Glen turned the TV on in his room and rested it on his stomach as he lied on his bed, feeling sorry for himself. After a while he fell asleep again.

"Glen?" There was a knock at the door. Glen was still asleep. "Glen?" His mum asked again, opening the door. "Glen," she shook him. Glen woke up, startled. "Are you feeling okay Glen?" He looked down and didn't speak for a moment, "Not really." He hated to say it. "You need anything?" "No, no, it's okay." "Well, if you need anything just ask." His mum started to walk out the door. "Actually," he started, "I'm kinda hungry; maybe I should go and finish my breakfast." "Glen, it's 2 in the afternoon, would you like me to make you some lunch?" "… Yeah, sure… thanks."

There was another knock at the door. Glen cleared his throat, "Yeah, come in mum." "Glen, I've made you some chicken soup." Glen smirked a little. The typical thing to make for someone with a cold. "Thanks mum." Glen sat the bowl down in the middle of his cluttered bedside table.

His typical pre-sneezing face appeared again as his nose tickled and Glen knew what was coming. His top lip went up, and so did his eyebrows. He lowered his jaw and squinted, taking many hitching breaths. The sneeze was there, and wasn't going away until released. Glen just lied there, eyes burning as his mum watched him warily. "Glen… oh…" Glen then sat up, putting the back of his hand to his nose, still taking quivering breaths. "Hh… hhh… ha…" Tears started to roll down his cheeks which caused his mum to whimper. She hated to see him like this. Glen's eyes tightened even more as more tears came off his eyelashes. "Haa… Haaaatknxsschooo! Haaatknxschoo! Hh… Hhnn… Knxschoo!" Glen felt intensely relieved. He looked at his mum, eyes watery and red, flushed cheeks with the marks of his tears. "Oh… Glen, you poor thing." His mum put the back of her hand to his forehead, "Gosh, you feel so hot." His mum felt bad to leave him, but she knew that that was what Glen would've wanted, to be alone. "I'll come back a little later okay?" Glen sniffed, "Alright." His voice was very congested now.