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Angelica laid down in the bed that had been prepared for her, this was a strange, alien place to her. Never had she been in such a grand house. She never pictured them as beautiful as this. She rolled over, wishing to share all this with Jack. But then she remembered he wasn't there. And then all she could think about was how cold she felt without his there, how uncomfortable this glorious, four post bed seemed compared with a ships hammock all due to the fact she was not being held tightly against Captain Jack Sparrows chest, breathing deep the sent of rum and salt water. She gazed out of the window, it was a foggy night, and as if God wanted to show sympathy for her mood, it started to rain. Lightly at first but soon huge raindrops were pounding the windows and roof. She wondered idly if it were raining out at sea. She closed her eyes, although not to sleep she knew that would be impossible tonight, thinking about…him. But to maybe banish certain thoughts from her mind, but also to try and stop anymore tears. She sighed, she didn't want to get up tomorrow, knowing that when Jack wasn't there, it didn't fell like she could have a purpose, she couldn't be free. She didn't want to die she would never want that, but she definitely wouldn't have minded being dead for a while, unconscious even, just a few days were she didn't have to think, she didn't have to hurt.

Dawn finally came the dark circles around her eyes becoming more and more prominent. She knew she needed a lot of sleep at the moment but she just couldn't. "Good morning" Elizabeth greeted her, her tones kind and gentle as she didn't yet know what she had been through. Angelica gave a weak smile. They sat down in the breakfast parlour, waiting to be served. Noting Angelicas silence, Elizabeth thought they better get the explanation out of the way as soon as possible. "Angelica" She said her tone softening even more, she thought Angelica looked like death warmed up, and her eyes were so sad. "What happened?" She asked in a delicate whisper. It took Angelica a few attempts to force any words out. "Well, you see I left someone, a man. Because I was so scared he would leave me fist, he had good reason to and he is the type of man who never really makes commitment. He wouldn't even stay in the same place for more than a week." Talking about him was even harder than she had expected, she was so close to tears her tone nothing short of despairing. Elizabeth found herself reaching across the table, she wanted so badly to comfort her. But didn't know how. "You didn't love him?" She guessed, again whispering. Angelica smiled briefly without humour. "That's the stupid thing, I do. More than I can put into words." She was shaking her head, saying it out loud made her question her sanity, until she remembered who the man was. Elizabeth looked confused. "So…he doesn't love you?" She guessed again. "He does, he told me he does, he seems like he does…but with him…things change and…" She couldn't finish she just looked down sharply biting her lip, almost until it bled to stop herself from having a breakdown. Elizabeth looked at her, almost bought to tears herself. She had but one think to ask. "Who is he?" Her voice had grown even quieter. Angelica swallowed hard, saying his name was going to be difficult. She drew in a breath. "You know him actually, he goes by the name of Captain Jack Sparrow." Elizabeth's hand dropped from the table and hung loosely by her side. That was the last name on earth she would have expected to hear. But then she remembered the way Jack had looked at her, and it suddenly seemed like the most obvious thing in the world.