Shingyouji looked up at Misu and knew he was caught he however smiled and said "hi sempi" Misu smiled at him and said "hello Shingyouji me and the others would like to talk to you about takumi I take it you know something" Shingyouji sighed and fallowed Misu to the other's. Misu walked in and said "I found him trying to leave he knows something".

Everyone stopped to look at Shingyouji who was wishing he could just disappear but that only ever worked in movies and he knew it. So instead of lying he decided to tell the truth know it would do him no good to lie "sit down everyone" Shingyouji said and he himself sat down and the other sat across from him. Shingyouji took a deep breath and looked at them "the reason takumi ran away is because he found out he was pregnant and it scared him what Gii and everyone else would think he was also afraid Gii would leave him and he did not think he could handle it so when he found out he came to see me and we talked for a bit and I helped him set up his run away I know by now he is already on the train but I don't not know where he is going exactly he told me he would call me when he got there and I was to come meet up with him the next chance I got."

Shingyouji looked at the other's and was hoping one of them would say something soon because he was feel a bit nervous for one he help takumi run away and two he did not tell them. Finally after about five minutes of Eerie silence Misu was the first to break the silence he looked at Shingyouji and said "and you felt it in the best interest to keep it from us I mean this is huge and something that should have been told to us I mean we are friends after all" Shingyouji keep looking down at the table and said "I did not tell because I did not want to betray takumi I mean him and I are still trying to wrap our heads around the fact for one he is a pregnant male and two how would we ever go about telling you guy's we panicked and it was the best we could come up with I would of told you guys eventually" Shingyouji stood up "look I'm sorry I can't be of more help this is all I know now if you will excuse me I'm going to go and wait for a call or something from takumi" in all honestly Shingyouji just wanted to get out of their so he left and went back to his room praying all would work out.

Back in Gii's room Misu ,toshisha,and Gii and Gii's long time best friend akekio A/N(sorry not 100% sure how it is spelled but if you have seen the movie's you know it the guy forever fixing problem between Gii and takumi) Gii looked at the other's and said "I can't believe he did not tell me I would of never left him or anything I love him and him being pregnant well sure it's kind of odd but I still would love him I love him nothing would ever change that" Misu looked at Gii and said "we know Gii but you know how takumi is deep down he known's but right now he is scared and might need some thinking time don't worry we will find him" Gii smiled at Misu "thanks that makes me feel better" Toshisa who has been friend with takumi since he started going to shido all boys school was shocked "so wait guys can have babies I though only girls could" Gii looked at him and said "I don't think it's all guys but I don't know this is something we have to look into but right now we need to find him" the others agreed and set about looking up places that he could of gone near the school and the city's closets to them hoping that maybe just maybe they can find him soon.