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One-sided Logan x Higurashi Kagome

Rated: T

"Do you gotta fight tonight, Pops?"

Thick brows immediately furrowed at the nickname and he let out a soft growl, eyes rolling downwards so he could look at the small figure sitting in his lap, "You're always fighting." She rested her head on his broad chest and pouted.

Luckily, they were by themselves, otherwise one might find it odd to see a very mismatched pair of a grown man and a young teen girl speaking Japanese to one another in a remote northern Canadian town.

"Gotta make money somehow," Logan answered gruffly, patting her head and letting his hands stroke through her wavy hair until he rested his palm against her forehead, "'Sides, you know I always win." He grinned and one could say it was almost feral.

"But you get punched a lot, Pops," She said, pouting when he merely grunted at her concern, "I don't like seeing you getting punched."

"Then don't watch," Logan merely said, "And stop calling me Pops. I ain't your Daddy." He said a little darkly, feeling and hearing her giggle against his chest.

"But you are to me!" She smiled widely, fisting the fabric of his tight shirt within her hand, "You're all I can remember since real Papa died," Her smile lost some of its brightness, "And I can't remember Mama at all."

Brief flashes of a sword, Pops, and the name Mariko, but that was it.

Logan sighed, patting her head again as he scented the slight sadness she suddenly fell into. He couldn't blame her either since he couldn't remember her family or how they even met, but she had been a constant in his life ever since he realised that he had amnesia and he certainly wouldn't let her go for anything.

She was his and he was hers. He protected her and in return, she gave him the company he always secretly longed for.

But recently, once her female cycle had finally come in her thirteenth year, he found it harder and harder to protect her from himself every time her scent alerted him that she was ready; the scent so intoxicating that he literally had to hide away for those two or three days, otherwise he knew he would end doing something that he would regret.

Some 'Pops' he was...

"Just wait here, okay?" Logan sighed, shaking out of his thoughts and ruffling her hair while stepping out of the truck, making sure she was bundled tightly as it was freezing cold inside and outside the truck, "I won't be long." He smirked, liking the easy money he won from the cage fights he participated in.

The violent fights also gave him a release from the sexual tension that was building in his body, so he always looked forward to them for more reasons than one.

"Be careful, Logan." She said, her blue eyes shining worriedly and he turned back to her, his usual gruff features softening very slightly.

"Always am, Kagome." With that, he shut the door to the truck and headed to the small bar that was hosting his cage fight.

She didn't notice the robed figure that crept into the back of the truck she was currently occupying and instead, leaned back against the seat, already waiting anxiously for Logan's return, her thoughts racing.

No matter where Logan went, even to the fights that she hated so much, she would follow him to the ends of the Earth and beyond.

He was her Pops after all.