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Transformers Prime: The Ramparts

The year is 2112, the Earth has changed in many ways not expected. At the early part of the Century the Autobots arrived, gradually they made a home on Earth, unfortunately so did the Decepticons. The conflict between the two factions came to a head, when during the 54rd year of the 21st century. The Decepticons released a virus that wiped a 10% of the earth's population out. Through this, the Autobots were revealed to the world, and united with the humans,On the Earth and in space, both waged war against the Decepticons. The Autobots have established home bases on Earth, In the area of Montana sits Autobot City,and in Central Texas lies New Iacon. Here Humans and Autobot co-exist peacefully. In this partnership, Teams of Humans in the armed forces are trained in the physiology of Cybertronians, these "Autobot Technichians" are specially trained as field medics for the Autobots.

These are the tales of the 4th Autobot Technical Group, Nicknamed "The Ramparts"

June 24th 2112

USCNS Nostromo

Autobot Bay

Everyone knows when I approach, There's no mistaking the sound my gimp leg makes when I trudge through the halls of the Supercarrier. Funny, you think after 100 years Ratchet would find a way to fix me. But I was told once when sometimes something breaks that just can't be fixed. That would explain me perfectly, if you haven't guessed by now I'm Bulkhead, or I used to be. There was time I was one of the fiercest Wreckers. I could mix it up with any con in any part of the universe. There was no fight I would back away from. That all changed when I came to earth to serve with Optimus Prime, to defend this tiny blue planet called Earth. When that happened everything changed, You could say it all changed when I met her.

Her name was Miko Nakadai, She was one of the first humans I met. She was a kid when we met, in humans years she was 15 solar cycles. I was given the task of protecting her from the Decepticons, but in time we became the best of friends. We spent nearly every waking moment together. She never left my side, even when I was injured by a Insectecon recovering Tox-En a poisonous kind of energon. I was damaged to the point where I would survive, but I would never again be top of the line. She stayed with me through all her years, but what was never explained to me about a human is , unlike us they age. They grow old, wither and eventually die.

She fought to be with me until the very end, when she could no longer function on her own; It was me who came to visit her in her hospice. I was long out of the fight so I stayed outside her room until one cold winter night Miko went to sleep and never woke up. It was then I finally returned to the Autobots as I had no other place to go. With Miko gone, I tried to find purpose again, but there was so much this gimp leg of mine could do. I had to face the fact that life was real and not like some TV show where you get hurt one week and are fine the next.

The world had changed a lot in these hundred years. For starters, the whole world knows about us Autobots, and surprisingly, they took the news that an alien life had settled in their planet to live very well. I guess having the Decepticon launch an attack on the human by releasing a virus that killed 10% of the population helped them decided who the good guys were and who the bad guys were.

Ratchet and Perceptor worked quickly to stabilize a cure, and through that crisis a true partnership between humans and Autobots formed. The humans even let us start two cities here on Earth. The price they asked for seemed steep in the eyes of Optimus. The humans wanted in on a war with the Decepticons. I guess even humans take attempted Genocide personally. With this new partnership the humans have integrated our technology with theirs.

They are called Autobot Technichians, Ratchet and Hoist actually found a way to teach humans how to repair us and maintain us to stay battle ready. Perceptor found a way to minimize our tools to a size where humans could use them. I'm not convinced however; I used to think the humans had huge ball bearings for wanting to fight the Decepticons head on. Now I only see them just getting in the way. Ive seen too many a human die since we've been here, with this war still raging on, I know I will see more.

It was early in the morning when the advance party of the Autobots gathered for the morning briefing. Eight Autobots led by Arcee, were stationed here on this huge Supercarrier called the Nostromo. It was big enough so even us Autbots could live comfortably. Optimus sent me here to "help" Arcee . But I knew the real reason why, they simply didn't know what to do with me. With my leg I was no good in a fight, but I still could offer valuable advice. Advice that was seldom taken, they didn't think I could hear their snickers as they left me, but I heard them well enough.

It was this day I decided I had enough, if I was going to go out, I would go out fighting. Our carrier was headed toward the continent known as Australia to ward off a Decepticon encampment there. The Con's were dug in the eastern peninsula and dug in good. Our battle group was being sent there to smoke them out.

I looked at Arcee as she and Commander Faireborn explained the plan pure and simple. The Autobots would go in first followed by the humans Air wing. She gave me the odd look when I appeared for the morning briefing. I sit patiently as the humans and Autobots listened to the briefing. I wait patiently until the briefing is over before I pull Arcee off to the side.

"Hey, this mission, I want in Arcee." I told her flatly.

She looked at me with those wide blue eyes of her as if she were searching for a subitle excuse to shy me away from my request. I could tell I caught her off guard.

"Bulkhead? Are you sure? I'm not sure that's a good idea." She said obviously showing concern for me.

" I can do this Arcee, I need to do this. Please let me prove myself." I tell her with a false determination. I knew if she knew the real reason I wanted in on this mission she would deactivate me personally. In all reality I knew this would be a suicide mission for me, If I couldn't be top of the line, I would rather be nothing.

She looked up and then down, and then back at me " Ok " she said finally " But you will go in at the rear guard and you will retreat If I tell you too!, Is that understood?"

I smile at her " Loud and clear ma'am!"

As soon as we hit the ground I transformed and took off on my own, Instead of staying back as I was told too, I took off in the direction of the action. I was going to give these cons hell before I died. I was going to do it for me, I was going to do it for Miko. I'm not sure if we go to the same place when we die, maybe if I'm lucky I will see her one last time.

I ignore the cries for me to fall back in my comms, and it doesn't take long before I am vastly outnumbered by Seekers. Seekers, I really hate these guys. Instead of engaging me in a one on one fight they prefer to stay in the air lobbing missiles and bombs from far away and then coming down to pick off the rest. Before I know it im being bounced around by the falling bombs around me, I feel myself lifted off the ground high into the air. The missiles did their job as I find myself on my side; half of my bod is a smoldering mess. I crawl to the nearest pile of debris I could lean against. I could tell from my position I was way cut off from my team. In essence I was a sitting beryllium duck.

I could hear the Seekers as their engines howled in the burning sky, they smell the blood in the water, they are merely reforming to make the final approach to end me. As I lean back my thoughts crawl back to a time when things were brighter, when the only thing I wanted was to see her smile. Oh what I wouldn't give to have that time back again. Something to the left of me catches my attention as I look off into the distance of the burning lands.

For a second I swear I could see Miko running towards me at full speed through the fire and the rubble. That's impossible I think, as I try to refocus my gaze. Sure enough as the shape get closer I see it's a human dressed in an olive drab green flight suit. I can tell by the patches on their suit, the specialized high tech gauntlets, and tool bag on their side, that it's one of those "Autobot Techs" or what did they call themselves?

"Ramparts." I say, whatever a Rampart was.

The kid is also wearing a flak helmet with thick goggles; They are running for dear life as explosions rock all around the kid, The kid flies as he lands near me. He low crawls until he reaches me and starts to activate the gauntlet on his arm. It's pretty much an multipurpose computer with all the key data needed to fix an Autobot. It has on it all the schematics and programs use to interface with us.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!?" I barely get out " I don't want your help!, get away from me!" I say with all the anger I could muster, What right did he have to save me?, I want to die, and I want to do it on my terms. I try to shove him away as best as my gimp arm would do.

I could tell the tech wasn't amused by this action, as I could see their mouth frowning with gritted teeth. I see the tech as he simply presses one button on this gauntlet computer and with a high pitched "BREET!" I go limp.

"Oh hell no, he did not just do that!" I think as my inability to move anything confirms it. I knew the trick and it was a dirty trick. What the Tech did was to override my systems and cause a full system reboot. For 20 minutes I would be limp as a dead fish. After that my system would get wise to the reboot and take control again. So for at least 20 minutes I was in the hands of this tech.

By then the Seekers were making their approach, I try with all my might to scream at the human to run away, but I see the human has other plans. He pulled out from his pack a shiny metal instrument, with a few quick twists and turns it fold out into a full working rifle.

I then see the Tech jump up on a pile of rubble beside me, with a defensive pause they fire directly at the oncoming Seekers. I look to see the only part of his face in a mean scowl as the flashes of the laser rifle gleam off his face. The stupid kid thinks he can take out three Seekers with just one rilfe!? He got some brass bearings, stupid, but brave.

The Seekers sail over head as I see one of them actually got hit by the tech. He got the Seeker on the tail and rear fuselage. I had to admit it was a good hit as it spun to its left and clipped the wing of another Seeker. They both lose control and flop to the ground in a loud crash.

"Hrrr Lucky shot, kid" I think, as the kid uses the time he bought to patch me up. I see the kid sit on my chest plate. With a few quick keystrokes, he opens up my chestplate. I can feel the Energon leaking from me as everything starts to get woozy. I start to reminisce and dream as I can see Miko sitting on me, welding together the frayed wires in my chest and trying to stop the energon leaks.

"When did you learn to do that Miko?" I finally mumble.

"Who's Miko?" I hear the Tech say.

I look up slightly and can tell the Tech isn't Miko, I slowly let my helm rest back against the rubble, and the tech finishes up with me. I can see him as they roll off to the side and enter another command, and before I know it I feel myself transform into my car mode. I have been in my car mode for nearly a year now.

The Tech jumps in as he still has full control over me, I can feel the techs fingers as he hot wires me to get me started, again another dirty trick. I could hear the roar of the Seekers engines as the tech shifts me into gear and he starts to drive me across the battlefield. The kid is driving me with the pedal to the metal as the ground around me starts to explode from the Seekers bombs.

I feel myself get turned toward the edge of the river basin, where the bridge used to be was now a 20 ft drop, across a 50 yard gap. I can see it as I feel myself pick up speed down the incline. Oh no, is this kid gonna do what I think he is gonna do!?

"Oh this will not end well." I think as I see myself speed toward the incline. Time slows down as I feel myself get airborne. I can see the river basin below me and I think that's quite a drop if we don't make it. I don't dwell on this as I soon fell myself hit terra firma. I can feel my rear tires spin out as a large could of dust is picked up behind me.

I can't believe it but the kid did it, I now see us speeding toward a wooden tree line. The kid thinks he is going to lose the Seekers in a forest. HA! Good luck with that! Seekers are called that, they seek you out to destroy you! I know our survival rate will be next to nothing if he doesn't shake the other three Seekers on our tail. From all around us the trees are being split apart by the Seekers blaster shots. It doesn't take long before I see the clearing of the forest; soon we would be out in the open and out of options.

As we head out of the forest I see for the first time, how the kid was going to get the Seekers off our tail, and It's brilliant. I see myself being driver toward the entrance of a cave! We are soon enveloped by the darkness of the cave as I heard very loud explosion behind us, apparently the Seekers didn't see the cave in time. After about 10 minutes of driving in darkness I see the bright light at the end of the cave. And at the end of that cave was a long steep drop, I feel gravity take over and the kid yell as we both roll down the side of the hill. I feel myself finally stop as I slam into a rocky incline.

It was at this time I felt myself take control over my body and I spit the kid out as I transform back into my robot mode and rest against the rock formation behind us. I look to see the kid huffing and panting, struggling to catch his breath. The Kid is dusty, and is bleeding from his lip.

"You got some big bearing for a human male!" I tell him.

I hear the kid chuckle as he began to take off his helmet, " Thanks, but I'm not a guy.." I see the helmet removed and the soft features of a female with long brown hair tied in a ponytail that fell behind her neck "I'm a girl, thank you very much.."

I couldn't help but laugh out loud; I hadn't been surprised like this in a long time. For the longest time I never held these Tech in very high regard. But this one here didn't quit, even when I was ready to.

"I don't get it, why did you risk your neck for me?" I asked her.

She spat out a gob of blood and wiped her mouth "Never leave a man or Bot behind." She said "Besides, I got cut off from my unit; I needed you as much as you needed me." She said with a cute smile. She looked like she was in her early's 20's. She had olive skin with brown eyebrows that matched her light brown hair. Plus she had a smile that reminded me so much of Miko.

"You patched me up good there human, you got a name?" I ask her.

"3rd class Autobot tech Dorothy Isabella Fuentes," She saluted "But most folks call me Dizzy, and I'm a Rampart."

I smiled at her as I can see from the distance the transport coming to collect us, Kid must have activated a beacon when she rolled out of me. I knew I was in for a gear chewing from Arcee when I got back, but it was ok. I think I found a new found like for life, and a respect for humans I thought I lost a long time ago.

"So you wanna tell me who this Miko is?" She asked finally.

"You wanna tell me what a Rampart is?" I retort back and chuckled. I mused at the thought that one day I might join the all spark, but not today. I know that somewhere Miko is looking out for me, even now I can still feel her with me.