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Universes: The beginning of the story starts just after Ed sacrifices himself to save Al in the original FMA anime. For Bleach, the time-lines are a bit wibbly, for plot-related reasons, so the majority of the action will be after Ichigo and co. have just returned from rescuing Rukia and revealing Aizen, while Aizen himself has made a throne for himself in Heuco Mundo, but things happen before that which will be touched on, but only fully explained later on.

FMA Quote of the Day: "To sacrifice yourself doesn't make anyone happy!" (Ed)… For the Utter Irony of it all.

Bleach Quote of the Day: "I am sane. It's this world that's crazy." (Jin)


The light from the transmutation sparked and died. The faint blue glow that remained outlined the thick sweeping lines that spoke of hope, life and unwavering determination, before they too, winked out. And now, in the wake of something so powerful it could shake the heavens- if you believe in that sort of thing- the only thing that remained of this ultimate taboo was the circle itself, slightly scorched now, and the electrified air that smelt of char and alchemy.

It was all observed by a young woman as she clutched her child to her chest. When her golden guardian had told her to leave, to flee, she hadn't. Whatever he was planning, she knew that his goal wasn't to live- it was for his brother. And so she had stayed: to watch… to explain… to comfort. He had never said so the first time they met, but it was plain as day then, and even stronger now- his unequivocal loyalty and love to his last blood relative. He would give his life for his brother. And he had… hadn't he?

For the first time since meeting him, she began to doubt. If he had given his life for his brother's- equivalent exchange, he said- then…

…then where was Alphonse?

In Medieval Japan, late 5th Century, an ancient man crash landed into Emperor Senei's court. The 22nd Emperor of Japan's throne was broken, as was the ancient man's arm. Neither broken thing fixed itself in array of red sparks, regardless of the ancient man's ravings. The Emperor was none too happy.

The ancient man spent the better half of the next decade in chains.

Fast forward fifteen centuries.

1998, Japan, or a dimension near it.

A sixteen year old stops aging, and face plants into white sands under a midnight sky.

He has no idea where he is, or what he's wearing. He wants to punch something, but figures that won't help much. He starts walking.

November 2005, Japan, somewhere between.

A boy is reborn, and is almost overwhelmed by just how loud the world is to his senses.

He has no idea where he is, or why he's not wearing anything. He wants to hug his brother, but he's not here. He's determined to find him though.

Isn't strange, what just three people can do to a world?

Or maybe it's just them; it's just in their blood.

Somewhere, Aizen is feels a shiver run down his spine as he shoves the feeling of premonition away and plans his next three moves.

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