Better Together
Okita X Kagura
Chapter 1: Meeting with that brat.

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I was sitting at a mango tree when I saw a pale skinned, blue eyed, vermillion haired girl. Her hair was tied in buns, she was wearing a chesongan and had a stupid umbrella with her she looked like at my age wait no 1 year younger than me maybe 5 or 4? I don't really care since she looks like a weakling. Just touch her and she would break anytime.

I wouldn't want to waste my precious time on looking at an ugly girl so I just tsk-ed my tongue and put my red mask that was on my neck to my eyes.

A few seconds later I heard light footsteps seems like the brat was standing in front of me, her umbrella pointing towards me like it was some sort of a gun. Looking at her face a scowl was plastered on her face and it change into disgust.

I put my mask up to my forehead and raised a brow. "What do you want? I'm sleeping here you see I don't want to waste my time by talking to you so if just go then SHOOO! SCRAM!" I said like shoing a dog when I was going to put my mask back to my eyes I heard that her umbrella clicked.

"Hey, play with me for a while I'm here and if you do I won't tell your sister that you've been planning to kill her boyfriend since you see him in the first time." She said bluntly and an evil smirk spreading on her lips.

I sigh took my mask of, put it inside my yukata and put it inside my secret pocket then I stood up groggily and I stared at her. "You're kidding right? Dare to do it then I will kill right on your spot." I said in my most scariest voice I used in my 6 years of living in earth and take a look at that, it's not very effective.

She put her umbrella down and then laughed I think she's being paranoid of I just said

. "You're funny so the rumors are true then, huh?" She said and smiled warmly at me like the smile my sister used then she offered a hand, I just stared at it and put on my poker face."What rumors?" I asked.

"I wanted to be your friend your true friend by the way not fake, I would only be here in a day or if I'm lucky 2 or 3 months so I'm finding a friend for a while. Every kid here said that I'm too strong for them and said to me to scram like a dog, like you did just a while ago."

She shooted me a glare then continued. "They told me to play with you cause you're the strongest kid they know to rival my strength and also to blackmail you with you're sister on it and a man named Hijikata. So please just for the mean time be my friend." She said pleadingly well they did said that she's strong too, so why not give it a try?

I shook the strangers hand and smiled to her too. For I don't know why reasons. "Fight me then maybe I would be your true friend and be my manservant if you want fake." I said lazily then took my hand back. I don't know but it seems like my hand want to hold her hand a little longer I snapped at the thought and looked at the brat who seemed to brightened up.

"So when's the match Sadist?"

"None of your business. Don't call me Sadist, China"

"Then don't call me China, Sadist."

"Your voice is killing my ears China." I said then her face turned again into a scowl.

"Then what about now, Bastard?" She said while making her knuckles sound and taking her battle stance she looked like she's skilled and a bit experienced. I stood up and took some few steps back at my favorite tree then take my battle stance too, I stretched my right hand in the direction of China then moved my middle and index finger signaling her to take the first move she was more irritated at me now. She moved in a lightning speed that was unbelievable, look at her in any angle she's damn frail or so that was I thought. Seems like I was wrong.

She caught me off guard when she moved, she tried to kick my stomach but unfortunately for her, my hands caught her foot then I tightened my grip on her.

I flew her up like a bird then dropped her like a rock, she dropped on the dirt pretty hard. I was started to chuckle how she land while she was glaring at me then she sat up. I thought she was surrendering but she kicked my leg sideways then I the almighty Sougo Okita fell on the ground by a stupid brat that I just met.

"Hey that's not fair I won already you know you're a cheater and also you're a dirty player. I'll tell your brother about this." I said to her sitting up and while rubbing my leg that she just kicked a while ago and she was laughing so hard that she was already rolling on the dirt literally also rubbing her back that I just banged at the ground.

When she registered what I've said she stopped laughing and she began to be paler than before which is weird cause her skin is the most palest skin I've ever seen.

Well at least look at that what I've invented is real yes I'm really a genius. She sat up again and bowed at me her head brushing at the ground.

"I'll do anything just don't tell onii-chan and just don't make me your slave, Sadist." Sure? Why not?

"Then China let me call you that and since you move like a boy and had a very foul mouth starting this day you would cross dress as a boy and the first letter of your name is Ka and the last is Me also think about what would be in the middle tell me if you thought of something if you don't I'll tell him and also don't tell my sister that! Understand?"

"Eehh but why cross dress?" She complained.

"Because I told you so and even if you leave you still need to cross dress so you'll remember me. By the way this tree will be our base to meet up." By the word tree I pointed to the mango tree behind me.

"Sure." She smiled and it was my time to offer a hand she shook it gladly.

For some reasons I wanted to be with her like that forever thought. I heard a cab honking at me so I snapped my thoughts, that happened a decade ago maybe she forgot me already but looking back we don't know each other names. I just chuckled at that then continued to walk.

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