The Slayer stalked forward resolutely, forcing Brittany to run in order to catch up with him.

"Kurt, stop!"

"We don't have time to stop, Brit," he said in a voice filled with steely resolve. "In case you forgot, my boyfriend either already has been, or will soon be, captured by... God, I don't even know this guy's name yet."

"Cooper," Brittany breathed out softly.

Kurt froze in his tracks, then whipped around, sputtering in shock.

"You can't mean... it can't be the same... how can I not have... why wouldn't someone have told me?!"

"You have to admit that it's a pretty sore subject where Chelsea is concerned," Brittany looked at him steadily. "That's not the kind of thing you share with just anyone."

"I'm not just anyone!" Kurt spat out. "I'm her Slayer for christ's sake! I'm the closest thing she has to family after Blaine! I thought she really cared about me. Apparently we're not as close as I thought."

Brittany just stared at him for a moment, trying to consider her next move. Seeing him look so hurt and betrayed was painful.

"Yes, and since he came out of hiding, his mission has been to kill her son, the boy he once considered to be a brother. Cooper already wants you dead. He wants..." She looked at him sadly, "wants to use you for his own means. Don't you think that once he realized how much you really mean to her, it would only increase his desire to see you hurt you beyond reason? Don't you think she would want to protect you at all costs, and keep this from you if she thought it would make any difference in keeping you safe?"

Kurt sighed heavily and then groaned in frustration. He adjusted to strap on his pack, regaining his look of steady determination.

"Look, you're probably right. I know I'm not thinking clearly. That was just a pretty big piece of information to take in. We'll talk later, when Chelsea and Blaine are here and safe for me to discuss it with."

Brittany just nodded, deciding not to remind Kurt of the fact that the hope of them seeing Chelsea again was growing slimmer by the moment. She knew that, deep down, he was already aware of that.

Kurt started to turn on his heel once more when Brittany grabbed his arm.

"I tried saying this when we first came out. You don't even know where to go and find him. Let me do a locator or a guidance spell."

Kurt inwardly slapped himself for, once again, not thinking clearly, and shook his head.

"God, you're right. Okay, go ahead."

The witch closed her eyes, folding her hands in front of her in concentration. Kurt watched on in silence as she began began muttering under her breath.

Out of nowhere, tiny bright lights sprang to life and began bouncing energetically around her, as if awaiting instructions.

"Brit," Kurt whispered excitedly. She opened up her eyes and smiled.

"Phew! Last time I did this they got distracted by a streetlamp. I think they thought it was a distant spirit cousin that had been trapped in our world."

Kurt nodded somewhat impatiently.

"Well, I'm glad it worked. Let's actually use them and get going."

"Yes," she turned to the small shimmering lights. "Little guiding spirit lights, please take us to our curly dolphin."

Kurt winced, waiting for the iridescent spirits to be confused by these instructions, but apparently they were used to Brittany's form of speech. They brightened significantly, and immediately took off on a bouncing path down the street.

Without another word, they took off in a run, both desperately trying to hold on to the hope that they would meet with something other than death and destruction.

Chelsea's brain went numb, and her heart went cold. This was it. All was lost. She couldn't save Marc. She couldn't save Blaine and Kurt. She couldn't save herself. All she could do in her last moment of consciousness, was hope with everything she had that her boys found a way to fight. To survive.

Blackness began to take over... and then she was suddenly crashing to the floor.

A rough gasping breath exploded from her chest as she writhed for a moment on the cold tiles. She coughed and sputtered, desperately sucking in deep breaths as she tried to wrap her mind around what could possible have happened.

She whipped her head up, blinking her watering eyes. She was momentarily confused, seeing no enemy, until she saw the shower of dust floating down around her head. Standing there, holding a sharpened pencil in her hand like a stake, was Janelle. She coughed delicately as a few specks of the decimated vampire settled into her lungs.

"It has been too long since I have done that," she spoke in a thick accent. "I'd forgotten to not breathe in directly after you stake."

The blonde looked down with a slow smile and reached a hand out to Chelsea. The Watcher managed to grin back, while gingerly rubbing her neck with one hand and offering the other up to Janelle.

After being gently hauled to her feet, Chelsea felt herself being yanked into her sister-in-law's arms for a tight embrace. She finally sagged in relief and let out a deep sigh as she weakly held her back. She pulled away, gripping Janelle's arms and smiling softly.

"So," she rasped, "you're speaking English." Janelle laughed lightly, leaning down a bit to look at Chelsea in concern. When she seemed satisfied that her sister-in-law was really okay, she shrugged her shoulders.

"Well, I figure that if I am going to come to America with you, I should brush up on my English. Don't you think?"

Chelsea nodded, unable to keep the tears from her eyes.

"Yeah, might be a good idea I suppose," she laughed, before stopping short. "Wait a minute, how in the world did you get a ticket so last minute?"

Janelle smiled.

"I... may have had a brief affair with a man who owns a private jet. Let's just say that I left him wanting more and he was quite happy to stay on my good side," she winked. Chelsea laughed out loud then, shaking her head. Same old Janelle.

"I had a terrible feeling the moment you got into that cab, so I made a couple of calls and rushed here," Janelle continued.

Chelsea sighed in relief again.

"Well, I'm awfully glad you did. Blaine came incredibly close to being orphaned," the smaller woman trailed off into a choked whisper and looked her sister directly in the eye. Janelle didn't say anything, just nodded solemnly.

Chelsea took another deep breath, finally feeling as if she could breathe normally again, and turned on her heel to grab her bag from the gate. As she left the hallway, she noticed five men standing there and looking at her. They were all the picture perfect image of personal body guards; tall, strong, broad and on alert. They stared back at her with no reaction.

"Ah," she smiled, looking back to Janelle. "When you mentioned making more than one phone call I wondered who all you were referring to. I see you've brought the heavy reinforcements."

Janelle smirked and took the lead, jerking her head to the men, showing them to follow her.

"I know you're not used to it, but I think we can use all the help we can get right now."

Chelsea picked up her stride, suddenly looking grave once again.

"You couldn't be more right. I'll take anything that will help me save my boys."

"There?" Kurt breathed softly.

Brittany nodded sharply, desperately trying to catch her breath. They had been running full-out for four miles, and she was barely staying on her feet, whereas Kurt hadn't even broken a sweat.

"Yeah," she gasped, sucking in some more air. "Right down that alley. He's there and alive. I can sense that much. We need to hurry. I don't know how much longer he has, he's outnumbered at least twenty to..."

Kurt didn't even let her finish, tearing off toward the alley in a blur, fitting an arrow into his crossbow as he ran.

Brittany took as deep, cleansing breath, before pushing past the pain in her side and taking off after him.

She stopped short though when two brand new visions flashed before her mind's eye. A grin spread across her face as she started running again, this time filled with hope.

Help was on it's way.

Blaine closed his eyes and took a deep breath, steadying himself and clearing his mind. If he was going to go down, he was going to go down fighting.

He glanced around quickly, and happily realized that there were a couple of splintered two-by-fours sticking out of the filthy dumpster to his right. He carefully took an aggressive stance, causing a couple of the deformed monsters in front of him to laugh stupidly, thinking how cute it was that their prey was attempting to fight.

They quickly surrounded him, but he was surprised when they made no move to actually grab him. He glanced around, waiting patiently for one of the dim-witted creatures to make a move.

After a brief moment, filled with tension and hesitation, a break formed in the tight circle. His heart started racing again, as a brand new creature stepped forward.

A completely different type of creature. A tall, gorgeous blonde.

She was wearing black leather from head to toe, including high-heeled leather boots that reached halfway up her thighs. She stepped forward slowly, and smiled at Blaine as she reached out a manicured hand to touch his face. He stiffened immediately and tried to jerk away, but she followed his movements.

"There, there, sweetie," she said in a low, soothing voice, continuing to stroke his cheek. "I don't want to hurt you. I hope you can believe me. It is imperative that you come with us though, so be a dear and come quietly. That way I can keep you nice and safe. These bad, bad monsters won't lay a hand on you." Blaine stiffened even further as she moved to trail a delicate finger down his chest, all the way to his waistline. "If you're a good little boy, I'm sure I can find some way to reward you once we get to our destination. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Blaine?"

The teen couldn't help himself. He didn't know if it was sheer panic, or if he had finally snapped emtionally because of the last tension filled days, or if he was, in fact, was so clear headed that he could logically see the humor here.

He burst out laughing. So hard that he practically bent in half with the force of it.

The woman backed away, looking stiff and incredibly offended. A couple of the vampires started to surge forward, thrusting greedy hands toward him, but she held up a single hand to stop their movements.

"Oh my gosh," he laughed, wiping away a mirthful tear. "Oh, man. I'm sorry, really. It's just, you do realize that I'm gay, right? You guys went to all the trouble of forming this elaborate plan to capture me, and part of your whole scheme was contingent on the fact that you'd be able to persuade me to come peacefully by flaunting a beautiful woman in my face? Seriously? You have to admit that the irony here is fabulous."

The woman before him shook momentarily with anger, breathing heavily as she steadied herself. After just a brief moment where her true emotions shown through, she gave him a steely smile. One that was no longer seductive, but meant to intimidate.

"Oh, love. There are ways around that. I'm quite... flexible you'll find."

Blaine quickly lost his amusement, and watched, completely bewildered, as her edges started to shimmer and waver. Her entire form seemed to lose it's solidity for a moment as someone brand new formed, right in front of his eyes. In place of the beautiful woman, now stood a broad, muscular man.

Blaine felt himself trembling with fear. It was a shapeshifter. A creature who could literally be anything, or anyone, it's heart desired.

"Is this more to your liking?" A deep masculine voice spoke suddenly. Blaine didn't even have a chance to form a sentence before the shapeshifter shimmered and morphed once again.

Blaine felt his knees go weak.

Now, in front of him, reaching out a hand to stroke his cheek... was Kurt.

"Now, why do I get the feeling that this particular shape is what will truly do you in?" Kurt asked with a smirk.

No, it's not Kurt. Blaine shook his head frantically.

"Oh, yes," the shapeshifter laughed. "I think we've got a winner. It's common knowledge that our current Slayer has an eye for the boys, and you absolutely reek of his scent. Now I know why."

The Kurt in front of him sighed and started circling him slowly, running a hand over Blaine's chest as he walked.

"I've unfortunately not had time to connect with our revered leader personally since I took this job. I had no idea that you were so connected with the Slayer or which way you swing. It's a pity. I could have played this whole thing very differently had I only known."

The shapeshifter paused once he was back in front of the teen, leveling him with an equally seductive and evil glare.

Blaine glared back. This was too much. This was going too far. His panic and fear subsided. His instincts kicked in. This was not Kurt. This was an enemy, a faceless enemy. He had been trained to fight since he was three, and that was exactly what he was going to do. He looked on steadily as the shapeshifter kept speaking, knowing exactly how he was going to play this.

"Ah, well. No use crying over spilled milk. Now, what's it going to be. Are you coming along quietly," the Kurt in front of him stepped forward, leaning into him so that their faces were only centimeters apart, "or do I have to get persuasive?"

"No need for that," Blaine whispered softly, splaying his fingers across the shapeshifter's chest. "I can see when I've been beaten."

The fake Kurt looked at him in momentary shock, eyeing the fingers that were trailing up his chest cautiously.

"Seeing as I won't get to see my real Kurt again, you won't mind if I steal a little kiss. Will you?" Blaine whispered, leaning in so that their lips were almost brushing up against each other. His stomach recoiled and he had to fight to not vomit at being so close to the demon. The shapeshifter hesitated, looking thoroughly thrown, but shrugged his shoulders.

"Whatever you like. I think I'd enjoy tasting those luscious lips of yours."

Blaine smirked and leaned in, pressing his lips against Kurt's. He shuddered inwardly, feeling the ice cold and unyielding flesh against his own.

Just a couple of seconds. That's all I need.

He parted his lips, deepening the kiss for just a moment... before summoning every ounce of strength he had and grasping the demon with both hands, thrusting him backwards into the crowd of vampires.

Fake Kurt screamed in anger as he fell through the air and landed on top of three of the vampires. The creatures in the background looked on stupidly, not quite able to make out what was happening.

"Get him, you morons!" The demon shouted from his place on the ground. Five of the vampires dashed forward to snatch at Blaine, but he easily leapt toward the dumpster and snatched up a piece of the broken two-by-four. He snapped it over his knee, holding out two pieces of jagged wood in front of him.

All five creatures paused and eyed him cautiously, yet kept inching forward, crowding him against the dumpster.

"Come on," he said in a cold voice. "Don't be scared, little puppies." He drew strength and resolve from thinking of Kurt, and how he would have responded in this situation. "I don't mind playing fetch with you. Mind, you won't come back after retrieving these sticks."

He lunged forward in that moment, jamming both of the make-shift stakes directly into two of the creature's hearts. A third vampire dove toward his neck with barred teeth, but he grasped it's neck with both hands and twisted sharply, taking morbid satisfaction when he heard the sickening snap and felt the creature go limp in his arms.

The remaining two vampires at the forefront eyed him warily, before jumping at the screeching orders of the shapeshifter.

"Take him down, you mindless drones! All of you! He can't kill you all at the same time!"

With a unified shout, the remaining horde of monsters rushed in, and Blaine had only moments to try and steel himself for the assault. He managed to stake three more in the heart, and was wrestling off a fourth, when they finally managed to bring him down. He felt his breath being knocked out of him as six of the creatures dove on top of him, fighting to hold his arms and legs to the ground to keep him in place.

Kurt's face suddenly appeared above him with a twisted smile.

"Now, I'm not actually supposed to hurt you. Not unless absolutely necessary anyway. We'll just pretend that this was absolutely necessary."

The demon's face contorted with anger as he raised a heavy staff above his head, preparing to bring it down on Blaine in full force. Just as he was bringing it down, he screamed out in pain.

Blaine, who had been squeezing his eyes shut in preparation for the blow, looked up sharply. He was shocked to see the staff fall from the shapeshifter's hand as an arrow pierced clean through his palm.

"I thought," a low voice spoke from somewhere above, "I told you to stop trying to kill my boyfriend. Apparently I have to keep killing you off before you get the message."

The demon howled in anger as he snapped the arrow in two and ripped it from his hand. He stepped back and turned slowly, giving Blaine a clear view of his real boyfriend.

Relief swept through him when he saw that the Slayer was, indeed, alive and well. He knew deep down that the visions he had seen earlier were false somehow, but he had been unable to convince himself that Kurt was really safe.

The Slayer lost his look of confidence for a brief moment when he looked himself square in the face.

"This should be interesting," fake Kurt laughed as he ripped the shirt from the back of one of the vampires. Grunting in pain, he wrapped the material tightly around his injured hand.

"Slayer against Slayer."

The real Kurt's eyes narrowed as he stepped forward, slinging the crossbow around his shoulder and pulling a pair of hand blades from a sheath on his belt. He sent a sideways glance toward Blaine, reassuring himself that the other boy was still safe, before starting to twirl the blades in dizzying circles.

"Should be very interesting. I'm intrigued to see if a shapeshifter can copy my power, or just my face, because lord knows you're nothing compared to me when it comes to your own strength."

The demon growled, seething in anger, before lunging forward. He swept his fallen staff from the ground and flung himself at Kurt with a loud screech.

The Slayer lifted the corner of his mouth in a cocky smile, and stepped forward to meet the staff with his blades scissored out before him. They met with a crash of metal on wood, and stood in a standoff of strength, arms shaking from the exertion.

Blaine watched desperately as his boyfriend and the demon met in battle, each fighting the other back with everything they had. He stomach turned and he felt absolutely nauseous.

Once again he was the cause for Kurt to be in danger. Once again he was being held captive as someone he loved fought for his life. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to force away the memories of being held down, forced to watch as his father was murdered in front of his very eyes. Once again...

Enough was enough. There would be no more 'once agains'.

I'm no fucking damsel.

He screamed aloud as his anger, fear, determination and adrenaline all swirled together, forming a lethal combination. He summoned more strength than he ever knew he possessed, and threw off all six of the creatures who were holding him down in one thrust.

They looked at him in shock as they all crashed into each other and fell over like bowling pins. A real look of fear came into their eyes when they realized how drastically they had underestimated him.

He stood then, practically radiating his rage and desire for vengeance. He silently stepped forward, grabbing the two nearest vampires and smashing their heads together as hard as he could. They crumpled in a heap on the pavement and he stepped over them without a second look. Another vampire met it's end as it's neck was snapped in two by his bare hands. By this point, he had reached the place where he had staked his last opponents, and found the splintered pieces of wood on the ground. Sweeping them up, he rushed forward into the mass, screaming his fury.

Just as he was staking two through the heart at the same time, a bright flash of light almost blinded him. The few remaining vampires screeched in pain as their skin started to sizzle and smoke. Blaine squinted up, shielding his eyes, to find a bright ball of simulated sunlight, shining brightly above all of their heads.

"Enough!" A sharp voice called out. His jerked his face toward the end of the alley and found Brittany standing there, looking fierce and determined. She reached out her hand, focusing on the ball of sunlight, and it sparked, shining brighter than before, causing the vampires to scream their anguish as they started burning alive.

As the light and heat overwhelmed the alley, Blaine glanced over to see both Kurts, still locked in combat. Demon Kurt had momentarily captured the real Kurt in a headlock with his staff, but the Slayer quickly flipped him over his back, whipping his pair of knives around to slash at the demon's arms once he was on the ground.

The bright flash of light, along with the wails of the monsters, seemed to bring the shapeshifter back to the moment though. He looked up, realizing what was happening, and cursed under his breath as he took off toward the witch in a rush.

"No!" Kurt cried desperately, and flung one of his blades at the back of his imitator with all of his strength. It fell uselessly to the ground though when the demon shifted once more, turning into a vicious looking black bird, soaring into the air and out of sight.

Blaine looked on, feeling dizzy at the speed of which everything was happening. Only minutes ago he had been sure he was dead and that Kurt would be lost. Now the imposter was gone, the vampires were diminishing before his very eyes, and his boyfriend was standing there, just feet away, breathing heavily and staring at him with an emotion filled gaze.

They started to step together through the dusty haze left from the decimated vampires, when Brittany let out a sharp gasp and sagged to the ground. They forgot their reunion and immediately ran to the witch, diving down on their knees next to her, astonished at how pale she had suddenly grown.

"It's okay," she breathed. "I'll be alright. Making sunshine is hard work. It just makes me really sleepy. Give me a second to rest and then we can leave."

They stepped aside warily, both watching her for a moment to make sure that she was okay. She rested her head back on the pavement, closing her eyes and breathing deeply, her color already starting to return.

They both sighed in relief, seeing that she was really fine, and looked to each other.

In the moment that their eyes met, every emotion both boys had felt in the last couple of hours flooded back through them. The fear for each other, fear for everyone connected to them, the rushes of adrenaline, the harsh anger for their enemy... it all came rushing back, and the relief they felt in the moment was overwhelming.

They stepped closer, lips crashing together as they pulled each other in. Every intense emotion came out in that kiss, and they were overcome because of it. Blaine could feel a heavy weight settle on his chest as he grasped Kurt's face with his hands, pressing kiss after desperate kiss on his lips.

"I saw it, Kurt. I saw it all. It was so terrible. I thought he had you. I thought he was going to use you to... it was so awful. Thank God you're okay!"

He wanted to go on. He wanted to apologize for once again putting them in danger, but he couldn't. He was so sick of apologizing. He was so sick of being the one who was wrong and needed to be saved. Kurt pulled back, looking as overwhelmed as Blaine was feeling. The Slayer took one look at the other boy and seemed to guess exactly what he was thinking.

"Hey, it's not your fault. It was a spell. He sent those visions to trick us. I was just as fooled as you, but Brittany got to me first and cleared my head. I saw awful things too, Blaine," his voice cracked and he closed his eyes shut for just a moment, a tear escaping before he could help it. Relief rushed through Blaine, knowing that he wasn't the only one who had been fooled, and he yanked Kurt back into his arms.

"I'm so scared," the Slayer whispered into the older boy's neck, clinging to him tightly.

"It's okay," Blaine whispered back. "It's over. We're all safe now. The visions must have been false."

Blaine froze when he felt Kurt slowly shake his head no. He pulled back and looked into the blue eyes carefully.

"What are you saying?"

Kurt took a shaky breath, feeling completely helpless and lost for the first time in his life.

"I'm saying that the things he showed us weren't untrue. No, they weren't happening in that moment, but he does intend for them to happen."

"You're saying that he really does plan to somehow control you... and use you to kill for him?"

Blaine gripped his shoulders tightly, shaking sightly as he spoke. When Kurt only nodded in response, he felt an ice cold fear wash though him.

"It's okay, my mom... my mom will know how to help..."

He trailed off when Kurt's eyes filled with pain.

"I don't think she's going to be able to help me this time, Blaine," he choked out.

Blaine stared at him, eyes filled with disbelief.

"What happened, Kurt? What do you know?"

Kurt winced when Blaine's grip tightened impossibly. He knew he could easily shake the other boy off, it would honestly take just the flick of a finger, but he didn't want to. The slight pain reminded him that he was still alive, that he was still his own. He opened his mouth to speak, trying to find the words to tell Blaine that a vision of Chelsea being strangled to death in an empty hallway had flashed through his mind only an hour ago. Nothing came out though, and Blaine's grip only tightened.

"What do you know, Kurt? What do you know about my mom?" Blaine shook him slightly, his voice cracking as a couple of hot tears rolled down his cheeks. "You can't keep something like that from me!"

"It's all fine now," a cheerful voice spoke suddenly from beside them.

They both turned slowly to look at Brittany with incredulous expressions. Both with tears in their eyes, gripping each other as if their lives depended on it.

"What?" Blaine asked, feeling genuinely at a loss.

"We saw a lot of bad things earlier, and we were afraid that they would all come true," Brittany responded matter of factly, in true Brittany form. "I've had some brand new visions though, and things are looking up. Chelsea is safe. Someone trusted came to save her and is now coming here to Lima. They have answers to our problems. Also, the man with the strange weapon has decided to help us. If we get going we should meet him by the time he gets to your house. I think it's a good idea to try and get there before he does. Your dad won't quite know what to do," she nodded to Kurt.

Without another word of explanation, she turned on her heel and started back toward the Hummel house. Both boys just gaped at her, still gripping each other tightly, before turning slowly and meeting each others gaze.

"Um, so, my mom's safe?" Blaine asked, looking as if he was trying to sort everything out in his head.

"Apparently," Kurt nodded slowly, doing the exact same thing. "Someone Chelsea trusts saved her, and is coming here, I guess, with answers that we need. I'm particularly curious about that part," he shook his head.

"My mom is safe," Blaine repeated, closing his eyes and sagging against Kurt.

The Slayer pulled his boyfriend close, kissing the top of his head.

"It looks like we're all safer than we thought " he whispered.

Blaine looked up, and swallowed hard as he gripped Kurt's face in his hands.

"I won't let him control you, Kurt. I will do everything in my power to stop it. We're gonna figure this out."

Kurt nodded weakly, not willing to say out loud that he highly doubted Blaine would have the power to stop this if Kurt himself had no control. There was no point. They needed to be hopeful right now. Kurt needed to be able to cling to something, anything, that would make him feel that all was not lost.

Chelsea was alive. That was a huge, and unexpected piece of fabulous news. She apparently was bringing help and answers too, and Kurt could only hope that those answers involved saving him from destroying everyone he knew and loved.

He let out a breath he hadn't even realized he'd been holding, and gave Blaine a small but genuine smile. Blaine was safe, Chelsea was now safe, and some help was on it's way. That was more hope than he'd had earlier today. He leaned forward, pulling Blaine into a soft yet possessive kiss, gripping the shorter boy's waist tightly as he sucked gently on his lower lip. He felt Blaine sigh as he relaxed against the Slayer completely, reaching his arms up to wrap around his neck.

They were just beginning to deepen the kiss, and fully breath each other in, when they heard a sharp call.

"Let's move it, dolphins! You can be kissyface all you want when we're back in a safe place. We need to get going so we can meet our newest ally!"

They broke apart with a smile and linked hands as they raced to catch up with Brittany.

"Um, do you have any clue who this 'man with the strange weapon' is?" Blaine questioned under his breath.

"Not in the slightest," Kurt chuckled, "but I trust Brittany's judgment."

"That's good enough for me," Blaine responded with a soft smile, "because I trust you."

Kurt looked at him steadily, and responded with something he'd never said out loud before in his life. He had never even thought it, outside of his father and Chelsea.

"I trust you too."