to since we last saw each other.

"I've been great. My family actually got bigger."
"Really? You're an older sibling?"
"Yeah. I have a 7-year old brother."
"Wow." I said. "Now that think about it, you don't look like the kind of person who would like to have siblings." I was kidding with her on the last remark.
"You bastard." She says, taking the hint on me joking around. "At least he's better to deal with than some other people that I know of." She glared at me saying that last part.
"What did I do to deserve that comment?" I ask, faking drama into it for humor's sake.
"Being born." She said, adding some 'fake' venom into that.
"Why do you always hurt me?" I say, putting a hand over my heart, and continuing our joking. "I should report emotional abuse."
"And do what? Sue me? I barely have any money."

We stayed silent as we tried to hold in our laughter from the conversation we just had. It failed horribly, as we both crack up after a couple of seconds.
"Oh man, was that a complete riot. For a second there, I didn't think you'd go along with it." I said, struggling through laughter.
"I know." She said, continuing to laugh. She calmed down before saying, "I miss days like these. You know, just us, joking around. Kinda reminds you of the good times. Don't you think?"
"Yeah. Brings you back to those times at the park."

Normal POV:

Kevin and Shirley reminisced about the time they spent as kids, and were having a good time, until they reached the Slifer dorm. They stopped to enjoy the view.

"Well, here we are. Slifer Hall."
"Doesn't really look that run-down if you ask me." Kevin said, as they started to walk again.
"Most of the rooms look like they need repairs. The part that Chazz added in is the newest addition. I've been living there with Alexis, Atticus, Chazz, and Bastion since last year." Shirley said. 'I shouldn't tell him about the whole Society of Light episode that almost all of us went through. I guess it's a good thing I went low-key and didn't get turned into a mindless zombie during then.' She thought.
"And how many rooms does the part that Chazz added have?"
"A couple. It's around the quality of the Obelisk dorms."
"Really? Well, which room am I staying in?"
"I don't know. I mean, Jaden, Syrus and Hassleberry are in a triple. Then it's Chazz, Alexis, Atticus, and I in the renovated area. Bastion is in the room next to Jaden's. Aster and Zane drop by every now and then, since they're in the Pro League."
"So are you planning on joining the Pro League after graduating from Duel Academy?"
"Maybe. I haven't decided yet. And you?"
"Not that I know of. Truth is, I'm planning on going to play basketball at a college before going into the NBA. Assuming a college can give a scholarship."
"The NBA, huh?"
"Kinda thinking big there, don't you think?"
"That…can be taken the wrong way, you know." Kevin said.
"How so?" she asked. She started to think for a moment, before saying "Oh you perverted bastard."

We laughed a little until we reached the rooms. We stopped, as she asked, "So, if you actually do get a scholarship, would you leave college early to enter the draft?"
"I actually wouldn't."
"Why not?"
"In the case I don't get drafted and don't want to play overseas or suffer a bad injury that forces me to retire, I'd want my degree so I can have a job as a safety net. And maybe duel in the Pro League on the side."
'Plus it's in my sister's will. Sometimes, I think she's more of a mom to me than my own mother. Then again, Sarah's been there for me when I needed it after mom and dad died, till she kicked the bucket herself.' he thought, with a gloomy look on his face.
"Well, let's see which one looks the best, and I'll help you get settled in."
"Sure. No problem with that."

The two of them unlocked the doors of the unoccupied rooms.
"I didn't know you had the keys to the rooms." Kevin said.
"Well, I'm kind of like a Resident Assistant here." Shirley replied. "Plus someone has to be in charge of everyone else."
"You just like to bully people using power, don't you?"
"What makes you say that?"
"The time at the park when we were 5 years old."

Flashback (Kevin's POV):

It was a spring day in the park. Shirley and I were 4 years old, and I was turning 5 within the next couple of weeks. We were running, with me trying to catch up, until she ran into a 6 year old.

"Sowwy about that." She said, after accidentally bumping into him. What he did next, though, was unforgettable. He pushed Shirley to the ground, and her deck was scattered all over it. I saw it and ran as fast as I could to help Shirley. Only her main card, Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon, was revealed. He looked at the cards on the ground, and immediately saw Poseidra. I caught up with them, just as the bully tried to steal Poseidra. At the time, I swore that I heard a roar.
'What was that?' I thought. 'I can't get distracted. I gotta get to Shirley befowe the big bully hurts her.' I ran toward Shirley before the bully could hurt her anymore. I ended up running into him, with as much momentum as I got from running towards the two. I ended up running over the bully and he dropped the card. I grabbed the card after getting up when the bully grabbed my ankle. Before I fell, and injured my head, I threw the card at Shirley, and tried to tell her to get her cards and run.

"Where do you think you're going?" he said, as he flipped me over. "You just robbed me of a rare card. I say there should be an eye for an eye. Wouldn't you say?"
I was scared, not knowing what he meant by that at the time. Everything went blurry from there. What I remembered next was that the two of us were injured, and that I tried to fight back, though it was unsuccessful.

Shirley and both of our parents saw me injured, lying on the ground. They called 911, and I ended up having a minor head injury and some bruises. They said it was a miracle that I didn't get severe head trauma.

When I met Shirley after the incident, I was greeted by a large thwack was heard, and I ended up on the ground, with a few lumps on my head and a hand imprint on my cheek.
"That's fow twying to be a hewo, and almost getting yowself killed." Shirley said, angrily.
"He may have beaten me up a bit, but your hits hurt more." I said, saying some truth into my delusion.
"You idiot." She muttered, under her breath.

End flashback.

Shirley's POV:

After remembering that event, I started to smile a little. I remember that event as the first time I thought of Kevin differently.
'He was acting like a complete idiot. He could have gotten himself killed. Then again, that's how I've known him. Always willing to enter the fray in a moment's notice.' She thought, while starting to blush. 'Wait! Why am I blushing? I don't think of Kevin in that way. Do I?'

I unlocked one of the lower floor doors, and signaled to Kevin to enter. The room we entered had two of everything that was provided: desks, beds, closets, computer chairs, and dressers.
"Not bad. Not bad at all." Kevin said. "And here I thought you said it would be a dump."
"And I thought you said it could be worse." I retort back, with a smirk.
He blushed in embarrassment after I said that. I giggled a little.
"What are you giggling at?" he asked, faking anger in his tone.
"You really need to look at a mirror." I said, pointing to the mirror behind the door.
He turned to the mirror and blushed even harder when he looked.
'He's almost as red as the Slifer Red blazers. It's kinda cute. Wait. Did I just say that Kevin blushing is cute? Why am I thinking of him in that way? He's my best friend. Though I do have to admit, he does look kinda hot. Fuck. There I go again…' I thought.

Normal POV:

After Kevin's face went back to normal color, which took about 5 minutes, they got most of Kevin's stuff into the room.
"So, is this all you have or is there more stuff?" Shirley asked
"This is just my clothes. The other stuff should be here in the next couple of days." Kevin replied.
"What would be in the other stuff?"
"Some hats, sneakers, something special."
"What's this special something that's coming here?"
"You'll see in the next couple of days."
"Fine. Just so you know, your little press conference is in 30 minutes."
"30 minutes?! I gotta go." He bolted out the door, only to come back a few seconds later. "And last I checked, I still need a tour guide here."
"Fine." Shirley said, and walked out with Kevin.

The Slifer dorm was out of view when they talked again.
"By the way, where is the press conference?"
"They said it was in the main gym. But I don't know where that is."

"It's in the main building. But why do we have to be there early though?"
"They told me that I have to be there 15 minutes early. Don't worry though. You don't have to be there if you don't want to. It's just gonna be a boring half an hour."
She shook her head. "It's alright. I'd rather be there than waiting around doing nothing."
"Fine by me." He said. They continued walking toward the main building in silence.

When Kevin wasn't looking, Shirley pulled out her PDA and emailed everyone else about Kevin's press conference.

After entering the main building a few minutes later, they talked again.
"So, do you know where you have to be?"
"Yeah. They contacted me about it. Though I should get going. I guess I'll see you later then."
"Hold on a moment." Shirley said. Kevin stopped and turned around.
"Good luck." She said, and kissed him on the cheek.
"Thanks. I should get going." Kevin said, leaving quickly.
'Oh my god. She just kissed me.' He thought, touching his cheek while blushing. 'Does she like me? Wait. Do I like her? No. Do I love her in that way?' A smile crept onto his face, before realizing that he still has to go to the gym.
Little did he know, Shirley was still at the entrance, flabbergasted as to what she did.
'I just kissed him. Oh my god. Why did I do that? I just ruined our friendship. How am I supposed to fix this? Especially when I'm falling for him.' she thought.

Scene shift to Jaden and the others (before Kevin and Shirley entered the main building):

Jaden and the gang were walking towards the Slifer dorms when their PDA's went off. Everyone but Zane and Aster got their PDAs from their pockets.
"I wonder who it's from." Jaden said.
"It's from Shirley. I wonder what it's about." Alexis said.
"It's about Kevin's press conference." Syrus said.
"It's at the main gym according to the email that Shirley sent. Should we go?" Bastion asked.
"Why do we have to go to that loser's press conference?" Chazz said.
"I'd say we should go." Atticus said. "We don't want to piss off Shirley. Especially since what happened the last time."
Everyone else shuddered after remembering how Shirley got her brand of payback the last time the gang got on her bad side.
"We…should probably go." Aster said, having been a victim of Shirley's odd brand of payback himself.
"Yeah. If we didn't go, imagine what would she could do." Zane added
"I…think it's best if we don't think about that." Jaden said.
"Slacker thinking? I would've thought that pigs would fly the day he actually thought about something." Chazz retorted.

Moments later, Chazz was on the ground, face-first, with a lump on his head. Everyone looked at Chazz, and saw a certain Obelisk next to Jaden, with one hand clenched into a fist, and anger written all over this individual.
"Man, she got you good Chazz." Jaden said.
"You walked right into that one Chazz." Atticus said. "Hey Lexi, how about you let your boyfriend fight his own fights though?"
"Boyfriend?!" Alexis retorted, with a blush creeping onto her face, knowing that Atticus was referring to Jaden. Little did she know, that Jaden was also blushing, though not as much as Alexis.
"He's not my boyfriend. He's a friend, who just happens to be a boy. That doesn't make him my boyfriend."
At that time, Zane put his hand on Atticus' shoulder, and said, "I'd stop now before you end up like Chazz."
"I heard that." Chazz yelled from the ground, still face-planted.
"But you know you want him to be your boyfriend. Am I right?" he said, poking Alexis' cheek while doing so. Alexis and Jaden were both blushing deep shades of crimson, while Alexis' anger was about to reach its boiling point, again.
One moment later, Atticus is on the ground in fetal position, hands down grabbing his groin.
"I told you." Zane said.
"Anyway, shouldn't we get going? Shirley said that the press conference starts at 4:30, and it's already 4:21." Syrus said.
"Alright folks. Let's move out!" Hassleberry said.

They then proceeded to go to the gym, for the press conference.

To be continued...

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