Chapter 16 For Good or For Evil?


She had arrived first, it wasn't a surprise, once she gotten all the gifts she had immediately head out for Flippy's even though there was still a good hour or so till the party. When Flippy had opened the door he had nothing but a smile for her though and she couldn't help but smile back at him as she was ushered into his house. It was nicely decorated with green and red tinsel and ball-balls, a great big tree sat in the middle of the room also finely decorated. Candy canes lined the walls and there were a few glass deer and angels hanging around delicately.

"Wow…you…did really nicely…" Flaky praised him and Flippy seemed to beam with pride, he took his decoration skills very seriously it would seem. Kneeling in front of the tree Flaky began to pull out the gifts she had brought with her, setting each and every one down around the tree, each with a different name. She had gotten something for everyone of her friends, even the ones that weren't so nice sometimes, Flippy was busily adding the last few touches to his presentation and the two of them were both happy to work on the Christmas night they had planned.
"Oh Flaky." She raised her head to look up at Flippy who was looking in the bag she had brought with a frown. "What's this?" HE asked holding up red cloth and she blushed brightly in embarrassment.

"That's…a costume I got…" She admitted quietly. "It's a Santa's helper costume I thought was cute but I think I got one a bit to small…" Flippy was staring at it intently she thought it might just catch fire with his gaze being so very heavy.
"Will you show me what it looks like on you?" He asked her quietly while not looking right at her, he was purposely looking away from her at the decorations again. "You can use my room if you like and I'll just tell you if it is too small or not." He was keeping his eyes away from her as she gathered up the costume into her arms. She wasn't sure she wanted him to see but he had asked her so nicely and she did need to know how small it was, just like that she convinced herself it was a good idea. Slowly she crept upstairs into his room stripping herself out of her normal clothes and pulling on the costume.

It was a dark red with white puffs around the cuffs and thigh line, she was sure it was to small pressing on her chest that was small to begin with and it was too tight up against her private parts making her a little uncomfortable. It didn't look bad but it felt pretty awful though she was quickly becoming fond of the Santa hat that hung a little puff down in front of her face. She was staring at herself in the mirror, so intently so that she had no idea the door had opened and that Flippy was there until he spoke. "Flaky are you alright up here? You were taking a little longer then I….ah?" he stopped talking when he saw her and she turned bright red turning away from him, sure that he was about to make fun of her or laugh at the outfit.
"I'm sorry, it was stupid to get this I'll just change out of it in the bathroom…" She said hurriedly moving past him but as she tried to move past his fingers curled around her elbow stopping her in place.

"You don't look silly Flaky." He said in a hushed voice as if he was straining to speak and when she looked at him he smiled at her with green hues. "You look really pretty." He promised her gently before letting go of her and collapsing against the wall. "Maybe…just a little too pretty…" He muttered and she bent down to look at him with a frown.
"Flippy are you alright?" She asked him worriedly and he gave her a strained smile.
"Don't think badly of me Flaky but…you look too cute it's making things a little difficult for me and for Evil to, I think please will you lock me in here for a bit." Flaky didn't make sense of his words right away but she acted when he said 'Evil' and walked to the door pausing only to glance back at him once.
"Are you sure you want me to lock you i…- Eh?" Suddenly he shut the door, he was standing right up against her back with his arm outstretched past her head to shut the door. "Flippy…?" She whispered softly hoping it wasn't Flipqy there…she just wanted a nice night for once with no problems.

"I'm sorry Flaky…yes it's me..." He promised her gently but she couldn't see his eyes and she was scared he might be lying to her, it wouldn't be the first time that happened. "Trust me Flaky…" He whispered darkly. "I don't want to show you my eyes…it might give you a fright." He said but Flaky had to know.
"Please show me your eyes…Flippy?" Sighing his form sagged slightly before ever so slowly his eye lids slid back over his hues, staring at him it was frightening and at first she believed that he was Flipqy but those yellow hues grew large into green eyes then back down to yellow. It was as though they couldn't quite pick what to stop on and Flaky became aware that it really was him there…but he was struggling and she knew it.
"It really is me…" He told her in a strained voice and suddenly his arms were wrapped around her from behind. "I…really am trying Flaky, just give me a moment…I am sure I can-" His thought was cut off by his own actions as his hands slid up to grip her breasts roughly, this action caused Flaky to let out a sharp cry of embarrassment.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! That's not my intention!" Flippy sounded so panicked and trapped, him and Evil were fighting over control over the body they shared and it seemed that Flippy was coming in and out of control as the grip on her breasts tightened and loosened as the two of them almost bickered with the others choices.
"Flippy…" Opening her eyes slightly Flaky knew she had to make a choice and do something or Flippy would end up doing something he would hate himself for and ever so slowly her small hands came to rest on top of his large ones. Flaky could feel his form tense behind her, no doubt confused as to what she was doing. Smiling slightly she pushed herself and by extension him, back off of the ground by kicking off of the ground. They fell crashing down onto the floor and his hands left her breasts to wrap around her small body and protect her from harm as they landed.
"Flaky!?" Somewhere in the movement she had landed on top of him stomach down and she raised her head to look at his startled face, his cheeks were turning red as he realised just what position they had landed and his eyes had stopped changing on green for the time being. Flaky for a moment couldn't feel her body that still had adrenaline racing through it at a startling pace but as she regained feeling in her limbs she realised Flippy had more reasons to blush.

His knee was jammed up between her legs, pressing roughly against her private area and the already tight costume made it impossible not to feel the rough pressure against her clit also. Her hands were on his chest and she had pulled a few buttons off of his shirt showing the pale toned flesh beneath it. Anyone that could see this would see just how suggestive it all was and Flaky didn't actually mind too much, looking down at green eyes instead of yellow she didn't feel violated by where his knee was, it was almost comfortable.
"Flippy." She whispered his name once more before kissing him, stopping him from saying anything along the lines of sorry, he said sorry far too much already and it was her fault, she had pushed them over on purpose. He was so stiff under her, scared to move, scared to hurt her but she was encouraging with her kiss and soon the tension left his body and he was kissing her back…it felt good and it made Flaky wonder just what else could feel good. Finally though she did pull back to look down at him, cheeks red and a shy but almost hopeful expression on her face as she looked at him, he looked confused and uncertain but slowly his arms tightened around her and she felt almost accepted.

"Flaky…you're making this so hard for me…to just be good." He breathed out softly against her ear, one arm staying around her body firm while the other slipped down to just run over her stomach, it was as if the costume wasn't between them at all and his fingers almost felt as though they were just touching her bare skin. Her hands tightened into small balled up fists against his chest as his hand continued to wander down her body further until it reached just where his knee was and as if realising it was there again he gently shifted it up against her crotch. This action forced a small cry from Flaky's lips and Flippy took just a moment to make sure she wasn't in pain but indeed enjoying the sensation and when he was sure he wasn't doing something wrong he continued the action causing a few new feelings to fill the pit of her stomach and make new reactions for her body. His hand brushed along the bottom of her breasts and softly skimmed over the costume and what lay beneath it, he became a little bolder with his actions without warning her his much more roughly shifted his knee against her private area getting a much louder cry out of her and without realising it she spread her legs a little more the tingling sensations in her lower regions was good and she wanted more.

His hand was running over her breasts more firmly now and she could have sworn he was struggling for breath himself, her eyes were shut tightly as she rested on his chest just letting him do what he wanted to in that moment, trusting him to do only what was right. She had originally only wanted to stop him and Flipqy fighting for control but it had lead to something else that had frightened her until now. "Flaky…" His voice was soft against her ear and she gave a little tremble when he spoke her name in such a dark tone. His knee moved away from her now wet crotch and was replaced with his hand, a much more coordinated tool, his palm rest against where her entrance was and his fingers rubbed just slightly behind it, feeling her panties in the movement. His other hand was preoccupied with her breast, squeezing and massaging it gently in his large palm, everything he was doing was soft and slow, easing Flaky into it.

"Flaky?" His voice broke through the haze in her mind once again. "Are you sure…?" She gave a slight nod, it just felt right in that moment and she didn't want it to stop, "Then….say you love me. Flaky." His hands left her body and grabbed her shoulders sharply twisting them both over until he was on top of her instead of the other way around. She stared up at him with big eyes as he stared back at her with his own green hues, such a strange expression on his face, almost calm and almost dark, it was…strange and filled Flaky with butterflies.
"I love you…Flippy." She whispered her arms wrapping around his neck firmly and he gave her the kindest smile before leaning in claiming her lips once again only briefly before he turned his attention to other parts of her. His hand travelled down the costume in slow up and down motions as he seemed to ponder what to do with her. He looked nervous and excited much like how Flaky was feeling right then.

"Flaky, I am going to take off some of your clothes…okay?" He told her softly and she just nodded slightly, he didn't want to send her running but he was also eager for this so she had to be brave and just trust him this time. He gave her a small smile before moving to pull the shirt off of he, she knew under her clothes were matching Santa's helper under wear but she was still a little nervous about becoming naked in front of him. Flaky helped him rid herself of the shirt, lifting her arms above her head and wriggling out of it she moved to take the hat off of her head as well but Flippy's hand stopped her. Glancing away he murmured softly. "Please…keep that one on for a little while…I like it." He told her and she could see the red painting his cheeks again so she just smiled and kept it on.

She wasn't wearing much apart from the shirt and underwear to begin with so now that she was just in her underwear he moved back to look at her and he just stared. At first she was frightened he was staring because something was wrong with her but that stare seemed almost hungry and before she knew it he was kissing her again. Flaky was quick to react to him returning the kiss as best she could, it was breath taking and when they both paused to breath she whispered the words of love to him once again. His hair fell in front of his eyes and slowly this time he leant in to kiss her.

The kiss was warm and affectionate, everything she loved about Flippy in that one action. Though the kiss took a strange sort of turn the feeling became slowly rougher until his was gripping the side of her face with one hand and her hip with the other with such force she though he intended to break her and slowly his skin became cold against hers. He bit her lip a little too roughly causing her to yelp and pull back from him looking up she saw the glint of shrunken gold hues and the ghost of a smirk. Flipqy leant down slowly, making her tense in fear.
"Try saying those words again sweet heart. Say my name this time." He whispered against her ear.

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I kid, I kid! Don't kill me! *Runs away.* Yikes, calm down.

"Say my name Flakers, don't you love me too? Maybe a little bit more?" Flipqy whispered softly to her his hand moving to tangle in her hair and the other down to rub at her woman hood, not nearly as soft as Flippy had been and she was making soft noises of both discomfort and fear, weak cries that escaped her without consent. "Just listen to you mewling away like a cute little thing, you must love me more right Flakers? Don't make me sad." There was a soft click and she opened her eyes slightly to see him holding the knife's tip against the red fabric just down past her thighs, he used to tip of the knife to just skim over the material that just separated the cold steel from her entrance.

"Say my name Flakers." He growled more forcefully in her ear, the fingers that tangled in her hair gripping tighter and pulling her head back to expose her neck to him, his tongue flicked out against the shell of her ear before travelling down to her throat. His aim was simple enough at that point, scare the hell out of her and he was doing brilliantly thus far. She was in just her panties and bra in front of him…and the hat but she didn't think that was helping to conceal her from him in the slightest. He gave a slight jab of the knife just making it press against the fabric a little too much and she could feel the sharpness against her skin. "You're taking an awful long time Flakers. Don't you love me? That would make me so upset." He purred in her ear clearly he was enjoying his new little game with her. "Say it." He ordered her cruelly.

Slowly Flaky shook her head, she had just told Flippy she loved him, she didn't want to turn away and say it to anyone and least of all at the tip of a knew, she wanted it to mean something and he was going to take that away from her. He made a low angry noise in the back of his throat and she heard the sound of fabric taring and she screamed thinking he had decided to cut her but instead of blinding pain and blood there was nothing by her pounding heart and when she timidly looked through her lashes she saw him looking down at her with cold yellow eyes, no grin, no cruel look just a cold stare. "You'll say it for him but not for me when we share a body and mind? You narrow minded woman. I will make you love me." He told her darkly his hands resting on either side of her head looming over her.

"I'll make you love me even if I have to kill you every day for the rest of our unnatural lives." His lips crashed down onto hers forcing her to kiss. She couldn't stop him and she was scared, terrified that he was going to cut her apart. She realised to her horror he had used the knife to cut the middle of her bra away leaving the cups against her small breasts uselessly and the knife imbedded in the floor boards next to her head. He pulled back grinning again as he looked down at her helpless form and slowly his fingers travelled up her pale flesh until they just wriggled their way under the cup to touch her sensitive flesh. "You're breasts are so petty, not at all interesting." Flicking the other cup away he lowered his head and to her horror flicked her sensitive nipple, gasping sharply she arched her back in shock.

"Oh? You like that Flakers? Perhaps I will be kind to you, you do like little slut." His words were harsh she began to shake her head sharply trying not to become too scared and ashamed by her own reactions to his cruel movements. His lips wrapped around her nipple with his hand squeezing and pinching her other breast getting weak cries from her mouth. He was wicked, he was evil, he was scary and he was a monster.
Once her nipples were stiff he moved his attention down to her panties again kissing and biting on her neck his hand travelled down her body to slip under the tight fabric of the panties and she let out a sharp cry of shock. "You excited Flakers? Oh, you are so wet down here…so very wet my little pet." He cooed against her neck.

Trembling Flaky couldn't do so much as move her arms to dislodge the offending hand that teased at her entrance. She was trapped by him mentally and physically but she loved Flippy…so…she would just have to endure. Perhaps he wouldn't remember doing this, she hoped silently, if he didn't remember doing this to her than she was sure the two of them could just over look it. Flaky just had to be strong for Flippy this one time, squeezing her eyes shut she tried to mentally prepare herself for the worse that was to come. "You've settled down quite a lot Flakers. Don't tell me you really are beginning to enjoy it?" He sneered in a voice so very similar to the man that she had fallen for. She offered him up no reply and he began to get angry and as a sort of punishment he pushed his middle finger in without even a little warning or preparation.

Flaky let out a sudden sharp cry of horror and pain, it wasn't hurting so much as uncomfortable but…knowing what he was doing was enough to make sure scream. Her eyes flashed open and she was met with shimmering golden hues that danced with cruel mocking joy. "There's that pretty voice, you should be happy Flakers." He purred while thrusting that didget in and out of her roughly getting a soft cry from her every time it went back in. "You should be pleased that I chose this today, I am going to do this to you a lot now Flakers, every day I come out we are going to play a game, a different game every day. Tomorrow it will be a game of chance and the next wit and the next whatever I feel like." His tone became increasingly deranged as his thrusting finger got rougher with very word he spoke to her. "If you lose this game I pick I'll kill you nice and slowly like always and if you are able to somehow win then I will still do what I like with you…but perhaps I won't kill you."

He began to pull the finger out and she was filled with hope that he was done but he was merely relishing in her thoughts of safety that fell in vain, without a word or taunt or warning he was pushing three fingers into her unready body. Crying out loudly she arched her back and her nails scratched across the ground as she sought out something to hold in that moment but found nothing but empty space. Again it wasn't the pain that took her by surprise it was just so uncomfortable and so...violating, it was wrong in every way and yet if only it was Flippy it would have been so perfectly right. Squeezing red eyes shut she lost herself in thoughts of Flippy even as the rough thrust of his other side's fingers were making her pant and cry out. Remembering how happy they could be together made her happier and calmer even as this went out...however...the longer she got lost in her thoughts of the green eyed male the more she forgot what was truly going on.

"F-Flippy…Flippy…!" She whined out forgetting who was really there for a moment, his gaze narrowed on her and Flaky could only stare up at him in horror, she knew that his moods were unpredictable and what he wanted from her was unknown...but..She knew when he was angry at her and he was furious at that point.
"Flippy... Flippy?! You useless girl! Pathetic weak little thing!" *He raged at her one hand curling around her neck while his thrusting fingers continued to slam into her already sore body. "Even when it is very clearly me doing this you're saying his name? You little rat...just shut up and be a good doll!" His fingers slid away from inside of her body leaving her to squirm slightly as the feeling after that was something similar to pain. His hand on her throat tightened until the air was cut off from her desperately needing lungs, gagging and gasping pathetically she tried to draw in some sort of air. He watched her squirm loosening his fingers for a brief moment to let some air in before closing it off from her again, it was torture...she couldn't draw in one full breath and he was enjoying it...almost like a child playing with a toy. Occasionally during this little process his fingers around travel around her body, feeling and pinching at her sensitive flesh...however...he soon bored of his game and abandoned it for something more interesting.

His fingers released her and she was about to finally draw in some air, desperately coughing and wheezing as she did. He paid her no mind and seemed to be thinking of something before he was on her again. His hands grabbed her again something tight being forced around her wrists, looking up she saw him using the outfit from earlier to bind her.
"I don't want you making a fuss when I can't hold your hands." He told her casually as if this was all very normal and for him...she guessed that it was. Once he was happy with her being bound his attention turned back to her and there was a sort of calm malice around him now, not deranged or excited insanity...he just looked very calm as if some sort of game had been won and he was enjoying his prize. Without a single word to her his hands gripped her ankles and hoisted them up into her air exposing her to him, shame and embarrassment hit her at once like a brick wall slamming against her as he just stared at her. He slowly lowered her legs onto his shoulders so his hands could be free the reality of the situation reached her finally...she was going to be raped by this male. She didn't even have time to consider maybe she looked ugly or something because soon one solitary finger found its way inside of her again, pumping almost...gently in and out of her. "Soon...I know I'll make you cry my name out. Fear, pain, lust, love, it doesn't matter. It'll just be my name you're screaming and I don't care how I have to get it out of you Flakers."

With that being said his finger slid out of her body only to be replaced with something very different, it wasn't much thicker than his fingers was hot and moist and it took her only a second to come to the conclusion it was his tongue. His head between her legs and his hands against her hips he softly licked and toyed with her clit getting small whimpers from her. But it didn't hurt...Flaky couldn't scream...he was being far to soft and just for that no loud cries could escape her and it was maddening. His tongue continued to probe and play with her for a while longer before it finally nudged its way through her folds and into her body. The sensation was shocking and it certainly didn't hurt, he twisted her tongue and inside of her he would lick and thrust against her. It was maddening in another sense as his all too experienced tongue made her pant, his fingers slowly pinched at her clit while his other hand reached out to fondle with her breasts again. On instinct she pushed her legs apart a little more as a heated feeling took over her body, she was scared of what she was feeling and what he was was impossible to keep a straight head and with him being soft it didn't feel bad enough for her to fight back.

There was a point during this that he changed up his game and found something that would really leave a mark on her, this wasn't so much physical as mental...and the closer she got to this unknown feeling the more the mark was scratched into her mind, body and soul. She found her tipping point just as his fingers expertly pinched her clit once more her back arched and the coil in her stomach tightened as something like pure bliss flooded through her body, sick, regrettable bliss. Flaky let out a loud cry that held no trace of pain as her hips bucked involuntarily against his form, he pulled back and she could all but feel his eyes raking over her as she lost herself for that brief moment. When her eyes opened and her body calmed she didn't dare look at Flipqy...disgrace was something she was now acutely aware of.
"Would you look at that." His calm act from before was falling away and she could all but hear the manic grin in his words. "Little Flakers came for the first time and poor Flippy doesn't get to be the one to do it, he stole the first kiss so I get this." He was overjoyed at her torment and happily rattled on more to himself than to her.

Noticing her refusal to speak his words faded away and his grin widened. "Of that Flakers got to come...I suppose that makes it my turn right?" His words brought her attention back and she realised with a sense of dread that he meant he was actually going to rape her now, no more playing around.
"Please..." She whispered as his body loomed over her exhausted trapped form. "Don't..." His fingers gripped her chin so she was looking up at him again, staring into golden eyes of malice.
"Oh Flakers...that is so cruel. Why should you be the only one that gets enjoyment tonight? Be a good girl now." Flaky was terrified but she didn't know what to do...they were back at square one where she was defenceless and it would end up hurting Flippy because of that.
"Please...Flipqy...please." She whispered catching his attention when she said his name, she had tears running down her face now and his cold gaze didn't offer any sway or sympathy.
"Please what Flakers? Please don't hurt you? Don't enjoy you? Please free you? Please don't kill you? What do you want to ask for this time?" He asked in a dark tone. "More importantly...what should I give you?" She heard the sound of him unzipping his pants and she knew her time was almost at its end.

"Please don't hurt Flippy anymore!" She shouted and she could feel his body tense above her, she feared she had only angered him again.
"Don't hurt...Flippy?" He repeated softly from above her. "Don't hurt him when you are the one I want to hurt? Idiot girl."
"You're hurting him...!" She snapped back...she was in too deep to let go now. "Every time...every time you kill or hurt his friends he suffers for it! Aren't you his other half to be there to protect him! Why are you making his life hell...please stop hurting Flipp-.." Before she could finish his hand slapped over her mouth. His angry expression became pained and she could see the flicker of green in his gaze.
"Stupid useless bitch! Stop talking!" He hissed and she guessed she had said something that started to draw Flippy back out. "Protect him? Why? So he can be happy and live with everything he wants? No way...I'll take what I want...even if it destroys him." He glared at her with crazed eyes and Flaky expected pain for the words she had spoken so boldly...but his eyes began to rapidly change again as he fought to keep her safe.

After a moment the hand on her mouth slid away and she could see the green in his eyes growing larger...he wasn't completely in control though. With the effort he must have been putting his breath became heavy and his shoulders sagged slightly.
"I'm sorry Flaky...I can't keep him silent...I have to..." He breathed out his kisses trailing from her nipple down her stomach and finally to her undies. "I'm sorry...for all the things he did and said...but I really have to finish this..." He breathed softly, she could see him struggling and she understood...she in no way would blame him. "Please Flaky…just….I'll try and be soft." He kept apologising to her but she was just happy to have him there instead of Flipqy, even if he was only barely in control. Flippy really wanted her she could see it even when Flipqy had been tormenting her and she figured that maybe...he could gain full control after this again. Flippy noticed the small bit of bondage Flipqy had put her in and easily tore it away freeing her arms, once freed she wrapped her arms around his tell Flippy that it really was okay.

His form relaxed in her hold and she felt a soft kiss against her neck and his arms found their way around her shoulders, holding her up slightly as something large pressed against her entrance. Without thinking she tensed but a soft word from him made her relax, she had to trust him a little with this or things would go terribly wrong again. His gentle touch coaxed her into it and even though the first few moments were close to something like hell she only let out a few cries of pain as he pushed into her. Taking it very slowly and gently as he was the first one to actually claim her body this way, her nails sank into his back and her teeth into his shoulder as she bit back tears and whimpers of pain. He did stop for a moment to let her get use to the new feeling that assaulted her but pretty soon she was almost completely comfortable with it and he was able to start moving. Flaky let out a series of small cries with each thrust of Flippy's body, he looked at her occasionally with a pained expression, a mix of desire and concern. She knew that he was doing his best not to hurt and while at the same time he had to control his own urges that so easily allowed Flipqy to take charge.

Flaky could feel something warm running down her legs and she knew well enough to know that was blood, she had been a virgin after that virginity belonged to Flippy and that made her happy and scared all at once. Soon the awkward discomfort and pain left her and it began to feel good...she began to want more, tightening her arms around him she gave him that silent hint and he took it. With his arms wrapping around her tighter he picked up the pace, sending her spiralling down into ecstasy for a while of bliss. Time ran together for them as the tension and lust began to build higher and when it finally reached its peak Flaky screamed the loudest she had that entire time and they collapsed there together in each other's arms, all traces of Flipqy vanishing from both their minds as they were content to just hold each other.
"You know you guys." A new voice sounded at the door causing them both to leap up and grab the sheets off their beds to cover their...nakedness. There in the door way with Splendid at her side was Melody with a wicked smile that told Flaky it was Echo talking. "The walls aren't sound proof around here...the party started a good ten minutes ago and all we can hear is sex." Flaky wanted to fall right through the floor and never be seen again at Echo's words, she was beyond the simply point of embarrassment but eventually Melody came back around and smiled brightly to the two of them

"It's good to see you two are finally being so truthful to each other!" The tension diffused as she said that and the gentle smile on her face was rather...calming. "You two should have gotten around to the physical love a little sooner...since the emotional love bloomed a long while ago." Flaky felt like she should be embarrassed but...Melody's words were so oddly sweet and accepting she couldn't find the embarrassment to feel. "We'll wait down stairs, get dressed and we'll see you down there." Having said that Melody pulled the door shut leaving them there and something occurred to Flaky.
"Flippy did you see...?" She asked slowly and he nodded with an equally confused expression, looking back towards the door she realised why that had been so strange. "Splendid...didn't even glare..." Splendid had almost looked bored as Melody spoke to them...he didn't even react to it at all, just like before when they were setting up for New Years Eve...was he okay? Flippy placed his hand on the small of her back.
"Don't worry about it...he will probably get angry like normal when you aren't around." It was strange wanting Splendid to get angry but she just nodded and the two of them set off to get dressed.

While getting dressed Flaky at one point spoke up. "Hey Flippy." She said casually.
"What is it?" He asked distracted by his clothes.
"You were really good in bed." That tipped them both over the edge and they began to laugh uncontrollably all the way down the stairs and to the waiting room of friends.


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