I do not own A Nightmare On Elm Street or Glen Lantz but I wish he was my boyfriend!


Nancy opened the window. "Hi." It was Glen bobbing on the rose trellis. "(Gasps) God!" "I'm sorry. I saw your light was on. I thought I'd see how you were." "You know, sometimes I wish you didn't live right across the street." "Will you shut up and let me in? Did you ever stand on a rose trellis in your bare feet?" "Get inside before somebody sees you." "Oow!" "Shh!" "I hit my head." "Gotta be quiet. Mum's not even asleep yet."

Glen went to lie down on Nancy's bed as Nancy checked outside of her room and shut the door. She looked at Glen, "If you don't mind." She said, indicating him to the chair next to her bed. Glen got up off the bed, moved the TV off of the chair and sat down. "So, I heard you freaked out in English class today." Stated Glen. "Yeah, I guess I did." "You haven't slept yet, have you?" "Not really." Nancy told him, shaking her head. "What did you do to your arm?" Glen asked Nancy, grabbing her arm, noticing the burn. "I burned it in English class." Glen looked at her confused, but then his expression changed. His top lip went up, showing slightly more of his front teeth. He then lowered his jaw, half closed his eyes and took a small breath. He held his breath as Nancy looked at him in her usual concerned way. "Glen? Are you okay?" "Yeah, yeah."

Nancy grabbed a mirror to look at herself. "Oh, God I look 20 years old… Did you have any weird dreams last night?" Glen shook his head, "Slept like a ro… ho… kknxsschoo!" Glen looked up at Nancy, stunned. "Bless you." Glen bobbed his eyebrows and looked down, not wanting to say anything. He sighed a profound sigh. Nancy looked around. "Do you believe that people can dream about what's going to happen?" Glen sat back in his chair. "No." "Do you believe in the Boogeyman?" "No," Glen said, shaking his head, "Rod killed Tina, and you know that…" Glen's top lip went up once again and he lowered his jaw. He put his nose in the back of his arm, took a long, sharp breath, and, "Haaknxschoo!" Glen looked up at Nancy with an eyebrow raised, sniffing. "Bless you," Nancy said with a smile now. She noticed his sniffing and pointed to the tissue box on her bedside table. Glen grabbed a few and blew his nose quietly, avoiding eye contact. Nancy smiled at this. "Nancy?" It was Marge's voice. "Oh, shit," Glen said, getting up and heading towards the window.