Here is the first chapter to my new story Gii takumi and baby make three it is m-preg so if you don't like it don't read btw all the characters imagine them as they are in the movies but only movies 2-5 I don't really like the Gii and takumi in the first movie. Bold print means that is where a character is talking.

Takumi looked at the test in his hand it was a positive this scared him greatly he did not know what to do. Takumi cleaned up his stuff and headed back to his room being very careful about hiding the test so no one could find it well he figured out what to do. After hiding the test and the box where no one would think to look he laid down on his bed and started to think about what to do that's when he decide he will run away to where no one would find him he got up off his bed and packed some of his thing along with the box and the test and when he was sure everyone was busy he slipped out unnoticed trying to look as normal as possible also being on the lookout for Misu and Akaike. Once Takumi made it to the front gates he saw they where opened and no one was around he snuck out and made his way to the train station being very careful not to bring attention to himself he walked in to the train station and bought a ticket for the next train. Well waiting for the next train Takumi asked himself "am I doing the right thing".

Misu returned to his and Takumi's room to see if takumi was their because no one has seen him all day and everyone was wondering where he was since it was weird for him to not be around here someplace. Once misu got to their room and he say takumi was not their but he noticed some of his stuff was missing. Misu went back to meet up with the others.

Gii looked at misu and said "was takumi in your guy's room" misu looked at Gii and said "no he was not in our room" Gii frowned and said "then where could he be" Toshihisa looked at them and said "I remember I saw him earlier but I did not see him after that" . Gii stopped to think about it why would he just up and disappear something had to of happened.