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As the first glimpse of light appeared on the far off horizon; Angelica rose from her place, possibly her true place laying blissfully beside a pirate. She walked on to the deck, leaving only in body. Leaving her heart and soul behind her. Because they would lye their for the rest of eternity in the arms of Jack sparrow. Will walked over to her, he uttered one word "Tortuga" They had arrived. Will slowly bought the ship in near port and lowered the long boat. Before Angelica turned away, she said one last thing to will. "Make sure jack gets the letter, he will know what I mean, thank you Will." She turned away and was about to get in again when she suddenly stopped. "And…tell him I love him." Will just nodded simply. It was the least he could do for her, he just hoped she would be safe. Slowly she began to row, with each stroke she questioned everything, everything that had ever happened since the first moment she met Jack. And for all that she never thought she would be in such a position as this.

The boat bumped on to shore, whilst she stepped out she hear a cry from the distance. "ANGELICA!" oh no. It was Jack. His tone was pleading, but she had taken the only boat and he had no way of getting to her. She stood there just staring at him, whilst he ran up the ship and got up on the edge. What he did next really did surprise the hell out of her. Jack got up, raised his head and dived off the side of the ship. He was NOT going to let her slip through his fingers. She tried to will her feet to move but she was so stunned at what he had done, she just stood there watching. He swam better than any man she had ever scene and before she could work out which way was up, cold wet hands were placing themselves on hers. "Angelica please, why, why are you doing this to me!?" Jacks eyes were begging, there was almost pain behind them. "I am leaving you before you leave me." She whispered. Before any more was said He caught her in a deep and passionate kiss. The kiss had an edge to it, one of fear. The way he crushed his lips to hers, showed that he thought it may well be their last. She pulled back and before she could make the pain of leaving any worse she turned and ran. Jack just stood there, after a while deciding he wanted these to be the last words she would hear from him, he called out, "I love you!" and she was gone.

Back on deck Will had seen everything and he had realised his mistake, he should never have told her to leave and now seeing Jack standing on a beach alone, watching the one he loved leave him because of something Will had done, he decided he had to allow them back again and redo what he had undone.

Angelica reached the corner, out of breath and shaking for all the tears, her heart hurt, but it wasn't any wonder, it was broken after all. Slowly placing a hand on her hip she felt something in her pocket, it hadn't been there before. She reached in and pulled out the object. She smiled, she couldn't help it, through all the hurt and anguish she smiled. Because there entrusted to her, Jacks compass. On it was a not. This will lead you back to me one day. And she knew it would.

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