Title: Mistaken Identity
Author: Grayswandir
Rating: PG/K+
Fandom: Doctor Who, Harry Potter
Disclaimer: Doctor Who belongs to the BBC. Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling.

Note: Takes place at the end of Doctor Who Ep 3x02, Smith and Jones.


The Doctor frowned as he walked away from Royal Hope Hospital and his potential companion, Martha Jones. She didn't fall for him as swiftly as all the others seemed to. This concept frightened him. If he were to have her as his companion, would she accept the abandonment with tears, or would she walk away? He always preferred to be the one walking away, less damage to himself.

Shaking away the maudlin thoughts, the Doctor happily pulled out his TARDIS key, patting the door as he went. You'll never leave me, will you old girl? An answering thrum caused him to chuckle as he pushed the door open.

The unexpected fall to the grated flooring of his coral themed control room threw him. This is unexpected. He thought, right before he lost consciousness.


The Doctor groaned as he came to. In the course of his unconsciousness he had been moved from the entry portico to the jump seat. And of course, he was bound tightly to the seat. The TARDIS engines were time-vortex active. "What?!" He whimpered. Just once, he wanted the universe to play the game with the non-dirty rulebook.

"Bout time you woke, Bartemius Crouch Junior." A young male voice carried from the opposite side of the control console.

"Sorry?" The Doctor did not enjoy being without control of a situation.

The young man scoffed as he rounded into view. "Quit taking the mick. I know you're stalling." Standing there was a man in his mid-twenties with jet-black hair and glowing green eyes hid beneath rounded spectacles. The garb, however, alarmed the Doctor. The young man was wearing crimson robes, a sculpted stick dangled betwixt two fingers of his right hand. "How many more innocent people must die for you to avoid your inevitable punishment?"

"I'm really not sure what you're on about." The Doctor frowned, feeling inexplicably nervous as he looked at his gaoler.

The green eyes sparked in anger. "So many lives you've cost. Your mother. Your father. Cedric." Those red robes swirled as the young man paced. "I always thought Fudge had covered up the truth, and now I know."

The Doctor sighed as he heard the desperate truth in the young man's words. "I'm sorry about whatever has happened, but I'm not who you think I am."

"How thick do you think I am?" The young man yelled angrily. "I trusted you! You made me believe you were my friend; and then you sent me to that bastard!" His vibrant eyes flashed in the Doctor's direction before sliding closed as he whispered out a confession. "I still have nightmares of that night. The cemetery, the ritual, the curse flying through the air. 'Kill the spare.' And all because of you!" The trembling set of the young man's shoulders made the Doctor's hearts sink.

"I don't know what you're talking about." The Doctor whispered, trying to convey his absolute innocence. Those intensely green eyes opened, focused solely on him. The look seemed to permeate his very being. The feel of a mind touching his own shook him. The Doctor swallowed, using his own mind to send his sincerity in reflex.

A soul-weary resignation filled the young man as the sincerity and innocence wore away at the anger. Sighing, he peered into the Doctor's brown eyes. "Who are you then?"

"I'm the Doctor." For once, he didn't try to force any measures. "And you?"

"Harry Potter." All the remaining tension in Harry's frame evaporated at the Doctor's question.

Curious. The Doctor had never seen someone with hostile intentions fold down to docility so quickly. Anxious to be back in the know, the Doctor grew bold. "So tell me, where are you taking us?"

"Sorry?" Harry looked confused.

Nodding to the working engines, the Doctor elaborated. "Well, the engines are going. This is a time machine. Okay, so maybe should be asking when." The look on Harry's face remained confused. "I didn't start the engines!" The Doctor stated, exasperated.

Harry glared. "Neither did I! I knocked you out, the door closed, and that apparatus started to move. I didn't figure it to be important to worry on." The young man turned to stare at the whirring engines. "It's quite beautiful. A masterful piece of moving art. Rather strange look for an engine." A rumbling thrum, reminiscent of a purr, answered Harry's compliments.

"Oh, you traitorous old girl!" The Doctor grumbled. Another salvo of thrumming, this time sounding far more like a cheeky raspberry. A chuckle issued forth from his captor. "Why aren't you jumping? You're twenty-first century human, you shouldn't be this accepting."

Shrugging, Harry turned to face the Doctor, an accepting gleam in his eyes. "I've seen dragons, hippogriffs, thestrals. I've watched a phoenix die and be reborn. I've ridden in a flying, sentient car. Been into a pup tent with bunk beds and a full kitchen. This isn't that different."

Forget Martha. I could see him handling the wonders with ease. Taking a deep breath, half determined to ask the young man to stay, the Doctor smiled. "Well now. I don't suppose you'd release me, would you?"

Harry stepped closer, flicking that stick before it disappeared up his sleeve. Extending his hand, Harry grinned. "Need help shifting?" The Doctor smiled, needlessly clasping hands with his new friend.

The TARDIS bucked the moment they both stood erect. Stumbling, they both slammed into the control console, Harry on bottom. In the madness, the Doctor's lips landed smack dead center over Harry's own. A minute passed before the Doctor could move. "Sorry." He whispered, licking his lips.

"No you're not." Harry whispered back, smirking.

The Doctor swallowed hard, flicking switches as he attempted to land at the same moment he had left earlier. "Would you be interested in staying with me? The wonders of the universe. All of time and space." The TARDIS beeped as she popped out a new sonic screwdriver. "Ah! Good girl!"

Harry's seeker reflexes beat the Doctor to the prize. Peering at the device, Harry laughed. "A metal wand, how quaint." Harry passed the screwdriver over to the Doctor, smiling.

Tucking the screwdriver away in its proper location, the Doctor corrected him. "Sonic screwdriver." The sound of the brakes grinding forced the Doctor back to the controls. Checking the time and location, he smiled. "Ten minutes out! Perfect timing."

Harry sighed, shaking his head. "I take it this is a rare occurrence." It was a statement, not a question. The TARDIS rumbled in acquiescence.

"Cheeky!" The Doctor admonished his ship. Another raspberry thrum. Harry laughed. Sighing in resignation, the Doctor made his way to the doors. "You never answered. Would you be interested in traveling with me?"

Harry smiled as the door popped of its own accord. "Sorry. I've had enough adventures for a lifetime." He turned and exited.

Running, the Doctor ran to the door. "Wait!" Harry turned, to face him. "Why did you believe me?"

Harry chuckled. "There's not a witch or wizard that doesn't know who I am. Not a one could actually ask who I was with sincerity." A mild crack filled the air as the young man disappeared.

Turning back aboard, the Doctor silently shut the door. "Well, Sexy, that didn't go according to plan, did it?" A mournful thrum replied.

~ fin ~