Three, two, one...

The lean boy jumped from his perch in the tree soundlessly and gracefully. He landed to his feet without a noise. The creature in front of him didn't stand a chance. He actually found it amusing, which is why he couldn't kill it. Not yet, anyway.

"So, taking a stroll through the park in the middle of the night, huh?"

The stooped figure whipped around quickly and took in the sight of the young teen. It cracked an evil smile while lunging forward, arms grasping. The boy jumped and flipped though the air almost effortlessly, landing a few feet away. He leaned up against a tree trunk and crossed his arms casually.

"Can I give you a little piece of advice? I'd come here during the day if I were you. The sun is shining through the trees... It's gorgeous. If you come here at night you're missing out. It just seems a little counter productive, ya know? Oh wait, you're right. You do have a bit of an allergy to the sun, don't you? Valid point." The creature looked around dazedly, trying to figure out where his prey had gone. The teen smirked and shook his head. He walked away from the tree and into the open, arms spread wide.

"I'm right here, cupcake." Red, hate-filled eyes looked up at him in surprise.

"Oh, you're definitely not a smart one, are you?" The boy walked forward casually, putting his hands in his pockets. The monster-like figure looked genuinely confused now. The teen cocked his head to the side and spoke with mock earnestness.

"Did somebody lose you? Are you just a lost little puppy? Huh? Are ya?" The creature snarled ferally and dove toward his prey once more. The teen side-stepped him easily, hands still in his pockets.

"Ah, so you're not completely a lost cause. You did understand the heavily poured on sarcasm." The monster had lost all patience now and was lunging around madly, baring his fangs, desperate to sink his teeth into the child who was taunting him.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. We can't have that now," the boy pulled a wooden stake from his jacket pocket and twirled it for a moment like a baton between his fingers as he continued to do a little dance with the creature, staying just out of his reach at every move. "I have no idea what kind of diseases you're carrying, little puppy. If you bit someone you could give them rabies. Or, you know, turn them into a vamp too." He reached out in that moment and grabbed the creature by the neck, lifting him into the air. The monster's eyes went wide with sudden fear and recognition.

"Oh, did I forget to introduce myself?" The boy tightened his grip.

"I'm the Slayer." He stabbed the vampire right through the chest with the stake and stepped away as the dust settled, raking his fingers through his hair in annoyance to rid himself of the tiny specks. If there was anything Kurt hated, it was walking around with pieces of vampire sticking to him.

A slim figure watched from a distance with narrowed eyes.

The boy was cocky. He talked too much. His moves were too flashy. He underestimated his opponents. He was completely unorthodox.

The figure took a final drag from his cigarette before exhaling heavily and flicking it to the ground, crushing the ash with the toe of his boot. He watched as the boy did a series of complex acrobatic moves through an empty field, landing solidly on his feet at the end and pretending to bow to an audience. He laughed in spite of himself and nodded begrudgingly.

The boy was good. This could be a problem.

Kurt glanced at his watch and saw that it was almost three in the morning. He seriously needed to get home and catch some sleep before school tomorrow. He jumped over a six-foot-tall fence with ease and started down the empty alley that headed in the direction of his house. He rolled his eyes when his phone rang. Even if he hadn't heard the distinctive ringtone he would have known who it was. Only one person would be calling him at three in the morning.

He sang along for a moment before answering, "I always feel like somebody's watching me-hee..."

"Yes, Sensei." Kurt smirked but tried to keep the smile from his voice. He sighed while rolling his eyes once again.

"I DO take this seriously!" He listened to the voice on the other end for a moment while holding his hand up in front of his own face. He flapped his thumb and fingers together, imitating someone talking incessantly, and made faces at the hand.

"No, I wasn't! I promise, I wasn't doing the hand thing." He quickly jerked the hand down behind his back and glanced around in disbelief. "I wasn't... fine, I was. How in the world did you know? Are you watching me right now?" He pulled the phone away from his ear and peered at it suspiciously, looking for a hidden camera. He winced when he heard yelling coming from the other end.

"Sheesh, I'm here, I'm here... Yes, three bloodsuckers and one Polgara Demon... I got them all... Yeah, it was weird. The first two vamps were your basic variety, all dark and lurky yet trying to come off as normal with a look taken straight from a Gap mannequin. I mean, seriously, who do they think they're kidding? At least mix it up a little and put your own outfit together. I could tell there was something wrong with them from their clothing choices alone, even if I hadn't seen the trail of blood... sorry, right, back on track. Anyway, the demon was sufficiently terrifying but I took him down easily enough once I severed his arm-skewer thingies... Oh my gosh! Yes, I disposed of them properly. I'm not a newbie anymore. Okay, where were we?... Yes, the first two vampires were typical and put up a good fight before they had to go bye-bye. That last one though..."

Kurt stopped walking and felt that odd, nervous feeling in the pit of his stomach again. He swallowed hard before continuing to speak.

"It was just like those two from last week... Yeah, really stupid. Like, beyond belief, touched-in-the-head kind of stupid. Far and away my easiest kills since I was called." He sighed and started walking again, tapping the fence lightly with his stake as he went.

"I don't know. It just makes me a little uncomfortable. It's like, they're not just vampires. It's like they're part, oh, I dunno, something else. Something animalistic... No, it's not that I can't take them, it's just that they're not normal. They give me the heebie-jeebies." He smiled then at the response he got.

"That's what I thought. Go read your books and call me if you find something out... I will. I'm going home right now. Hey, um, when are you coming back? I feel incredibly 'unwatched' with you in another country. Some unexpected demon could eat me up and you'd only have yourself to blame." He hated being emotional and covered the loneliness he was feeling with a joke, per usual.

"Great," he couldn't help letting a contented sigh escape his lips. "I'll see you tomorrow night then." He went to hang up but hurriedly rushed out at the last moment, "Don't get crushed by an enormous stack of boring books..." he snickered when he heard an annoyed sigh on the other end and then a click.

He dropped his phone into his pocket before picking up his pace again. He agilely climbed up the side of a house and jumped from rooftop to rooftop until he was swinging through his window and collapsing in bed.

He glanced at the glowing red numbers from his alarm clock and groaned. Seven a.m. and homeroom were going to come way too early. You'd think that continually saving the world would earn a sixteen-year-old the day off of school every once in a while. Too bad nobody that he saved ever knew it was him. He drifted off, grumpily thinking about how unfair life was sometimes.

** I know that I have not updated this fic in pretty much forever. I apologize from the deepest depths of my soul! :( It is NOT abandoned though! I promise it will be finished. Not only am I updating it as of 1/16/2017, I have the rest of the story outlined until the end :) **

Yes, this is a crossover fic, but you honestly don't have to know everything about the Buffy world to enjoy this story. The characters are ALL from Glee. They are simply living in a supernatural world. If you're interested, there is a Buffy Cheat Sheet at the bottom of this page. It will give you the basics of the Buffy world.

Because Buffy and Glee are my two guilty pleasures in life. Well, that, and writing for you lovely people :) Combining them makes me do a happy dance.

Kurt is somewhat OC in this 'verse as he has the combined sassiness of Buffy's character, along with his own wit.

With this fic it must be said: Joss Whedon is probably my favorite creative person alive today. Total genius.

Here you go Lulu'Gleek'Criss. This one's dedicated to you. When you "cheekily" asked me for a supernatural Klaine fic I wanted to kiss your face.

Buffy Cheat Sheet:

1. Back in the days of cavemen, the men who were in power took a young girl and imbued her with the strength and power to fight and kill all of the vampires that threatened the world. They declared that there should be one Slayer born to every generation. Once a Slayer has died, another Slayer is called and takes on both the powers and the calling of killing vampires and other demons that threaten the Earth.

2. Slayers have superhuman strength and unparalleled fighting skills, along with amazing self-healing powers.

3. Vampires cannot be in direct sunlight, as they will burst into flames and die.

4. Vampires can only be killed by either a stake straight into the heart, direct sunlight or beheading. Holy water will burn them, but not necessarily kill them. They are afraid of crosses, as they will burn them as well.

5. Every Slayer has someone called a Watcher looking over them, guiding and training them. Watchers are typically British and are more of the bookworm variety than skilled as warriors, though some Watchers occasionally surprise you and are both.

6. Witches and Wiccans are the same thing. Two words with the same meaning.

7. There is one brief reference to "Spike". He is a character in Buffy: a vampire who ends up fighting on the good side and helping the Slayer.

8. All Slayers have been girls up to this point. In the Buffy comic books there is finally a Slayer who is gay boy. I took the premise of this storyline for my fic.

9. Humans are typically turned into vampires by being bitten and having a vampire drink their blood, followed by drinking the blood of the vampire themselves. There is an alternate storyline in my fic when it comes to this topic, though honestly you don't really have to understand this whole theory to enjoy the story :)

10. Vampires cannot enter someone's home unless they are invited

That is really all you need to know! If you have any more questions feel free to ask me!

Thanks for giving this Supernatural Klaine fic a chance! I love you all to bits and pieces!

XOXO ~ PickingViolets