Familiar Faces

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Why does the new girl look like a past enemy? Has someone betrayed them? Or are the ClueFinders just over reacting?
By Hanna Crowe

Chapter One, The New Girl

I walked into school, the swarm of people dressed in really reveling clothing was overwhelming. I hate coming here but my best friends make it more bearable. I flicked my bright red hair that was tied up in a ponytail, and went searching for Santiago, who would probably be hiding up the back of the school with Leslie. Laptrap flew out of my bag, "Can I come out now? There's an old sandwich in there that I'd really rather never see again," he whined. I turned to him, floating just above my head. Huh, so that's what stinks in there.

"Laptrap," I said, slightly complaining, while making the mental note to clean out my school bag this afternoon. He got a little closer to me as we pushed through the crowd of kids gossiping about one another. Everyone at school knows who we are, or were. The ClueFinders. We used to solve mysteries that are often dangerous, could have killed us, but we did it anyway. But that was years ago, when I was twelve. But now, four years later, the ClueFinders are just a bunch of normal teenagers, although we still hang out and are the best of friends.

"There he is!" I said, pointing to the Hispanic boy sitting on the bench with a notepad on his arm and a pencil behind his right ear. The one and only Santiago Rivera, my best friend. He and I do everything together, at the moment he's staying over at my house because his parents travel a lot. He came to school earlier for two reasons. One, I was still sleeping (I don't get up till about 30 minutes before school). Two, he had a huge history project to finish.

"Hey, Santiago!" I called. He looked up from his note pad and waved, his baggy yellow hoodie sleeve following him as his arm moved. I threw down my backpack as I sat next to him. He really hasn't changed much since we were twelve. I mean, his face isn't as round, and he's gotten a lot taller, and puberty has been really, really nice to him, but we've still got a strong bond, and we're still in the same group as Leslie and Owen. He still wears hoodies all the time, but he has them in more colours, same with his shoes.

I've changed a little too, my hair is longer and thinner, but still as red as ever, I'd never dye it, I almost did once, but Leslie talked me out of it. I never wear it in braids anymore, it reminds me too much of our ClueFinding days. Come to think of it I haven't worn it in braids since the last adventure. I don't always wear the same shorts and tee-shirt every day, instead, I wear bleach denim shorts with coloured shirt and a hoodie, if it's cold and black canvas shoes. I also have contacts though I hate wearing them, but I'm still me, I guess. I still love adventures and hiking, Socrates is still my dog and I still have the clubhouse in my backyard. But I have changed, my feelings for Santiago have gotten stronger ever since we got captured underground.

I felt around the moist soil. What just happened? I know the sun didn't get blocked out, all I remember is trying to get the Frisbee back with Santiago, then I felt nothing supporting me, next thing I knew, I woke up in the darkness.

I'm twelve and I think I might have a slight concussion. I felt around the ground, a small light came from something. The videophone!

I picked it up. I don't know where Santiago is but at least I have a source of light.

"Joni," said a faint voice. I flashed the video phone over to where the voice was coming from, Santiago!

I got my backpack (which had a first aid kit in it) and walked over to Santiago. I knelt down next to him and sat his head on my lap. "Are you okay?" I asked. He did one of those slow blinks and looked back up at me, "Yeah, just a slight bump on the head, I'll be okay," he said. I rubbed my hands over his chest, feeling safe and warm.

"Thank god, I can't bare to think what my life would be like without you," I said, my glasses fogging up with tears. Santiago's been my best friend for years. We've shared so many memories and we have a bond as strong as super glue. Maybe stronger.

"Are you crying?" he asked, looking up. I sniffed, "No, just some soil in my eye."

I had the urge to kiss him, but I managed to restrain myself. I don't want to wreck our close bond, it would crush me.

"Finish your history project?" I asked as LapTrap landed on my backpack.

"Yeah, good thing too, it's due second period. Have you done yours?" he said, patting his blue backpack to indicate where his project was away from harm.

I nodded. "Yeah, only had to drink one red bull this time."

"Always a bonus," he said, smiling.

The school bell rang, Santiago helped me up as we dragged ourselves to morning role group. LapTrap floated over us, his circuits humming in my ears.

"Hey Jonzi, Santiago!" Owen called as he ran up to us with Leslie. "I-we, just saw a chick at the front of the school, she's new..."

"What's the big deal?" I asked. I don't mean it in a bad way, it's just, why is it always such a big deal when someone new comes? Do they just fill the empty locker? Or are they here because they just moved in?

"Here's the thing," Leslie said, "She appears to have the same features and physicality as Milica."

"Milica? As in, the evil queen from that adventure we went on five years ago?" Santiago said, worry in his voice.

"We'll get to know her first, but just in case there's gonna be a meeting at my house this afternoon guys, the ClueFinders are back," I smiled. The others eyes lit up, we haven't solved or faced a mystery since the time we got trapped in that creepy mansion by some of our old enemies.

LapTrap groaned, "Come on! I thought after that trapping by our past enemies we'd stop..."

"LapTrap, this is serious! We could be in a lot of trouble," I said, "Okay guys, because we've all changed a lot since we last saw Milica, we shouldn't be too worried, but we should keep an eye on her okay?" I said. Everyone nodded. I really hope it's not her. She stole Santiago and Leslie, worrying me sick, and she took my necklace which had my favorite picture of us in it.

"We should also check if the amulet has been taken from where Socrates buried it back when we go back from that planet," Santiago said. We all nodded.

"I guess we're the ClueFinders again" Leslie smiled. We all returned the smile. This is gonna be a trip down memory lane.

We walked into class with our stuff. Even though we're the best of friends, we're so different from each other. Like, Owen's a skateboarder, Santiago's an inventor, Leslie is really advanced for her age. I'm not too sure what makes me special and different from the others, but I don't think it matters too much.

We sat at our normal table in the middle of the room. I slid my backpack off my shoulder and sat down on the chair. Santiago sat next to me and Owen and Leslie sat on the other side of the table.

Everyone around us was talking over each other so no one really cared when Mrs Jones, our role group teacher walked in with a girl with long, blonde hair. She wearing a very blue outfit consisting of a light blue dress, dark blue cardigan and blue ballet shoes. In her flowing blonde hair was a light blue ribbon. She wasn't very tall and she looked about our age.

"Is that Milica?" I hissed to Owen. I tried to be quiet but it's kinda hard in a room full of teenagers. He nodded grimly.

I adjusted my glasses, nervously. Oh yeah, my glasses, I haven't changed they, they're still round framed and barely any details. Why haven't I changed them? Because I know these ones suit me, and because I can't be bothered to get different ones.

"Settle down children," Mrs Jones called over the deafening noise. "This is Melissa, she just moved here, please make her feel welcome, who will help Melissa make her way around the school?" Mrs Jones said, her beady, grey eyes looking over everyone in the room. On the second time around, she looked at my table. And at me.

"Ms Savage, will you help Melissa around?"

"Say yes, this'll help us keep her under a close watch," Leslie hissed, as soon as Mrs Jones stopped talking.

"Sure Mrs Jones, I'd-we'd be happy to help," I smiled. I turned to the others. "Use your middle names as your name in front of her and Leslie, if this is Milica she knows how you talk, so try to cut down on the extensive use of words."

"But I hate my middle name," Santiago hissed.

"Do I have to partake in that?" Leslie sulked.

"Just do it, we could be in trouble if we don't," I said, turning to smile at Melissa, who flicked her hair out of her face and walked over. She plonked herself down at the empty sit. I looked over and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Emily, welcome to Deacon High," I said. People always freak out when they hear my middle name. Emily is a pretty girlie name, and I'm nothing like that, but it's okay.

"Hey I'm Melissa. It's so nice to be here," she smiled.

Leslie nodded, "Hi, I'm Rebecca," she smiled. Leslie looks really different from when we were twelve. She doesn't have dreadlocks anymore, she just wears her hair out, and it's naturally really curly.

"I'm Bart," said Owen, kindly. At least Milica won't recognize Owen without his purple glasses, which he lost in his locker sometime last year.

"And I'm Connor, great to meet you," Santiago said. Jee, it's gonna be weird calling them by their middle names, but it's only until we find of if she's Milica or not, then we'll come up with something.