Hi guys thanyou for the reviews on Don't give up really grateful, I've decided to take a break on Trying but failing and work on some other ideas and here's another one I had, I've never written a horror before so I'm a bit nervous, hope you like it! :D

You are now Mal Fallon

Your head is banging and you can't remember a thing before waking up in this strange town.

You look around and see the old buildings, slowly rotting and fading away, it's deathly silent and it sents a shiver down your spine .

Ken:"Maybe we should split up to see if we can find some help?"

Mal:"Okay shout if you find anything."

Ken nods and walks off. You make your way into an old bar, you look around to see that everything is completly caked in dust and cobwebs, you walk around to try and find some precence of life anywhere you can, you walk through a doorway into another room and see a woman, whom you instantly recoginse.


She slowly turns to face you and your slightly shocked to her eyes are red, her skin is pale and as she blinks, a single tear falls from her eye but instead of the normal salty tear of water, it's a single drop of blood that rolls down her face.

Mal:"Natara, are you okay? How did you get here?"

She says nothing but slowly walks towards you and stands looking into your eyes and all you see if a cold lifeless glare, she slowly removes the space between you and as she touches your face, you feel that her hand is cold and stiff. You suddenly feel a sharp pain in your stomach and look down to see that Natara has stabbed you, you look at her with a pained expression on your face, but she still looks lifeless as she glares at you. You let out a broken breathless whisper.


Natara leans forward and returns a harsh whisper in your ear.

Natara:"You know why."

You fall to the ground while holding your stab wound as the blood seeps through to your shirt, Natara drops the knife and walks away. You see darkness creep into your vision before the darkness eventually swollows you whole.

Ken:"Mal, Mal wake up!"

You stirr to see Ken stood over you looking down, he grabs hold of your arm and pulls you to your feet.

Ken:"Dude what happened? Did you slip or something? Are you okay?!"

Mal:"Blood so much blood.."

Ken looks at you confused.

Ken:"Mal, what you talking about there's no blood anywhere.."

You look at down at your stomach, where Natara stabbed you and see..nothing no blood; no stab wound, your fine...but how?

Mal:"But I-"

Ken:"Come on, I've found everyone else they're fine, they're waiting for you outside."

You follow Ken outside to see Amy, Kai and Natara stood waiting. When Natara sees you, her face lights up both with happiness and relief and she runs towards you to hug you but you back away.


Mal:"Stay away from me!"

Natara stops in her tracks, and stands confused and hurt.

Natara:"What? Mal what-"

She tries to take another step towards you but you back away even further.

Natara:"Mal please..."

Mal:"I said stay away, I don't want you anywhere near me!"

Ken walks towards you and looks at you with deep concern.

Ken:"Whoa Mal chill, it's just Natara."

Mal:"You don't understand Ken, she tried to kill me!"

Natara:"WHAT?! Mal I would never hurt you, you know that, just please..."

When she tries to take another step towards you, you flinch and Ken stands infront of Natara.

Ken:"Look Natara maybe it's best if you stay away for now, there's obviously something not right with Mal, so just give him time to cool off."

Natara nods and backs away to stand with Kai and Amy.

You are now Natara Williams

It's now nightfall and after collecting wood and finding food, all five of you sit around a crackling fire. You rub your arms for warmth, as you look around, Amy and Ken are layed in eachothers arms, Kai lays sleeping peacefully, and Mal sits on the opposite side of the fire, as far away as possible he can get from you. You would never hurt Mal never and you thought he knew that ,you don't understand what has caused him to behave this way; infact you don't understand alot, how did end up in this ghost town, your cell phones wouldn't work, you have no means of transportation and no way of leaving this place, because if you did, you's just end up walking for hours in the deep thick woodland that surrounds the town.

Eventually you fall asleep but are woken by someone calling your name.


Your eyes snap open and you sit up looking around, Ken, Amy, Kai and Mal are asleep so who said your name? When suddenly you hear it again.


You swiftly turn your head to see a little girl about 5 years old or so stood looking at you, she smiles sweetly and you quickly stand to walk towards her.

Natara:"Hello, sweetie, how did you get here are you lost too?"

The girl says nothing but runs off a few steps infront then turns and waves for you to follow her. You take a deep breath then slowly take another step forward and follow the little girl into a strange little house. The windows are broken and the wood is slowly rotting away as you walk up the steps towards the front door ,the wood creaks under your feet but you continue to move forward. You can hear the little girls distant giggles almost like an echo as the sound bounces around you, when you come to a long hallway with four doors, two on either side, you spot the little girl stood by one of the doors and walk over to her, when your about to speak she puts her finger over her mouth gesturing for you to be quiet,you nod and she backs away pointing to the door, you look at her as she backs away and lower your voice to a whisper.

Natara:"What's inside, do you want me to take a look?"

The little girl nods and you turn to face the door, as you grab the doorknob you hear the echo of the little girl giggle again and when you turn back... the girl is gone, no where to be seen. You take a deep breath and turn back to the door, slowly turn the doorknob and when you look inside...your heart jumps into your throat, your knees go weak and your heart races with panic and fear.


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